552nd Field Artillery Battalion

442nd 522nd Field Artillery Battalion A Company

All members of the 442 552nd Field Artillery Battalion A Company

Last Name

First Name



Anami Isei 522.A-Battery Tec/4
Anzai Teruo 522.A-Battery Sgt
Bacon Robert A. 522.A-Battery 2nd Lt
Booe Jr Everett L 522.A-Battery 2nd Lt
Buckley Robert N. 522.A-Battery 1st Lt
Chibana Shigeru 522.A-Battery Pvt
Chinen Masa 522.A-Battery Tec/5
Donigan William R 522.A-Battery Capt
Enomoto Hideo 522.A-Battery Pfc
Finley Maurice C 522.A-Battery 1st Lt
Fujii Saburo 522.A-Battery Pfc
Fujikawa Kuichi 522.A-Battery Pvt
Fujita Yoshio 522.A-Battery Sgt
Furuta Richard S. 522.A-Battery Cpl
Fushikoshi Noboru 522.A-Battery Pvt
Girard Chester L. 522.A-Battery 1st Lt
Goto George E. 522.A-Battery Cpl
Hamai Kam Katsuichi 522.A-Battery Pfc
Hamataka Henry Saburo 522.A-Battery Pfc
Hatakeda Shizuma Howard 522.A-Battery Pfc
Hattori Joseph O. 522.A-Battery Pfc
Higa Royce E. 522.A-Battery Sgt
Higashi Teddy 522.A-Battery Pfc
Hirata Osamu 522.A-Battery Pfc
Honda Yukio 522.A-Battery Tec/4
Ichiuji Joseph 522.A-Battery Tec/4
Imada Masao 522.A-Battery Pfc
Imada Taichi 522.A-Battery Tec/5
Kagami Kay 522.A-Battery Sgt
Kamiya Wataru 522.A-Battery Tec/5
Kasai James Kay 522.A-Battery Pfc
Kawa, Jr. Shigeo 522.A-Battery Pfc
Kawafuchi Kazumi 522.A-Battery Tec/5
Kawafuchi Shigeyoshi Roy 522.A-Battery Cpl
Kawaminami Fredrick Tatsuji 522.A-Battery Sgt
Kawata John M. 522.A-Battery Pfc
Kobayashi Akira D. 522.A-Battery Pfc
Konishi Koji 522.A-Battery Pfc
Konishi Muneaki 522.A-Battery Pfc
Kono Thomas Kiyoshi 522.A-Battery Sgt
Kubochi Hiroshi 522.A-Battery Pfc
Kudo Mitsugi Thomas 522.A-Battery Pfc
Kumashiro Taneji Richard 522.A-Battery S/Sgt
Kurata James H. 522.A-Battery 2nd Lt
Kurimura Terry M. 522.A-Battery Cpl
Kuwamoto George J. 522.A-Battery Pvt
Mark George S. G. 522.A-Battery Pvt
Marushige Tadashi 522.A-Battery Pfc
Matsumura Harold Hiroshi 522.A-Battery Tec/5
Matsuoka Henry K. 522.A-Battery Pfc
Matsuoka Takao “Ace” 522.A-Battery Pvt
Mayeda James Michio 522.A-Battery Tec/5
Mayeda Thomas 522.A-Battery Cpl
Mikami Robert Y. 522.A-Battery Tec/5
Mine Nobuo George 522.A-Battery Cpl
Mitsushima Raymond H. 522.A-Battery Tec/5
Miwa Ernest T. 522.A-Battery Sgt
Miyabara Isami 522.A-Battery Pfc
Miyamoto Kunio Frank 522.A-Battery Pfc
Miyashiro Larry T. 522.A-Battery Pvt
Mizukami Suguru 522.A-Battery Tec/5
Mori Lawrence Yoshito 522.A-Battery S/Sgt
Motonaga Mac M. 522.A-Battery Tec/4
Nakaishi John 522.A-Battery Pfc
Nakamura Fumio 522.A-Battery Pfc
Nakamura Toshio 522.A-Battery S/Sgt
Nakata Stanwood Masanori 522.A-Battery Pvt
Namba Tomomi Tom 522.A-Battery Cpl
Nishiyama Teruhisa 522.A-Battery S/Sgt
Noda Frank H. 522.A-Battery Sgt
Nomiya Fred S. 522.A-Battery 1st Sgt
Odagawa George K. 522.A-Battery Pfc
Ogishima John S. 522.A-Battery Cpl
Ohara Sadashi 522.A-Battery Pfc
Ohka Henry K. 522.A-Battery Cpl
Okabe Minoru ‘Zombie’ 522.A-Battery Tec/5
Okazaki Nabo 522.A-Battery S/Sgt
Okazaki  Kenzo John 522.A-Battery Pfc
Okura Hiroshi 522.A-Battery Pvt
Ono Tamotsu 522.A-Battery Pvt
Oshiro Shigeru 522.A-Battery Pfc
Ota Toshinori 522.A-Battery Cpl
Ouchi Albert Y. 522.A-Battery Pfc
Ozaki George Goro 522.A-Battery Pfc
Saito Akira B. 522.A-Battery Pfc
Sakamoto Abraham Shinkichi 522.A-Battery Pfc
Sakamoto Oscar K. 522.A-Battery Tec/4
Seki George T. 522.A-Battery Pvt
Shigemi Leo S. 522.A-Battery S/Sgt
Shikuma Henry T. 522.A-Battery Pvt
Shimabukuro Lawrence Genko 522.A-Battery Tec/4
Shimabukuro Miles Z. 522.A-Battery Sgt
Soken Archie S. 522.A-Battery Pfc
Sorakubo Manabu 522.A-Battery Pfc
Straw Jr. Raymond K. 522.A-Battery 1st Lt
Sugai Robert M. 522.A-Battery Tec/5
Suyama Tamio T. 522.A-Battery Pfc
Taba Seijin 522.A-Battery Pfc
Taguma Yoshio 522.A-Battery Cpl
Takamori Gilbert K. 522.A-Battery Tec/4
Taniguchi Tokio 522.A-Battery Pfc
Tanouye Mark Hidemasu 522.A-Battery Cpl
Tatsumi Kaoru 522.A-Battery Pvt
Tokushige Koichi Harry 522.A-Battery Pfc
Tomita James Sadao 522.A-Battery Cpl
Tomita Tetsuo Richard 522.A-Battery Cpl
Tomita Tom M. 522.A-Battery Pfc
Tomita  Nobuaki 522.A_Battery Pfc
Ukita Hiroshi 522.A-Battery Tec/5
Ushiro Kiyoshi 522.A-Battery Pfc
Utsunomiya George 522.A-Battery Pfc
Uyeda Tom 522.A-Battery Pfc
Uyenoyama Howard R. 522.A-Battery Pvt
Watanabe Yutaka 522.A-Battery Pfc
Wood Edwin C. 522.A-Battery 1st Lt
Yagami Masaru Don 522.A-Battery SFC
Yamada Tsuneyoshi 522.A-Battery Pfc
Yamaguchi Alfred T. 522.A-Battery Pvt
Yamamoto Mitsuru M. 522.A-Battery Tec/5
Yamamoto Sutemi 522.A-Battery Pfc
Yamasaki Toshimi Danny 522.A-Battery Pfc
Yamashita Shuichi 522.A-Battery Pfc
Yanagida Mitsuki 522.A-Battery Pfc
Yasukochi Fred Morio 522.A-Battery Cpl
Yasunaga Tetsuo 522.A-Battery Pfc
Yokoyama Hiroshi S. 522.A-Battery Pfc
Yoshimura Arthur Takasaburo 522.A-Battery Pfc
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