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2018 George Co. and Friends Reunion

2018 442nd George Company & Friends Reunion

Aloha!! Everyone,

Yes, we are having another George Company and Friends Reunion for 2018. This year our get together will take place in Alpine (near San Diego) at the beautiful Viejas Casino and Resort. Some of us will be going to Viejas to stay from Monday, the 23rd of April and checking out on the 26th. The actual dinner will be on Tuesday, the 24th and the hospitality luncheon at the Penthouse Suite will be on Wednesday, the 25th.

Please find attached the information about the George Co. and friends Reunion. Please let everyone know……we are looking for a time of talking story and having fun together!!!

Please be aware the deadline for rooms that we are holding at that special rate is March 22nd. Deadline for the banquet is April 1, 2018.

We hope that all of you folks can come!!! Bring your family and friends!!

If you have any questions, please call Ann Kabasawa at (808) 781-8540 or e-mail her at diverseinnov@gmail.com. Hope to see all of you there!!!

Download (PDF, 149KB)

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George Company Reunion 2017


Aloha!!  Everyone,

Yes, we are having another George Company and Friends Reunion for 2017.   This year our get together will take place in Cabazon at the Morongo Casino and Resort.  We are planning to go on a tour of the Go For Broke National Education Center in Japan town if there is enough interest on Monday morning, April 24th.  Some of us will be going to Morongo to stay from Monday, the 24th and checking out on the 27th.  The actual dinner will be on Tuesday, the 25th and the hospitality luncheon will be on Wednesday, the 26th.   We are looking to getting a shuttle for those who need a ride to Go For Broke National Education Center and or Morongo.

Ann Kabasawa can make the hotel reservation for you or if you wish you can call Morongo direct at 1-800-252-4499 or 951-849-3080 and state that this reservation is for 442nd George Company Veterans Reunion to get the special rate.  Don’t send in any monies for the meals as we are still working on the exact price.

There is a free shuttle to the Desert Hills Premium Outlet from the Morongo Casino…..very huge outlet mall.

We hope that all of will be able to stay at the hotel since they are gracious enough to block off rooms for us.

Please fill out the form if you are planning to attend so that I have an idea of the count.

Download (PDF, 402KB)

If you have any questions, please call Ann Kabasawa at (808) 781-8540 or e-mail me at diverseinnov@gmail.com.  Hope to see all of you there!!!

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442nd 2nd Battalion G Company

All members of the 442 2nd Battalion G Company

Last Name

First Name



Abe Katsunobu 2ndBn.G-Co Tec/5
Abe Thomas T. 2ndBn.G-Co Tec/5
Abe Toshiaki 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Aburano Kiyoharu 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Adachi Jimmy Kazuto 2ndBn.G-Co 2nd Lt
Adachi Sachi E. 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Aizawa Takao 2ndBn.G-Co Sgt
Akisada Utaka 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Akita Frank K. 2ndBn.G-Co Cpl
Allen George Stephen 2ndBn.G-Co 1st Lt
Altesman Albert 2ndBn.G-Co Capt
Ambrose Ralph T. 2ndBn.G-Co 1st Lt
Aoki Takeshi 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Araki Kazumasa R. 2ndBn.G-Co S/Sgt
Arashiro Kenneth K. 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Arihara Kouji 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Arizumi Richard A. 2ndBn.G-Co Tec/5
Asahina Gungi 2ndBn.G-Co Cpl
Asakura Noboru B. 2ndBn.G-Co Pvt
Asato Tetsuo 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Asato Yeikichi 2ndBn.G-Co S/Sgt
Aull William Deal 2ndBn.G-Co Capt
Blanchard Wilbur Harold 2ndBn.G-Co 2nd Lt
Boyd Arthur Marion 2ndBn.G-Co 1st Lt
Bryan Robert M. 2ndBn.G-Co 1st Lt
Chibana Henry Matsuzo 2ndBn.G_Co Pfc
Doi Jimmy 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Ebisuya Kichio 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Ego Kenji 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Eguchi Bunkichi 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Endo Hiroo H. 2ndBn.G_Co Pfc
Endow Kazuo 2ndBn.G-Co Sgt
Enomoto Kaname 2ndBn.G_Co Pfc
Fujii Masao 2ndBn.G_Co Pfc
Fujikawa Shigeru Johnnie 2ndBn.G-Co Sgt
Fujikawa Yoshiaki C. 2ndBn.G-Co Sgt
Fujimoto Kaoru Carl 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Fujimoto Kenneth Y. 2ndBn.G-Co S/Sgt
Fujimoto Kiyoshi ‘Bones’ 2ndBn.G-Co Tec/5
Fujita George 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Fujita Kikuo 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Fujita Masato 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Fujiwara Tuguo Julian 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Fujiwara  Yoshimi R. 2ndBn.G-Co S/Sgt
Fukui Lewis L. ‘Dewey’ 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Fukunaga Harold K. 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Fukushima Katsumi 2ndBn.G_Co Pfc
Fukushima Roy Jerome 2ndBn.G-Co S/Sgt
Fukuzawa Jun 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Furukawa Hayao 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Furumasu Charles T. 2ndBn.G-Co Cpl
Fushimi Carl N. 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Gima Sakae 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Goya  Kazuo 2ndBn.G_Co Pfc
Hagiwara Michael Yukio 2ndBn.G-Co 1st Sgt
Hamada Kaneichi 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Hamada Minoru 2ndBn.G-Co S/Sgt
Hamasaki Kazuichi 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Hanada Ben 2ndBn.G-Co Pvt
Handa Kenneth M. 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Handa Raymond Y. 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Handa Taki 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Hanley, Jr. James Martin 2ndBn.G-Co Lt Col 
Hara Sam S. 2ndBn.G-Co Sgt
Harada Charles Kiyoshi 2ndBn.G_Co Sgt
Harada Tomio 2ndBn.G-Co Tec/4
Haratani Yoshito 2ndBn.G-Co S/Sgt
Hasegawa Warren M. 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Hatashita Toshinori Keg 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Hayashi William Masaru 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Higa Katsumori Paul 2ndBn.G_Co Sgt
Higashi  James Tetsuo 2ndBn.G_Co S/Sgt
Hikido Katsumi 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Hinaga George M. 2ndBn.G-Co T/Sgt
Hiraishi Clarence S. 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Hirakawa Shuichi 2ndBn.G-Co Sgt
Hisano Masao 2ndBn.G_Co Pvt
Hishinuma Satoru Henry 2ndBn.G-Co S/Sgt
Honjio Kaz 2ndBn.G-Co Cpl
Hoshi Ted Toyotake 2ndBn.G-Co Tec/4
Ida Fred Shoichi 2ndBn.G-Co S/Sgt
Ihara Bob N. 2ndBn.G-Co Pvt
Iida George S. 2ndBn.G-Co T/Sgt
Iino Edwin N. 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Ikeda Masaru “Ike” 2ndBn.G-Co Sgt
Ikeda Sumito  2ndBn.G-Co M/Sgt
Ikemoto Mitsuo 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Ikuta Saburo 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Imada Sadao 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Ino Kazumi 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Inouye Satoru 2ndBn.G-Co S/Sgt
Inouye Susumu 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Ishibashi Toshiharu 2ndBn.G-Co Cpl
Ishida Minoru John 2ndBn.G-Co Pvt
Ishida Sam Satoru 2ndBn.G-Co S/Sgt
Ishida  Haruo Suyama 2ndBn.G_Co Tec/4
Ishida  Minoru 2ndBn.G_Co Pfc
Ishikawa Jin 2ndBn.G-Co S/Sgt
Ishimoto Akira A. 2ndBn.G-Co S/Sgt
Ishimura Gary Y. 2ndBn.G-Co Pvt
Ishizaki Shigemi 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Itanaga Richard Y. 2ndBn.G-Co T/Sgt
Ito Tetsuo 2ndBn.G_Co Pvt
Ito David M. 2ndBn.G-Co T/Sgt
Ito Robert Masami 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Ito Sunao 2ndBn.G-Co Sgt
Ito Takao Thomas 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Iura Benjamin R. 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Iwamura Seishi C 2ndBn.G-Co Cpl
Iwanabe Kunio Ted 2ndBn.G-Co Pvt
Iwasaki Thomas Takeshi 2ndBn.G-Co Cpl
Jichaku Thomas M. 2ndBn.G_Co Pfc
Jones George Shigeharu 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Kaga Akira 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Kaiwi Charles M. 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Kamachi Kaoru 2ndBn.G-Co Pvt
Kametani Shinobu 2ndBn.G_Co Pfc
Kanemoto Jyogi George 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Kanetomi Jero 2ndBn.G_Co Pvt
Kanno Stanley Toru 2ndBn.G-Co T/Sgt
Karatsu George Yoshitami 2ndBn.G-Co Sgt
Kato Dane Denkichi 2ndBn.G-Co Pvt
Kawabata Tadashi 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Kawabata Taketo 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Kawabe Masuo 2ndBn.G-Co Tec/5
Kawaguchi Mitsugi 2ndBn.G-Co Sgt
Kawakami Tetsuro 2ndBn.G_Co Pvt
Kawakami Isamu Sam 2ndBn.G-Co Sp 7
Kawakami John 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Kawamura Shigeo 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Kawano  George Utaka 2ndBn.G_Co Cpl
Kawasaki John F. 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Kenmotsu Yoshio 2ndBn.G-Co Pvt
Kihara Thomas Y. 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Kikuchi Leo Tomoyuki 2ndBn.G_Co Pvt
Kikuchi Taketoshi 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Kikuyama Seikatsu Harry 2ndBn.G-Co S/Sgt
Kimura Chimata 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Kimura Tom H. 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Kimura  Matsuichi 2ndBn.G_Co Pfc
Kinoshita Frank Kiyoshi 2ndBn.G-Co Pvt
Kinoshita Richard K. 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Kishi Robert T. 2ndBn.G_Co Cpl
Kitajima George Y. 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Kitamura William I. 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Kitsuki Tsugio 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Koba Harry S. 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Kobukata Kenneth 2ndBn.G-Co Pvt
Kodama Tadao L. 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Koga Masakazu Bob 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Kojiro Iwao 2ndBn.G-Co T/Sgt
Kojo Kazufumi K. 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Kokka Tameki Tommy 2ndBn.G-Co Sgt
Kokubu Jimmie T. 2ndBn.G_Co Cpl
Komo James T. 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Komoda Charles T. 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Komoda Masao 2ndBn.G-Co Sgt
Kondo Herbert Y. 2ndBn.G_Co Pfc
Kondo Akira Jack 2ndBn.G-Co Sgt
Kondo Robert M. 2ndBn.G-Co S/Sgt
Konno Frank S. 2ndBn.G-Co Sgt
Konno Harry S. 2ndBn.G-Co Tec/5
Korenaga Nobuo 2ndBn.G-Co S/Sgt
Koshi Paul T. 2ndBn.G-Co T/Sgt
Kotake Kingo 2ndBn.G-Co Sgt
Kozu Shigeru 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Kubota Duke T. 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Kubota Jiro Jerry 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Kubota Tommy Sadro 2ndBn.G-Co S/Sgt
Kuga Harry K. 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Kumagai Ben Tsutomu 2ndBn.G-Co T/Sgt
Kumagai Frank X. 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Kumagai Hisashi 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Kunishige Kazuo 2ndBn.G-Co S/Sgt
Kunitake Roy S. 2ndBn.G-Co Pvt
Kurata Minoru 2ndBn.G_Co 2nd Lt
Kurata James I. 2ndBn.G-Co S/Sgt
Kure Mitsuo 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Kurihara Koya 2ndBn.G-Co S/Sgt
Kuroda Frank T. 2ndBn.G-Co Sgt
Kuroda Kenichi K. 2ndBn.G-Co S/Sgt
Kuroda Shiro William 2ndBn.G-Co Pvt
Kurogi Teruo 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Kusaka Hayato 2ndBn.G-Co S/Sgt
Kusuno Shigeo Fred 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Kuwada Paul Y. 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Kuwahara Roy 2ndBn.G-Co Pvt
Machida Roy Chihiro Dr 2ndBn.G-Co S/Sgt
Maeda Kanji 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Makino Jimmy Yukio 2ndBn.G-Co Sgt
Mametsuka Yoshiomi Jack 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Maruyama Bob Akira 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Maruyama Henry Hatsuo 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Maruyama Kazuma 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Masaki Kazuye Paul 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Masaoka Fumio Tony 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Mashino Hiroshi Herbie 2ndBn.G-Co Pvt
Masui Minoru G.(as Moru) 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Masumura Eisei 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Masunaga Morris K. 2ndBn.G-Co Pvt
Matayoshi Shinyei ‘Rocky’ 2ndBn.G-Co T/Sgt
Matsu Robert Keaumiki 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Matsuda Ken 2ndBn.G-Co S/Sgt
Matsuda Yoneichi 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Matsukawa  Isamie 2ndBn.G_Co S/Sgt
Matsuki Joe M. 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Matsumoto Hitoshi 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Matsumoto Katsuki 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Matsumoto Takayoshi 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Matsumoto Tomoichi 2ndBn.G-Co Sgt
Matsumoto Tsukasa 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Matsumoto Yoshio Jack 2ndBn.G-Co Pvt
Matsumura Henry T. 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Matsunaga Mitsuki 2ndBn.G-Co Sgt
Matsunaga Morris K. 2ndBn.G-Co Pvt
Matsuo Perry M. 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Matsushita Riutaro 2ndBn.G-Co Pvt
Matsuzaki Shiro 2ndBn.G-Co Sgt
Mayewaki Charles Chuji 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Mihara George Y. 2ndBn.G-Co Pvt
Minamide Kazuhiko 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Mita Thomas K. 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Mitani Frank M. 2ndBn.G-Co Tec/5
Miyada Tom I. 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Miyagishima Teruo 2ndBn.G-Co M/Sgt
Miyakawa Noboru Norman 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Miyamoto Hatime 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Miyasaki Minoru 2ndBn.G-Co Sgt
Miyata Robert S. 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Miyawaki Tom T. 2ndBn.G-Co Sgt
Miyaya Clemont K. 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Miyoshi Richard T. 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Mochizuki Ayao 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Mochizuki Joseph Yoshisada 2ndBn.G-Co Tec/5
Mochizuki Takeo 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Morihiro Roy Tatsuo 2ndBn.G_Co Pfc
Morikawa Haruto 2ndBn.G-Co Tec/5
Morio Noboru 2ndBn.G-Co S/Sgt
Morishita Utaka 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Morita Naboro 2ndBn.G-Co Sgt
Morita Walton Masashi 2ndBn.G-Co S/Sgt
Motobu Kazuo 2ndBn.G-Co Pvt
Murakami Kiyoshi 2ndBn.G_Co Pfc
Murakami Fred H. 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Murakami Katsumi 2ndBn.G-Co S/Sgt
Murasaki Tsuneo  2ndBn.G-Co Tec/4
Murase Robert S. 2ndBn.G-Co S/Sgt
Nagato Fumitake 2ndBn.G_Co Pfc
Naka Noble Noburo 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Nakadachi Akira Don 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Nakagawa Masato 2ndBn.G-Co S/Sgt
Nakagawa Yoshio James 2ndBn.G-Co S/Sgt
Nakagiri Masaichi Wesley 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Nakai Kiyoto G. 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Nakamoto Takashi Thomas 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Nakamoto  Seichi 2ndBn.G_Co Sgt
Nakamura Ned Teiji 2ndBn.G_Co S/Sgt
Nakamura William Kenzo 2ndBn.G_Co Pfc
Nakamura Jutaro Judd 2ndBn.G-Co Pvt
Nakamura Masayoshi 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Nakanishi Sidney M. 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Nakano Shizuo S. 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Nakano Smith J. 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Nakano Stanley S. 2ndBn.G-Co Sgt
Nakano Wallace T. 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Nakasu Shigemi 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Nakawatase Takeo 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Nakayama George M. 2ndBn.G-Co Tec/4
Nakayama Sekiji 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Nakazawa Karl Hikaru 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Narahara James I. 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Niide Shigeto 2ndBn.G_Co Pfc
Nishi Shuie 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Nishihara Hideo 2ndBn.G-Co Pvt
Nishikawa Masato 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Nishimoto Arthur Keiichi 2ndBn.G-Co T/Sgt
Nishimoto Frank T. 2ndBn.G-Co Cpl
Nishimoto Kenichi 2ndBn.G-Co Sgt
Nishimoto  Joe M. 2ndBn.G_Co Pfc
Nishimura Albert 2ndBn.G-Co Tec/5
Nishimuta Joseph J. 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Nishio Shimeo 2ndBn.G-Co S/Sgt
Nishioka Sagie 2ndBn.G-Co Tec/4
Nitta Goro T. 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Noda Joseph M. 2ndBn.G-Co Sgt
Noda Kaoru 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Noda Masaru R. 2ndBn.G-Co Pvt
Nogawa Raymond K. 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Nohara Kenji B. 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Nomura Harry D. 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Nomura Satoru 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Nozaki  Tadashi 2ndBn.G_Co Pfc
Numa Toshio 2ndBn.G_Co Pfc
Nuno Richard K. 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Oba  Stanley T. 2ndBn.G_Co Pvt
Ochiai Edward Katsumi 2ndBn.G-Co Sgt
Oda James Shigeru 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Oda Kazumi 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Oda Uteana 2ndBn.G-Co Sgt
Oda William Sadayuki 2ndBn.G-Co 1st Lt
Ogawa Carl Kiyoshi 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Ogawa Richard Y. 2ndBn.G-Co T/Sgt
Ogawa Sam S. 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Ogawa Wilson 2ndBn.G-Co S/Sgt
Ogimachi Yoshihito 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Ogo Yoshihiro H. 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Ogura Ray 2ndBn.G-Co Pvt
Ohara Takenori 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Oka Kendo 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Oka Teddie Tadashi 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Okada John T. 2ndBn.G_Co Pfc
Okada Ben T. 2ndBn.G-Co Pvt
Okamoto Robert H. 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Okamoto Yukio 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Okamoto  Tomiso 2ndBn.G_Co Pfc
Okamura George L. 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Okazaki George 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Okazaki  Isao 2ndBn.G_Co Pfc
Okihiro Hiromu 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Okimoto Frank S. 2ndBn.G-Co Pvt
Okimoto Saburo 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Okita Frank Morio 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Oku George S. 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Okuda Masaaki Roy 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Okuma Seiei 2ndBn.G_Co Pvt
Okutani Albert C. 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Okutsu Bill Katsuji 2ndBn.G-Co Sgt
Omokawa George Y 2ndBn.G_Co Pfc
Omoto Kay 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Onishi Nobuyuki 2ndBn.G-Co Pvt
Ono Frank H. 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Ono John T. 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Onuma Takeshi 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Osaka William Teizo 2ndBn.G-Co Sgt
Oshiro Seikichi 2ndBn.G_Co Pfc
Oshiro Eikichi 2ndBn.G-Co Pvt
Oshiro Seikichi 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Oshita Hideo 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Osumi Eddie T. 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Ota Hajime 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Otani Kazuo 2ndBn.G_Co S/Sgt
Oto George Y. 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Otsuka Yetsu Eddie 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Ouchi Richard T. 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Ouye Seiji 2ndBn.G-Co Sgt
Oyenoki Tadao T. 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Ozaki Yoshio George 2ndBn.G-Co T/Sgt
Rodarme Jack Woodrow 2ndBn.G-Co Capt
Saito Shinji 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Saito Takeo 2ndBn.G-Co Pvt
Sakado Masuto 2ndBn.G_Co Pfc
Sakaguchi Goro 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Sakaguchi Ryosuke 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Sakai John J. 2ndBn.G-Co Pvt
Sakamoto Jack S. 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Sakohira Todd T. 2ndBn.G_Co Pfc
Sakohira Harry T. 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Sakuma Mamoru 2ndBn.G-Co Sgt
Sameshima George Shigeru 2ndBn.G_Co Pfc
Sanmonji Bujiro 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Sasaki Harry T. 2ndBn.G-Co T/Sgt
Sasaki Hisayoshi 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Sato Frank H. 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Sato Hidetaka 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Sato Kazuo 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Sato Victor 2ndBn.G-Co Pvt
Sekino Norihiko 2ndBn.G-Co T/Sgt
Senaha Kuwasae 2ndBn.G-Co Pvt
Serikaku Stanley Sadami 2ndBn.G-Co S/Sgt
Sewake Masashi 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Shibata Keizo W. 2ndBn.G-Co Pvt
Shidaki David K. 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Shigaki Jerry M. 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Shigetomi Jack S. 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Shiigi Walter Toshiya 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Shimada Paul Masao 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Shimomoto Masakazu 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Shinsato Isamu 2ndBn.G-Co Pvt
Shiraishi Michael Masaaki 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Shiroma Harry Isamu 2ndBn.G-Co S/Sgt
Shiroma Harry J. 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Shiroma Harukichi 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Shoda Bob Isao 2ndBn.G-Co Pvt
Shoji George Yukio 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Sloan Arthur Delos 2ndBn.G-Co 2nd Lt
Suehiro Hiromi 2ndBn.G-Co Tec/5
Sugai Ray 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Sugai Yoichi 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Sugiyama Tsutomu 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Suguro Takeshi Kallio 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Sumida Isami 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Sumioka Shigeo 2ndBn.G-Co S/Sgt
Suzuki Tokue 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Suzuki Yuichi 2ndBn.G-Co Pvt
Tadaki Shozo 2ndBn.G-Co Cpl
Tagawa Mitsugi James 2ndBn.G-Co T/Sgt
Tainaka Shigeo 2ndBn.G-Co Tec/4
Takagi Makoto 2ndBn.G-Co Pvt
Takahashi George O. 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Takamura George S. 2ndBn.G-Co Pvt
Takara Tadayoshi 2ndBn.G-Co Pvt
Takasugi John H. 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Takayama Takeshi 2ndBn.G-Co Sgt
Takemoto Lawrence Haruyoshi 2ndBn.G-Co S/Sgt
Takenaga Masami 2ndBn.G-Co S/Sgt
Takenaka Teruo 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Takeshita Goro 2ndBn.G-Co Pvt
Takeshita Toshio 2ndBn.G-Co Tec/5
Tamanaha Edward M. 2ndBn.G-Co Pvt
Tamura Mitsuo 2ndBn.G-Co Sgt
Tamura Yoichi 2ndBn.G-Co Sgt
Tanabe Jimmy Y. 2ndBn.G-Co Pvt
Tanahashi Kei 2ndBn.G_Co 2nd Lt
Tanaka Hiroshi G. 2ndBn.G-Co Sgt
Tanaka John Masayuki 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Tanaka Thomas R. 2ndBn.G-Co Pvt
Tanemura Harry K. 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Taniguchi Jack D. 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Tanisawa Suekiyo 2ndBn.G-Co Tec/4
Tanna Robert Yutaka 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Tasaka Arthur 2ndBn.G-Co Pvt
Tashiro Noboru 2ndBn.G-Co 2nd Lt
Tashiro Noboru 2ndBn.G-Co S/Sgt
Tateoka Sam I. 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Tenpuka Satoru 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Tokashiki Seichi 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Tokeshi Harold Gaiichi 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Tokuda Toshihiro (Yoshi) 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Tokumoto Masakazu 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Tokunaga Frank H. 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Toma  Jerry Yasukichi 2ndBn.G_Co Pvt
Tomimatsu Yoshio  2ndBn.G-Co Tec/5
Tomita Koichi 2ndBn.G-Co Sgt
Tomita Lawrence S. 2ndBn.G-Co Sgt
Torigoe Robert Susumu 2ndBn.G-Co Pvt
Toyofuku Tsutomu Tom 2ndBn.G-Co Pvt
Tsuchiya Katsuji 2ndBn.G-Co Pvt
Tsuda Masamitsu 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Tsugawa Seichi Ernest 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Tsuha Harold H. 2ndBn.G-Co Tec/5
Tsujimoto Tomio 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Tsunekawa Lou S. 2ndBn.G-Co T/Sgt
Ueda Yoshio 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Uno Johnny H. 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Urabe Howard Mitsuru 2ndBn.G_Co Sgt
Urada Kazuto 2ndBn.G-Co S/Sgt
Wada George 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Watamura Masato W. 2ndBn.G-Co Tec/4
Watanabe Masaharu 2ndBn.G-Co Pvt
Watanabe Tommy S. 2ndBn.G-Co Pvt
Watson Clarence A. 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
White Claude Peyton 2ndBn.G-Co Major
White jr Floyd Earl 2ndBn.G_Co 1st Lt
Yabumoto Shigeru R 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Yagi Steve Seiko 2ndBn.G_Co Pfc
Yago George K. 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Yaguchi Frank S. 2ndBn.G-Co S/Sgt
Yahata Yoshiaki 2ndBn.G-Co Sgt
Yamada Hidoshi Mike 2ndBn.G-Co Sgt
Yamada Masao 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Yamamoto Kiyomi 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Yamamoto Masayuki Richard 2ndBn.G-Co S/Sgt
Yamamoto Tadashi 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Yamaoka Kousaku K. 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Yamashiro Shigeru 2ndBn.G-Co Pvt
Yanagida Tetsuo 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Yanagihara Morio 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Yoda Hayao 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Yokochi William Yasuo 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Yoshimitsu Kazuto 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Yoshimura Isao 2ndBn.G-Co Tec/5
Yoshimura   Jacob Yoshio 2ndBn.G_Co Pfc
Yoshinaga  Akira 2ndBn.G_Co Tec/4
Yoshino Masato 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Yoshiwa Yoshimasa 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
Yoshizawa Jiro 2ndBn.G-Co Pfc
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