1st Battalion

442nd 1st Battalion (100th Infantry) A Company (A-L)

View all members of 442nd 1st Battalion (100th Infantry) A Company (A-L)

Last Name

First Name



Abe Masaru 100.A-Co T/Sgt
Abe Oliver Saburo 100.A-Co S/Sgt
Abe Tatsuo 100.A-Co S/Sgt
Abe Wallace Shunosuke 100.A-Co Pfc
Abe Yasuaki George 100.A-Co Pfc
Adachi Keiji R. 100.A-Co Pfc
Adachi Kenichi Ken 100.A-Co S/Sgt
Adachi Robert 100.A-Co  
Adachi Ted Teruo 100.A-Co Pfc
Afuso Robert T. 100.A-Co S/Sgt
Ajimura Masaichi 100.A-Co Pvt
Akaba Kenji 100.A-Co Pfc
Akagi Kenichi 100.A-Co S/Sgt
Akagi Nagaaki 100.A-Co Pfc
Akahoshi Yutaka Larry 100.A-Co Pfc
Akamine Genkichi 100.A-Co Pfc
Akamine James J. 100.A-Co S/Sgt
Akimoto Victor 100.A_Co Pvt
Akimura Tadashi 100.A-Co  
Akiyama George 100.A-Co S/Sgt
Akiyama Masao Fred 100.A-Co Sgt
Akiyama Shuji M 100.A-Co Tec/5
Alapai Abraham 100.A-Co S/Sgt
Amimoto Satomi 100.A-Co Pfc
Ando Joseph F. 100.A-Co Sgt
Aoki Tom Bunkichi 100.A-Co Pfc
Aoki Toru 100.A-Co Pfc
Arai Ben 100.A-Co Pfc
Arakaki Alfred Y 100.A-Co Cpl
Arakaki Richard Yasuhiko 100.A-Co Pfc
Arakaki Seiko 100.A-Co Cpl
Arakaki Yeikichi Thomas 100.A-Co Pfc
Arakawa Harold Jentoku 100.A_Co Pfc
Arao Henry Y. 100.A-Co S/Sgt
Arimura Tadashi 100.A-Co Pfc
Arita Tadashi 100.A-Co Pfc
Arnold  Charles E. 100.A-Co  
Asai Sim Lincoln 100.A-Co Lt Col
Asato Harry S. 100.A-Co Pfc
Ashida Noboru 100.A-Co Sgt
Ashikawa Shigeo 100.A_Co Pvt
Awa Horace H. 100.A-Co Pfc
Awaya Bernard K. 100.A-Co Pvt
Azeka Tokuo 100.A-Co Sgt
Bond George H. 100.A-Co  
Cenate Harold Norman 100.A-Co Capt
Chikami Benjamin Tsutomu 100.A-Co Pfc
Chinen Onso 100.A_Co Pvt
Chinen Seiho 100.A-Co Pfc
Christopher John 100.A-Co  
Desaki Sojiro 100.A-Co S/Sgt
Dionolo Thomas 100.A-Co  
Doi Haruo 100.A_Co Pfc
Doi Ben T. 100.A-Co Pfc
Doi Megumi 100.A-Co Pfc
Doi Michael J. 100.A-Co Sgt
Doi Yoshio J. 100.A-Co Pfc
Doi Yutaka 100.A-Co Pfc
Ebata Tetsu Ted 100.A_Co 2nd Lt
Eguchi Eugene M 100.A-Co Pfc
Emoto John Hajime 100.A-Co T/Sgt
Endo Fujio W. 100.A-Co Pvt
Endo Yukio 100.A-Co Pfc
Endow Akira 100.A-Co Pfc
Enga Michael M. 100.A-Co Cpl
Eshima Kunio 100.A-Co Sgt
Felt Marion Francis 100.A-Co Capt
Fujii Haruo 100.A-Co Pvt
Fujikawa Genji George 100.A-Co Tec/5
Fujikawa Hiroshi 100.A-Co  
Fujikawa Short 100.A-Co Pfc
Fujimori Masaru 100.A-Co Pfc
Fujimoto Kunio 100.A-Co Pfc
Fujioka Shigeo 100.A-Co Pfc
Fujise Arthur Asaichi 100.A-Co Pfc
Fujise Tom Tomio 100.A-Co Pfc
Fujishige Hisashi Henry 100.A-Co Sgt
Fujita Mansaku M. 100.A-Co Pfc
Fujiyama Takeo 100.A_Co Pfc
Fukuda Koichi 100.A-Co S/Sgt
Fukuda Mitsuyoshi 100.A-Co Major
Fukuda Richard T. 100.A-Co Pvt
Fukuda Shigeki 100.A-Co Sgt
Fukuda Tom T. 100.A-Co Pfc
Fukuda Toshiharu Jimmy 100.A-Co Pfc
Fukuhara Herbert Masuo 100.A_Co Pvt
Fukunaga Ralph Fumito 100.A-Co Pfc
Fukushima Yasutaka H. 100.A-Co 1st Lt
Fukuyama George Sadaji 100.A-Co Tec/5
Funai Stanley Kazuto 100.A_Co Pfc
Furukawa Tatsumi 100.A_Co Pvt
Furukawa Tsuyoshi 100.A_Co Pfc
Furukawa Jack M. 100.A-Co Pvt
Furumoto Mitsuo 100.A-Co Pfc
Furuta Takeshi T. 100.A-Co Sgt
Furutani Fumio 100.A-Co Cpl
Furutani Hisao 100.A-Co Pfc
Furuto Kazuto 100.A-Co S/Sgt
Gora Walter C. 100.A-Co S/Sgt
Goto Mitsuo 100.A-Co Tec/5
Goto Nobuaki 100.A-Co Pvt
Hagio Roland Toshiake 100.A-Co Pfc
Hama Niichi 100.A-Co Pfc
Hamada Earl T. 100.A-Co Pfc
Hamada Hiroshi 100.A-Co Pvt
Hamamoto Michael Masumi 100.A-Co Pfc
Hamasaki Richard Noboru 100.A-Co 2nd Lt
Hamasu Mitsuo 100.A-Co S/Sgt
Hanashiro Seitoku 100.A-Co Pfc
Handley Victor C. 100.A-Co 1st Lt
Harada Kenneth Wasato 100.A-Co T/Sgt
Harada Minoru 100.A-Co S/Sgt
Harano Kenneth Yoshio 100.A-Co  
Harano Roy Yoshiharu 100.A-Co Pfc
Hart Richard W. 100.A-Co  
Hasegawa Paul 100.A-Co Sgt
Hasegawa Saburo 100.A-Co Cpl
Hasegawa Tamotsu 100.A-Co S/Sgt
Hashimoto Makoto M. 100.A-Co S/Sgt
Hata Masaharu 100.A-Co S/Sgt
Hatanaka John T. 100.A-Co S/Sgt
Hatanaka Mitsuo 100.A-Co Sgt
Hayakawa Harry Minoru 100.A_Co Pfc
Hayakawa Jun 100.A-Co T/Sgt
Hayakawa Kayo K. 100.A-Co  
Hayashi Donald Shiro 100.A_Co S/Sgt
Hayashi Fumio 100.A-Co S/Sgt
Hayashi Shizuya 100.A-Co Pvt
Hayashi Stanley K. 100.A-Co Pfc
Hayashi Tatsuo 100.A-Co Tec/5
Hayashi Tokuichi 100.A-Co Tec/4
Hedani Akira 100.A-Co Pvt
Henmi Edward E. 100.A-Co Pfc
Higa Wilson Eiki 100.A_Co Sgt
Higa Yeiko 100.A_Co Pfc
Higa Fred Yoshio 100.A-Co Pfc
Higa Jovani Kumaichi 100.A-Co Pvt
Higa Seichi W. 100.A-Co Pfc
Higa Shigeo 100.A-Co Pfc
Higa Soko 100.A-Co Pfc
Higa Thomas S 100.A-Co Tec/5
Higashioka George Shigeru 100.A-Co Tec/5
Higashiyama Bill Masayasu 100.A-Co T/Sgt
Higuchi Takaharu 100.A-Co Pvt
Higuchi Yutaka 100.A-Co S/Sgt
Hikichi Harry Nobuo 100.A_Co Pvt
Hikida Sadao 100.A-Co Pfc
Hino Charles K. 100.A-Co Pfc
Hirano James S. 100.A-Co Tec/4
Hirano Roy Minoru 100.A-Co Lt Col 
Hiraoka Waichi 100.A-Co S/Sgt
Hirata Hachiro 100.A-Co Pvt
Hirata Yoshio M. 100.A-Co Pfc
Hirayama Chikami 100.A-Co S/Sgt
Hirokawa Edward T. 100.A-Co Pvt
Hirokawa Larry Y. 100.A-Co S/Sgt
Hiroshima Kikujiro James 100.A-Co Sgt
Hisamoto Wallace Y. 100.A-Co Pfc
Hiyoto Tadashi 100.A-Co S/Sgt
Hokama Shige 100.A-Co Sgt
Honmyo Masayoshi 100.A-Co Pfc
Honnaka Makoto 100.A-Co Pfc
Horino Kiyoshi 100.A-Co Sgt
Horiuchi Toshiyuki Tom 100.A-Co  
Hosoda Earl 100.A_Co Pvt
Ibaraki Tadao 100.A-Co Pfc
Ichimura Kenichi 100.A_Co Pvt
Ichiyama Wallace N. 100.A-Co  
Igawa Kaichi 100.A-Co Pvt
Ige Takeo 100.A-Co S/Sgt
Ige Tokio Bobbie 100.A-Co Pfc
Igeta Terumasa 100.A-Co Pfc
Ihara Kazuo 100.A_Co Cpl
Ikari Seichi 100.A-Co Pfc
Ikehara Clark K. 100.A-Co Pvt
Ikehara Frank Isamu 100.A-Co Pfc
Ikehara Ted Y. 100.A-Co Pvt
Ikemori Jiro 100.A-Co n/a
Ikeuchi Haruo 100.A-Co S/Sgt
Ikoma Arthur Mutsuo 100.A-Co Pfc
Ikoma Sadao Junior 100.A-Co Sgt
Imada Junichi 100.A-Co Pfc
Imamura Hideo 100.A-Co Pfc
Imaoka Rokuro 100.A-Co Pfc
Imori Akio 100.A-Co Pfc
Imoto Masaru 100.A-Co Pfc
Inouye Masato 100.A_Co Pfc
Inouye George T. 100.A-Co Pfc
Inouye Isamu 100.A-Co Pfc
Ishii Francis F. 100.A-Co Pvt
Ishii Stanley T. 100.A-Co Pfc
Ishii Teruo 100.A-Co S/Sgt
Ishikawa Kenichi 100.A-Co Pfc
Ishikawa Shigeki 100.A-Co S/Sgt
Ishimine Shintoku 100.A-Co Pfc
Ishimoto James Kazuo 100.A-Co Pfc
Ishimoto Richard Tsutomu 100.A-Co  
Ito Jake Sego 100.A-Co Pvt
Ito Kiyoshi 100.A-Co Cpl
Iwaki Satoru Tony 100.A-Co Pfc
Iwamoto Yukitsugu 100.A-Co Sgt
Iwanaga Aki 100.A-Co Sgt
Izumigawa Stanley Y. 100.A-Co Pfc
Jeo Junior 100.A-Co Pfc
Jio Mitsugu 100.A-Co T/Sgt
Kadomoto Masaru 100.A-Co Pfc
Kagawa Noboru 100.A-Co T/Sgt
Kai Akio 100.A-Co Tec/5
Kaihara Thomas C. 100.A-Co Pfc
Kajiwara George S. 100.A-Co Pfc
Kajiwara Kaoru 100.A-Co Pfc
Kajiwara Walter M. 100.A-Co Pfc
Kakazu Benjamin K. 100.A-Co Sgt
Kamei Mikio 100.A-Co Pfc
Kamemoto Kazuo 100.A-Co Pvt
Kami Kiyoshi 100.A-Co Sgt
Kamida Edwin M. 100.A-Co Tec/5
Kamikawa Harry H. 100.A-Co Sgt
Kamikawa Juichi 100.A-Co Tec/5
Kamikawa Ray 100.A-Co Sgt
Kamita Yoshio 100.A-Co Pfc
Kanada James J. 100.A_Co Pvt
Kanegae Hisao 100.A-Co Pfc
Kanemura Harold H. 100.A-Co Pfc
Kaneshiro Ralph M. 100.A-Co Pfc
Kaneshiro Seiji 100.A-Co Pfc
Kaneshiro Yeiko 100.A-Co Tec/5
Kaneshiro Yoshimitsu 100.A-Co Pfc
Kanesue Masao Kenneth 100.A-Co S/Sgt
Kanja Masaru 100.A-Co Pvt
Karasaki Robert H. 100.A-Co Sgt
Kashiwamura Tetsuo 100.A-Co Pfc
Katayama Hisao Jim 100.A-Co Sgt
Katayama Kazuo 100.A-Co Pfc
Katayama Mitsuo 100.A-Co Pfc
Kawabata Denichi 100.A-Co Pfc
Kawachi Mitsuo 100.A-Co Pfc
Kawachi Takeshi 100.A-Co Pfc
Kawaguchi Noah Naoyuki 100.A-Co Sgt
Kawahara Ikuro 100.A-Co Pfc
Kawakami Masanobu Eugene 100.A-Co Pvt
Kawakami Takeshi 100.A-Co Pfc
Kawamoto Masaaki Jack 100.A-Co  
Kawamoto  Haruo 100.A_Co Pfc
Kawano Robert Hideo 100.A-Co Pfc
Kawano Tomoaki 100.A-Co Pfc
Kawasaki Haruto 100.A-Co Pvt
Kawasaki Masayuki 100.A-Co Major
Kawata Albert Goro 100.A_Co Pvt
Kaya  Stephen Mitsugi 100.A_Co Pvt
Kealoha, Jr. Edward P. 100.A-Co Pvt
Key Lewis A. 100.A_Co Lieut
Kida Yukiharu H. 100.A-Co Pfc
Kido Fred Mamoru 100.A-Co Pfc
Kikuchi Shoji 100.A-Co Sgt
Kikuta Toshio 100.A-Co Pfc
Kimoto Takao Thomas 100.A-Co M/Sgt
Kimura Raymond T. 100.A-Co S/Sgt
Kinoshita George H. 100.A-Co Sgt
Kira Sueki J. 100.A-Co Pfc
Kita Kiyoshi 100.A-Co Pfc
Kitagawa Kiyoshi 100.A-Co 1st Lt
Kitagawa Yeichi 100.A-Co Pfc
Kitashima Minoru Nort 100.A-Co Pfc
Kito Jun J. 100.A-Co Sgt
Kiyabu Ronald Shigeo 100.A_Co Sgt
Kiyomura Harry J. 100.A-Co Sgt
Kiyonaga Walter S. 100.A-Co Pfc
Kiyota James M. 100.A-Co Pfc
Kiyuna Fred M 100.A-Co  
Kobashi Kiyomi K. 100.A-Co S/Sgt
Kobata Edward Akira 100.A-Co Tec/5
Kobayashi Jitsuo 100.A-Co Pfc
Koda Makota M 100.A-Co Sgt
Koda  Kiichi 100.A_Co Pfc
Kohaya Harry T. 100.A-Co  
Kohaya Terry Taro 100.A-Co S/Sgt
Koishigawa Fumio 100.A-Co Pfc
Koizumi  Yutaka 100.A_Co Pvt
Komatsubara Frank Hidenobu 100.A-Co Pfc
Kondo Toshimitsu 100.A-Co Pfc
Konno Jimmy S. 100.A-Co Pfc
Kosuge Tsune 100.A-Co Sgt
Kotani Masaichi 100.A-Co Pfc
Koyama George 100.A-Co Pfc
Koza Walter John 100.A-Co Sgt
Kubo Yoshio 100.A_Co Pfc
Kubota Akira Joe 100.A-Co Pfc
Kubota Hiroshi 100.A-Co Pfc
Kunishi Tsutomu 100.A-Co S/Sgt
Kunishige Susumu 100.A-Co Pfc
Kuramoto Katsushi Peter 100.A-Co Pfc
Kuraoka Jerry S. 100.A_Co Cpl
Kure Yoshio 100.A-Co T/Sgt
Kuroda Harry M. 100.A-Co Sgt
Kuroda Hichiro 100.A-Co Pfc
Kuroda Kenzo 100.A-Co Pfc
Kuroda Sammy Iwao 100.A-Co Pfc
Kuroye Shigeo 100.A-Co Pfc
Kusaka Kisuke Richard 100.A-Co Pfc
Kusumoto Ted T.                             100.A-Co Pfc
Kusuno Shigeo Fred 100.A-Co Pfc
Kusunoki Takashi 100.A-Co Pfc
Kutaka Masao 100.A-Co Pfc
Kutaka Masato 100.A-Co 2nd Lt
Kuwabe Hisashi 100.A-Co Pfc
Lakner Julius 100.A-Co 2nd Lt
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