100th Battalion

442nd 1st Battalion (100th Infantry) D Company (A-L)

All members of the 442 1st Battalion D Company (A-L)

Last Name

First Name



Abe Isamu S. 100.D-Co Sgt
Abe Yukio Eric 100.D-Co S/Sgt
Aburano Akio 100.D-Co Pfc
Agena Richard Shinyei 100.D-Co Pfc
Akutagawa Don Dr 100.D-Co Cpl
Alexander Henry Wm. 100.D-Co  
Ando Noboru 100.D-Co Sgt
Aoki Isami 100.D-Co Pfc
Aoki Shigeyasu 100.D-Co Pfc
Aoki Shiro 100.D-Co S/Sgt
Arakaki Kisuke 100.D-Co Pfc
Arakaki Kosuke James 100.D-Co Tec/4
Arakaki Seiki 100.D-Co Sgt
Arakawa Jenkichi J. 100.D-Co Cpl
Arakawa Paul Y. 100.D-Co Sgt
Ariyasu Seiki 100.D-Co Pfc
Ariyasu Tatsuya 100.D-Co Pfc
Asato Paul Eishin 100.D-Co Pfc
Aseka Richard Atsushi 100.D-Co S/Sgt
Azuma Paul Satoru 100.D-Co Pfc
Chinen Seiko Wallace 100.D-Co Pfc
Cole Sperry S. 100.D-Co  
Conner Gray Cloudy 100.D_Co 1st Lt
Coyne Charles Albert 100.D-Co Capt
Diamond Charlie K 100.D-Co Sgt
Drolet Raymond A. 100.D-Co  
Emoto Kiyoshi 100.D-Co Pfc
Endo Richard E. 100.D-Co Pfc
Fujii Noboru 100.D-Co S/Sgt
Fujimori Iwao 100.D-Co S/Sgt
Fujimoto Toshiaki 100.D_Co Pvt
Fujimoto Michiyuki 100.D-Co Tec/5
Fujimoto Takeo 100.D-Co Pfc
Fujioka Mitsuru 100.D-Co Sgt
Fujioka Osami Sam 100.D-Co Pfc
Fujisaki Minoru William 100.D-Co Pfc
Fujiwara Tsuyoshi 100.D-Co Pfc
Fukushima Jack 100.D-Co Tec/4
Fukushima Katsuyuki 100.D-Co Tec/4
Fukuyama Kaoru 100.D_Co Pvt
Furumoto Charles S. 100.D-Co Cpl
Furumoto Kiyoshi 100.D-Co T/Sgt
Furuya Hiroo 100.D-Co Cpl
Furuya Satoshi 100.D-Co Pfc
Fuyumuro Edward Shigeto 100.D_Co Pvt
Goto Suewo 100.D-Co Pfc
Goya Eiko 100.D-Co Pfc
Gushi Masakichi 100.D-Co Pfc
Gyotoku Harold Toru 100.D-Co Pvt
Hachida Paul S. 100.D-Co Pfc
Hada Jack M. 100.D-Co Tec/5
Haines Robert L. 100.D-Co Capt
Hamai Kazuo 100.D-Co Pfc
Hamanaka Fred Yeiso 100.D_Co Pvt
Hamasaki Tadayoshi 100.D-Co 2nd Lt
Hanada Katsumi 100.D-Co Pfc
Hanawa Thomas 100.D-Co Sgt
Hara Richard M. 100.D-Co S/Sgt
Harada Edward Komao 100.D-Co S/Sgt
Harada George 100.D-Co Pfc
Harada Hideo Raymond 100.D-Co Pfc
Harada Raymond Kosaku 100.D-Co Lt Col
Hashiguchi Hachiro 100.D-Co Sgt
Hashimoto George T. 100.D-Co Tec/4
Hashimoto Tadayoshi T. 100.D-Co Sgt
Hata Susumu 100.D-Co S/Sgt
Hattori Kunio 100.D_Co Pfc
Hattori Fred M. 100.D-Co Pfc
Hayashida Louie K. 100.D-Co S/Sgt
Higa Ted Mankichi 100.D-Co Pfc
Higashi  Bert Kenji 100.D_Co Cpl
Himura Norito 100.D-Co Pfc
Hirano Moses Masao 100.D-Co Sp 5
Hirasa John Y. 100.D-Co Pvt
Hirata Masaru H. 100.D-Co T/Sgt
Hiratsuka Mark Mike 100.D-Co Pfc
Hirose Halo Takashi 100.D-Co Pvt
Hiwa Soichi R. 100.D-Co Pvt
Hodges LaVern Lee 100.D-Co Capt
Homma William Y. 100.D-Co Sgt
Honbo Nobuo 100.D-Co Tec/5
Hopkins James K. 100.D-Co 1st Lt
Hosaka Fujio Richard 100.D-Co S/Sgt
Hoshide Lloyd K 100.D-Co Sgt
Hoshino Ted Teruo 100.D-Co Pfc
Hotta Kiyoshi 100.D-Co Cpl
Ibaraki Thomas H. 100.D-Co Pfc
Ige Tadao Richard 100.D-Co Pfc
Iguchi Ichiro Y. 100.D-Co Cpl
Iha Richard S. 100.D-Co Pfc
Ihara Toshio 100.D-Co Pfc
Ikeda Jiro 100.D-Co Pfc
Ikeda Owen 100.D-Co Pfc
Ikegami Shuzo 100.D-Co Sgt
Ikeno James Shiro 100.D_Co Pfc
Imai Max M. 100.D-Co Cpl
Imamura Shigeo Edward 100.D-Co Pvt
Imanishi Takeo Ted 100.D-Co Pfc
Inomoto Satoru 100.D-Co 1st Lt
Inouye Geki 100.D-Co Cpl
Inouye Henry O. 100.D-Co Sgt
Iraha Masao 100.D-Co Pfc
Iseri Mitsuo Mike 100.D_Co Tec/4
Iseri Masao 100.D-Co Cpl
Iseri Takeo 100.D-Co Pvt
Ishida Sodatsu 100.D-Co Pfc
Ishige Masami M. 100.D-Co Pfc
Ishii George Fukumi 100.D_Co Cpl
Ishimaru Hideo Rupert 100.D-Co Tec/5
Ishimaru Sanji Robert 100.D-Co Cpl
Ishimatsu Tsukasa 100.D-Co Pfc
Ishizaki David 100.D-Co Tec/5
Ishizawa James Susumu 100.D-Co Pfc
Ishizu Tadao 100.D-Co Sgt
Ishizuka Sakai 100.D-Co Pvt
Iwai Atsushi 100.D-Co Pfc
Iwami Toshio 100.D-Co S/Sgt
Iwamura Shozo 100.D-Co Pfc
Iwanaga George 100.D-Co Sgt
Iwasaki Akira ‘Ike’ 100.D-Co Sgt
Izu Yamato Douglas 100.D-Co Cpl
Izumi Kiyoshi 100.D-Co Pfc
Kadooka Sunao 100.D-Co Pfc
Kadota Tomoyoshi Thomas 100.D-Co Pvt
Kaisen Tsugio 100.D-Co Pfc
Kami Hideo 100.D-Co Pvt
Kamiya Isamu Harold 100.D-Co Pfc
Kanai Kazuo 100.D-Co S/Sgt
Kanda Tad T. 100.D-Co Cpl
Kanemura Yoshito Allen 100.D-Co Pfc
Kaneshiro Soichi 100.D-Co S/Sgt
Kanja Tsutomu 100.D-Co Pfc
Kashiwabara Tadashi 100.D-Co Pvt
Katayama Roy 100.D-Co S/Sgt
Kato Jitsuo 100.D-Co Pfc
Kawaguchi Yoshimi 100.D-Co S/Sgt
Kawamata Masao 100.D-Co S/Sgt
Kawamoto Richard Takeshi 100.D-Co 1st Sgt
Kawano  Yasuo 100.D_Co Pfc
Kawasaki Akira 100.D-Co Sgt
Kawasugi Saichi 100.D-Co Pfc
Kaya Hideo 100.D-Co S/Sgt
Kayano Yasuo 100.D-Co Pvt
Kenmotsu Masashi J. 100.D-Co Pfc
Kiino Toshiharu 100.D-Co Cpl
Kimura Herbert T. 100.D-Co Pfc
Kinoshita Tony S. 100.D-Co Pfc
Kishimoto Iwao 100.D-Co Pfc
Kishiyama William K. 100.D-Co S/Sgt
Kitagawa Saburo 100.D-Co Pvt
Kitaguchi Akio 100.D-Co Pfc
Kitahara Arthur 100.D-Co S/Sgt
Kitano Megumi 100.D-Co Pfc
Kitaoka Roy H. 100.D-Co Pvt
Kiyabu Harry S. 100.D-Co Pvt
Kiyohiro Tsugio 100.D-Co Pfc
Kobayashi Harold Masao 100.D-Co Pfc
Kobayashi John Y. 100.D-Co Pfc
Kobayashi Tazuto Ben 100.D-Co Cpl
Kobayashi Yoshio 100.D-Co Pfc
Kodama Asashi Larry 100.D-Co Pfc
Kodani Takao Tyrus 100.D-Co Sgt
Koga Mitsuaki 100.D-Co Sgt
Koga Toru W. 100.D-Co Pfc
Kohama Masao R. 100.D-Co Pfc
Koji Kenneth Hideo 100.D-Co Pfc
Koji Yoshio 100.D-Co Pfc
Kondo Masato Richard 100.D-Co Pvt
Kondo Masayuki R. 100.D-Co S/Sgt
Kondo Robert M. 100.D-Co S/Sgt
Koyanagi Takeo 100.D-Co S/Sgt
Koyano Wesley Kaname 100.D-Co Pfc
Kugiyama Kenneth K. 100.D-Co Pvt
Kunieda Minoru 100.D-Co S/Sgt
Kurahara Arthur S. 100.D-Co T/Sgt
Kuramoto Kiyoshi 100.D-Co 1st Lt
Kurisu George M. Sr. 100.D-Co Pfc
Kurisu George Mamoru 100.D-Co Pfc
Kuroyama Hachiro 100.D-Co Pfc
Kusunoki Toshio 100.D-Co Pvt
Kutaka Clifford M. 100.D-Co Cpl
Kuwahara Chester M. 100.D-Co Pfc
Kuwazaki Yoshiharu Eddie 100.D-Co Pvt
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