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History Day Project on 442nd RCT

History Day Project on the 442nd RCT

Ms. Angelee Marshall, a Kahuku High and Intermediate School 7th grader (Oahu), contacted the S&D of the 442 RCT chapter to request information on the regiment with a questionnaire for her History Day documentary entry.  The request was shared with the 442nd Veterans Club members. We are grateful for Angelee’s contribution to the annual National History Day competition and to veteran Mr. Kenji Ego and others for submitting their answers to her questionnaire.  Here is a link to Angelee’s draft video, which she said she will be editing to correct some errors, https://vimeo.com/205118187.

We congratulate Angelee on winning her School and Windward (Oahu) District competition and heartily convey our very best wishes to Angelee for the State competition! The State Competition will be held on April 15, Saturday, 7:30 – 3:30 pm at the Windward Community College. Some S&D members plan to attend the public viewing and competition run off. Please join us!  The schedule for the competition is:

2017 HAWAI‘I HISTORY DAY STATE FAIR ~ Windward Community College
APRIL 15 @ 7:30 AM – 3:30 PM

7:30 am – 8:30 am: Registration
8:30 am – 8:45 am: Orientation and Welcome
9:00 am to 12:00 pm: First round of judging will be held
12:00 pm – 12:30 pm:  Public viewing of Exhibits
12:30 pm – 2:00 pm: Run-offs will be held
2:00 pm – 2:30 pm: Announcements of State History Day Winners and Closing

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S&D members march in 2016 Veterans Day Parade

Some of the S&D marching group before the parade
Sons & Daughters members march in 2016 Veterans Day Parade

On November 11, 2016 a group of Sons & Daughters of the 442nd RCT members and others community members marched with a group of descendants from the 100th Infantry Battalion Veterans (Rural Chapter) in the annual Veterans Day Parade in Wahiawa.

Friday, November 11, 2016 was a bright and sunny day, resulting in our umbrellas being unnecessary and left in our cars. Sun screen, hats and dark glasses were more in order for the day. About a dozen members of the Sons and Daughters chapter walked in the annual Veterans Day parade up California Avenue, the main drag in the former plantation town of Wahiawa. We joined a group of descendants from the 100th Infantry Battalion Veterans (Rural Chapter) at the invitation of president Stephen Saito, the Yonsei grandson of a Nisei veteran, Masaharu “Bull” Saito.

The Sons & Daughters group was coordinated by Grace Fujii, S&D Chapter President, and consisted of Bill Wright, Juanita Wright Allen, Laura Hirayama, Anita Nihei, her son Gavin and his friend Brant, Susan Yoshitomi, Laughlin Tanaka, Gail Nishimura and Byrnes Yamashita. Jeannie Ishikawa stopped by just before the start of the parade to say hello and to give us encouragement before heading off to march with her Neighborhood Board group.

We proudly carried the huge banner of the Sons & Daughters of the 442 RCT and a large poster created by S&D member Ron Takamoto, depicting the famous 442 RCT Liberty Torch with the words “GO FOR BROKE!” The tagline on the banner read “The Legacy Lives On.” Grace had a frame made of PVC pipe which made the banner very easy to carry. Our combined group was given the honor of being the 10th marching group and we gamely fell in line behind the Veterans of Foreign Wars caravan. The parade route was just a little over a mile long and slightly uphill in places. The street was lined with many people who cheered us on in a spirit of patriotism and gratitude for all of the veterans that have served our country over the years.

Besides its deep plantation roots, Wahiawa is also strongly influenced by nearby Schofield Barracks and there was a lot of spirited support for the marchers. Several members commented on how nice it was to meet the 100th Infantry Battalion descendants and expressed the desire to have more joint activities with them. Stay tuned for news of any upcoming joint activities.
Our combined marching group at Wahiawa District Park after the parade

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2016 S&D Family Christmas Party

2016 Sons and Daughters Family Christmas Party.
Photo of 442 veterans R. Kishinami, K. Ego and R. Nomura
The annual 442nd Sons & Daughters Family Christmas Party was held on Saturday, December 10, 2016 at the 100th Infantry Battalion Clubhouse with the attendance of a little over 100 individuals. It was an event filled with merriment and memories for all. We were honored by the presence of three 442nd RCT veterans – Kenji Ego, Robert Kishinami, and Richard Nomura. Ann Kabasawa continues to amaze everyone with her organizational skills in chairing this event for the past few decades. Her dedication and commitment to the organization should be applauded by us all.

Lunch included an array of dishes such as tossed salad, fruit salad, a variety of sushi, rice, noodles, spring rolls, curry stew, and sweet sour spareribs. Dessert was on display on another table, with a beautiful Christmas cake centerpiece surrounded by brownies, various kinds of mochi, cupcakes, and other home baked goodies.
the Christmas cake!

Following lunch, Gail Nishimura treated us with her challenging holiday games. I’m still figuring out whether I needed to pass the candy cane to the right or left? Next year, I need to remember to review my Christmas carols.

Santa made his grand appearance after the singing of songs with Ed Goto. Children were treated to candy sweets and Christmas gifts with a lot of “Ho Ho Hos”! It’s not Christmas without Santa and his elves (AKA Curtis Sakamoto and sons, Jason & Justin).

No one went home empty handed. During lunch and following our Santa visit, Ann called out everyone’s name to pick-up a grab bag gift, many generously donated by Carol and Mike Sullivan and much appreciated. In addition to the grab bag, several lucky people received donated gift cards before the ending of the event. If you want to join in the fun, plan to attend next year’s event. It will be posted on the 442nd Sons & Daughters website sometime in November 2017.
snowman drawing game
some of our Christmas party prize winners

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UPDATE: Assistance for 442nd Veterans to apply for the French Legion of Honor

To All 442nd RCT Veterans’ Families
(updated 9 Sept 2018)

The French Government recently (April 2018) approved the French Legion of Honor and French Knighthood for the following three 442nd Veterans, and each veteran/family has been presented with the honors. CONGRATULATIONS to the Veterans and their Families.

Charles Toyoji Ijima, 232nd Combat Engineer Co., 442nd (Oahu, HI)
Norman Noboru Kamada, F Co., 442nd (Rocklin, CA)
Kenneth Yoichi Sugai, G Co., 442nd (Oahu, HI)

S&D member Jeff Morita of Mililani is generously assisting any surviving veteran of the 100th Infantry Battalion and 442nd RCT who served in France prior to May 8, 1945 to apply for the Legion of Honor, France’s highest decoration. Jeff’s public service applies to not only Hawaii, but to any surviving World War II AJA veteran located on the US Mainland, Alaska, overseas, and those who may have served with the same France criteria in other military units as well. The decoration is presented to those still living, although once the application has been received by the French government and French Knighthood is approved the decoration may be presented to the veteran’s immediate family should the veteran pass away. To date, Jeff has submitted applications which are under review by the French government for the following veterans:

Kenneth Ray Higashi (South Dakota), D Co., 100th/442nd
Koichi Harry Tokushige, 522nd FAB A “Able” Battery, 442nd
Royce E. Higa, 522nd FAB A “Able” Battery, 442nd
Ikito Muraoka, Medical Detachment, 100th/442nd
Clinton I. Shiraishi, HQ, 522nd FAB, 442nd
George Hayao Furukawa, G Co., 442nd
Isao Ace Handa, Hq. 3rd Bn, 442nd
Hidenobu Hiyane, HQ, 100th/442nd
Akiyoshi Kuriyama, HQ, 100th/442nd
Masao Akiyama, A Co., 100th/442nd
Stanley Toshiyuki Matsuura, L Co., 442nd
Thomas Tsuyoshi Nikaido, D Co., 100th/442nd
William Yoshio Thompson, Hq. 3rd Bn, 442nd
Seichi Joseph Oshiro, L Co., 442nd
Hajime Miyamoto, Med. Detachment, Hq., 442nd
Minoru Tamashiro, Hq. 3rd Bn, 442nd
Harold Watase, I Co., 442nd
Takashi “Bolo” Shirakata, 206th AGFB/442nd
Yutaka Doi, A Co., 100th/442nd
Hideo Nakayama, L Co., 442nd
Takashi Aragaki, I Co., 442nd (owned Sputnik’s Restaurant in Hilo)
Masatsu Kawamoto, I Co., 442nd (lives in Hawi)
Don Matsuda, A Co., 100th (former Club 100 President)
Shigeru Oshita, Hq. Co., 100th/442nd (passed away after application was filed)
Kenny M. Shimabukuro, K Co., 442nd
Hiromi Fujimura, B Co, 100th & H Co, 442nd (corrected)

Jeff is currently working on applications or awaiting information from family members of several veterans who are potential LoH nominees.

All those with a family member who has not received this prestigious award please contact Jeffrey directly at jeff_kine_57@icloud.com or call our S&D chapter member Bill Wright at 425-922-9229.

Legion of Honor medals awarded in 2017 to:
James Morita, F Co/2nd Bn, 442nd
Masayoshi Nakamura, I Co/3rd Bn, 442nd
Tetsuo Tateishi, A Co/100th Bn
Harold Zenyei Afuso, H Co/3rd Bn, 442nd, and
Futao Terashima, I Co/3rd Bn, 442nd
CONGRATULATIONS to the veterans and their families.

Photo of Mr. Kenneth Sugai being awarded the French Legion of Honor, June 2018
Photo above: Mr. Guillaume Maman, French Honorary Consul in Hawaii, decorating Mr. Kenneth Yoichi Sugai (97), G “George” Company, 2nd Infantry Battalion, 442nd Regimental Combat Team with the French Legion of Honor – Chevalier in June 2018 as his daughter Gwen looks on. Mr. Sugai was a Browning Automatic Rifleman (BAR) and wounded twice in the Vosges Mountains near Bruyeres, France during World War II. Jeff Morita who nominated Mr. Sugai offers his public service to any current surviving 100th/442nd veteran for this prestigious foreign honor.  Photo courtesy of Mrs. Theresa Maman.


IN ADDITION there is a program for US Army One-Time Replacement of Awards and Decorations.

S&D member Jeff Morita was also assisting Veterans AND their families with this program, but as of Dec. 2017 the process is changed: Those still desiring to request a one-time replacement of awards and decorations must go through the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) website Jeff is available if a 1399/100/442/MIS veteran, or primary next of kin (NOK) family member, desires assistance with the NPRC request process.

Not many veterans, or their primary next-of-kin family know about the US Army gratuitous (FREE) one-time replacement of awards and decorations program.

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Photos of the 442nd RCT 73rd Anniversary Banquet held on April 10, 2016 (3 of 3)

These are candids and a mix of the shots at this year’s banquet.

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Photos from the 442nd RCT 73rd Anniversary Banquet held on April 10, 2016 (2 of 3)

These are group photos.

NDF0136 (800x532) NDF0093 (800x532) DSC_9349 (800x531)

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Photos from the 442nd RCT 73rd Anniversary Banquet held on April 10, 2016 (1 of 3)

Thank you to all the photographers of the 442 S&D and friends.

This is the first of series of post with photographs – of a great banquet in honor of our fathers, uncles, grandfathers, heroes.


1 - program 2 - favors (534x800)



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2015 442 S&D’s Family Christmas Party

A good time was had at the Family Christmas Party held in December by over a hundred 442 Sons & Daughters, members and their families and friends, including several of our cherished 442 veterans. Thank you to Ann Kabasawa for the planning and organizing, her gang of volunteers for setup, cleanup, donations, entertainment, and Santa and helpers. And thank you Sons and Daughters and S&D members and your families for making it a fun event!

Hope you enjoy the selection of photos below taken by Clyde and by Pat.

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The Generals Messenger

June Morimatsu and Milton Kaneshiro


Written by June Morimatsu

Daughter of 442nd RCT veteran, Ralph Tomei of M Company


We graduated from Farrington High School in 1971, during the era of the war in Vietnam.  For some of the boys in our graduating class the future held the very real prospect of being drafted into the military.

When my friend, Milton Kaneshiro, was faced with the dilemma of a low lottery number and waiting for the inevitable draft notice, or, enlisting and choosing where he would be stationed, Milton chose to enlist and was guaranteed eighteen months at the Army base in Stuttgart, Germany.  As the center for the European high command, Stuttgart Army Base had more than twenty generals.

Now, this 20 year old Kalihi boy was by no means a model soldier.  By Milton’s own admission, he was a “rebel” in uniform and for that reason he wasn’t well-liked by his superiors.  One of the sticking points was Milton’s refusal to take down a sign he posted at the entrance to the barracks he shared with three other soldiers.  The sign read:  “Please Remove Footwear Before Entering”

The roommate sharing half of the barracks with Milton complied with the sign, but Milton’s other two roommates and his superiors simply ignored it and labeled him a “troublemaker”.  Although Milton’s superiors kept chiding him to take his sign down, he held his ground, saying that they were going to do whatever they wanted to do, regardless of the sign; he was only asking that they respect his Japanese culture; and, if they wanted it taken down, they would have to take it down themselves.  For some reason no one bothered to take the sign down, and so it remained posted.

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Sons & Daughters Of The 442nd RCT Christmas Party


The Sons & Daughters Of The 442nd RCT annual Christmas Party was held on December 15, 2013, Sunday morning at the Treetops Restaurant.  It was also our last monthly meeting of the year.  Sadly, it was our last get together at the Treetops Restaurant as the owner has decided to retire and close the restaurant.  Will miss the ono food that we have enjoyed for years.

All who attended had a merry time with fantastic food, creative games, singing Christmas Caroles, and the arrival of Santa for the children!  There were prizes galore, everyone went home with a bagful of goodies.

The elections of the 2014 officers was held and we would like to thank the following people for their time and service to the Sons & Daughters of the 442nd RCT: President – Wesley Deguchi, 1st Vice-President – Byrnes Yamashita, 2nd Vice-President – Wade Wasano, Secretary – Susan Yoshitomi, and Treasurer – Shirley Igarashi.

Click on the link below to enjoy the photos of this merry event:

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Scott Fujita of the NFL visits the GFB Monument


Los Angeles – November 25, 2013. Scott Fujita, recently retired from the National Football League, after playing 11 seasons with the Kansas City Chiefs, The New Orleans Saints, the Dallas Cowboys and the Cleveland Browns. He is the adopted son of Rodney and Helen Fujita of California. His grandfather, Nagao Fujita, was a member of the 442nd RCT.

Scott was at the Go For Broke Monument where a Japanese TV station was doing a story about him. Also there were veterans Hiro Nishikubo and Don Seki, Tracey Matsuyama, Dickie Wilson and Takanori Nishi.

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442 Movie Night 2013


DSC_3937 (1024x678)

Honolulu- 100th Infantry Battalion Clubhouse. On Saturday, August 31, 2013, the Sons & Daughters of the 442 hosted a dinner and movie night.  Family and friends of the 100th, 442, MIS and 1399 were invited to attend. A documentary of the late Senator Inouye, “Journey to Washington”, was the feature presentation. It was a fun filled evening with lots of food and lots of opportunities to meet new and old acquaintances.

Click below to view photos of the event, compliments of Clyde Sugimoto and Pat Thompson.

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Sons & Daughters of the 442RCT Christmas Party

Our annual Sons & Daughters of the 442 RCT Christmas Party was held on December 16, 2012 at the Treetops Restaurant in Manoa Valley.  Thanks to our hardworking chairperson, Ann Kabasawa, it was filled with delicious food, fun games, fellowship and door prizes!  Attending were 442 Veterans and spouses, Sons & Daughters of the 442RCT and their children and grandchildren. A General Membership Meeting was also held for the election of the 2013 officers.  Our current officers were re-elected for the 2013 term.  Our thank you to Wes Deguchi (President), Al Sadanaga (1st Vice-Presdient), Wade Wasano (2nd Vice-President), Susan Yoshitomi (Secretary), and Shirley Igarashi (Secretary) for voluntering in their respective positions and meeting the challenges of the coming year.  Your time and dedication is appreciated by all. For those who were unable to attend, check out our photos and plan to attend in 1013, the date has been reserved for December 15, 2013 at the Treetops Restaurant in Manoa Valley.

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442SD General Membership Meeting

The Sons & Daughters of the 442 RCT held their annual General Membership Meeting on Sunday, May 20, 2012. The luncheon was held at the Treetops Restaurant in Manoa. Members were able to socialize over lunch and watch a short video presentation: “Going for Honor, Going for Broke: the 442 Story”, produced by George T. Johnston. The meeting included a brief update of the ongoing projects and events. In addition, the members also voted for the new officers for the Chapter:

  • Wes Deguchi:          President
  • Al Sadanaga:           1st Vice President
  • Wade Wasano:        2nd Vice President
  • Shirley Igarashi:       Treasurer
  • Susan Yoshitomi:     Secretary

Click below to view photos of the event, courtsey of Clyde Sugimoto.

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Sons & Daughters 2011 General Membership Meeting

Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Sons & Daughters of the 442nd RCT held their annual General Membership Meeting at Treetops Restaurant in Manoa, Honolulu, Hawaii. Approximately 50 people attended the dinner meeting. The causal setting allowed long time members to socialize. It also gave everyone the opportunity to meet a few new members as well.


One of the main functions of the meeting was the election of the officers for the organization for 2011. The following slate of officers were nominated and voted into office:

  • President:   Wes Deguchi
  • 1st Vice President:  Anita Nihei
  • 2nd Vice President:  Wade Wasano
  • Treasurer:  Shirley Igarashi
  • Secretary:  Susan Yoshitomi

The following images of the event are compliments of Wayne Iha:

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