442nd RCT Unit Roster

All known 442nd RCT soldiers

The following is a list of all known soldiers of the 442nd and affiliated units. This was compiled from a variety of sources, but mostly from the veterans' recollections. We are a volunteer organization and not a government agency, so we do not have access to an official master list. As such, there will be errors, omissions, and duplicates. Please know that any such mistakes are unintentional. Please inform us if you are aware of any inaccuracies.
Last NameFirst NameUnitRank (Last known)
AbeMasaru100th BN, A Co.T/Sgt
AbeOliver Saburo100th BN, A Co.S/Sgt
AbeTatsuo100th BN, A Co.S/Sgt
AbeWallace Shunosuke100th BN, A Co.Pfc
AbeYasuaki George100th BN, A Co.Pfc
AbeJames P.100th BN, Hq Co.S/Sgt
AbeIsamu S.100th BN, D Co.Sgt
AbeYukio Eric100th BN, D Co.S/Sgt
AbeGeorge Y.100th BN, Medical Co.Tec/5
AbeJames S.100th BN, Medical Co.Tec/4
AbeDavid Y.2nd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
AbeBill2nd BN, E Co.Sgt
AbeSadaichi ‘Charlie’2nd BN, F Co.Sgt
AbeKatsunobu2nd BN, G Co.Tec/5
AbeThomas T.2nd BN, G Co.Tec/5
AbeToshiaki2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
AbeKiyoshi3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
AbeYaso3rd BN, I Co.1st Lt
AbeGeorge J.3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
AbeChester Kengo3rd BN, M Co.Pvt
AbeGeorge Y.442nd Medical Co.Tec/5
AbeHarry F.442nd Medical Co.Tec/3
AbeJames S.442nd Medical Co.Tec/4
AbeGeorge522nd Artillery, B BatteryS/Sgt
AburamenMasao Richard2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
AburamenYuichi3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
AburamenHiroshi442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
AburanoAkio100th BN, D Co.Pfc
AburanoKiyoharu2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
AburanoSaburo522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryPfc
AchiuClarence A.442nd Cannon Co.Pfc
AdachiKeiji R.100th BN, A Co.Pfc
AdachiKenichi Ken100th BN, A Co.S/Sgt
AdachiRobert100th BN, A Co.
AdachiTed Teruo100th BN, A Co.Pfc
AdachiYoshio442nd HQ Co.Tec/5
AdachiShigeichi Bob2nd BN, E Co.Pvt
AdachiJimmy Kazuto2nd BN, G Co.2nd Lt
AdachiSachi E.2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
AdachiFrank M.3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
AdachiKenneth Korji3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
AdachiYoshio232nd EngineersPfc
AdachiRoychi Roy522nd Artillery, B BatteryS/Sgt
AdaniyaSeigi100th BN, C Co.S/Sgt
AfusoRobert T.100th BN, A Co.S/Sgt
AfusoZenyei H.2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
AfusoCharles Hideo232nd EngineersPfc
AfusoKoyu522nd Artillery, B BatteryCpl
AgenaRichard Shinyei100th BN, D Co.Pfc
AgenaMori3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
AgenaNoboru3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
AginaMasa2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
AiharaBen2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
AimotoYoshito100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
AizawaTakao2nd BN, G Co.Sgt
AizawaMasao442nd Anti Tank Co.S/Sgt
AjifuKazuo Kenneth2nd BN, H Co.Pvt
AjimineCharles Y.442nd HQ Co.Pvt
AjimuraMasaichi100th BN, A Co.Pvt
AjimuraMasaichi442nd HQ Co.Pvt
AjiokaJames2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
AjitomiMatsuei100th BN, C Co.Pvt
AjitomiTokio100th BN, C Co.Pfc
AkabaKenji100th BN, A Co.Pfc
AkagiKenichi100th BN, A Co.S/Sgt
AkagiNagaaki100th BN, A Co.Pfc
AkagiManabu3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
AkagiMasato3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
AkagiYoshihiro442nd Service Co.Cpl
AkagiNelson Takeo522nd Artillery, C BatteryCpl
AkagiYodoji522nd Artillery, B BatteryPfc
AkahoshiYutaka Larry100th BN, A Co.Pfc
AkahoshiIrving Mitsuo100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
AkahoshiJohn M.2nd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
AkahoshiFrank Y.2nd BN, F Co.Pvt
AkajiBumpei442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
AkakiYuki522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryT/Sgt
AkamaPaul T.100th BN, B Co.Pfc
AkamatsuKaoru Peter100th BN, C Co.2nd Lt
AkamatsuIsamu2nd BN, HQ Co.Pvt
AkamatsuRobert Akira442nd Service Co.Tec/5
AkamineGenkichi100th BN, A Co.Pfc
AkamineJames J.100th BN, A Co.S/Sgt
AkamineBernard S.100th BN, B Co.Sgt
AkamineEishin M100th BN, B Co.Pfc
AkamineSeitoku100th BN, B Co.Pfc
AkamineGeorge Hideo2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
AkamineTakemori Joe3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
AkaminePaul D.442nd Service Co.Pfc
AkamineHerbert Hidesuki DDS442nd Medical Co.Pfc
AkamineTsutomu Michael522nd Artillery, C BatteryCpl
AkanaSeiichi P.3rd BN, M Co.S/Sgt
AkazawaMasayoshi100th BN, B Co.Sgt
Aki (Chaplain)George100th BN, Hq Co.Major
AkimotoVictor100th BN, A Co.Pvt
AkimotoAkira100th BN, Hq Co.Cpl
AkimotoHarding K.100th BN, B Co.
AkimotoJohn100th BN, C Co.Pfc
AkimotoBob M.2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
AkimotoTamotsu3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
AkimotoJackson442nd Cannon Co.T/Sgt
AkimotoKoji E.442nd Service Co.Pfc
AkimotoDan E206th Army BandTec/5
AkimuraTadashi100th BN, A Co.
AkinakaIsaac F.100th BN, Medical Co.Tec/4
AkinsThomas William2nd BN, F Co.Major
AkisadaFumio100th BN, Medical Co.Tec/5
AkisadaUtaka2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
AkisadaFumio442nd Medical Co.Tec/5
AkisadaTakashi Tuk232nd EngineersPfc
AkitaStanley Masaharu100th BN, C Co.Tec/5
AkitaAndre A.2nd BN, HQ Co.S/Sgt
AkitaRobert M.2nd BN, HQ Co.Tec/4
AkitaFrank K.2nd BN, G Co.Cpl
AkiyamaGeorge100th BN, A Co.S/Sgt
AkiyamaMasao Fred100th BN, A Co.Sgt
AkiyamaShuji M100th BN, A Co.Tec/5
AkiyamaGeorge442nd HQ Co.Sgt
AkiyamaSadaki442nd HQ Co.Pvt
AkiyamaHideo100th BN, C Co.Pfc
AkiyamaKay Shina2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
AkiyamaRobert T.2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
AkiyamaZentaro G.2nd BN, F Co.T/Sgt
AkiyamaAlbert S3rd BN, I Co.Sgt
AkiyamaMakio Mickey3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
AkiyamaMitsuo442nd Anti Tank Co.Cpl
AkiyamaSaburo232nd EngineersPvt
AkiyoshiTamotsu100th BN, B Co.Pfc
AkizukiAkinori100th BN, B Co.Pfc
AkutagawaKazuaki100th BN, B Co.Sgt
AkutagawaDon Dr100th BN, D Co.Cpl
AkutagawaNorio3rd BN, M Co.Tec/5
AkutagawaTsuyoshi442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
AkutagawaThomas Kiyoshi232nd EngineersPfc
AlapaiAbraham100th BN, A Co.S/Sgt
AldrichMalCo.lm Edward3rd BN, K Co.2nd Lt
AlexanderHenry Wm.100th BN, D Co.
AllenGeorge Stephen2nd BN, G Co.1st Lt
AllisonLeon B.100th BN, C Co.
AltesmanAlbert2nd BN, G Co.Capt
AmakawaNobuo3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
AmakiHarry H.100th BN, Hq Co.Cpl
AmanoSakuji100th BN, C Co.Pvt
AmanoHenry3rd BN, K Co.SFC
AmanoMakoto Bill522nd Artillery, C BatteryPvt
AmazakiEichi Larry100th BN, B Co.Cpl
AmbroseRalph T.2nd BN, G Co.1st Lt
AmimotoSatomi100th BN, A Co.Pfc
AmimotoSatomi442nd HQ Co.Pfc
AmineYasuo3rd BN, K Co.Sgt
AminoJohnny T.100th BN, B Co.Pfc
AnamiIsei522nd Artillery, A BatteryTec/4
AnamizuToshio100th BN, B Co.Pfc
AnamizuKiyohei100th BN, C Co.Pfc
AnastasioAngelo100th BN, E Co.
AndersonDaniel J.100th BN, B Co.2nd Lt
AndoJoseph F.100th BN, A Co.Sgt
AndoYoshito100th BN, C Co.S/Sgt
AndoNoboru100th BN, D Co.Sgt
AndoBob Minoru3rd BN, M Co.Pvt
AndoKing3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
AndoYoshitada3rd BN, M Co.Cpl
AndoYoshinobu232nd EngineersPfc
AndowRoy H.2nd BN, F Co.T/Sgt
AndowEric442nd Cannon Co.Sgt
AndowEchio John522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryPvt
AndrewsJack522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryCapt
Androvette, Jr.Edward E.3rd BN, I Co.1st Lt
AnsaiToshio A.2nd BN, E Co.1st Sgt
AnzaiWataru100th BN, Hq Co.Tec/5
AnzaiYoshio100th BN, C Co.Pfc
AnzaiJames H.2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
AnzaiAllen T.3rd BN, M Co.S/Sgt
AnzaiAkira442nd Service Co.Pfc
AnzaiFrancis I.232nd EngineersTec/4
AnzaiTeruo522nd Artillery, A BatterySgt
AnzaiHenry T.522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryTec/5
AnzaiTeruo ‘Skid’522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryCpl
AochiTom Sadayoshi3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
AokiTom Bunkichi100th BN, A Co.Pfc
AokiToru100th BN, A Co.Pfc
AokiNobuo442nd HQ Co.Sgt
AokiGeorge Joji100th BN, Hq Co.M/Sgt
AokiIsamu I.100th BN, B Co.Pfc
AokiRobert Hagemu100th BN, B Co.Pvt
AokiRobert Hatsuji100th BN, B Co.Pvt
AokiMasanori100th BN, C Co.Sgt
AokiIsami100th BN, D Co.Pfc
AokiShigeyasu100th BN, D Co.Pfc
AokiShiro100th BN, D Co.S/Sgt
AokiDaniel T.2nd BN, E Co.1st Sgt
AokiSam Isamu2nd BN, F Co.SFC
AokiTakeshi2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
AokiTom Bunkichi3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
AokiYorio3rd BN, K Co.T/Sgt
AokiLloyd J.3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
AokiShigeo3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
AokiYoshiji3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
AokiShiro3rd BN, M Co.S/Sgt
AokiHiro442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
AokiIsamu S.442nd Cannon Co.1st Sgt
AokiOtomatsu T.442nd Service Co.Tec/4
AokiYoshiyuki442nd Service Co.Cpl
AonoYutaka100th BN, B Co.Pfc
AonoMitsuharu Richard2nd BN, H Co.Sgt
AotakiIchio Stanley3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
AoyagiJimmie Kamaya2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
AoyagiTakeshi2nd BN, E Co.T/Sgt
AoyagiBen S.2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
AoyagiKazuya Dave2nd BN, F Co.Pvt
AoyagiHitoshi2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
AoyamaChikara2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
AoyamaSakae S.3rd BN, M Co.Sgt
AoyamaYoshiharu N.442nd Cannon Co.Cpl
AragakiTakashi M.3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
AragakiCharlie M.3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
AraiBen100th BN, A Co.Pfc
AraiGeorge K.100th BN, Hq Co.Tec/4
AraiKatsumi2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
AraiYoshiaki Y.522nd Artillery, MedicsPvt
AraiHaruo522nd Artillery, C BatteryPvt
AraiTom T.522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryPvt
AraiYukio522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryPfc
ArakakiAlfred Y100th BN, A Co.Cpl
ArakakiRichard Yasuhiko100th BN, A Co.Pfc
ArakakiSeiko100th BN, A Co.Cpl
ArakakiYeikichi Thomas100th BN, A Co.Pfc
ArakakiMinoru K.442nd HQ Co.Pfc
ArakakiTeiichi Fredrick442nd HQ Co.Pfc
ArakakiAnse Raymond100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
ArakakiJiro100th BN, B Co.Pfc
ArakakiShigeo100th BN, B Co.Pfc
ArakakiKoyei Al100th BN, C Co.T/Sgt
ArakakiTakeo100th BN, C Co.Pfc
ArakakiTeiichi Fredrick100th BN, C Co.Pfc
ArakakiYasukichi100th BN, C Co.Pfc
ArakakiKisuke100th BN, D Co.Pfc
ArakakiKosuke James100th BN, D Co.Tec/4
ArakakiSeiki100th BN, D Co.Sgt
ArakakiCharles Yukichi2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
ArakakiYasuhiro3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
ArakakiRichard Yasuhiko3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
ArakakiSeiyei3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
ArakakiJoe Minoru3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
ArakakiSeiki3rd BN, M Co.Tec/5
ArakakiSparky Keiyei3rd BN, M Co.Cpl
ArakakiRobert S.442nd Cannon Co.Pfc
ArakakiYasuo522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryTec/4
ArakawaHarold Jentoku100th BN, A Co.Pfc
ArakawaDavid M.100th BN, C Co.Pfc
ArakawaSeiki100th BN, C Co.
ArakawaSue Shuye100th BN, C Co.Pfc
ArakawaJenkichi J.100th BN, D Co.Cpl
ArakawaPaul Y.100th BN, D Co.Sgt
ArakawaJackie Z.100th BN, E Co.
ArakawaJack N.100th BN, Medical Co.
ArakawaJames Yasushi2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
ArakawaJack Chuichi2nd BN, H Co.S/Sgt
ArakawaJeneye3rd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
ArakawaFumio3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
ArakawaHideo3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
ArakawaShosei522nd Artillery, B BatteryPfc
ArakiMasashi100th BN, C Co.Pfc
ArakiKazumasa R.2nd BN, G Co.S/Sgt
ArakiLeslie G.3rd BN, HQ Co.Pvt
ArakiLeslie G.3rd BN, L Co.Pvt
ArakiJoe Holguin442nd Anti Tank Co.Cpl
ArakiMamoru522nd Artillery, C BatterySgt
AramakiTadao Ted100th BN, Medical Co.Pfc
AramakiHiroshi442nd Cannon Co.Pfc
AraoHenry Y.100th BN, A Co.S/Sgt
AraoMasachika442nd HQ Co.Pvt
AraoDavid Mitsukuni100th BN, B Co.Pfc
ArashiroSammy K.442nd HQ Co.T/Sgt
ArashiroYukio100th BN, C Co.Pfc
ArashiroKenneth K.2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
ArashiroRalph T.3rd BN, I Co.Sgt
ArashiroMatsuyoshi3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
ArashiroFrederick Yukio232nd EngineersTec/5
ArashiroKatsuto522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryPfc
ArataDaniel A.3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
ArataniAugustine Y.100th BN, C Co.Pvt
ArataniShigemi2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
ArataniTeruo Terry3rd BN, I Co.S/Sgt
ArataniMasatoshi232nd EngineersPfc
AriharaKouji2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
AriiWilliam Esao100th BN, B Co.T/Sgt
AriiMum M.2nd BN, E Co.S/Sgt
ArikawaFrank Nobuo2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
ArikawaBurns T.3rd BN, M Co.S/Sgt
ArimaJim T.100th BN, C Co.Pfc
ArimaWallace S.100th BN, C Co.Pfc
ArimaGeorge2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
ArimotoIchiro2nd BN, HQ Co.Tec/5
ArimotoEdgar Kano522nd Artillery, B BatteryPvt
ArimuraTadashi100th BN, A Co.Pfc
ArisumiKazuo100th BN, C Co.Pfc
ArisumiSatoji100th BN, C Co.Pfc
ArisumiToru100th BN, Medical Co.Tec/4
ArisumiHiroshi232nd EngineersTec/5
AritaTadashi100th BN, A Co.Pfc
AritaHiroaki100th BN, B Co.Pvt
AritaTakashi2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
AritaTakashi (2)3rd BN, L Co.Pvt
AritaIchiro442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
AritaIchiro442nd Service Co.Pfc
AriyasuSeiki100th BN, D Co.Pfc
AriyasuTatsuya100th BN, D Co.Pfc
ArizumiRichard A.2nd BN, G Co.Tec/5
ArnoldCharles E.100th BN, A Co.
ArnoldLewis Fred3rd BN, I Co.1st Lt
ArugaHiroshi3rd BN, I Co.S/Sgt
AsabaTakahiko2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
AsadaShigeo100th BN, C Co.Pfc
AsahinaGungi2nd BN, G Co.Cpl
AsahinaShoichi442nd Medical Co.Capt
AsaiSim LinCo.ln100th BN, A Co.Lt Co.l
AsaiRalph Yukio100th BN, B Co.Pfc
AsaiHiroshi2nd BN, E Co.S/Sgt
AsaiTokio Joe232nd EngineersCpl
AsakaJohn442nd HQ Co.Pvt
AsakawaJack Noboru100th BN, Medical Co.Pvt
AsakawaJack Noboru442nd Medical Co.Pvt
AsakiThomas S.3rd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
AsakiThomas S.3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
AsakuraNoboru B.2nd BN, G Co.Pvt
AsakuraShigeru Ronald442nd Medical Co.Tec/4
AsanoYasuo Charles100th BN, B Co.S/Sgt
AsanoKoichi Koy100th BN, C Co.Sgt
AsanumaSam S.2nd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
AsariFrank Y.2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
AsariKen442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
AsatoHarry S.100th BN, A Co.Pfc
AsatoShokin100th BN, Hq Co.Capt
AsatoMasanobu L.100th BN, C Co.Pfc
AsatoMorio100th BN, C Co.T/Sgt
AsatoRobert Matsuo100th BN, C Co.Pfc
AsatoSaburo100th BN, C Co.Pfc
AsatoPaul Eishin100th BN, D Co.Pfc
AsatoHenry S.2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
AsatoShigeru2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
AsatoTetsuo2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
AsatoYeikichi2nd BN, G Co.S/Sgt
AsatoDaniel3rd BN, I Co.
AsatoEisuke3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
AsatoJotoku3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
AsatoSaburo3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
AsatoRaymond Kisun442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
AsatoShokin442nd Service Co.Tec/5
AsatoShotaro Harry232nd EngineersPfc
AsatoHarry S.232nd EngineersPvt
AsatoYoshi Al232nd EngineersTec/5
AsaumiKenneth Iwao2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
AsazawaKazuo Jeff3rd BN, K Co.S/Sgt
AsazawaEsamu442nd Medical Co.Pfc
AsekaRichard Atsushi100th BN, D Co.S/Sgt
AshidaNoboru100th BN, A Co.Sgt
AshikawaShigeo100th BN, A Co.Pvt
AsijoAlbert100th BN, B Co.Pfc
AsukaGeorge S.232nd EngineersPvt
AtagiArchie Yoshinobu3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
AtagiDange R.442nd Medical Co.Tec/4
AullWilliam Deal2nd BN, G Co.Capt
AwaHorace H.100th BN, A Co.Pfc
AwakuniAlbert S.100th BN, B Co.Pfc
AwakuniKameichi100th BN, C Co.Pvt
AwakuniMasao100th BN, C Co.Pfc
AwayaBernard K.100th BN, A Co.Pvt
AwayaSusumu442nd Service Co.S/Sgt
AyabeTadashi442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
AzamaTakeo100th BN, B Co.Pfc
AzekaTokuo100th BN, A Co.Sgt
AzekaHenry N.522nd Artillery, B BatteryPfc
AzumaJitsuo Lawrence100th BN, Hq Co.
AzumaIemasa W.100th BN, B Co.Pfc
AzumaPaul Satoru100th BN, D Co.Pfc
AzumaTaira100th BN, F Co.
BabaYoshito100th BN, F Co.Pvt
BabaTetsuo3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
BabaMasao Robert Dr.442nd Medical Co.Tec/5
BabaTakashi Thomas522nd Artillery, C BatterySgt
BabaSadao522nd Artillery, B BatteryPvt
BabCo.ck, Jr.Howard Nelson3rd BN, M Co.Capt
BaCo.nRobert A.522nd Artillery, A Battery2nd Lt
BaCo.nArthur E.522nd Artillery, Hq Battery1st Lt
BanoRay3rd BN, K Co.Cpl
BarnhillRobert James522nd Artillery, Svc BatteryCapt
BaskinHerbert522nd Artillery, Hq Battery1st Lt
BatesClifford L.2nd BN, F Co.Pvt
BatesRichard S.2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
Becker Jr.William J.100th BN, C Co.2nd Lt
BenitezTheodore442nd Cannon Co.Pvt
BeppuTadao3rd BN, M Co.T/Sgt
BertramJoseph Robert2nd BN, E Co.Capt
BertrandJames L.522nd Artillery, B Battery2nd Lt
BetsuiDaniel Den232nd EngineersSgt
BianCo.Francis Richard2nd BN, F Co.2nd Lt
BinottiAlbert E.522nd Artillery, Hq Battery1st Lt
BitowNobufusa100th BN, C Co.Pvt
BlackburnForrest R.522nd Artillery, Hq Battery1st Lt
BlanchardWilbur Harold2nd BN, G Co.2nd Lt
BloodLee H.100th BN, C Co.1st Lt
BlyttWilliam H.100th BN, Hq Co.Major
BondGeorge H.100th BN, A Co.
BoninVictor Joseph100th BN, Hq Co.Capt
BoodryJames100th BN, F Co.1st Lt
Booe JrEverett L522nd Artillery, A Battery2nd Lt
BoydArthur Marion2nd BN, G Co.1st Lt
BrenamanCharles Alter100th BN, C Co.Major
BrennerMilton Louis3rd BN, L Co.1st Lt
BrewDaniel Guy522nd Artillery, B Battery1st Lt
BrinerDoyle G522nd Artillery, C Battery1st Lt
BrownHarold M.2nd BN, F Co.1st Lt
Bruce, Jr.Sydney Steward442nd Cannon Co.1st Lt
BryanRobert M.2nd BN, G Co.1st Lt
BuckleyRobert N.522nd Artillery, A Battery1st Lt
BunyaFrank N.2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
BurtHoward Vernon3rd BN, K Co.1st Lt
Bushyeager Jr.James Otis3rd BN, I Co.1st Lt
Butler, Jr.Merrill Fred442nd HQ Co.Major
ButoGeorge3rd BN, I Co.T/Sgt
ButtonHollis Edward522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryCapt
ByrneJoseph Laurence3rd BN, I Co.Capt
CarterGeorge100th BN, Hq Co.2nd Lt
CastoldiPaul100th BN, C Co.2nd Lt
CenateHarold Norman100th BN, A Co.Capt
CertainJack2nd BN, F Co.Capt
ChagamiHenry S.442nd Cannon Co.Pfc
ChagamiRichard K.442nd Service Co.Tec/5
ChapmanJohn G.100th BN, Hq Co.
ChasseEdward D.100th BN, C Co.Pfc
ChibanaJames Yeichi100th BN, C Co.Pvt
ChibanaHenry Matsuzo2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
ChibanaShigeru522nd Artillery, A BatteryPvt
ChigawaTaketoshi100th BN, B Co.T/Sgt
ChikamiBenjamin Tsutomu100th BN, A Co.Pfc
ChikamiFrank M.3rd BN, L Co.Pvt
ChikumaWillie S.2nd BN, E Co.S/Sgt
ChinakaRalph T.442nd Service Co.Tec/5
ChinenOnso100th BN, A Co.Pvt
ChinenSeiho100th BN, A Co.Pfc
ChinenJon Jitsuzo100th BN, C Co.1st Lt
ChinenShigeru100th BN, C Co.S/Sgt
ChinenYoshinori J.100th BN, C Co.Pfc
ChinenSeiko Wallace100th BN, D Co.Pfc
ChinenRichard K.100th BN, Medical Co.Pfc
ChinenGiichi2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
ChinenJenhatsu2nd BN, E Co.Sgt
ChinenRichard S.2nd BN, H Co.Cpl
ChinenRobert S.2nd BN, H Co.Pvt
ChinenGeorge T.3rd BN, HQ Co.Tec/5
ChinenTakeshi3rd BN, I Co.S/Sgt
ChinenRichard K.442nd Cannon Co.Tec/4
ChinenMasa522nd Artillery, A BatteryTec/5
ChinnaSadamichi H.442nd HQ Co.Tec/5
ChinnaTeiji232nd EngineersPfc
ChinoRobert Ashai3rd BN, L Co.S/Sgt
ChipmanHerbert Wayne100th BN, Hq Co.1st Lt
Chipman, Jr.Albert Byron100th BN, Hq Co.2nd Lt
ChoHung Kook442nd Anti Tank Co.Pvt
ChoHung Kook442nd Service Co.Pvt
ChomoriMasuo2nd BN, F Co.2nd Lt
ChorikiDanny Kiyoshi232nd EngineersPfc
ChristopherJohn100th BN, A Co.
ClarkWilliam C.522nd Artillery, C Battery2nd Lt
ClaytonRichard M.522nd Artillery, Hq Battery1st Lt
Clough Jr.Casper100th BN, Hq Co.Major
Co.leSperry S.100th BN, D Co.
Co.llinsWilliam John3rd BN, K Co.1st Lt
Co.nleyJack Edward100th BN, Hq Co.Lt Co.l
Co.nnerGray Cloudy100th BN, D Co.1st Lt
Co.nnerJesse Holland2nd BN, F Co.1st Lt
Co.okPaul D.522nd Artillery, B Battery1st Lt
Co.oleyJohn A.522nd Artillery, Hq Battery1st Lt
Co.operMichael442nd Service Co.1st Lt
Co.rbiereHathwell Wm.3rd BN, L Co.1st Lt
Co.rbinPaul Edmund100th BN, Hq Co.1st Lt
Co.rialeArthur S.522nd Artillery, MedicsCapt
Co.stonJack(son) Aman3rd BN, M Co.Capt
Co.yneCharles Albert100th BN, D Co.Capt
Co.zErnest100th BN, B Co.Pfc
Co.zJoseph442nd Anti Tank Co.S/Sgt
CraigJames A.522nd Artillery, C Battery2nd Lt
CrawfordLetcher3rd BN, M Co.Lt Co.l
CroneWalter Mickey2nd BN, H Co.2nd Lt
CrowleyThomas Eustace2nd BN, E Co.Capt
DahlJohn J.100th BN, Medical Co.Capt
DaidaSadamu442nd Medical Co.Pvt
DaidoTakeo100th BN, B Co.Tec/5
DaidoSadamu100th BN, Medical Co.Pvt
DaikaiSuyeo Carl3rd BN, M Co.Tec/5
DateHenry Shigeru442nd Cannon Co.Tec/4
DavenportWilliam3rd BN, I Co.2nd Lt
DavisEdward T.3rd BN, I Co.2nd Lt
De MaioloFrank Alex100th BN, Hq Co.Capt
DeguchiYasunori2nd BN, F Co.T/Sgt
DeguchiYoshimitsu442nd Medical Co.
DeLucaAnthony100th BN, C Co.1st Lt
DemuraMasaji3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
DesakiSojiro100th BN, A Co.S/Sgt
DevlinJohn R.522nd Artillery, Svc BatteryTec/4
DewaGeorge100th BN, B Co.Pfc
DeWeesJoseph W.522nd Artillery, Svc Battery1st Lt
DeweyGeorge L.100th BN, Hq Co.Major
DiamondCharlie K100th BN, D Co.Sgt
DickensonHarry Fay3rd BN, K Co.1st Lt
DionoloThomas100th BN, A Co.
DobanaFred K.3rd BN, M Co.1st Sgt
DobashiFrank Hideo2nd BN, F Co.Tec/4
DochinNiroku100th BN, Medical Co.Pfc
DochinNiroku442nd Medical Co.Pfc
DoharaShiro2nd BN, F Co.Pvt
DoiHaruo100th BN, A Co.Pfc
DoiBen T.100th BN, A Co.Pfc
DoiMegumi100th BN, A Co.Pfc
DoiMichael J.100th BN, A Co.Sgt
DoiYoshio J.100th BN, A Co.Pfc
DoiYutaka100th BN, A Co.Pfc
DoiTsunenobu442nd HQ Co.Pfc
DoiAketo100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
DoiNobuharu A.100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
DoiShigeyuki100th BN, Hq Co.T/Sgt
DoiMitsuru100th BN, B Co.Sgt
DoiHideo100th BN, C Co.Pfc
DoiHiram Hiromu100th BN, C Co.Pfc
DoiMasami2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
DoiTom T.2nd BN, E Co.Pvt
DoiJimmy2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
DoiAlbert R.2nd BN, H Co.Sgt
DoiBill M.2nd BN, H Co.Pvt
DoiHiram Hiromu3rd BN, I Co.T/Sgt
DoiShigeyuki3rd BN, I Co.T/Sgt
DoiShizuo3rd BN, I Co.Tec/5
DoiAkira3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
DoiToichi3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
DoiMisao3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
DoiTokio George3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
DoiWallace Tamotsu3rd BN, L Co.S/Sgt
DoiFrank T.3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
DoiMasato442nd Anti Tank Co.T/Sgt
DoiArthur N.442nd Cannon Co.Tec/4
DoiChitoshi442nd Medical Co.Pvt
DoiwchiKiyo2nd BN, E Co.Pvt
DoiwchiShiyo522nd Artillery, C BatteryCpl
DomotoLyman522nd Artillery, C BatteryPfc
DoniganWilliam R522nd Artillery, A BatteryCapt
DossWilliam Byron100th BN, Hq Co.2nd Lt
DrebinRaymond100th BN, B Co.1st Lt
DroletRaymond A.100th BN, D Co.
DunnJames Bowers3rd BN, I Co.1st Lt
EarpJack Gail3rd BN, L Co.1st Lt
EatonKenneth Elvin100th BN, C Co.1st Lt
EbataTetsu Ted100th BN, A Co.2nd Lt
EbataKiyoshi Stanley2nd BN, E Co.Sgt
EbataIsami Roy442nd Anti Tank Co.S/Sgt
EbisuDale Masao100th BN, Hq Co.Sgt
EbisuyaKichio2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
EcholsJohn C.522nd Artillery, B Battery1st Lt
EdaGeorge522nd Artillery, B BatteryCpl
Edwards2nd BN, F Co.Capt
EgamiRichard Isamu100th BN, C Co.Pfc
EgashiraBen T.2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
EgashiraJulius S.2nd BN, E Co.Sgt
EgawaRobert Y.442nd Anti Tank Co.Tec/5
EgoKenji2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
EguchiEugene M100th BN, A Co.Pfc
EguchiHiroshi Harry100th BN, C Co.Pfc
EguchiBunkichi2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
EguchiIsamu Ronald3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
EjiGeorge H.2nd BN, H Co.Sgt
EkiGeorge100th BN, Hq Co.Pvt
EkimotoMaurice Uichi442nd HQ Co.Pfc
EkimotoYoshio P.100th BN, Hq Co.Sgt
ElliottHerbert L.442nd Cannon Co.S/Sgt
EllsErnest E.100th BN, Hq Co.
EmotoJohn Hajime100th BN, A Co.T/Sgt
EmotoGeorge Isamu100th BN, C Co.
EmotoKiyoshi100th BN, D Co.Pfc
EmuraKazuo442nd HQ Co.Pfc
EndoFujio W.100th BN, A Co.Pvt
EndoYukio100th BN, A Co.Pfc
EndoKayo442nd HQ Co.Tec/5
EndoShinichi442nd HQ Co.Pvt
EndoChoichi100th BN, B Co.Pvt
EndoEichi100th BN, B Co.Pfc
EndoKiyoto100th BN, B Co.S/Sgt
EndoShinichi100th BN, B Co.Pfc
EndoKenzo100th BN, C Co.Sgt
EndoRichard E.100th BN, D Co.Pfc
EndoRobert M.2nd BN, E Co.Pvt
EndoToshio2nd BN, F Co.1st Sgt
EndoHiroo H.2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
EndoKiyoto3rd BN, I Co.S/Sgt
EndoRobert Tsuyoshi3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
EndoHiroo3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
EndoJohn Kazuo3rd BN, K Co.Tec/4
EndoKayo3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
EndoMasaharu3rd BN, L Co.Pvt
EndoHiroo442nd Service Co.Pvt
EndoMasami442nd Service Co.SFC
EndowAkira100th BN, A Co.Pfc
EndowKazuo2nd BN, G Co.Sgt
EndowKazuo3rd BN, L Co.Pvt
Endow, Jr.Sho3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
EngaMichael M.100th BN, A Co.Cpl
EnoTakeru3rd BN, M Co.Sgt
EnomotoEdward K.100th BN, Hq Co.
EnomotoEdward Y.100th BN, Hq Co.Pvt
EnomotoKiyozo100th BN, B Co.Cpl
EnomotoErnest K.100th BN, B Co.S/Sgt
EnomotoRoy M.100th BN, B Co.S/Sgt
EnomotoEdward Y.100th BN, C Co.Pfc
EnomotoJun100th BN, Medical Co.Tec/3
EnomotoKaname2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
EnomotoMasayoshi2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
EnomotoEddie T.3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
EnomotoKatsumi3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
EnomotoMasaichi442nd Cannon Co.T/5
EnomotoEdward Y.442nd Service Co.Pvt
EnomotoJun442nd Medical Co.Tec/3
EnomotoHideo522nd Artillery, A BatteryPfc
EnosakiGeorge2nd BN, E Co.Sgt
EnsmingerRalph Burnell2nd BN, 2Hg Co.Capt
EricksonPaul E.522nd Artillery, Hq Battery1st Lt
EsakiHaruo522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryTec/4
EshimaKunio100th BN, A Co.Sgt
EspinedaThomas Saito3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
EthridgeHarold Co.uncel100th BN, C Co.1st Lt
EtoMitsugu100th BN, B Co.S/Sgt
EtoYoshitaka J.2nd BN, HQ Co.Pvt
EtoWataru3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
EtoGeorge Kiyoshi206th Army BandT/sgt
EyerlyRoger C522nd Artillery, C Battery1st Lt
EzakiTakashi2nd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
EzakiWilliam S.2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
EzukaKazuto100th BN, C Co.S/Sgt
EzukaEdmund Y.232nd EngineersTec/4
Farnum jrCharles Oliver2nd BN, 2Hg Co.1st Lt
FeiblemanCharles B.522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryCapt
FeltMarion Francis100th BN, A Co.Capt
FerrisLouis Anthony442nd Anti Tank Co.Capt
FinleyMaurice C522nd Artillery, A Battery1st Lt
FitzhughLester Newton100th BN, Hq Co.1st Lt
FontanellaRichard J.2nd BN, H Co.2nd Lt
FooteRobert Hutchinson3rd BN, K Co.1st Lt
FraserAndrew S.100th BN, C Co.
FrazierIvan Harold3rd BN, M Co.Capt
FritzmeierFred H.3rd BN, L Co.2nd Lt
FroningPaul Edward100th BN, B Co.Capt
FuchiseRobert Kazuto3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
FudennaTakeo2nd BN, F Co.Sgt
FujiAbe M.232nd EngineersS/Sgt
FujiharaKenneth Kazumi100th BN, Hq Co.Cpl
FujiharaRoy H.100th BN, C Co.Pfc
FujiharaFrank K.2nd BN, F Co.S/Sgt
FujiharaHarry H.442nd Service Co.Pfc
FujiharaJack M.442nd Service Co.Tec/4
FujihiraJulius Y.232nd EngineersS/Sgt
FujiiHaruo100th BN, A Co.Pvt
FujiiKatsumi442nd HQ Co.Pfc
FujiiRichard Toshio100th BN, B Co.Pvt
FujiiHaruo100th BN, B Co.S/Sgt
FujiiHenry Saichi100th BN, B Co.Pfc
FujiiYutaka100th BN, C Co.Pfc
FujiiOsamu S.100th BN, C Co.Pfc
FujiiNoboru100th BN, D Co.S/Sgt
FujiiArthur Junichi2nd BN, HQ Co.M/Sgt
FujiiJim G.2nd BN, HQ Co.Pvt
FujiiRalph Y.2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
FujiiMasao2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
FujiiYoshio2nd BN, H Co.S/Sgt
FujiiArthur Junichi3rd BN, HQ Co.M/Sgt
FujiiMiuki3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
FujiiTakashi3rd BN, K Co.Sgt
FujiiTakeo3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
FujiiKatsumi3rd BN, L Co.Pvt
FujiiLaurence Ryozo3rd BN, L Co.Pvt
FujiiLawrence T.3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
FujiiTomoyoshi442nd Anti Tank Co.Cpl
FujiiShigeo N.442nd Medical Co.Tec/5
FujiiSueo442nd Medical Co.Pfc
FujiiHarry Nobuo232nd EngineersPfc
FujiiKazuo232nd EngineersPfc
FujiiYoshimi232nd EngineersPvt
FujiiKunio S.522nd Artillery, Svc BatteryPfc
FujiiRoy Hideo522nd Artillery, B BatteryPfc
FujiiSaburo522nd Artillery, A BatteryPfc
FujiiSeichi James522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryCpl
FujikawaGenji George100th BN, A Co.Tec/5
FujikawaHiroshi100th BN, A Co.
FujikawaShort100th BN, A Co.Pfc
FujikawaHatsuo H.100th BN, C Co.Pfc
FujikawaIsaichi100th BN, C Co.Pfc
FujikawaOsamu Sam100th BN, C Co.Pfc
FujikawaMasaki2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
FujikawaIsaichi2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
FujikawaShigeru Johnnie2nd BN, G Co.Sgt
FujikawaYoshiaki C.2nd BN, G Co.Sgt
FujikawaJitsuro2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
FujikawaGeorge Masaru3rd BN, K Co.
FujikawaPeter Suyeki3rd BN, L Co.S/Sgt
FujikawaSam I.442nd Cannon Co.Pfc
FujikawaGenji George442nd Service Co.Tec/5
FujikawaMichio522nd Artillery, Svc BatteryPfc
FujikawaKuichi522nd Artillery, A BatteryPvt
FujikiShigeru Tom442nd HQ Co.Tec/5
FujikiCharles Satoru100th BN, C Co.Pfc
FujikiHiroshi100th BN, C Co.Pfc
FujikiShigeru Tom3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
FujikiAkira442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
FujikiHideo522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryTec/5
FujimoriMasaru100th BN, A Co.Pfc
FujimoriYukio100th BN, C Co.Pfc
FujimoriIwao100th BN, D Co.S/Sgt
FujimoriEdward Matao100th BN, F Co.
FujimoriWilliam S.3rd BN, L Co.S/Sgt
FujimotoKunio100th BN, A Co.Pfc
FujimotoShigeru100th BN, B Co.Pfc
FujimotoCarl K.100th BN, C Co.Pfc
FujimotoThomas A.100th BN, C Co.Pfc
FujimotoToshiaki100th BN, D Co.Pvt
FujimotoMichiyuki100th BN, D Co.Tec/5
FujimotoTakeo100th BN, D Co.Pfc
FujimotoMasao100th BN, F Co.Pfc
FujimotoHarumi2nd BN, E Co.Sgt
FujimotoHikoso2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
FujimotoHiroshi2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
FujimotoYoshito T2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
FujimotoYoshito Ted2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
FujimotoKaoru Carl2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
FujimotoKenneth Y.2nd BN, G Co.S/Sgt
FujimotoKiyoshi ‘Bones’2nd BN, G Co.Tec/5
FujimotoYoshihide2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
FujimotoHaru3rd BN, I Co.Cpl
FujimotoKanijiro3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
FujimotoJoe S.3rd BN, K Co.Sgt
FujimotoShioichi3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
FujimotoKazuo W3rd BN, L Co.S/Sgt
FujimotoMoses3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
FujimotoYoshito T3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
FujimotoYoshito3rd BN, M Co.
FujimotoKiyoshi ‘Bones442nd Anti Tank Co.Tec/4
FujimotoTakashi442nd Cannon Co.Pfc
FujimotoGeorge K.442nd Service Co.Pvt
FujimotoKatsuyuki K.442nd Service Co.Pfc
FujimotoCharles442nd Medical Co.Tec/4
FujimotoMitsusuke442nd Medical Co.Sgt
FujimotoFred Yoshio232nd EngineersTec/5
FujimotoTsutomu522nd Artillery, C BatteryPfc
FujimotoMasaru522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryTec/4
FujimotoRobert S.522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryTec/5
FujimuraYoshiyuki J.442nd HQ Co.T/Sgt
FujimuraHiromi100th BN, B Co.Pfc
FujimuraJohnny Toshimitsu2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
FujimuraHiromi2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
FujinakaMakoto2nd BN, H Co.Cpl
FujinakaMax G.3rd BN, HQ Co.Tec/5
FujinakaNoboru3rd BN, L Co.S/Sgt
FujinamiShigeru100th BN, C Co.Sgt
FujinoGeorge Y.100th BN, C Co.1st Sgt
FujinoKazutoshi2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
FujinoHiroshi3rd BN, I Co.S/Sgt
FujinoFrank Toichi3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
FujinoShigeo3rd BN, K Co.S/Sgt
FujinoYasuo Peter3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
FujinoGeorge Iwao3rd BN, L Co.Pvt
FujinoYoshimi442.Anti TankSgt
FujioEdward Masaru3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
FujioMamoru522nd Artillery, B BatteryCpl
FujiokaShigeo100th BN, A Co.Pfc
FujiokaMitsuru100th BN, D Co.Sgt
FujiokaOsami Sam100th BN, D Co.Pfc
FujiokaMasao2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
FujiokaMitsuru2nd BN, E Co.Sgt
FujiokaRikio2nd BN, E Co.1st Sgt
FujiokaCurtis M.2nd BN, F Co.Tec/4
FujiokaFrank M.2nd BN, H Co.Pvt
FujiokaMakoto3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
FujiokaTaketo3rd BN, I Co.
FujiokaWendell Shisuke3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
FujiokaTeruo3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
FujiokaTed Teruo442.Anti TankPfc
FujiokaWilliam Takashi?442nd Cannon Co.Pfc
FujiokaMotoyuki232nd EngineersPfc
FujiokaShigemi T.232nd EngineersPvt
FujiokaTadashi C.232nd EngineersTec/4
FujiokaTsutomu522nd Artillery, Svc BatterySgt
FujisakiMinoru William442nd HQ Co.Pfc
FujisakiMinoru William100th BN, D Co.Pfc
FujisakiJack Matao3rd BN, M Co.S/Sgt
FujiseArthur Asaichi100th BN, A Co.Pfc
FujiseTom Tomio100th BN, A Co.Pfc
FujishigeHisashi Henry100th BN, A Co.Sgt
FujishigeWilfred Fuji100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
FujishigeTadashi100th BN, Medical Co.Tec/5
FujishigeTakeshi2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
FujishigeTadashi3rd BN, I Co.Tec/5
FujishigeTadashi442nd Medical Co.Tec/5
FujishigeIsao Fred522nd Artillery, B BatteryPfc
FujishinKay K.3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
FujishinSam S.3rd BN, M Co.S/Sgt
FujisueNorman S.100th BN, C Co.Pfc
FujitaMansaku M.100th BN, A Co.Pfc
FujitaJames Etsuji442nd HQ Co.Pvt
FujitaMitsuyuki442nd HQ Co.Pfc
FujitaYoshiyuki J.442nd HQ Co.Tec/5
FujitaSadami100th BN, B Co.Pfc
FujitaHisami100th BN, B Co.Pfc
FujitaNagatoshi100th BN, C Co.S/Sgt
FujitaTakao100th BN, C Co.Sgt
FujitaRichard Y.100th BN, F Co.Pfc
FujitaJames Takaichi2nd BN, HQ Co.Cpl
FujitaMinoru2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
FujitaRobert S.2nd BN, E Co.Cpl
FujitaKaname Tom2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
FujitaGeorge2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
FujitaKikuo2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
FujitaMasato2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
FujitaYoshiyuki J.2nd BN, H Co.Pvt
FujitaHarold Kenichi3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
FujitaHiroshi Harold3rd BN, L Co.S/Sgt
FujitaSadamitsu Neil442nd Anti Tank Co.Tec/4
FujitaFrancis I.232nd Engineers1st Lt
FujitaYoshio522nd Artillery, A BatterySgt
FujitakeShusuke3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
FujitaniMasato100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
FujitaniRoss Kameo100th BN, C Co.2nd Lt
FujitaniLloyd K.3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
FujitaniMasato442nd Cannon Co.Pvt
FujitoJulius2nd BN, HQ Co.Pvt
FujitomoHaruo3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
FujitomoTadashi442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
FujiwaraIchiji Frank100th BN, B Co.Pfc
FujiwaraMasaru100th BN, B Co.Pfc
FujiwaraTadami100th BN, B Co.Pvt
FujiwaraTsuyoshi100th BN, D Co.Pfc
FujiwaraHoward M.2nd BN, HQ Co.S/Sgt
FujiwaraTakashi G2nd BN, F Co.
FujiwaraTuguo Julian2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
FujiwaraYoshimi R.2nd BN, G Co.S/Sgt
FujiwaraYoshio Guy2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
FujiwaraEdward S.3rd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
FujiwaraItsuo George3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
FujiwaraRoy3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
FujiwaraHiromi522nd Artillery, Svc BatteryTec/5
FujiyamaTakeo100th BN, A Co.Pfc
FujiyamaHisashi2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
FujiyamaChikara Jack232nd EngineersTec/5
FujiyoshiKenichi442nd Medical Co.Pfc
FujuiFred N.2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
FujuiHobi442nd Anti Tank Co.Tec/5
FukagawaMasami100th BN, Hq Co.Pvt
FukagawaChester Kiyoshi3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
FukaiTakao442nd Service Co.Pfc
FukanoRichard N.442nd Medical Co.Tec/5
FukasawaHarry J.100th BN, B Co.Pfc
FukasawaJohn K.2nd BN, F Co.S/Sgt
FukasawaPeter I.522nd Artillery, Svc BatteryPfc
FukawaHiroshi100th BN, Hq Co.Tec/5
FukeSaburo442nd Service Co.Tec/4
FukedaSueki100th BN, C Co.Pfc
FukedaAkira Wallace3rd BN, I Co.Sgt
FukinoOscar H.100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
FukubaShigeo Frank2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
FukuchiTokko100th BN, B Co.Pfc
FukuchiKiichi3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
FukudaKoichi100th BN, A Co.S/Sgt
FukudaMitsuyoshi100th BN, A Co.Major
FukudaRichard T.100th BN, A Co.Pvt
FukudaShigeki100th BN, A Co.Sgt
FukudaTom T.100th BN, A Co.Pfc
FukudaToshiharu Jimmy100th BN, A Co.Pfc
FukudaWalter Katsumi442nd HQ Co.Pfc
FukudaToshio100th BN, Hq Co.Tec/4
FukudaHeiji100th BN, B Co.S/Sgt
FukudaKenji100th BN, B Co.
FukudaRay Archie100th BN, B Co.Pfc
FukudaTadanojo100th BN, C Co.Pfc
FukudaTakeo100th BN, C Co.Pfc
FukudaHarry Y.2nd BN, E Co.Pvt
FukudaThomas M.2nd BN, E Co.Pvt
FukudaRalph Sadatoshi2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
FukudaToshio3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
FukudaJitsuto J.3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
FukudaTakeo3rd BN, K Co.Pvt
FukudaAkira Albert442nd Anti Tank Co.Cpl
FukudaYoshio Reginald522nd Artillery, Svc BatteryPvt
FukuharaHerbert Masuo100th BN, A Co.Pvt
FukuharaYasuki100th BN, B Co.Pfc
FukuharaKenzo100th BN, C Co.Pvt
FukuharaMinoru3rd BN, I Co.Tec/4
FukuiLewis L. ‘Dewey’2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
FukuiHenry K.2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
FukuiHenry K.3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
FukuiGeorge T.442nd Medical Co.Pfc
FukuiRodney Hidemi442nd Medical Co.Tec/5
FukuiKenneth Sakaye522nd Artillery, Svc BatteryTec/4
FukujiMasao Charles100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
FukukiShigeo3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
FukumitsuHarry3rd BN, L Co.T/Sgt
FukumotoEddie T.100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
FukumotoRobert Yukio100th BN, Hq Co.Sgt
FukumotoRoy Shizuo100th BN, C Co.Pfc
FukumotoEdward Takeo2nd BN, H Co.Pvt
FukumotoKanichi3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
FukumuraIchiji2nd BN, E Co.Pvt
FukunagaRalph Fumito100th BN, A Co.Pfc
FukunagaChester Takumi100th BN, F Co.Pfc
FukunagaNobuichi2nd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
FukunagaHarold K.2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
FukunagaMasachika3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
FukunagaAkira442nd Anti Tank Co.Cpl
FukunagaNobuichi442nd Service Co.Pfc
FukuokaYutaka K.100th BN, B Co.Pvt
FukuokaYutaka K.2nd BN, H Co.Pvt
FukuokaArthur M.3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
FukuokaTamotsu Tom522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryPfc
FukusakiMack Masao100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
FukushimaYasutaka H.100th BN, A Co.1st Lt
FukushimaMasuichi442nd HQ Co.Pvt
FukushimaHarry Y.100th BN, B Co.Pfc
FukushimaTsunehisa100th BN, C Co.Sgt
FukushimaJack100th BN, D Co.Tec/4
FukushimaKatsuyuki100th BN, D Co.Tec/4
FukushimaGeorge K.2nd BN, E Co.S/Sgt
FukushimaMasuichi2nd BN, F Co.Pvt
FukushimaKatsumi2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
FukushimaRoy Jerome2nd BN, G Co.S/Sgt
FukushimaHikaru James442nd Medical Co.Tec/5
FukushimaTaira442nd Medical Co.Tec/5
FukushimaNobuo522nd Artillery, B BatteryPfc
FukutomeBen T.3rd BN, HQ Co.S/Sgt
FukutomeIchiro442nd Medical Co.Pfc
FukutomiTamotsu E.3rd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
FukuyamaGeorge Sadaji100th BN, A Co.Tec/5
FukuyamaKaoru100th BN, D Co.Pvt
FukuyamaKwanji3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
FukuyamaNoboru Harry442nd Medical Co.Cpl
FukuyoshiSusumu100th BN, C Co.Pfc
FukuzawaMichito Frank.2nd BN, F Co.S/Sgt
FukuzawaJun2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
FunabashiRobert J.100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
FunaiStanley Kazuto100th BN, A Co.Pfc
FunaiToshio100th BN, B Co.Sgt
FunaiGeorge Teruo3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
FunakoshiRoy Katsumi100th BN, Hq Co.Cpl
FunakoshiJames Gitaro100th BN, B Co.Pfc
FunakoshiKaneo100th BN, B Co.Pfc
FunakoshiRoy Katsumi3rd BN, I Co.Cpl
FunamotoThomas T.100th BN, B Co.Pfc
FunamotoThomas T.232nd EngineersPfc
FunamuraKatsuichi3rd BN, L Co.Sgt
FunamuraNorman Minoru522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryPfc
FurugenMasao3rd BN, I Co.S/Sgt
FuruichiKiyoshi100th BN, E Co.Pvt
FuruichiGeorge2nd BN, E Co.S/Sgt
FuruikeTadashi2nd BN, E Co.S/Sgt
FurukaRoy H.100th BN, B Co.
FurukawaTatsumi100th BN, A Co.Pvt
FurukawaTsuyoshi100th BN, A Co.Pfc
FurukawaJack M.100th BN, A Co.Pvt
FurukawaJoseph K.442nd HQ Co.Pvt
FurukawaJack Yoshiharu100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
FurukawaSatoshi100th BN, B Co.Pvt
FurukawaClarence Masaru100th BN, B Co.Tec/4
FurukawaRoy Hiroto100th BN, B Co.Pfc
FurukawaSakutaro100th BN, B Co.
FurukawaSam S.100th BN, B Co.S/Sgt
FurukawaJohn K.Dr100th BN, C Co.S/Sgt
FurukawaNobuyoshi100th BN, C Co.Pvt
FurukawaIsaac2nd BN, E Co.Tec/5
FurukawaHayao2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
FurukawaKayno K.3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
FurukawaRichard S.3rd BN, L Co.T/Sgt
FurukawaFred Y.3rd BN, M Co.T/Sgt
FurukawaNobuo442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
FurukawaIchiro J.522nd Artillery, B BatteryPvt
FurukenMuneharu442nd HQ Co.Pfc
FurukenMuneharu3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
FurukidoKenneth Kenzo100th BN, B Co.Sgt
FurumasuCharles T.2nd BN, G Co.Cpl
FurumasuBilly T.522nd Artillery, Svc BatteryTec/5
FurumizoFred Takeji522nd Artillery, Svc BatteryPfc
FurumotoMitsuo100th BN, A Co.Pfc
FurumotoCharles S.100th BN, D Co.Cpl
FurumotoKiyoshi100th BN, D Co.T/Sgt
FurunoKosaku442nd HQ Co.Pvt
FurunoYeichi Robert442nd Medical Co.Tec/5
FurushimaTsutomu2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
FurushiroHenry Tetsuo100th BN, B Co.Pfc
FurushiroLouis100th BN, B Co.Tec/5
FurushoYasuto100th BN, B Co.Sgt
FurushoSunao2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
FurushoKazuo3rd BN, K Co.Pvt
FurushoTom H.442nd Cannon Co.T/Sgt
FurutaTakeshi T.100th BN, A Co.Sgt
FurutaRobert Naomi100th BN, Hq Co.Cpl
FurutaRaymond K.100th BN, B Co.Pvt
FurutaHaruo R.2nd BN, H Co.Pvt
FurutaMinobu3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
FurutaGeorge I.3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
FurutaRichard S.522nd Artillery, A BatteryCpl
FurutaniFumio100th BN, A Co.Cpl
FurutaniHisao100th BN, A Co.Pfc
FurutaniFumio2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
FurutaniKoichi3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
FurutaniKimio522nd Artillery, B BatteryTec/5
FurutoKazuto100th BN, A Co.S/Sgt
FurutoMinoru2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
FurutoTokuo442nd Service Co.Pfc
FuruuchiMitsuo3rd BN, L Co.Pvt
FuruyaNoboru100th BN, Hq Co.Pvt
FuruyaHiroo100th BN, D Co.Cpl
FuruyaSatoshi100th BN, D Co.Pfc
FuruyaTetsuo Ted2nd BN, E Co.S/Sgt
FuruyaJoji2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
FuruyaIsamu3rd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
FuruyaArthur3rd BN, K Co.Sgt
FuruyaVictor Minoru3rd BN, K Co.Sp/3
FuruyaMamoru3rd BN, M Co.Sgt
FuruyaNoboru442nd Service Co.Pfc
FuruyaGeorge232nd EngineersT/Sgt
FuruyaSot232nd EngineersPfc
FuruyamaWilliam M.3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
FuruyeChikara Harvey100th BN, B Co.Pfc
FushikoshiTamaki2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
FushikoshiNoboru522nd Artillery, A BatteryPvt
FushimiGeorge M.2nd BN, HQ Co.Tec/4
FushimiCarl N.2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
FushimiSam Shoichi442nd Cannon Co.Pfc
FushimiHerbert H.232nd EngineersPfc
FusumaGeorge T.2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
FutagakiShigeo2nd BN, E Co.
FutamataGeorge M.2nd BN, E Co.Pvt
FuyumuroEdward Shigeto100th BN, D Co.Pvt
GagnonRoland Joseph2nd BN, E Co.2nd Lt
GanekoJames S.2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
GanekoSeikichi3rd BN, I Co.S/Sgt
GansterCharles W.3rd BN, I Co.1st Lt
GansterCharles W.3rd BN, M Co.1st Lt
Gehrig Jr.Victor J522nd Artillery, Hq Battery1st Lt
GerkovichRoy3rd BN, I Co.1st Lt
GiboToshio100th BN, C Co.Pvt
GibuTadashi522nd Artillery, C BatteryPfc
GikiuJoseph E.2nd BN, HQ Co.S/Sgt
GikiuRoy442nd Medical Co.Pfc
GilbertNorman Robert442nd Service Co.1st Lt
GillespieJames J.100th BN, Hq Co.Major
GilmoreGaylord Hellis442nd HQ Co.Capt
GimaThomas S.442nd HQ Co.Pvt
GimaSakae2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
GimaJames S.232nd EngineersPfc
GimaThomas S.232nd EngineersPfc
GinozaMasaru H.100th BN, C Co.Tec/5
GinozaKiyoshi2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
GinozaTakeo3rd BN, K Co.Pvt
GinozaJerry Shizuo442nd Cannon Co.Tec/4
GirardChester L.522nd Artillery, A Battery1st Lt
GleicherSol Harold2nd BN, H Co.2nd Lt
GoMasano442nd Medical Co.Pfc
GodaHiroshi100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
GoebelGeorge2nd BN, HQ Co.1st Sgt
GohataTomio3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
GoldsteinDavid3rd BN, L Co.2nd Lt
GomaTeruo100th BN, Medical Co.Tec/4
GooWilly100th BN, C Co.Pvt
GooAlbert2nd BN, HQ Co.Pvt
GoodElden Lyle2nd BN, F Co.1st Lt
GoraWalter C.100th BN, A Co.S/Sgt
GoraFrancis P.100th BN, B Co.Pfc
GoshimaRobert Yutaka100th BN, B Co.
GotandaKajiro442nd HQ Co.Tec/4
GotoMitsuo100th BN, A Co.Tec/5
GotoNobuaki100th BN, A Co.Pvt
GotoEichi100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
GotoLloyd O.100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
GotoSuewo100th BN, D Co.Pfc
GotoMasaichi100th BN, Medical Co.S/Sgt
GotoShigeru2nd BN, E Co.Pvt
GotoEsamu S.2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
GotoSatoru S.2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
GotoShigeru3rd BN, HQ Co.Sgt
GotoTakaji J.3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
GotoRichard I.3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
GotoTom Tomo3rd BN, M Co.Pvt
GotoAlfred H.442nd Cannon Co.Pfc
GotoWalter Rokuro442nd Service Co.Sgt
GotoShosuke442nd Medical Co.Tec/3
GotoGeorge232nd EngineersCpl
GotoMegumi522nd Artillery, Svc BatteryPvt
GotoTomoichi522nd Artillery, C BatteryTec/4
GotoGeorge E.522nd Artillery, A BatteryCpl
GotoThomas Noburo522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryTec/5
GoyaKenneth K.442nd HQ Co.Pvt
GoyaYeiko100th BN, C Co.Pvt
GoyaEiko100th BN, D Co.Pfc
GoyaEdwin S.2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
GoyaKazuo2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
GoyaToshimatsu2nd BN, H Co.Pvt
GoyaKojin442nd Service Co.S/Sgt
GrahamRalph Joseph442nd HQ Co.Major
GrahamRalph Joseph3rd BN, I Co.Major
GrahamEdgar Harold3rd BN, K Co.1st Lt
GrandstaffGeorge Henry100th BN, Hq Co.Capt
GushiMasakichi100th BN, D Co.Pfc
GushiSeitoku3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
GushikenYukichi100th BN, B Co.Cpl
GushikenJack Kojin100th BN, C Co.Sgt
GushikenSeichi3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
GushikenGeorge3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
GushikenDavid K.3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
GushikenDavid K.3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
GushikenMinoru3rd BN, M Co.S/Sgt
GushikenMasaru232nd EngineersPfc
GushikumaTakegi100th BN, Medical Co.Pvt
GushikumaTakegi442nd Medical Co.Pvt
GustafsonGerald A.442nd Cannon Co.1st Lt
GusukumaKiyei2nd BN, E Co.Sgt
GusukumaDouglas M.2nd BN, F Co.S/Sgt
Guthrie, Jr.Robert Allen100th BN, Hq Co.1st Lt
GyotokuHarold Toru100th BN, D Co.Pvt
HabataHarry Kivan3rd BN, HQ Co.2nd Lt
HachidaPaul S.100th BN, D Co.Pfc
HachiyaGeorge T.2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
HachiyaTomoharu P3rd BN, K Co.S/Sgt
HadaChester Chiyuji100th BN, C Co.Sgt/M
HadaJack M.100th BN, D Co.Tec/5
HadaMitsuji2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
HadaJuneji2nd BN, H Co.Pvt
HadaNelson Tetsuo3rd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
HadaVictor Katsu3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
HadanoHatsuji2nd BN, 2Hg Co.Pfc
HagaThomas Haruo2nd BN, HQ Co.Tec/3
HagiharaEdwin M.3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
HagiharaJack Mitsuo3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
HagioRoland Toshiake100th BN, A Co.Pfc
HagioWilliam Hachiro2nd BN, E Co.Sgt
HagioWilliam Hachiro3rd BN, L Co.Sgt
HagiwaraHiram T.100th BN, Hq Co.Pvt
HagiwaraGeorge100th BN, C Co.S/Sgt
HagiwaraPatrick Kazuo2nd BN, HQ Co.S/Sgt
HagiwaraMichael Yukio2nd BN, G Co.1st Sgt
HainesRobert L.100th BN, D Co.Capt
HaitaEiichi Fred3rd BN, I Co.Cpl
HajiMasao2nd BN, HQ Co.Pvt
HajiTom S.2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
HajiroBarney Fushimi3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
HakodaKonao442nd HQ Co.Tec/5
HakodaGilbert K.3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
HakodaGilbert K.442nd Service Co.Pfc
HaleThomas J.2nd BN, F Co.T/Sgt
HalpinGeroge Edmund3rd BN, HQ Co.1st Lt
HamaNiichi100th BN, A Co.Pfc
HamaEiji3rd BN, I Co.S/Sgt
HamachiMamoru Walt2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
HamadaEarl T.100th BN, A Co.Pfc
HamadaHiroshi100th BN, A Co.Pvt
HamadaKenneth T.100th BN, Hq Co.Pvt
HamadaRichard K.100th BN, Hq Co.Tec/4
HamadaMasaru100th BN, B Co.Sgt
HamadaMiles Masayuki100th BN, C Co.T/Sgt
HamadaCharles Yoshikazu2nd BN, E Co.Sgt
HamadaErnest Katsu2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
HamadaNagao2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
HamadaKaneichi2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
HamadaMinoru2nd BN, G Co.S/Sgt
HamadaYoneo2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
HamadaDick Shigemi3rd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
HamadaGeorge Kiyoto3rd BN, I Co.Cpl
HamadaHarry H.3rd BN, K Co.S/Sgt
HamadaTetsuo3rd BN, K Co.S/Sgt
HamadaShizuichi3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
HamadaFusao H.442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
HamadaYoshio442nd Anti Tank Co.S/Sgt
HamadaTetsuo442nd Cannon Co.Pfc
HamadaDonald K.442nd Service Co.Tec/5
HamadaShigeru442nd Service Co.Pvt
HamadaHarry206th Army BandTec/5
HamaguchiJoe2nd BN, E Co.S/Sgt
HamaguchiAkira2nd BN, F Co.S/Sgt
HamaguchiAtsushi Gene2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
HamaiTakeshi Stanley100th BN, C Co.Pfc
HamaiKazuo100th BN, D Co.Pfc
HamaiGeorge M.442nd Medical Co.Sgt
HamaiKam Katsuichi522nd Artillery, A BatteryPfc
HamaishiFred Ryoso3rd BN, I Co.T/Sgt
HamajiJames M.2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
HamakadoMasami100th BN, B Co.S/Sgt
HamamotoMichael Masumi100th BN, A Co.Pfc
HamamotoSeiji Boe100th BN, C Co.Pfc
HamamotoSeiichi100th BN, C Co.Pfc
HamamotoTamio T2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
HamamotoDouglas C.3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
HamamotoSeiji Boe3rd BN, K Co.Pvt
HamamotoHisaji B.442nd Anti Tank Co.1st Sgt
HamamotoTakeo “Butterman”442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
HamamotoKatsyoshi442nd Medical Co.Pvt
HamamotoMorio Melvyn522nd Artillery, Svc BatteryCpl
HamamuraStanley Tokunobu100th BN, Hq Co.S/Sgt
HamamuraRonald Atsushi100th BN, C Co.Pfc
HamamuraTadao T.522nd Artillery, B BatteryTec/4
HamanakaFred Yeiso100th BN, D Co.Pvt
HamanakaRobert T.2nd BN, H Co.Pvt
HamanakaRichard Yuichi442nd Service Co.Tec/5
HamanoKinzo100th BN, B Co.Pfc
HamanoMasaru100th BN, B Co.Pvt
HamaokaRobert T.2nd BN, E Co.Sgt
HamaokaHajime3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
HamasakiRichard Noboru100th BN, A Co.2nd Lt
HamasakiTadayoshi100th BN, D Co.2nd Lt
HamasakiHaruichi J.2nd BN, E Co.Pvt
HamasakiKazuichi2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
HamasakiHiroshi Wallace3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
HamasuMitsuo100th BN, A Co.S/Sgt
HamatakaToshio100th BN, B Co.Pfc
HamatakaHenry Saburo522nd Artillery, A BatteryPfc
HanaClifford H.2nd BN, F Co.Pvt
HanadaKatsumi100th BN, D Co.Pfc
HanadaHatsuji2nd BN, E Co.Tec/5
HanadaBen2nd BN, G Co.Pvt
HanadaHachiro3rd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
HanadaToshifumi (as bumi)3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
HanamiThomas M.3rd BN, I Co.Tec/5
HanamiTakeshi442nd Cannon Co.Sgt
HanamiThomas M.442nd Cannon Co.Tec/5
HanamuraHaruo3rd BN, L Co.S/Sgt
HananoCharles Y.3rd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
HanaokaWalter Hiroshi2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
HanaokaWallace S.442nd Medical Co.Capt
HanashiroSeitoku100th BN, A Co.Pfc
HanashiroSeiCo.3rd BN, I Co.Pvt
HanashiroSeiken3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
HanashiroSeishin ‘Buddy’522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryCpl
HanaumiRichard Shintaro2nd BN, H Co.S/Sgt
HanawaThomas100th BN, D Co.Sgt
HanawaHenry2nd BN, HQ Co.Pvt
HandaGeorge J.100th BN, B Co.Pfc
HandaSukeo100th BN, B Co.Pfc
HandaDavid Masao2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
HandaKenneth M.2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
HandaRaymond Y.2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
HandaTaki2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
HandaIsamu S.3rd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
HandaIsao Ace3rd BN, HQ Co.Sgt
HandaGeorge3rd BN, I Co.Cpl
HandaIsamu Sam3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
HandaDavid Masao3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
HandaSukeo3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
HandleyVictor C.100th BN, A Co.1st Lt
HanidaTamotsu100th BN, C Co.Pfc
Hanley, Jr.James Martin2nd BN, G Co.Lt Co.l
HaraDavid Shiro100th BN, B Co.Pfc
HaraIsamu100th BN, B Co.Pvt
HaraRichard M.100th BN, D Co.S/Sgt
HaraHenry2nd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
HaraToshiaki Tom2nd BN, E Co.Sgt
HaraGeorge2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
HaraMenow M.2nd BN, F Co.Sgt
HaraSam S.2nd BN, G Co.Sgt
HaraMasami522nd Artillery, C BatteryTec/4
HaraShigeo522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryPfc
Harabo (e)?Yoshio100th BN, B Co.
HaradaKenneth Wasato100th BN, A Co.T/Sgt
HaradaMinoru100th BN, A Co.S/Sgt
HaradaHaruto442nd HQ Co.Pfc
HaradaMinoru Daniel442nd HQ Co.Tec/5
HaradaTakeshi442nd HQ Co.Pvt
HaradaHaruto100th BN, B Co.Pfc
HaradaShoichi100th BN, B Co.Pfc
HaradaJack Yasaichi100th BN, C Co.
HaradaEdward Komao100th BN, D Co.S/Sgt
HaradaGeorge100th BN, D Co.Pfc
HaradaHideo Raymond100th BN, D Co.Pfc
HaradaRaymond Kosaku100th BN, D Co.Lt Co.l
HaradaKenneth Wasato100th BN, E Co.2nd Lt
HaradaTeruo100th BN, F Co.
HaradaHarold Shigetaka100th BN, Medical Co.Tec/3
HaradaFrank T.2nd BN, HQ Co.Tec/4
HaradaCharles Kiyoshi2nd BN, G Co.Sgt
HaradaTomio2nd BN, G Co.Tec/4
HaradaGeorge S.2nd BN, H Co.S/Sgt
HaradaLyman T.2nd BN, H Co.Pvt
HaradaKango3rd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
HaradaTakeo3rd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
HaradaAgie3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
HaradaMinoru3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
HaradaMinoru3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
HaradaYoshisada3rd BN, I Co.Sgt
HaradaNorio3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
HaradaHenry M.3rd BN, M Co.T/Sgt
HaradaRoy S.442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
HaradaSaburo442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
HaradaYoshikatsu Art232nd EngineersPfc
HaradaHarry H.522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryPfc
HaraguchiTakao3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
HaraiTakashi100th BN, Medical Co.Pvt
HaraiTakashi442nd Medical Co.Pvt
HarakiWilliam S442nd Medical Co.Tec/5
HaramotoGeorge K100th BN, B Co.
HaranoKenneth Yoshio100th BN, A Co.
HaranoRoy Yoshiharu100th BN, A Co.Pfc
HaranoJohn Yukiharu3rd BN, I Co.S/Sgt
HarataniYoshito2nd BN, G Co.S/Sgt
HarataniJoseph2nd BN, H Co.Pvt
HarimotoThomas Susumu3rd BN, I Co.1st Sgt
HarrisMoyer Delos522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryCapt
HarrisonEugene Davis3rd BN, L Co.Capt
Harrison, Jr.Baya M.522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryLt Co.l
HartRichard W.100th BN, A Co.
HarukiHiroshi RosCo.e232nd EngineersPfc
HarunagaToshio2nd BN, F Co.Pvt
HaruyamaErnest T442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
HasegawaPaul100th BN, A Co.Sgt
HasegawaSaburo100th BN, A Co.Cpl
HasegawaTamotsu100th BN, A Co.S/Sgt
HasegawaMasanao100th BN, B Co.Pfc
HasegawaMigi100th BN, B Co.Pfc
HasegawaPaul T.100th BN, B Co.Sgt
HasegawaKiyoshi100th BN, C Co.Pfc
HasegawaHisaya100th BN, C Co.Pfc
HasegawaKo2nd BN, E Co.S/Sgt
HasegawaMasanao2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
HasegawaIsamu S.2nd BN, F Co.Sgt
HasegawaTatsumi2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
HasegawaToshio2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
HasegawaWarren M.2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
HasegawaIchiro442nd Service Co.Tec/5
HasegawaHiroshi H.442nd Medical Co.T/Sgt
HasegawaMasato M.442nd Medical Co.2nd Lt
HasemotoMikio100th BN, B Co.Pvt
HashiRichard T.442nd Service Co.Pfc
HashiguchiYoshiharu100th BN, B Co.Pfc
HashiguchiHachiro100th BN, D Co.Sgt
HashiguchiFred M.2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
HashiguchiHenry S.3rd BN, I Co.S/Sgt
HashimotoMakoto M.100th BN, A Co.S/Sgt
HashimotoShigeyuki442nd HQ Co.Pfc
HashimotoTom T.442nd HQ Co.Pfc
HashimotoAkira100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
HashimotoAlbert Mamoru100th BN, Hq Co.Tec/4
HashimotoHichiro100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
HashimotoFrank A.100th BN, B Co.Pfc
HashimotoIchiro100th BN, B Co.Pfc
HashimotoHiroshi100th BN, C Co.S/Sgt
HashimotoRobert Kiyoichi100th BN, C Co.Pvt
HashimotoShigeichi100th BN, C Co.Sgt
HashimotoShigeyuki100th BN, C Co.Pfc
HashimotoGeorge T.100th BN, D Co.Tec/4
HashimotoTadayoshi T.100th BN, D Co.Sgt
HashimotoTeruo100th BN, F Co.
HashimotoLarry Takashi2nd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
HashimotoJack T.2nd BN, E Co.Sgt
HashimotoSam T.2nd BN, E Co.Pvt
HashimotoHenry I.2nd BN, F Co.Sgt
HashimotoKazuo J.2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
HashimotoEdward M.2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
HashimotoHarold S.2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
HashimotoStanley Takayuki3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
HashimotoZenjiro3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
HashimotoDenis Masato3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
HashimotoJohn T.3rd BN, L Co.Sgt
HashimotoChitoshi Kenneth3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
HashimotoRobert Tasuke3rd BN, M Co.Sgt
HashimotoSidney I.3rd BN, M Co.Cpl
HashimotoJames G.442nd Service Co.Tec/5
HashimotoPhilip H.442nd Service Co.Pvt
HashimotoShigeichi442nd Service Co.Tec/4
HashimotoJerry Isamu232nd EngineersTec/5
HashimotoHaruyoshi Tony522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryPfc
Hashimoto, Jr.Herman K.3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
HashimuraTakashi (as Take)100th BN, Hq Co.Tec/5
HashimuraKatsumi2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
HashimuraSadao3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
HashimuraTakashi3rd BN, L Co.Sgt
HashinoKeiji3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
HashiroItsuo442nd HQ Co.Tec/5
HashiroNoboru100th BN, C Co.
HashisakiHideo100th BN, B Co.Pfc
HashizumeHisao100th BN, F Co.Cpl
HashizumeLouis T.522nd Artillery, C BatteryPfc
HashizumiOliver Y.3rd BN, K Co.Sgt
HasseCalvin H.3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
HasuikeTakashi3rd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
HataMasaharu100th BN, A Co.S/Sgt
HataAkira100th BN, B Co.Pfc
HataMakoto Mac100th BN, B Co.Pfc
HataSusumu100th BN, D Co.S/Sgt
HataGeorge Masutake3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
HataKosaburo442nd Anti Tank Co.Cpl
HataRichard H.442nd Service Co.T/Sgt
HataTeruzo T.442nd Service Co.Pfc
HatadaSakuji2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
HatadaMinoru2nd BN, F Co.S/Sgt
HatadaShunichi442nd Service Co.Tec/5
HatagoGuy Tadanobu522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryTec/5
HatakedaShizuma Howard522nd Artillery, A BatteryPfc
HatakenakaRoy Tadashi100th BN, Medical Co.Tec/4
HatakenakaRoy Tadashi442nd Medical Co.Tec/4
HatanakaJohn T.100th BN, A Co.S/Sgt
HatanakaMitsuo100th BN, A Co.Sgt
HatanakaFrank T.442nd HQ Co.S/Sgt
HatanakaMasao100th BN, B Co.Sgt
HatanakaErnest K.522nd Artillery, Svc BatteryPfc
HatasakaKenzo2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
HatashitaToshinori Keg2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
HatayamaMasao100th BN, B Co.Pfc
HatoriJohn Kahoola100th BN, B Co.WOJG
Hatori, Jr.Albert K.442nd HQ Co.Pvt
HatsukanoTom S.2nd BN, HQ Co.T/Sgt
HattoriKunio100th BN, D Co.Pfc
HattoriFred M.100th BN, D Co.Pfc
HattoriShigeru2nd BN, E Co.Pvt
HattoriHarold M.2nd BN, H Co.Tec/4
HattoriMitsuru Henry3rd BN, HQ Co.S/Sgt
HattoriMasayuki3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
HattoriHubert E.3rd BN, K Co.S/Sgt
HattoriTakash442nd Anti Tank Co.S/Sgt
HattoriJoseph O.522nd Artillery, A BatteryPfc
HaubeinLawrence R522nd Artillery, Hq Battery1st Lt
HawkinsLee B.442nd Service Co.Capt
HayakawaHarry Minoru100th BN, A Co.Pfc
HayakawaJun100th BN, A Co.T/Sgt
HayakawaKayo K.100th BN, A Co.
HayakawaHaruo100th BN, B Co.Pfc
HayakawaMasami3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
HayamaToshio2nd BN, HQ Co.Cpl
HayamaMakoto2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
HayameShigeru3rd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
HayamiFrank Y.442nd HQ Co.T/Sgt
HayamiStanley Kunio2nd BN, E Co.Pvt
HayashiDonald Shiro100th BN, A Co.S/Sgt
HayashiFumio100th BN, A Co.S/Sgt
HayashiShizuya100th BN, A Co.Pvt
HayashiStanley K.100th BN, A Co.Pfc
HayashiTatsuo100th BN, A Co.Tec/5
HayashiTokuichi100th BN, A Co.Tec/4
HayashiSusumu100th BN, Hq Co.Sgt
HayashiTetsuo100th BN, Hq Co.T/Sgt
HayashiGeorge Masao100th BN, B Co.Pfc
HayashiHenry M.100th BN, B Co.T/Sgt
HayashiTorao100th BN, B Co.Pvt
HayashiPaul Yoshio100th BN, C Co.Pfc
HayashiToshio100th BN, C Co.Pfc
HayashiRobert N.100th BN, C Co.Pfc
HayashiRalph M.100th BN, Medical Co.Tec/3
HayashiWilliam Masaru2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
HayashiKazuo3rd BN, HQ Co.1st Sgt
HayashiHaruto3rd BN, I Co.Pvt
HayashiJames Shigeru3rd BN, I Co.Pvt
HayashiMasao3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
HayashiShigeo3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
HayashiTakeshi Ralph3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
HayashiTadao ‘Beanie’3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
HayashiHarold Oliver(Hirotake)3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
HayashiMitsuru3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
HayashiOsamu3rd BN, K Co.Pvt
HayashiRichard Kaoru3rd BN, K Co.2nd Lt
HayashiJoe Ryo3rd BN, K Co.S/Sgt
HayashiAndy Masanobu3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
HayashiMitsuru3rd BN, L Co.Sgt
HayashiYukio3rd BN, L Co.Tec/5
HayashiWilliam Nicholas442nd Anti Tank Co.Tec/5
HayashiShuki442nd Cannon Co.Cpl
HayashiToshiaki442nd Service Co.Tec/5
HayashiJohn M.442nd Medical Co.S/Sgt
HayashiRalph M.442nd Medical Co.Tec/3
HayashiShigeki442nd Medical Co.Capt
HayashiMitsuru232nd EngineersSgt
HayashiTakeshi Ralph232nd EngineersPfc
HayashidaLouie K.100th BN, D Co.S/Sgt
HayashidaTed Y.100th BN, E Co.
HayashidaHideyuki100th BN, Md Co.Tec/5
HayashidaMasao R.2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
HayashidaHarold T.3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
HayashidaHenry Y.442nd Medical Co.Pfc
HayashidaHenry Yuzo442nd Medical Co.Pfc
HayashikawaFumio Tom3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
HayashikawaMasao442nd Anti Tank Co.Tec/5
HedaniAkira100th BN, A Co.Pvt
HedaniTakao2nd BN, H Co.Lt Co.l
HeirakujiWalter I3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
HempsteadRobert L.3rd BN, M Co.Capt
HenmiEdward E.100th BN, A Co.Pfc
HerotaTokucchi B.100th BN, Hq Co.Tec/4
HeyadaKanichi H.100th BN, F Co.
HeyamotoHiromu100th BN, Hq Co.Sgt
HibinoYukio522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryCpl
HidakaEiji100th BN, C Co.Pvt
HidakaFrank S.442nd Cannon Co.Pfc
HidakaFrank Tsumemoto442nd Cannon Co.Sgt
HidakaFrank Tsumemoto232nd EngineersPfc
HideMakio Mike442nd HQ Co.Pvt
HideTom2nd BN, F Co.
HigaWilson Eiki100th BN, A Co.Sgt
HigaYeiko100th BN, A Co.Pfc
HigaFred Yoshio100th BN, A Co.Pfc
HigaJovani Kumaichi100th BN, A Co.Pvt
HigaSeichi W.100th BN, A Co.Pfc
HigaShigeo100th BN, A Co.Pfc
HigaSoko100th BN, A Co.Pfc
HigaThomas S100th BN, A Co.Tec/5
HigaHideo442nd HQ Co.Tec/5
HigaHideo A.442nd HQ Co.Pvt
HigaJujoi James442nd HQ Co.Pvt
HigaMasaki442nd HQ Co.Tec/5
HigaShigeo442nd HQ Co.Tec/4
HigaYasuo Bill442nd HQ Co.Tec/4
HigaDick H.100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
HigaMarshall Sakae100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
HigaNobuo100th BN, Hq Co.Cpl
HigaThomas Masakazu100th BN, Hq Co.S/Sgt
HigaMasao100th BN, B Co.Pfc
HigaTakemitsu100th BN, B Co.Pvt
HigaKazumasa100th BN, B Co.Pfc
HigaSaijiro100th BN, B Co.Pfc
HigaShinso100th BN, B Co.Pfc
HigaTeikichi100th BN, B Co.Pfc
HigaYeiho100th BN, B Co.Pfc
HigaEddie Kamechu100th BN, C Co.Pfc
HigaDouglas M.100th BN, C Co.Pvt
HigaKenneth Masaichi100th BN, C Co.Pfc
HigaRichard S.100th BN, C Co.Pvt
HigaTed Mankichi100th BN, D Co.Pfc
HigaSaburo2nd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
HigaThomas2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
HigaGeorge2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
HigaKatsumi2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
HigaKensei James2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
HigaRaymond2nd BN, F Co.
HigaShigeo Allyn2nd BN, F Co.Tec/4
HigaTokusei2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
HigaTomijiro2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
HigaKatsumori Paul2nd BN, G Co.Sgt
HigaShozen2nd BN, H Co.Pvt
HigaWarren T.2nd BN, H Co.Pvt
HigaToshio3rd BN, 3Hq Co.Cpl
HigaToshio3rd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
HigaEiki Michael3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
HigaGlenn Y.3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
HigaMasanobu3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
HigaHaruo3rd BN, K Co.Sgt
HigaKiyoshi Jimmy3rd BN, K Co.Sgt
HigaRichard Isamu3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
HigaShinsei3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
HigaYoshio3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
HigaHideo3rd BN, L Co.Pvt
HigaMatsusuke3rd BN, L Co.Pvt
HigaWilliam Yoneto3rd BN, L Co.Cpl
HigaEitoku3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
HigaEmmett T.3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
HigaDonald S.442nd Cannon Co.Pfc
HigaKisuke442nd Service Co.Tec/5
HigaKosuke442nd Service Co.Tec/5
HigaCharles S442nd Medical Co.Tec/4
HigaMasahiro B442nd Medical Co.Pfc
HigaTerry S.232nd EngineersPfc
HigaWalter Seiko232nd EngineersPfc
HigaJusei522nd Artillery, Svc BatteryPfc
HigaGeorge Y.522nd Artillery, C BatteryPvt
HigaSadaichi522nd Artillery, C BatteryPfc
HigaRichard K.522nd Artillery, B BatteryPvt
HigaRoyce E.522nd Artillery, A BatterySgt
HigaMasayuki522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryTec/5
HigakiPaul F.442nd HQ Co.Pvt
HigashiKenneth R.100th BN, C Co.Sgt
HigashiRonald Goro100th BN, C Co.Pfc
HigashiTadashi100th BN, C Co.Sgt
HigashiBert Kenji100th BN, D Co.Cpl
HigashiHarold Tanoshi100th BN, E Co.Cpl
HigashiTaichi100th BN, F Co.Pvt
HigashiShigeo2nd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
HigashiMuneo Joseph2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
HigashiYoshio2nd BN, F Co.S/Sgt
HigashiJames Tetsuo2nd BN, G Co.S/Sgt
HigashiShigeo3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
HigashiKen3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
HigashiTakeshi3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
HigashiHarry Hide442nd Service Co.Pvt
HigashiHisashi George522nd Artillery, Svc BatteryPfc
HigashiTeddy522nd Artillery, A BatteryPfc
HigashidaWataru Walter100th BN, Medical Co.Pfc
HigashidaWataru Walter442nd Medical Co.Pfc
HigashiguchiAndrew Leichi100th BN, C Co.Pfc
HigashiharaTom Tsutomu2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
HigashiharaFumio442nd Medical Co.Tec/5
HigashiokaGeorge Shigeru100th BN, A Co.Tec/5
HigashiyamaBill Masayasu100th BN, A Co.T/Sgt
HigawaTaketoshi100th BN, B Co.T/Sgt
HiguchiTakaharu100th BN, A Co.Pvt
HiguchiYutaka100th BN, A Co.S/Sgt
HiguchiTamotsu Tom100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
HiguchiHidemasa100th BN, C Co.Pfc
HiguchiKakuto100th BN, C Co.S/Sgt
HiguchiSugio100th BN, C Co.Pfc
HiguchiAsami2nd BN, HQ Co.S/Sgt
HiguchiSueo2nd BN, HQ Co.Pvt
HiguchiRichard S.2nd BN, H Co.Pvt
HiguchiMatsuo442nd Cannon Co.Pfc
HiguchiMasami Harold522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryPfc
Higuchi,ChaplainHiro2nd BN, HQ Co.Major
HijiyaGeorge Y.2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
HikichiHarry Nobuo100th BN, A Co.Pvt
HikichiHerbert Minoru2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
HikichiYoshio442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
HikidaSadao100th BN, A Co.Pfc
HikidaToego100th BN, C Co.S/Sgt
HikidaToyo3rd BN, K Co.Pvt
HikidoKatsumi2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
HikoyedaTadashi2nd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
HillJoseph Wallace2nd BN, F Co.Capt
HillockJohn E.2nd BN, F Co.2nd Lt
HimuraNorito100th BN, D Co.Pfc
HinagaGeorge M.2nd BN, G Co.T/Sgt
HinatsuKazuo Woodrow442nd HQ Co.M/Sgt
HinatsuShigeru442nd Cannon Co.Cpl
HineYasuo3rd BN, K Co.Sgt
HinesCharles Agustine3rd BN, I Co.1st Lt
HinoCharles K.100th BN, A Co.Pfc
HinoJoichi3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
HinokawaHutao522nd Artillery, Svc BatteryTec/5
HirabaraKenichi100th BN, C Co.Tec/4
HirabayashiSuemi James232nd EngineersTec/4
HiragaBen Yoshio2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
HiragaSugiichi232nd EngineersS/Sgt
HiraharaTomosu100th BN, B Co.S/Sgt
HiraharaTomosu100th BN, Medical Co.
HiraharaDavis K.2nd BN, E Co.S/Sgt
HiraharaTom T.2nd BN, F Co.Tec/5
HiraharaDavis K.3rd BN, L Co.S/Sgt
HiraharaFrank Masaichi3rd BN, L Co.
HiraiTadayoshi100th BN, Hq Co.Sgt
HiraiErnest100th BN, C Co.Ret Maj
HiraiKeiji Jack100th BN, C Co.M/Sgt
HiraiRoy Yutao100th BN, C Co.Pfc
HiraiToshitsugu2nd BN, E Co.T/Sgt
HiraiNoboru2nd BN, F Co.S/Sgt
HiraiTakaaki2nd BN, F Co.Sgt
HiraiTakaaki2nd BN, F Co.Sgt
HiraiWalter T.2nd BN, H Co.Pvt
HiraiJames I.3rd BN, L Co.Sgt
HiraiSeichi442nd Cannon Co.Pfc
HiraiMinoru442nd Medical Co.Tec/4
HiraishiClarence S.2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
HiraiwaSusumu3rd BN, HQ Co.S/Sgt
HirakawaShuichi2nd BN, G Co.Sgt
HirakawaHenry Y.2nd BN, H Co.Pvt
HirakawaSeiye J.3rd BN, HQ Co.Pvt
HirakawaSeiye J.3rd BN, K Co.Pvt
HirakawaShigeaki442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
HirakiMitsuo100th BN, E Co.Pvt
HirakiTom232nd EngineersCpl
HiramatsuKazuo Lawrence100th BN, C Co.Pfc
HiramatsuTsutomu2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
HiramatsuRichard Y.442nd Medical Co.Pfc
HiramotoKunimitsu100th BN, C Co.Tec/5
HiramotoHarumi2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
HiramotoHiroyuki442nd Medical Co.Tec/5
HiranagaTom Tomeo2nd BN, F Co.Tec/4
HiranakaMamoru as Hiro2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
HiranakaCharles Toshio442nd Cannon Co.Tec/5
HiranakaYoshio522nd Artillery, C BatteryPfc
HiranoJames S.100th BN, A Co.Tec/4
HiranoRoy Minoru100th BN, A Co.Lt Co.l
HiranoHarry H.442nd HQ Co.Pvt
HiranoDick Naotsugu100th BN, Hq Co.1st Lt
HiranoYoshiyuki Jack100th BN, Hq Co.S/Sgt
HiranoMoses Masao100th BN, D Co.Sp 5
HiranoRobert Rikio2nd BN, 2Hg Co.Pvt
HiranoYoshiyuki Jack3rd BN, HQ Co.Pvt
HiranoHiro3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
HiranoShigera3rd BN, I Co.Tec/4
HiranoHerbert H.3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
HiranoHachiro442nd Anti Tank Co.Tec/5
HiranoToru522nd Artillery, C BatteryT/Sgt
HiranoToru522nd Artillery, Hq Battery2nd Lt
HiraoThomas Shiro206th Army BandTec/5
HiraokaWaichi100th BN, A Co.S/Sgt
HiraokaYoshimi Roger442nd HQ Co.1st Sgt
HiraokaYoshio100th BN, C Co.Pfc
HiraokaSatoru2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
HiraokaTommy Y.3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
HiraokaGenichi William3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
HiraokaNorman Isami3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
HiraokaRoy T.3rd BN, K Co.Sgt
HirasaJohn Y.100th BN, D Co.Pvt
HirasakiManabi522nd Artillery, C BatteryPfc
HirasawaPaul S.2nd BN, H Co.Cpl
HirashimaMas2nd BN, H Co.Cpl
HirashimaHiroshi Raymond3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
HirashimaShinkichi3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
HirashimaTakeo522nd Artillery, C BatteryTec/4
HirasunaHarry S.100th BN, B Co.Pvt
HirasunaNoboru100th BN, B Co.Pfc
HirasunaHarry S.2nd BN, HQ Co.Pvt
HirasunaEddie N.442nd Service Co.Pfc
HirataHachiro100th BN, A Co.Pvt
HirataYoshio M.100th BN, A Co.Pfc
HirataShinichi442nd HQ Co.Pfc
HirataGeorge M.100th BN, B Co.Pfc
HirataJesse Masato100th BN, B Co.Pfc
HirataTomosu100th BN, B Co.S/Sgt
HirataGerome Mitsuo100th BN, B Co.Pfc
HirataJack H.100th BN, C Co.Pvt
HirataMasaru H.100th BN, D Co.T/Sgt
HirataLouis M.2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
HirataIsami2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
HirataMasao Joseph2nd BN, F Co.Pvt
HirataYomo2nd BN, F Co.Sgt
HirataHarumi3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
HirataKoichi Russell3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
HirataYomo3rd BN, M Co.Cpl
HirataMasao442nd Service Co.Pvt
HirataTeichiro442nd Service Co.Pvt
HirataWilliam442nd Medical Co.S/Sgt
HirataJames Takeshi232nd EngineersPvt
HirataRobert S.522nd Artillery, Svc BatteryPfc
HirataHideo522nd Artillery, C BatteryTec/5
HirataMasato522nd Artillery, C BatteryPfc
HirataOsamu522nd Artillery, A BatteryPfc
HirataWilliam T.522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryTec/5
HirataniHimeo100th BN, Hq Co.Pvt
HiratsukaFrank Fefon100th BN, C Co.Pvt
HiratsukaMark Mike100th BN, D Co.Pfc
HiratsukaErnest3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
HirayamaChikami100th BN, A Co.S/Sgt
HirayamaTakashi Ted100th BN, B Co.Sgt
HirayamaTamotsu100th BN, B Co.Pfc
HirayamaTed Terayuki100th BN, B Co.Pfc
HirayamaYutaka100th BN, C Co.Pvt
HirayamaRobert Takashi3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
HirayamaYasuo3rd BN, M Co.Pvt
HirayamaYoshimatsu522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryPfc
HirohamaStanley M.522nd Artillery, Svc BatteryPfc
HirokaneKatsumi100th BN, C Co.Pfc
HirokaneJerry Y.3rd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
HirokawaEdward T.100th BN, A Co.Pvt
HirokawaLarry Y.100th BN, A Co.S/Sgt
HirokawaTatsuo T.2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
HirokawaJames I.2nd BN, F Co.Tec/5
HirokawaKenji3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
HirokawaHenry M.522nd Artillery, B BatteryTec/5
HiromotoSakae3rd BN, L Co.Sgt
HiromuraEasaku2nd BN, E Co.Cpl
HiromuraKozo3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
HironakaHaruo ‘Skip’100th BN, C Co.S/Sgt
HironakaIsamu100th BN, C Co.Tec/5
HironakaYoshio Joe100th BN, C Co.Cpl
HironakaTsutomu2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
HironakaGeorge S.3rd BN, I Co.Sgt
HironakaWallace T.442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
HironakaCharles Kenji232nd EngineersCpl
HironakaHenry232nd EngineersCpl
HironakaSazao Sam522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryPfc
HironoHoward M.232nd EngineersS/Sgt
HirooShogo2nd BN, E Co.Pvt
HirookaGeorge Yoshio3rd BN, I Co.Sgt
HirookaJohnnie Mitsui3rd BN, K Co.Sgt
HiroseYoshio100th BN, B Co.Pfc
HiroseHalo Takashi100th BN, D Co.Pvt
HiroseVictor Toruu2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
HiroseKimeo3rd BN, K Co.Pvt
HiroseToro442nd Anti Tank Co.S/Sgt
HiroshigeTakeo232nd EngineersPfc
HiroshimaKikujiro James100th BN, A Co.Sgt
HirotaMasaru100th BN, Hq Co.S/Sgt
HirotaHaruto2nd BN, HQ Co.Sgt
HirotaYoshito3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
HirotaMasao F.442nd Service Co.S/Sgt
HirotaniIchiro442nd Medical Co.Pfc
HirotoFrederick Fujio3rd BN, L Co.Sgt
HirotsuSteve N.2nd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
HirozawaHiroshi100th BN, Hq Co.Cpl
HirozawaMinoru522nd Artillery, Svc BatteryPfc
HisamotoWallace Y.100th BN, A Co.Pfc
HisamotoJackie S.3rd BN, M Co.S/Sgt
HisanagaKazuma100th BN, C Co.1st Lt
HisanoMasao2nd BN, G Co.Pvt
HisaokaGary Tsuruo100th BN, C Co.T/Sgt
HisatomiTsukane “Co.nnie”100th BN, C Co.Pfc
HisatomiKune442nd Anti Tank Co.S/Sgt
HishinumaSatoru Henry2nd BN, G Co.S/Sgt
HishinumaJames K.3rd BN, M Co.Cpl
HiwaSoichi R.100th BN, D Co.Pvt
HiwaAlbert Masaichi2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
HiyamaYeiichi2nd BN, E Co.Pvt
HiyaneHidenobu100th BN, Hq Co.Tec/4
HiyaneShigeo P.100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
HiyaneShigeo P.442nd Service Co.Pfc
HiyotoTadashi100th BN, A Co.S/Sgt
HoashiSeichi100th BN, C Co.Sgt
HodaiTadao100th BN, B Co.Pfc
HodgesLaVern Lee100th BN, D Co.Capt
HokamaShige100th BN, A Co.Sgt
HokamaGeorge Tadanori442nd HQ Co.Pvt
HokamaMasatoshi2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
HokamaNoboru Danny2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
HokamaYokichi522nd Artillery, C BatteryPfc
HokariSamuel Y.3rd BN, HQ Co.Cpl
HokedoTakami3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
HokiMitsuo2nd BN, H Co.Pvt
HokushinMasaru442nd HQ Co.Pvt
HokushinMasaru232nd EngineersPvt
HolckWilbert Sanderson442nd Cannon Co.Sgt
HolokahiRichard N.522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryPvt
HolokaiWalter K.442nd HQ Co.S/Sgt
HommaTommy S(higeru?)100th BN, B Co.Sgt
HommaWilliam Y.100th BN, D Co.Sgt
HommaDon T.2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
HonboRoy Tsugio100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
HonboYoshio100th BN, B Co.Pfc
HonboTadao100th BN, C Co.Pfc
HonboNobuo100th BN, D Co.Tec/5
HondaRobert Yoshiharu(Bob)100th BN, Hq Co.
HondaTatsuo100th BN, Hq Co.Sgt
HondaBen100th BN, B Co.Sgt
HondaTakashi100th BN, B Co.Pfc
HondaRichard Minoru100th BN, C Co.Pfc
HondaSatoru2nd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
HondaAsaji2nd BN, F Co.Tec/5
HondaJun2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
HondaRobert Yoshiharu(Bob)2nd BN, F Co.
HondaShigeki Robert2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
HondaMasatoshi2nd BN, H Co.Pvt
HondaClyde Hitoshi3rd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
HondaTom S3rd BN, K Co.Tec/5
HondaToshikatsu3rd BN, K Co.S/Sgt
HondaRichard Yoshio3rd BN, L Co.Tec/4
HondaGeorge T.442nd Medical Co.Pfc
HondaMitsuo Mits232nd EngineersPfc
HondaMasanobu522nd Artillery, Svc Battery
HondaTsuneichi522nd Artillery, C BatteryTec/5
HondaEdwin H.522nd Artillery, B BatteryPfc
HondaYukio522nd Artillery, A BatteryTec/4
HondaFrank S.522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryT/Sgt
HongoManabu100th BN, C Co.Pfc
HonjioKaz442nd HQ Co.Cpl
HonjioKaz2nd BN, G Co.Cpl
HonkeTakuma100th BN, B Co.Pfc
HonmaLizo442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
HonmaShigemi442nd Service Co.Cpl
HonmyoMasayoshi100th BN, A Co.Pfc
HonnakaMakoto100th BN, A Co.Pfc
HonnakaThomas Yoshio100th BN, B Co.Pfc
HonnakaMakoto2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
HootaYoshito3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
HopkinsHenry S.100th BN, Hq Co.
HopkinsJames K.100th BN, D Co.1st Lt
HoriTamotsu Tom442nd HQ Co.Pfc
HoriHerbert H.100th BN, B Co.Pvt
HoriHenry K.2nd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
HoriHiroshi2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
HoriSeiji Otto442nd Service Co.Tec/5
HoribaKay I100th BN, C Co.Pfc
HorieRyuzo442nd HQ Co.Pfc
HorieRyuzo3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
HorieWilliam Y.522nd Artillery, B BatteryTec/5
HorihataKatsumi2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
HorikamiThomas K.442nd HQ Co.Pfc
HorikamiKiyoguma522nd Artillery, Svc BatteryPfc
HorikawaShigeki100th BN, Hq Co.Pvt
HorikawaTatsuo100th BN, C Co.Pvt
HorikawaTamotsu Tom3rd BN, I Co.S/Sgt
HorikawaHideyoshi3rd BN, M Co.Pvt
HorikoshiAkira100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
HorikoshiJames M.100th BN, Hq Co.Pvt
HorimotoNorima442nd HQ Co.Sgt
HorimotoNorima3rd BN, L Co.Sgt
HorinoKiyoshi100th BN, A Co.Sgt
HorinoFrank G.2nd BN, E Co.Pvt
HorinoSusumu Joe3rd BN, K Co.Sgt
HorinouchiJames Joji2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
HorioMasao100th BN, C Co.Sgt
HorishigeSagasuke Sam442nd HQ Co.Pfc
HoritaTadao100th BN, Medical Co.Pfc
HoritaTadao442nd Medical Co.Pfc
HoriuchiToshiyuki Tom100th BN, A Co.
HoriuchiBen M100th BN, C Co.Pfc
HoriuchiMunetoshi G.100th BN, C Co.Sgt
HoriuchiKazuo2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
HoriuchiPaul Fumio2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
HoriuchiMasaki3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
HoriuchiHarold M.3rd BN, K Co.Sgt
HoriuchiTsutomu H.3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
HoriuchiSadamichi H.3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
HoriuchiMinoru442nd Medical Co.Tec/5
HoriuchiRobert Masami232nd EngineersPfc
HosakaFujio Richard100th BN, D Co.S/Sgt
HosakawaFred H.100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
HoshiTed Toyotake2nd BN, G Co.Tec/4
HoshiSatoshi3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
HoshiJames Itaru522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryPfc
HoshibataCharles S.3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
HoshideLloyd K100th BN, D Co.Sgt
HoshijoAndrew A.3rd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
HoshikoBright Akaru3rd BN, I Co.Pvt
HoshikoHarry Hideo3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
HoshinoAsao Richard100th BN, B Co.Pfc
HoshinoTed Teruo100th BN, D Co.Pfc
HoshinoRobert S.2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
HoshizuJack T.442nd Medical Co.Tec/4
HosodaEarl100th BN, A Co.Pvt
HosodaMax M. Jr.100th BN, B Co.Sgt
HosodaJoe2nd BN, E Co.Tec/4
HosodaPaul Y.2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
HosodaGeorge S.2nd BN, H Co.Sgt
HottaKihachiro J100th BN, C Co.Pfc
HottaKiyoshi100th BN, D Co.Cpl
HottaKiyoshi3rd BN, L Co.Pvt
HottaSatogi442nd Service Co.Tec/5
HowardNorman442nd Service Co.Capt
HozakiToshio100th BN, C Co.Pfc
HuntLeon L.442nd Medical Co.Pvt
HuntSheldon L.522nd Artillery, MedicsCapt
HusebyEli Willard (Neil)3rd BN, K Co.2nd Lt
IbaraYoshikazu2nd BN, E Co.Tec/4
IbaraKatsuye3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
IbarakiTadao100th BN, A Co.Pfc
IbarakiThomas H.100th BN, D Co.Pfc
IbataUtah Utaka442nd Cannon Co.Cpl
IchibaGeorge2nd BN, HQ Co.Pvt
IchibaMasami S.3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
IchiharaAlbert H.2nd BN, F Co.Sgt
IchikawaFrederick Minoru442nd HQ Co.Pvt
IchikawaThomas2nd BN, HQ Co.Tec/4
IchikawaRobert Setsuto2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
IchikawaTetsuo2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
IchikawaKozo Buster3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
IchikawaYoichi J442nd Anti Tank Co.S/Sgt
IchimasaArnold H.442nd Cannon Co.Pfc
IchimotoGeorge Toshio100th BN, C Co.Pfc
IchimotoIwao Frank2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
IchimotoGeorge Toshio3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
IchimotoGeorge Toshio3rd BN, L Co.Pvt
IchimuraKenichi100th BN, A Co.Pvt
IchimuraTorao100th BN, B Co.Pfc
IchimuraYoshio2nd BN, E Co.S/Sgt
IchimuraMorio232nd EngineersPvt
IchinoFrank3rd BN, L Co.Sgt
IchinoPhillip Naoteru442nd Service Co.WOJG
IchisakaYasuo Roy2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
IchiujiJoseph522nd Artillery, A BatteryTec/4
IchiyamaWallace N.100th BN, A Co.
IchiyamaKazumasa100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
IchiyamaTom Toru3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
IchiyamaKazumasa442nd Service Co.Pfc
IchiyamaTom Toru232nd EngineersPfc
IchiyamaEdward H.522nd Artillery, C BatteryPfc
IdaManabu2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
IdaFred Shoichi2nd BN, G Co.S/Sgt
IdaStanley K.2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
IdaManabu442nd Service Co.Pfc
IdeEdward Yukio100th BN, Hq Co.Pvt
IdeShigeki2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
IdeYukio2nd BN, F Co.Tec/5
IdeMichael M.3rd BN, M Co.S/Sgt
IdeguchiKeichi3rd BN, HQ Co.Sgt
IfukuSeiju100th BN, C Co.Tec/4
IgarashiGoro442nd HQ Co.Pvt
IgarashiShigeo100th BN, B Co.Pfc
IgarashiCharles M.3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
IgarashiKeichi522nd Artillery, C BatteryPvt
IgawaKaichi100th BN, A Co.Pvt
IgeTakeo100th BN, A Co.S/Sgt
IgeTokio Bobbie100th BN, A Co.Pfc
IgeKenichi442nd HQ Co.Pfc
IgeTadao Richard100th BN, D Co.Pfc
IgeMasao2nd BN, E Co.S/Sgt
IgeTadamori2nd BN, F Co.Sgt
IgeAndrew K.3rd BN, HQ Co.Pvt
IgeTokucho3rd BN, HQ Co.S/Sgt
IgeYukio442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
IgeShintoku W.442nd Service Co.Pfc
IgetaTerumasa100th BN, A Co.Pfc
IguchiIchiro Y.100th BN, D Co.Cpl
IguchiKiyoshi2nd BN, F Co.Sgt
IguchiYoneo P.2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
IguchiYuke Yukito2nd BN, F Co.Cpl
IguchiYuke Yukito442nd Medical Co.Cpl
IhaGeorge S.442nd HQ Co.Pvt
IhaRichard S.100th BN, D Co.Pfc
IhaKenichi100th BN, F Co.
IhaGeorge S.442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
IhaGeorge S.442nd Service Co.Pfc
IhaMichael S.232nd EngineersSp/5
IhaMasao232nd EngineersCpl
IharaKazuo100th BN, A Co.Cpl
IharaToshio100th BN, D Co.Pfc
IharaTeruo2nd BN, E Co.Major
IharaBob N.2nd BN, G Co.Pvt
IharaKiyoto3rd BN, K Co.Cpl
IharaJames Yutaka232nd EngineersPvt
IharaKay522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryTec/4
IhashiWilliam Wataru522nd Artillery, B BatteryPfc
IidaGeorge U.2nd BN, E Co.Pvt
IidaGeorge S.2nd BN, G Co.T/Sgt
IidaMartin Minoru3rd BN, L Co.Sgt
IijimaShori100th BN, C Co.Pvt
IijimaDr. Isaac ‘Ike’442nd Medical Co.Tec/4
IinoDavid Tomoo442nd HQ Co.Pvt
IinoEdwin N.2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
IinoWilliam T.2nd BN, H Co.Cpl
IiyamaHeynai442nd Service Co.Tec/5
IjimaTakeru (as Iijima)3rd BN, L Co.1st Sgt
IjimaToyoji Charles232nd EngineersPfc
IkariSeichi100th BN, A Co.Pfc
IkariNorman Saburo2nd BN, E Co.Pvt
IkariHaruo2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
IkariSeichi2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
IkariSamiru3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
IkariRobert N.3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
IkariTed T.522nd Artillery, B BatteryTec/5
IkawaRoy A.100th BN, Hq Co.Pvt
IkebeYoshinori Lionel442nd Medical Co.Pvt
IkedaWilliam Y.100th BN, B Co.Pfc
IkedaMasaru “Ike”100th BN, B Co.Sgt
IkedaRoy Y.100th BN, C Co.Pfc
IkedaGeorge T100th BN, C Co.
IkedaRalph M.100th BN, C Co.1st Sgt
IkedaYoshio100th BN, C Co.Tec/5
IkedaJiro100th BN, D Co.Pfc
IkedaOwen100th BN, D Co.Pfc
IkedaIsamu100th BN, Md Co.Tec/5
IkedaAkimasa2nd BN, E Co.S/Sgt
IkedaYoshiaki2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
IkedaTakeo2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
IkedaMasaru “Ike”2nd BN, G Co.Sgt
IkedaSumito2nd BN, G Co.M/Sgt
IkedaRobert Ichiro3rd BN, HQ Co.Tec/5
IkedaGeorge3rd BN, I Co.T/Sgt
IkedaGeorge3rd BN, I Co.T/Sgt
IkedaKohei3rd BN, I Co.S/Sgt
IkedaMasao3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
IkedaAlden T.442nd Medical Co.Pfc
IkedaSatoru Sam522nd Artillery, B Battery1st Sgt
IkedaRobert M.522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryPfc
IkefugiLloyd2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
IkegakiKanji2nd BN, E Co.Sgt
IkegamiGeorge Yoshikatsu100th BN, B Co.Sgt
IkegamiShuzo100th BN, D Co.Sgt
IkegamiEdward Katsuzo522nd Artillery, B BatterySFC
IkeguchiHaruo2nd BN, E Co.
IkeharaClark K.100th BN, A Co.Pvt
IkeharaFrank Isamu100th BN, A Co.Pfc
IkeharaTed Y.100th BN, A Co.Pvt
IkeharaYurikichi100th BN, C Co.
IkeharaHenry Shinkichi100th BN, C Co.Cpl
IkeharaTomoichi2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
IkeharaKikuichiro Dick2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
IkeharaTed Y.2nd BN, H Co.Pvt
IkeharaIsaac I.3rd BN, K Co.S/Sgt
IkeharaMinoru A.3rd BN, M Co.1st Sgt
IkeiRobert H.100th BN, C Co.Pfc
IkemiTeikichi100th BN, C Co.Pvt
IkemoriJiro100th BN, A Co.n/a
IkemotoMitsuo2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
IkemotoHenry Yutaka442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
IkenagaJames S.100th BN, B Co.Tec/5
IkenagaKiyoshi442nd Anti Tank Co.Cpl
IkeneHiroshi3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
IkeneMichael Y.3rd BN, L Co.S/Sgt
IkenoJames Shiro100th BN, D Co.Pfc
IkenoSanji3rd BN, M Co.Sgt
IkeuchiHaruo100th BN, A Co.S/Sgt
IkezakiKeiji100th BN, Hq Co.Tec/5
IkinagaIsamu G.522nd Artillery, MedicsPfc
IkomaArthur Mutsuo100th BN, A Co.Pfc
IkomaSadao Junior100th BN, A Co.Sgt
IkumaEdward Y.100th BN, Hq Co.Tec/5
IkutaSaburo2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
IkutaNoboru3rd BN, I Co.T/Sgt
ImadaJunichi100th BN, A Co.Pfc
ImadaThomas Tsutomu2nd BN, E Co.Co.l
ImadaSadao2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
ImadaSugio3rd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
ImadaRichard K.442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
ImadaMasao522nd Artillery, A BatteryPfc
ImadaTaichi522nd Artillery, A BatteryTec/5
ImadaJames Hajime522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryTec/4
ImagawaShizuo2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
ImagawaJunichi3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
ImaiSaburo R.442nd HQ Co.Tec/5
ImaiSaburo R.442nd HQ Co.Tec/5
ImaiShigeru100th BN, C Co.Pfc
ImaiTomio100th BN, C Co.Sgt
ImaiMax M.100th BN, D Co.Cpl
ImaiTsuguo2nd BN, F Co.S/Sgt
ImaiThomas Hideo (Tom)3rd BN, K Co.1st Sgt
ImaiTadao3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
ImaiMasatoshi3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
ImaiMitsuo3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
ImaiSaburo442nd Medical Co.Tec/4
ImaiFrederick442nd Medical Co.Pfc
ImaiMinoru442nd Medical Co.Tec/5
ImamotoTatsumi442nd HQ Co.Pfc
ImamotoWilliam I.442nd Medical Co.Tec/4
ImamuraHideo100th BN, A Co.Pfc
ImamuraLarry Mitsuru100th BN, B Co.Pvt
ImamuraStanley H.100th BN, B Co.Pvt
ImamuraTomio Tom100th BN, B Co.Pfc
ImamuraTakao100th BN, C Co.Sgt
ImamuraShigeo Edward100th BN, D Co.Pvt
ImamuraEdwin Shigeshi2nd BN, F Co.Pvt
ImamuraGakuji2nd BN, H Co.Tec/4
ImamuraSeigi3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
ImamuraEdwin Shigeshi442nd Service Co.Sgt
ImamuraEugene H.442nd Medical Co.Pfc
ImamuraIichiro George522nd Artillery, MedicsTec/4
ImanishiTakeo Ted100th BN, D Co.Pfc
ImaokaRokuro100th BN, A Co.Pfc
ImaokaYatsuo Ralph100th BN, C Co.Pvt
ImaokaRokuro2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
ImoriAkio100th BN, A Co.Pfc
ImoriHenry Tokuji3rd BN, HQ Co.S/Sgt
ImoriHenry Tokuji442nd Anti Tank Co.Pvt
ImoriKosuke232nd EngineersS/Sgt
ImotoMasaru100th BN, A Co.Pfc
ImotoRobert T.100th BN, B Co.Sgt
ImotoYoshio442nd Cannon Co.T/Sgt
ImotoAkira442nd Service Co.Tec/4
ImotoHiyoshi522nd Artillery, B BatterySgt
ImuraTheodore T.442nd HQ Co.Pvt
ImuraTheodore T.100th BN, Medical Co.Pvt
ImuraYoshio3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
ImuraSaichi Bay442nd Service Co.Pvt
ImuraTheodore T.442nd Medical Co.Pvt
ImuraRobert M.522nd Artillery, B BatteryPfc
InabaGoro100th BN, Hq Co.S/Sgt
InabaFrank Tetsuya3rd BN, I Co.S/Sgt
InadaNoboru100th BN, Hq Co.Tec/5
InadaCharles M.3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
InadaKenneth Kameo3rd BN, K Co.Sgt
InadaThomas Takashi3rd BN, L Co.Pvt
InafukuJuichi James100th BN, B Co.Pfc
InagakiSaburo Larry232nd EngineersPfc
InaiHaruo100th BN, C Co.Pfc
InaiTomio2nd BN, H Co.S/Sgt
InaiWalter T.3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
InaiGeorge T442nd Service Co.Tec/5
InakazuBen Masaki3rd BN, I Co.S/Sgt
InakeJames J.2nd BN, H Co.Sgt
InamasuSaburo100th BN, B Co.Pfc
InamineHiroshi J.442nd Service Co.Pfc
InatsuMasami100th BN, B Co.Pfc
InmaruFrank Kazuo2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
InoYoshitomo2nd BN, HQ Co.Pvt
InoJimmie2nd BN, E Co.Pvt
InoKay2nd BN, F Co.S/Sgt
InoMitsuo2nd BN, F Co.Pvt
InoKazumi2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
InoHenry E.2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
InomotoSatoru100th BN, D Co.1st Lt
InoshitaTadashi100th BN, B Co.Pfc
InoshitaRalph T.2nd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
InoueMinoru100th BN, B Co.Pfc
InoueYasu3rd BN, HQ Co.Pvt
InoueSamuel I.232nd EngineersPfc
InouyeMasato100th BN, A Co.Pfc
InouyeGeorge T.100th BN, A Co.Pfc
InouyeIsamu100th BN, A Co.Pfc
InouyeHarry M.442nd HQ Co.Pfc
InouyeGeorge M. K.100th BN, Hq Co.Tec/5
InouyeRobert T.100th BN, Hq Co.CWO
InouyeToshio100th BN, Hq Co.Tec/5
InouyeIchiro N.100th BN, B Co.Pfc
InouyeToshio100th BN, B Co.Tec/5
InouyeYutaka100th BN, B Co.Pvt
InouyeKenneth H.100th BN, C Co.Cpl
InouyeMasami C.100th BN, C Co.S/Sgt
InouyeSadao Stanley100th BN, C Co.Pfc
InouyeShigeo100th BN, C Co.Pfc
InouyeWilliam Y.100th BN, C Co.Pfc
InouyeGeki100th BN, D Co.Cpl
InouyeHenry O.100th BN, D Co.Sgt
InouyeShigeru100th BN, Medical Co.Sgt
InouyeWalter W.100th BN, Medical Co.
InouyeGeorge2nd BN, HQ Co.Tec/5
InouyeHirosue2nd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
InouyeDaniel Ken2nd BN, E Co.1st Lt
InouyeDaniel Ken2nd BN, E Co.S/Sgt
InouyeShiunji2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
InouyeSatoru2nd BN, G Co.S/Sgt
InouyeSusumu2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
InouyeHenry2nd BN, H Co.1st Sgt
InouyeKazuo K.2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
InouyeMike K.3rd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
InouyeTeruzo T.3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
InouyeHenry H.3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
InouyeSueo3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
InouyeShigeo3rd BN, M Co.S/Sgt
InouyeHarry442nd Anti Tank Co.2nd Lt
InouyeKoreichi Joe442nd Anti Tank Co.Pvt
InouyeToshio442nd Anti Tank Co.S/Sgt
InouyeThomas Masaichi442nd Cannon Co.Pfc
InouyeHirosue442nd Service Co.Tec/5
InouyeMike K.442nd Service Co.Pfc
InouyeRobert T.442nd Service Co.T/Sgt
InouyeMasato442nd Medical Co.Cpl
InouyeHitoshi232nd EngineersPvt
InouyeKiyoshi232nd EngineersTec/5
InouyeShigeo R.522nd Artillery, C BatteryTec/5
InouyeWataru522nd Artillery, B BatteryTec/4
InukaiHarry100th BN, C Co.Pfc
InukaiHisashi H.522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryPfc
InuzukaMineo2nd BN, F Co.Sgt
IrahaMasao100th BN, D Co.Pfc
IrieMasaji100th BN, C Co.Sgt
IriguchiRichard M.100th BN, C Co.Pvt
IriguchiTadayoshi2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
IriguchiMitsuyoshi Jack2nd BN, F Co.Pvt
IrinagaTex Y.100th BN, B Co.Pfc
IrinagaTex Y.3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
IritaniRoy I.2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
IriyeJohn Masakazu3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
IsaYoshiteru232nd EngineersPfc
IsakiSusumu3rd BN, M Co.Tec/4
IsaraMax S.3rd BN, HQ Co.Sgt
IsaraRaymond S.442nd Cannon Co.Pvt
IseYoshio100th BN, B Co.Tec/4
IsefukuYutaka3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
IseriMitsuo Mike100th BN, D Co.Tec/4
IseriMasao100th BN, D Co.Cpl
IseriTakeo100th BN, D Co.Pvt
IseriRichard Tatsuhiro100th BN, Medical Co.Tec/5
IseriTakeo2nd BN, H Co.Pvt
IseriTakuo Dan442nd Cannon Co.Cpl
IshibashiKay442nd HQ Co.Tec/4
IshibashiBenjamin Giichi100th BN, C Co.Pfc
IshibashiGeorge2nd BN, F Co.
IshibashiToshiharu2nd BN, G Co.Cpl
IshibashiHarry Y.522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryTec/5
IshidaBill Kazumi442nd HQ Co.1st Sgt
IshidaTadashi442nd HQ Co.Pvt
IshidaJackson Minoru100th BN, Hq Co.Sgt
IshidaMasaru100th BN, B Co.Pfc
IshidaNobuichi100th BN, B Co.Pvt
IshidaMasamitsu100th BN, C Co.Pfc
IshidaSodatsu100th BN, D Co.Pfc
IshidaLarry Fukumoto2nd BN, HQ Co.Sgt
IshidaSonau2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
IshidaMinoru John2nd BN, G Co.Pvt
IshidaSam Satoru2nd BN, G Co.S/Sgt
IshidaHaruo Suyama2nd BN, G Co.Tec/4
IshidaMinoru2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
IshidaGeorge J.3rd BN, L Co.Pvt
IshidaKameso3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
IshidaTamotsu3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
IshidaYukio442nd Cannon Co.Tec/4
IshidaTadashi442nd Service Co.Pfc
IshidaGeorge S.232nd EngineersPvt
IshidaHenry S.522nd Artillery, Svc BatteryTec/5
IshigakiShigehiko S.232nd EngineersTec/4
IshigeMasami M.100th BN, D Co.Pfc
IshiguroMax Masauri442nd Service Co.Tec/4
IshiguroFusao442nd Medical Co.Pvt
IshiguroKitoku Keith232nd EngineersSFC
IshiharaRobert H.442nd HQ Co.S/Sgt
IshiharaRobert H.100th BN, B Co.S/Sgt
IshiharaStanley Shokichi2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
IshiharaYukio442nd Service Co.Pfc
IshiharaYoshio232nd EngineersPfc
IshiharaSeiji522nd Artillery, Svc BatterySgt
IshiharaGeorge H.522nd Artillery, B BatteryPfc
IshiiFrancis F.100th BN, A Co.Pvt
IshiiStanley T.100th BN, A Co.Pfc
IshiiTeruo100th BN, A Co.S/Sgt
IshiiJohn Richard442nd HQ Co.Pvt
IshiiMiyoji Robert442nd HQ Co.Pfc
IshiiTetsuo Kenneth442nd HQ Co.Pvt
IshiiYoshimi J.442nd HQ Co.Pfc
IshiiIsao100th BN, Hq Co.Tec/5
IshiiJoseph K.100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
IshiiHerbert Y.100th BN, B Co.S/Sgt
IshiiMiyoji Robert100th BN, B Co.Pfc
IshiiRichard Hichiro100th BN, C Co.Pvt
IshiiSusumu100th BN, C Co.Pfc
IshiiYoshimi J.100th BN, C Co.Pfc
IshiiGeorge Fukumi100th BN, D Co.Cpl
IshiiTeiji (as Ishil )3rd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
IshiiWilliam K.3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
IshiiTetsuo Kenneth3rd BN, L Co.Pvt
IshiiJames Kentaro442nd Medical Co.Pfc
IshiiTsukasa Harry522nd Artillery, C BatteryPfc
IshiiShigeru522nd Artillery, B BatteryCpl
IshiiCharles522nd Artillery, Hq Battery1st Sgt
IshikawaKenichi100th BN, A Co.Pfc
IshikawaShigeki100th BN, A Co.S/Sgt
IshikawaAkira100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
IshikawaShigeichi100th BN, B Co.Pfc
IshikawaShigeki100th BN, B Co.Pfc
IshikawaYukio100th BN, C Co.T/Sgt
IshikawaHaruo LinCo.ln2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
IshikawaKen2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
IshikawaToshio2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
IshikawaJin2nd BN, G Co.S/Sgt
IshikawaJohn Ginji2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
IshikawaMike M.2nd BN, H Co.S/Sgt
IshikawaStanley M.2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
IshikawaFrank T.3rd BN, HQ Co.Cpl
IshikawaHarold S.3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
IshikawaLawrence Yuka3rd BN, I Co.Sgt
IshikawaJin3rd BN, L Co.S/Sgt
IshikawaGeorge C.3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
IshikawaWesley H.442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
IshikawaHiroshi442nd Cannon Co.Pfc
IshikawaWesley H.442nd Service Co.Pfc
IshikawaRobert Katsumi232nd EngineersPfc
IshikawaYasuhide Herbert232nd EngineersPfc
IshikiDonald Seisuke100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
IshikiWalter S.100th BN, C Co.Pfc
IshimaKenichi3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
IshimaruHideo Rupert100th BN, D Co.Tec/5
IshimaruSanji Robert100th BN, D Co.Cpl
IshimaruCharles B.3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
IshimaruJames Hisashi3rd BN, L Co.S/Sgt
IshimatsuYukio Frank100th BN, C Co.Pfc
IshimatsuTsukasa100th BN, D Co.Pfc
IshimatsuHarry S.3rd BN, I Co.Pvt
IshimatsuYukio Frank3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
IshimatsuRobert J.3rd BN, L Co.Sgt
IshimineShintoku100th BN, A Co.Pfc
IshimotoJames Kazuo100th BN, A Co.Pfc
IshimotoRichard Tsutomu100th BN, A Co.
IshimotoAkira A.2nd BN, G Co.S/Sgt
IshimotoSatoshi3rd BN, HQ Co.Sgt
IshimotoGeorge3rd BN, K Co.S/Sgt
IshimotoRobert Hisao3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
IshimotoDale R.3rd BN, M Co.Pvt
IshimotoJeffery T.442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
IshimotoSusumu522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryCpl
IshimuraGary Y.2nd BN, G Co.Pvt
IshinoEarl S.3rd BN, I Co.S/Sgt
IshitaniSaburo100th BN, C Co.T/Sgt
IshitaniMasaichi3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
IshitaniHenry J.442nd Medical Co.Tec/4
IshizakiRyozo Joseph100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
IshizakiDavid100th BN, D Co.Tec/5
IshizakiShigemi2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
IshizakiIwao442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
IshizakiTakeshi442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
IshizakiTakeshi442nd Service Co.Pfc
IshizawaMinoru100th BN, B Co.Pfc
IshizawaToru Charles100th BN, B Co.Tec/5
IshizawaJames Susumu100th BN, D Co.Pfc
IshizawaNoboru3rd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
IshizawaPaul Shigeru522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryS/Sgt
IshizuTadayoshi100th BN, B Co.Pvt
IshizuTadao100th BN, D Co.Sgt
IshizukaSakai100th BN, D Co.Pvt
IshizukaTadayoshi3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
IsoMasami Robert3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
IsobeHarold K.442nd Anti Tank Co.Cpl
IsobeJerry T.442nd Anti Tank Co.Tec/5
IsobeKosaku442nd Medical Co.Pvt
IsodaSeishi Jack2nd BN, E Co.Pvt
IsodaSeishi Jack232nd EngineersPvt
IsonagaHerbert S.2nd BN, HQ Co.S/Sgt
IsosakiSusumu2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
IsozakiKiyoshi I. ‘Rub’442nd Medical Co.Tec/3
ItagakiSuyeki3rd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
ItagakiJoseph Ryozo442nd Service Co.S/Sgt
ItagakiHerbert K.522nd Artillery, C BatteryPvt
ItakiTerry T.442nd Service Co.Tec/5
ItakuraSaburo3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
ItakuraHiroshi3rd BN, L Co.S/Sgt
ItamuraJoseph Katsumi522nd Artillery, C BatteryM/Sgt
ItanagaRichard Y.2nd BN, G Co.T/Sgt
ItayaGeorge Masayoshi2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
ItoJake Sego100th BN, A Co.Pvt
ItoKiyoshi100th BN, A Co.Cpl
ItoJames K.442nd HQ Co.Pfc
ItoShuya Thomas442nd HQ Co.Pvt
ItoHachiro100th BN, B Co.Pfc
ItoHifumi100th BN, B Co.Pvt
ItoKow100th BN, B Co.Pvt
ItoShigeru100th BN, B Co.Sgt
ItoToshiaki100th BN, B Co.Pfc
ItoJoe100th BN, C Co.Sgt
ItoSumio100th BN, C Co.S/Sgt
ItoYoroku100th BN, C Co.Tec/5
ItoWilliam K.100th BN, Medical Co.Tec/5
ItoJohnny M.2nd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
ItoKoo2nd BN, E Co.Pvt
ItoRobert S.2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
ItoTsuneo Richard2nd BN, E Co.Sgt
ItoTakao2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
ItoTetsuo2nd BN, G Co.Pvt
ItoDavid M.2nd BN, G Co.T/Sgt
ItoRobert Masami2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
ItoSunao2nd BN, G Co.Sgt
ItoTakao Thomas2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
ItoMasaji2nd BN, H Co.Sgt
ItoAkira3rd BN, HQ Co.Tec/4
ItoTakashi3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
ItoAkira “Ike”3rd BN, I Co.Sgt
ItoBob Y3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
ItoDavid T.3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
ItoHideo Herbert3rd BN, I Co.Sgt
ItoYoshio3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
ItoTed T.3rd BN, K Co.Sgt
ItoMatsuo3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
ItoBill Shoichi442nd Cannon Co.CWO
ItoMartin Lloyd442nd Cannon Co.Pfc
ItoTakao442nd Service Co.Pfc
ItoJoph442nd Medical Co.Pvt
ItoSusumu522nd Artillery, C Battery1st Lt
ItoTakuji522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryPfc
ItohYokichi3rd BN, I Co.Pvt
ItokazuWarren K.442nd Service Co.Pvt
ItokazuWarren K.232nd EngineersPfc
ItowJoe3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
ItozakiMasato Gunga522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryPvt
IuraBenjamin R.2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
IwafuchiHarry Yokichi100th BN, C Co.Pfc
IwahashiLawrence Mitsuyoshi2nd BN, E Co.Tec/5
IwahashiKazuo3rd BN, HQ Co.S/Sgt
IwahashiYoshiro3rd BN, I Co.Sgt
IwahiroRobert Kumao442.Anti TankPfc
IwaiKungo100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
IwaiHisashi100th BN, C Co.Pfc
IwaiWarren T.100th BN, C Co.1st Sgt
IwaiAtsushi100th BN, D Co.Pfc
IwaiNikichi100th BN, Medical Co.Pfc
IwaiNikichi442nd Medical Co.Pfc
IwaiTsuruichi Edward232nd EngineersTec/5
IwaishiIsoji Melvin100th BN, B Co.Tec/5
IwakiSatoru Tony100th BN, A Co.Pfc
IwakiKazuo Lawrence2nd BN, F Co.Pvt
IwakiriGozo Henry3rd BN, I Co.Pvt
IwakoshiSatole2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
IwamasaShigeo2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
IwamasaMasao2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
IwamasaYoshio3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
IwamasaHaruto W.522nd Artillery, B BatteryPfc
IwamiToshio100th BN, D Co.S/Sgt
IwamiWilbert S.3rd BN, I Co.T/Sgt
IwamotoYukitsugu100th BN, A Co.Sgt
IwamotoLawrence K.442nd HQ Co.Pvt
IwamotoRobert Yoshito442nd HQ Co.Tec/5
IwamotoRobert Yoshito442nd HQ Co.Tec/5
IwamotoLawrence Tsuyoshi100th BN, Hq Co.Tec/4
IwamotoRaymond K.100th BN, C Co.Pfc
IwamotoGeorge A.100th BN, Medical Co.T/Sgt
IwamotoGeorge A.100th BN, Medical Co.Tec/3
IwamotoJames T.2nd BN, E Co.Sgt
IwamotoHiroshi2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
IwamotoToshiro3rd BN, HQ Co.Tec/5
IwamotoJerry Suyeichi3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
IwamotoGeorge A.3rd BN, K Co.Tec/3
IwamotoStanley T.3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
IwamotoSueo3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
IwamotoMasao P.442nd Service Co.Pfc
IwamotoGeorge A.442nd Medical Co.T/Sgt
IwamotoSatoru522nd Artillery, C BatteryPfc
IwamotoDouglas J.522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryPfc
IwamuraShozo100th BN, D Co.Pfc
IwamuraSeishi C2nd BN, G Co.Cpl
IwanaJiro Jerry2nd BN, E Co.Pvt
IwanaShiro522nd Artillery, B BatteryTec/5
IwanabeKunio Ted2nd BN, G Co.Pvt
IwanabeKunio Ted3rd BN, L Co.Pvt
IwanagaAki100th BN, A Co.Sgt
IwanagaGeorge100th BN, D Co.Sgt
IwanagaWarren Tadashi2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
IwanagaRoy T.522nd Artillery, B BatterySgt
IwaneYuso232nd EngineersPvt
IwanoHenry I.3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
IwaokaJoe442nd Service Co.WOJG
IwasaMasato James100th BN, B Co.Pvt
IwasaWalter M.100th BN, B Co.1st Lt
IwasakiYasuo100th BN, C Co.Pfc
IwasakiAkira ‘Ike’100th BN, D Co.Sgt
IwasakiGeorge2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
IwasakiShigetoshi2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
IwasakiThomas Takeshi2nd BN, G Co.Cpl
IwasakiArthur3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
IwasakiHerbert S.522nd Artillery, C BatteryPfc
IwashitaMasami K.100th BN, B Co.Pfc
IwashitaJaCo.b S.100th BN, Medical Co.Tec/4
IwashitaJaCo.b S.442nd Medical Co.Tec/4
IwataHimeo442nd HQ Co.Tec/5
IwataJiro442nd HQ Co.Pvt
IwataTom M.442nd HQ Co.Pvt
IwataTadao T.522nd Artillery, Svc BatteryCpl
IwataToshizo522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryS/Sgt
IwatakiKuwashi E.100th BN, C Co.S/Sgt
IwatakiMasami S.442nd Medical Co.Tec/4
IwateTatsumi3rd BN, HQ Co.S/Sgt
IwatsukiFrank2nd BN, H Co.Tec/5
IwatsuruAkira100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
IwoKunimitsu2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
IyamaMasakatsu Harvey3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
IyamatsuThomas T.100th BN, E Co.
IzawaTakeru442nd HQ Co.Pfc
IzuYamato Douglas100th BN, D Co.Cpl
IzuiVictor S.442nd Medical Co.Tec/4
IzukaKazuo3rd BN, I Co.
IzumiKazuto Roy100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
IzumiJames Kiyoto100th BN, B Co.Tec/4
IzumiKiyoshi100th BN, D Co.Pfc
IzumiJackie Akiyoshi3rd BN, I Co.SFC
IzumiElbert E.3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
IzumiDavid Y.522nd Artillery, C BatteryPfc
IzumiJohn Y.522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryPfc
IzumigawaStanley Y.100th BN, A Co.Pfc
IzumigawaNoboru H.442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
IzumizakiArthur Mitsuru442nd HQ Co.Pvt
IzumizakiJames Yasuyuki100th BN, C Co.Pfc
IzumizakiHenry Sadao2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
IzumizakiArthur Mitsuru442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
IzumizakiArthur Mitsuru442nd Service Co.Pfc
IzunoGeorge H.2nd BN, F Co.Sgt
IzunoGeorge H.3rd BN, I Co.Sgt
IzutaGeorge Shipeyuki100th BN, Hq Co.Cpl
IzutsuTadami3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
IzutsuKaoru Jack3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
JakuszewskiAlphonse J.100th BN, C Co.2nd Lt
JamesJoseph H.522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryCapt
JeoJunior100th BN, A Co.Pfc
JeoThomas522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryT/Sgt
JettJohn Abselom3rd BN, L Co.Capt
JichakuThomas M.2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
JichakuJaCo.b Soken3rd BN, L Co.T/Sgt
JinboFredrick Osamu522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryWOJG
JinguJames Eriki442nd HQ Co.Tec/4
JinnoharaKiyoshi100th BN, B Co.Pfc
JinnoharaKatsui100th BN, E Co.Sgt
JioMitsugu100th BN, A Co.T/Sgt
JitchakuTamotsu442nd Medical Co.Tec/3
JodoiJames Hidemi100th BN, C Co.Pfc
JofukuShigeyuki100th BN, Hq Co.S/Sgt
JohiroHideo100th BN, Hq Co.Pvt
JohnsonClarence100th BN, B Co.
JohnsonIvan C.522nd Artillery, B BatteryCapt
Johnson jrJohn Anderson100th BN, Hq Co.Major
JohnstonWalter F.100th BN, Hq Co.Capt
JoichiPaul Togo3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
JonesRobert E.100th BN, E Co.
JonesGeorge Shigeharu2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
KabaTadashi522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryTec/4
KabutanToshio100th BN, Hq Co.Sgt
KadomotoMasaru100th BN, A Co.Pfc
KadookaSunao100th BN, D Co.Pfc
KadookaWalter Chitoshi100th BN, F Co.Pvt
KadotaKenneth K.100th BN, B Co.Pfc
KadotaTomoyoshi Thomas100th BN, D Co.Pvt
KadotaWalter Satoshi100th BN, Medical Co.Pvt
KadotaMasao2nd BN, E Co.Sgt
KadowakiGordon M.100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
KadowakiRobert N.100th BN, B Co.1st Lt
KadowakiJoe George2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
KagaAkira2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
KagamiKay522nd Artillery, A BatterySgt
KagawaNoboru100th BN, A Co.T/Sgt
KagawaKaoru100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
KagawaSeigo100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
KagawaYasuo100th BN, E Co.Pvt
KagawaTakeshi S.2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
KagawaBuddy Y.3rd BN, K Co.S/Sgt
KagawaWallace K.442nd Anti Tank Co.S/Sgt
KagawaErnest Saburo232nd Engineers
KagawaShoso522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryTec/4
KageFrancis Sakumi2nd BN, E Co.Tec/5
KagehiroMasami100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
KagehiroKenichi2nd BN, HQ Co.Pvt
KagetaFrank2nd BN, F Co.S/Sgt
KagetaSanai442nd Medical Co.Pvt
KagiharaJames Junichi3rd BN, 3Hq Co.Pfc
KaguniJack S.442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
KaholokulaEdward B.100th BN, B Co.Pvt
KaholokulaJames Kalei100th BN, B Co.Pfc
KaiAkio100th BN, A Co.Tec/5
KaiMasayuki2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
KaiJiro232nd EngineersTec/5
KaichiHideo2nd BN, H Co.2nd Lt
KaidaHideo2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
KaidaKatsumii3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
KaiharaThomas C.100th BN, A Co.Pfc
KaiharaMasato2nd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
KaiharaMasato3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
KaihatsuOmar Masayuki2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
KainumaRichard Toshio100th BN, Medical Co.Capt
KainumaChester Takeo442nd Cannon Co.Pfc
KaisakiArthur A.3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
KaisakiTadao442nd Cannon Co.S/Sgt
KaisenTsugio100th BN, D Co.Pfc
KaiuraDavid S.3rd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
KaiwiCharles M.2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
KajiharaTakashi442nd Service Co.Pvt
KajikawaMasaru F442nd HQ Co.Pfc
KajikawaHideo100th BN, Hq Co.WOJG
KajikawaTsugito3rd BN, M Co.S/Sgt
KajikawaTakemi Jerry442nd Service Co.Tec/5
KajikawaWilliam M.522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryCpl
KajimotoShoichi100th BN, C Co.Pfc
KajimotoJohn T.3rd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
KajiokaFred A.3rd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
KajiokaShozo522nd Artillery, Hq BatterySgt
KajitaIsami100th BN, B Co.Pvt
KajitaniHenry T.232nd EngineersS/Sgt
KajiuraKatsuto3rd BN, I Co.S/Sgt
KajiwaraGeorge S.100th BN, A Co.Pfc
KajiwaraKaoru100th BN, A Co.Pfc
KajiwaraWalter M.100th BN, A Co.Pfc
KajiwaraGeorge S.442nd HQ Co.Pfc
KajiwaraItsuo Edward100th BN, Hq Co.Sgt
KajiwaraNobuo100th BN, B Co.Pfc
KajiwaraKiyomi2nd BN, F Co.
KajiwaraThomas S.3rd BN, I Co.Tec/5
KajiwaraKent Kazuo3rd BN, K Co.Sgt
KajiwaraTadashi3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
KajiwaraTokuo3rd BN, K Co.S/Sgt
KajiwaraItsuo Edward442nd Cannon Co.Pfc
KajiwaraYutaka442nd Service Co.Tec/5
KajiyaTetsuge442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
KajiyamaYukio100th BN, B Co.Pvt
KajiyamaKiyoshi100th BN, C Co.Tec/5
KajiyamaJames Y.442nd Service Co.Pfc
KakazuBenjamin K.100th BN, A Co.Sgt
KakazuYasumori100th BN, C Co.Pvt
KakazuGeorge2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
KakazuGeorge3rd BN, HQ Co.Tec/5
KakehashiJohn S.2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
KakehashiHenry Y.3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
KakesakoMitsuru2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
KakesakoTsutomu3rd BN, L Co.S/Sgt
KakimiBen442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
KakimotoReuben T.442nd HQ Co.Pvt
KakimotoTsutomu100th BN, Medical Co.S/Sgt
KakimotoTsutomu442nd Medical Co.S/Sgt
KakitaHarry T.442nd Service Co.Pvt
KakuHaruo100th BN, C Co.Pfc
KakuHiroshi442nd Anti Tank Co.S/Sgt
KakudaJames T.3rd BN, L Co.Pvt
KakudaKeichi3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
KaleialohaDaniel100th BN, Hq Co.S/Sgt
KamachiKaoru2nd BN, G Co.Pvt
KamachiDon M.3rd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
KamadaWilliam Yukio442nd Cannon Co.Cpl
KamayatsuDavid Shigeru3rd BN, HQ Co.Tec/5
KameAlfred Gonzales100th BN, C Co.Pfc
KamedaFred Yoshito3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
KamedaDonald A.3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
KamedaDonald A.442nd Service Co.Pfc
KameiMikio100th BN, A Co.Pfc
KamemotoKazuo100th BN, A Co.Pvt
KameokaBob T.2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
KametaniShinobu2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
KamiKiyoshi100th BN, A Co.Sgt
KamiHideo100th BN, D Co.Pvt
KamiMitsuo2nd BN, 2Hg Co.Pfc
KamibayashiKazuo Ted3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
KamibayashiToshiaki Frank3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
KamidaEdwin M.100th BN, A Co.Tec/5
KamidaRobert Shogi442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
KamidaEdwin M.206th Army BandTec/5
KamidoiTad T.2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
KamiharaKazuo P.2nd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
KamiharaMasao232nd EngineersPfc
KamihiraBen3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
KamikawaHarry H.100th BN, A Co.Sgt
KamikawaJuichi100th BN, A Co.Tec/5
KamikawaRay100th BN, A Co.Sgt
KamikawaIchiro100th BN, C Co.Pfc
KamikawaShizuto3rd BN, 3Hq Co.Pfc
KamikawaMasaichi3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
KamikawaFrancis T.442nd Service Co.Pfc
KamikawaPaul K206th Army Band
KamikawaEdward K.232nd EngineersPvt
KamikawaBen522nd Artillery, B BatteryPfc
KamimotoRokuro100th BN, C Co.Cpl
KamimotoMichael M.2nd BN, F Co.Pvt
KamimuraHiroshi3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
KamimuraKunito3rd BN, K Co.Sgt
KamimuraMinoru442nd Anti Tank Co.S/Sgt
KaminishiMatsuo442nd Anti Tank Co.S/Sgt
KaminishiMinoru442nd Service Co.Cpl
KamisatoShunichi100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
KamisatoJames K.100th BN, B Co.Pfc
KamisatoHideo Ernest3rd BN, M Co.S/Sgt
KamisatoShunichi442nd Service Co.Pfc
KamishitaSeiso100th BN, B Co.Pvt
KamitaYoshio100th BN, A Co.Pfc
KamiyaMasaichi Mike100th BN, C Co.Pfc
KamiyaMasanobu100th BN, C Co.Pfc
KamiyaIsamu Harold100th BN, D Co.Pfc
KamiyaWataru522nd Artillery, A BatteryTec/5
KamiyaJames K.522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryTec/5
KamiyamaMatao William3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
KamoNaruto Art3rd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
KamoJames Hajime442nd Cannon Co.T/Sgt
KanadaJames J.100th BN, A Co.Pvt
KanadaTatsuki2nd BN, F Co.S/Sgt
KanadaHarry H.3rd BN, K Co.Sgt
KanadaGeorge3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
KanagakiSuyeo3rd BN, K Co.Sgt
KanagawaHisatoshi2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
KanaiKazuo100th BN, D Co.S/Sgt
KanaiToshimasa2nd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
KanaiSam Saburo2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
KanaiFred T.232nd EngineersPvt
KanaseTakeo522nd Artillery, Svc BatteryCpl
KanataniGeorge Shogo2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
KanayaWalter Etsutoshi2nd BN, 2Hg Co.Pvt
KanayaEnoch H.2nd BN, F Co.Sgt
KanayaJimmie442nd Medical Co.Co.l
KanayaEdward Torao206th Army BandTec/5
KanayamaTakeshi3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
KanazawaHisashi100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
KanazawaKanemi100th BN, C Co.1st Lt
KanazawaMasaru2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
KanazawaRyoji Jack2nd BN, E Co.Pvt
KanazawaJohn S.3rd BN, K Co.Sgt
KanazawaTooru Joe442nd Cannon Co.Pfc
KanazawaHiroshi Robert442nd Medical Co.Tec/5
KanbaraToshiro Henry232nd EngineersPvt
KandaJohn100th BN, Hq Co.Tec/5
KandaTad T.100th BN, D Co.Cpl
KandaGeorge T.2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
KandaKen K.2nd BN, F Co.Sgt
KandaTakezo3rd BN, 3Hq Co.Cpl
KandaJohn Masayoshi3rd BN, L Co.T/Sgt
KandaTokuo3rd BN, M Co.Cpl
KandaFrank T.3rd BN, M Co.Pvt
KandaShiigo442nd Cannon Co.Pvt
KaneEdward K.442nd HQ Co.Pfc
KaneFrancis R.442nd Anti Tank Co.1st Lt
KanechikaKingo3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
KanedaYukio442nd HQ Co.Pfc
KanedaYukio100th BN, B Co.Pfc
KanedaGeorge Rioji3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
KanedaNaoyuki3rd BN, M Co.Sgt
KanedaKiyoshi232nd EngineersPfc
KanegaeHisao100th BN, A Co.Pfc
KanehiraShigeo Richard2nd BN, E Co.T/Sgt
KanehiraSueo2nd BN, H Co.Cpl
KaneichiTakeo2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
KanekiyoTakashi442nd HQ Co.Pvt
KanekiyoTakashi3rd BN, I Co.Pvt
KanekiyoTakeshi3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
KanekoKenneth Kameki100th BN, B Co.Capt
KanekoNoboru N.100th BN, B Co.Pfc
KanekoCharles Takeshi100th BN, F Co.T/Sgt
KanekoTheodore H.2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
KanekoHisao Warren3rd BN, L Co.Sgt
KanekuniIsamu442nd Service Co.Cpl
KanemitsuKatsuhiro3rd BN, M Co.S/Sgt
KanemoriTsuneo3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
KanemoriJames Ichiro3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
KanemoriShigetada F.442nd Medical Co.Tec/4
KanemotoJyogi George2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
KanemotoJyogi George442nd Service Co.Pvt
KanemotoShoso522nd Artillery, Svc BatteryTec/5
KanemuraHarold H.100th BN, A Co.Pfc
KanemuraFred Seiichi100th BN, B Co.1st Lt
KanemuraYoshito Allen100th BN, D Co.Pfc
KanemuraYoshito Allen2nd BN, H Co.Pvt
KaneokaShuzo442nd Anti Tank Co.Cpl
KaneshigeKiyomi100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
KaneshigeTokuo2nd BN, HQ Co.Tec/5
KaneshigeJuno2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
KaneshinaWataru100th BN, B Co.Sgt
KaneshinaChiyoto2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
KaneshiroRalph M.100th BN, A Co.Pfc
KaneshiroSeiji100th BN, A Co.Pfc
KaneshiroYeiko100th BN, A Co.Tec/5
KaneshiroYoshimitsu100th BN, A Co.Pfc
KaneshiroPatrick K.442nd HQ Co.Pvt
KaneshiroHarold Masao100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
KaneshiroSeitoku100th BN, Hq Co.Tec/4
KaneshiroSatoshi100th BN, B Co.Pfc
KaneshiroYasuo100th BN, B Co.Pvt
KaneshiroSoichi100th BN, D Co.S/Sgt
KaneshiroJokichi2nd BN, E Co.Tec/5
KaneshiroSeichi2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
KaneshiroTokuichi3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
KaneshiroIsamu3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
KaneshiroKamekichi3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
KaneshiroSeichi3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
KaneshiroRobert M.442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
KaneshiroHarold Kiyoshi442nd Cannon Co.Pfc
KaneshiroJusei442nd Cannon Co.S/Sgt
KaneshiroShigetoshi S.442nd Cannon Co.Tec/5
KaneshiroEiichi232nd EngineersTec/5
KaneshiroHarold Kiyoshi232nd EngineersPvt
KaneshiroStanley Kosaburo232nd EngineersPfc
KaneshiroStanley K.522nd Artillery, Svc BatteryTec/5
KaneshiroSeikichi Paul522nd Artillery, B BatteryPfc
KanesueMasao Kenneth100th BN, A Co.S/Sgt
KanetaSeiji2nd BN, E Co.Pvt
KanetaTaro442nd Service Co.Pvt
KanetaniIsamu100th BN, F Co.Pvt
KanetomiJero2nd BN, G Co.Pvt
KanjaMasaru100th BN, A Co.Pvt
KanjaTsutomu100th BN, D Co.Pfc
KannoTakashi F.2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
KannoStanley Toru2nd BN, G Co.T/Sgt
KannoLawrence T.2nd BN, H Co.Cpl
KannoTom T.3rd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
KannoSugure Roy3rd BN, I Co.S/Sgt
KannoMasuo Ernest3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
KanoSoichi442nd HQ Co.Tec/5
KanoAlbert Mamoru100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
KanoHenry H.100th BN, B Co.Pfc
KanoTokuichi100th BN, B Co.Sgt
KanoHerbert H.2nd BN, E Co.1st Lt
KanomataMatsuo James3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
KanouraTatsuo442nd HQ Co.Pfc
KanouraTatsuo100th BN, C Co.Pfc
KanowNoble442nd HQ Co.Sgt
KanowHichiro2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
KanowFrank S.3rd BN, L Co.Tec/4
KanowHachiro3rd BN, L Co.Tec/4
KansakuClarence M.3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
KanzakiAkira2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
KanzakiTomoyuki2nd BN, E Co.Tec/5
KanzakiSekio Milton2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
KanzakiDaniel S.442nd Medical Co.Tec/4
KapuniaiRobert100th BN, F Co.n/a
KapuniaiRobert2nd BN, F Co.n/a
KarakawaFrank Tagashi100th BN, C Co.Pvt
KarasakiRobert H.100th BN, A Co.Sgt
KaratsuGeorge Yoshitami2nd BN, G Co.Sgt
KaratsuJames Saburo2nd BN, H Co.S/Sgt
KarikomiTeddy Y.442nd Cannon Co.Tec/5
KarimotoHaruo2nd BN, E Co.S/Sgt
KariyaThomas T.100th BN, C Co.Sgt
KariyaMasazo2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
KariyaHisashi G.2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
KariyaAlbert Kiyoshi3rd BN, HQ Co.1st Sgt
KariyaShigeo3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
KariyaShigeo442nd Service Co.Pvt
KariyamaRichard3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
KasadateMasatsuji100th BN, Hq Co.Tec/5
KasadateMasami3rd BN, L Co.S/Sgt
KasaiTokio442nd HQ Co.Pfc
KasaiStanley Michael100th BN, B Co.Cpl
KasaiTom T.100th BN, B Co.
KasaiMinoru2nd BN, HQ Co.Pvt
KasaiJack Y.3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
KasaiYoshio442nd Cannon Co.Pvt
KasaiJames Kay522nd Artillery, A BatteryPfc
KasakawaKenneth S.100th BN, C Co.Pfc
KasamotoAtsushi2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
KasanoJohn2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
KaseAsao100th BN, C Co.Tec/5
KaseAsao442nd Service Co.Tec/5
KashikiYoshio John442nd Cannon Co.Sgt
KashimaIwao522nd Artillery, Svc BatteryPfc
KashimotoSatoshi100th BN, B Co.Pvt
KashinoShiro3rd BN, I Co.S/Sgt
KashiwaGenro3rd BN, L Co.T/Sgt
KashiwabaraTadashi100th BN, D Co.Pvt
KashiwabaraTom Tomoso100th BN, Medical Co.S/Sgt
KashiwabaraKay K.3rd BN, M Co.S/Sgt
KashiwabaraTom Tomoso442nd Medical Co.S/Sgt
KashiwaedaKenneth Goro3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
KashiwagiMasao100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
KashiwagiSusumu2nd BN, E Co.S/Sgt
KashiwagiIchigi Robert3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
KashiwagiGeorge Yoshio522nd Artillery, C BatteryTec/5
KashiwamuraTetsuo100th BN, A Co.Pfc
KashiwaseHenry K.3rd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
KasubuchiJohn K.3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
KatadaGeorge H.3rd BN, K Co.Tec/4
KatagiriDavid Toru2nd BN, F Co.Sgt
KataharaHarry Tasuku100th BN, B Co.Tec/5
KataharaSadami100th BN, C Co.1st Lt
KatahiraMasao100th BN, E Co.
KatahiraKen K.3rd BN, M Co.Sgt
KatanoEtsuo100th BN, Medical Co.1st Lt
KataokaTom Tsutomu2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
KataokaKunio3rd BN, I Co.Cpl
KataokaRaymond K.522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryTec/5
KatayamaHisao Jim100th BN, A Co.Sgt
KatayamaKazuo100th BN, A Co.Pfc
KatayamaMitsuo100th BN, A Co.Pfc
KatayamaHachiro100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
KatayamaRobert M.100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
KatayamaKenneth K.100th BN, B Co.Tec/5
KatayamaTokio100th BN, C Co.Pvt
KatayamaRoy100th BN, D Co.S/Sgt
KatayamaNoritada2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
KatayamaShoji2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
KatayamaRobert Nobuichi2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
KatayamaTaro2nd BN, F Co.Sgt
KatayamaJimmy A.3rd BN, I Co.Tec/5
KatayamaYoshitsugi3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
KatayamaToshio3rd BN, M Co.S/Sgt
KatayamaHachiro442nd Service Co.Pfc
KatekaruGeorge M.442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
KatekaruGeorge M.442nd Service Co.Pfc
KatoWilliam100th BN, B Co.S/Sgt
KatoJitsuo100th BN, D Co.Pfc
KatoSakuji S.100th BN, Medical Co.Pfc
KatoHaruo2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
KatoNoboru2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
KatoTetso2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
KatoJoseph Hisato2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
KatoDane Denkichi2nd BN, G Co.Pvt
KatoKazuhiko2nd BN, H Co.Cpl
KatoKiichi3rd BN, I Co.S/Sgt
KatoTadakazu M.3rd BN, I Co.Tec/4
KatoTerumi3rd BN, I Co.Cpl
KatoKazuo3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
KatoMinoru3rd BN, K Co.S/Sgt
KatoRay M3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
KatoKenji3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
KatoYoshio3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
KatoHideo442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
KatoHidetaka P.442nd Anti Tank Co.T/Sgt
KatoIchiro Bill442nd Service Co.Pvt
KatoMasamitsu M.442nd Medical Co.Sgt
KatoSakuji S.442nd Medical Co.Pfc
KatoSatoru442nd Medical Co.Pvt
KatoToshimi232nd EngineersPvt
KatoHiroshi522nd Artillery, Svc BatteryCpl
KatoNaoyoshi522nd Artillery, C BatteryCpl
KatoIsamu522nd Artillery, B BatteryPfc
KatoLester Tsukasa522nd Artillery, B BatteryPfc
KatsudaMasaichi Charles100th BN, Md Co.Pfc
KatsudaHenry M.3rd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
KatsudaSetsuo3rd BN, L Co.Tec/5
KatsumotoSamuel T.442nd Service Co.2nd Lt
KatsuraTed Ushimura442nd Medical Co.Tec/5
KatsutaniShizuo Roger3rd BN, K Co.Pvt
KatsutaniShizuo Roger442nd Service Co.Pvt
KawaAlfred Shinobu442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
KawaAlfred Shinobu442nd Cannon Co.Pfc
Kawa, Jr.Shigeo522nd Artillery, A BatteryPfc
KawabataDenichi100th BN, A Co.Pfc
KawabataTadashi2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
KawabataTaketo2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
KawabeMasuo2nd BN, G Co.Tec/5
KawabeToshiro3rd BN, M Co.S/Sgt
KawabeMasatoshi442nd Medical Co.Pfc
KawachiMitsuo100th BN, A Co.Pfc
KawachiTakeshi100th BN, A Co.Pfc
KawachiTeddy T.100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
KawadaJitsuo3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
KawafuchiKazumi522nd Artillery, A BatteryTec/5
KawafuchiShigeyoshi Roy522nd Artillery, A BatteryCpl
KawagoyeDave T.442nd Anti Tank Co.T/Sgt
KawaguchiNoah Naoyuki100th BN, A Co.Sgt
KawaguchiYoshimasa100th BN, B Co.Pfc
KawaguchiYoshimi100th BN, D Co.S/Sgt
KawaguchiJoe M.2nd BN, HQ Co.Tec/5
KawaguchiGeorge Yoshiharu2nd BN, E Co.Sgt
KawaguchiHenry2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
KawaguchiKatsumi Thomas2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
KawaguchiMitsugi2nd BN, G Co.Sgt
KawaguchiJohn Ryoji3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
KawaguchiFusao232nd EngineersPfc
KawaguchiYoshigo Sheik522nd Artillery, C BatteryPfc
KawaharaIkuro100th BN, A Co.Pfc
KawaharaPeter Gunji100th BN, Hq Co.S/Sgt
KawaharaHisato Oswald100th BN, B Co.Pfc
KawaharaEdward M.2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
KawaharaTakashi3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
KawaharaHarry T.3rd BN, K Co.Pvt
KawaharaRichard Hiroo3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
KawaharaMasao3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
KawaharaPeter Gunji3rd BN, L Co.S/Sgt
KawaharaToshimasa Wm.442nd Anti Tank Co.S/Sgt
KawaharaPeter Gunji442nd Service Co.S/Sgt
KawaharaLloyd T.442nd Medical Co.S/Sgt
KawaharaShigeru522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryPvt
KawahataMinoru S.2nd BN, E Co.Pvt
KawajiToshiaki2nd BN, HQ Co.Tec/5
KawakamiMasanobu Eugene100th BN, A Co.Pvt
KawakamiTakeshi100th BN, A Co.Pfc
KawakamiYoshito442nd HQ Co.Pfc
KawakamiKazuji100th BN, B Co.Sgt
KawakamiKenichi Clyde100th BN, E Co.Pvt
KawakamiFred M.100th BN, Medical Co.Pfc
KawakamiGeorge2nd BN, F Co.Cpl
KawakamiTetsuro2nd BN, G Co.Pvt
KawakamiIsamu Sam2nd BN, G Co.Sp 7
KawakamiJohn2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
KawakamiSam Sei3rd BN, HQ Co.S/Sgt
KawakamiSuenobu3rd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
KawakamiSueto3rd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
KawakamiHarry H.3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
KawakamiEddie3rd BN, M Co.Sgt
KawakamiGeorge H.3rd BN, M Co.Sgt
KawakamiHarry442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
KawakamiKeiji442nd Cannon Co.S/Sgt
KawakamiTadashi442nd Cannon Co.Pfc
KawakamiHarry H.442nd Service Co.Pfc
KawakamiFred M.442nd Medical Co.Tec/5
KawakamiSam Sei232nd EngineersPvt
KawamaeGilbert T.442nd HQ Co.Tec/4
KawamaeShoichi442nd HQ Co.Pvt
KawamataMasao100th BN, D Co.S/Sgt
KawamiKiyoto2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
KawaminamiJim M.3rd BN, I Co.Sgt
KawaminamiFredrick Tatsuji522nd Artillery, A BatterySgt
KawamotoMasaaki Jack100th BN, A Co.
KawamotoHaruo100th BN, A Co.Pfc
KawamotoMasao442nd HQ Co.Pfc
KawamotoNoboru Jack100th BN, B Co.Pfc
KawamotoToshio100th BN, B Co.Pfc
KawamotoYutaka100th BN, B Co.Pfc
KawamotoMasayoshi100th BN, C Co.1st Sgt
KawamotoSadao100th BN, C Co.Cpl
KawamotoYoshimasa100th BN, C Co.Tec/5
KawamotoRichard Takeshi100th BN, D Co.1st Sgt
KawamotoGeorge100th BN, F Co.
KawamotoYoshio2nd BN, HQ Co.Pvt
KawamotoHarry Hareo2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
KawamotoMasao2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
KawamotoRoy K.2nd BN, E Co.T/Sgt
KawamotoSadao2nd BN, E Co.Pvt
KawamotoIwao2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
KawamotoMitsuo2nd BN, F Co.S/Sgt
KawamotoHaruo2nd BN, F Co.Pvt
KawamotoRichard Takeshi2nd BN, H Co.S/Sgt
KawamotoKenneth K.3rd BN, I Co.Tec/5
KawamotoMatsatsu3rd BN, I Co.S/Sgt
KawamotoSadato442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
KawamotoAndrew Mitsugi442nd Cannon Co.Pfc
KawamotoMitsuo442nd Medical Co.Tec/5
KawamotoSeikichi J.442nd Medical Co.Tec/5
KawamotoShigeo Doc232nd EngineersPfc
KawamuraNoboru2nd BN, F Co.Tec/5
KawamuraYoshio2nd BN, F Co.Tec/5
KawamuraShigeo2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
KawamuraAlfred Yoshitaka3rd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
KawamuraFrank Asao3rd BN, I Co.S/Sgt
KawamuraSaburo3rd BN, L Co.Pvt
KawamuraWallace T.3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
KawamuraSaburo3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
KawamuraMutsuo442nd Anti Tank Co.T/Sgt
KawamuraChikara442nd Service Co.Pvt
KawamuraKenji232nd EngineersPfc
KawamuraIsamu S.522nd Artillery, C BatteryPfc
KawanishiKikumatsu Frank100th BN, F Co.Pvt
KawanishiSam Isamu522nd Artillery, Svc BatteryPfc
KawanoRobert Hideo100th BN, A Co.Pfc
KawanoTomoaki100th BN, A Co.Pfc
KawanoHenry Masashi100th BN, Hq Co.Capt
KawanoYasuo100th BN, D Co.Pfc
KawanoTetsuo100th BN, E Co.Pvt
KawanoTorao100th BN, Medical Co.Pfc
KawanoYoshio100th BN, Medical Co.Pfc
KawanoCike C.2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
KawanoGeorge Utaka2nd BN, G Co.Cpl
KawanoJack T.3rd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
KawanoTom S.3rd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
KawanoIsamu Ralph3rd BN, K Co.Cpl
KawanoTami3rd BN, K Co.S/Sgt
KawanoFredric S.3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
KawanoEdward Yoshio442nd Medical Co.SFC
KawanoToshio442nd Medical Co.Pfc
KawanoYoshio442nd Medical Co.Pfc
KawanoJack T.232nd EngineersPvt
KawaokaKoichi100th BN, Medical Co.
KawaokaShigeichi100th BN, Medical Co.Pfc
KawaokaArthur Kinichi2nd BN, E Co.Cpl
KawarataniHideo2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
KawasakiHaruto100th BN, A Co.Pvt
KawasakiMasayuki100th BN, A Co.Major
KawasakiRoger A.100th BN, Hq Co.Tec/5
KawasakiTerumi Stanley100th BN, Hq Co.Sgt
KawasakiYutaka100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
KawasakiAkira100th BN, D Co.Sgt
KawasakiIsaac A.100th BN, Medical Co.Capt
KawasakiHiroshi2nd BN, E Co.Sgt
KawasakiJohn F.2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
KawasakiKiyoharu2nd BN, H Co.S/Sgt
KawasakiNobuyoshi3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
KawasakiTetsuo522nd Artillery, B BatteryCpl
KawasakiYukio Paul522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryPfc
KawaseRoy H.100th BN, C Co.Pfc
KawaseRoy H.3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
KawashimaJames Satoshi100th BN, B Co.S/Sgt
KawashimaItaru2nd BN, F Co.S/Sgt
KawashimaYasura2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
KawashimaSeige2nd BN, H Co.Cpl
KawashimaMasa3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
KawasugiSaichi100th BN, D Co.Pfc
KawasugiShigeru2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
KawataAlbert Goro100th BN, A Co.Pvt
KawataChick M.100th BN, C Co.Pfc
KawataJohn M.522nd Artillery, A BatteryPfc
KawataniKunio522nd Artillery, C BatteryPfc
KawateSuematsu100th BN, C Co.Pfc
KawateGary Tsuneichi232nd EngineersPfc
KawateKenneth Kazuyuki522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryPfc
KawatomariToshio442nd Medical Co.Pfc
KawauchiTatsuo100th BN, B Co.
KawauchiYamato100th BN, B Co.Pfc
KawauchiIsao442nd Medical Co.Pfc
KawawakiRalph Y.442nd HQ Co.Pfc
KawawakiRalph Y.3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
KayaStephen Mitsugi100th BN, A Co.Pvt
KayaSatoshi100th BN, C Co.Pvt
KayaHideo100th BN, D Co.S/Sgt
KayaHideo J.2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
KayaRonald Takanobu2nd BN, H Co.Tec/5
KayaShoji442nd Cannon Co.Pfc
KayamaJohn S.2nd BN, H Co.Tec/5
KayanoYasuo100th BN, D Co.Pvt
KayataniMinoru2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
KayodaEisho100th BN, B Co.Pfc
KayodaEisho2nd BN, H Co.Pvt
KazlauskasJoseph Bernard442nd Cannon Co.1st Lt
KazumuraTakeshi Larry3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
KazunagaHarold Michio100th BN, C Co.Pvt
Kealoha, Jr.Edward P.100th BN, A Co.Pvt
Kealoha, Jr.Edward P.442nd Cannon Co.Pvt
KeeganChristopher Ray.2nd BN, H Co.Major
KeliiaaSylvester K.442nd HQ Co.Pvt
Keliiaa, Jr.Daniel K.442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
KenmotsuMasashi J.100th BN, D Co.Pfc
KenmotsuYoshio2nd BN, G Co.Pvt
KenmotsuMasashi J.3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
KenmotsuYasuo3rd BN, L Co.Cpl
KentGeorge S.522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryTec/4
KeuschErnest E.522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryCapt
KeyLewis A.100th BN, A Co.Lieut
KidaYukiharu H.100th BN, A Co.Pfc
KidaSatoshi442nd HQ Co.Tec/5
KidaDennis Y.3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
KidaniMorio100th BN, C Co.Pfc
KidoFred Mamoru100th BN, A Co.Pfc
KidoFumio2nd BN, HQ Co.Pvt
KidoSunao2nd BN, HQ Co.Cpl
KiduguchiMerle206th Army BandTec/5
KigawaMasao100th BN, B Co.Pfc
KigawaManabu J.442nd Service Co.Pvt
KiharaToshio100th BN, B Co.Pfc
KiharaYuzo John100th BN, B Co.Pfc
KiharaIsamu Morris100th BN, C Co.Pvt
KiharaShigeyoshi2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
KiharaThomas Y.2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
KiharaShigeaki3rd BN, M Co.Cpl
KiharaTooru442nd Cannon Co.Pfc
KiharaTaketo442nd Service Co.Pfc
KiinoToshiharu100th BN, D Co.Cpl
KijimaTadashi2nd BN, 2Hg Co.Sgt
KikawaRobert S.522nd Artillery, C BatteryCpl
KikuchiShoji100th BN, A Co.Sgt
KikuchiSamuel A.100th BN, C Co.Sgt
KikuchiGeorge Isao2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
KikuchiIsao2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
KikuchiNoboru2nd BN, F Co.S/Sgt
KikuchiLeo Tomoyuki2nd BN, G Co.Pvt
KikuchiTaketoshi2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
KikuchiMasayuki3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
KikuchiToshio3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
KikukawaBert M.232nd EngineersPfc
KikukawaManabu Art232nd EngineersPvt
KikutaToshio100th BN, A Co.Pfc
KikutaKunio442nd Service Co.Tec/4
KikuyamaSeikatsu Harry2nd BN, G Co.S/Sgt
KilmoreJohn Harold2nd BN, F Co.Capt
KimYoung Oak100th BN, Hq Co.Capt
KimKiyondo3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
KimataNoburo Frank100th BN, Hq Co.Sgt
KimataKenneth A.3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
KimotoTakao Thomas100th BN, A Co.M/Sgt
KimotoTakashi442nd HQ Co.Tec/5
KimotoSanji3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
KimotoJames T.442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
KimotoIwao442nd Service Co.Tec/5
KimotoJames T.442nd Service Co.Pfc
KimotoHerbert Masao232nd EngineersPfc
KimuraRaymond T.100th BN, A Co.S/Sgt
KimuraGeorge Kiungi442nd HQ Co.Tec/5
KimuraKazuo442nd HQ Co.M/Sgt
KimuraKazuo442nd HQ Co.Pvt
KimuraMidori442nd HQ Co.Pfc
KimuraTed T.442nd HQ Co.Tec/5
KimuraKeichi100th BN, Hq Co.Tec/5
KimuraSeiji Harry100th BN, Hq Co.Tec/5
KimuraBunichi J.100th BN, B Co.Pfc
KimuraEugene M.100th BN, B Co.Sgt
KimuraHenry Tsukao100th BN, C Co.Capt
KimuraStanley Y.100th BN, C Co.Pfc
KimuraTakeshi ‘Lefty’100th BN, C Co.Sgt
KimuraPaul K. Jr.100th BN, C Co.Pvt
KimuraHerbert T.100th BN, D Co.Pfc
KimuraHisao J.2nd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
KimuraStanley T.2nd BN, HQ Co.Cpl
KimuraJohn S.2nd BN, 2Hg Co.Pfc
KimuraTsuguo2nd BN, 2Hg Co.Pfc
KimuraLinCo.ln Tamotsu2nd BN, E Co.Pvt
KimuraTatsuo2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
KimuraYasuichi2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
KimuraChimata2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
KimuraTom H.2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
KimuraMatsuichi2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
KimuraHarry Tomiki2nd BN, H Co.Sgt
KimuraHerbert T.2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
KimuraKiichi3rd BN, HQ Co.Tec/5
KimuraMasaru3rd BN, I Co.Sgt
KimuraNobuo F.3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
KimuraNorman M.3rd BN, K Co.S/Sgt
KimuraFrank S.3rd BN, M Co.Sgt
KimuraKazuya3rd BN, M Co.S/Sgt
KimuraMichio Gerard3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
KimuraMasao442nd Medical Co.Tec/4
KimuraCharles Noburo232nd EngineersPfc
KimuraDick T.232nd EngineersPfc
KimuraShoichi232nd EngineersS/Sgt
KimuraJiro522nd Artillery, MedicsCapt
KimuraMasaru522nd Artillery, B BatteryPvt
KimuraAlbert Asao522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryCpl
KimuraArata522nd Artillery, Hq Battery2nd Lt
KimuraArata522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryS/Sgt
KinaKiyoe442nd HQ Co.Pfc
KinaShomatsu E.100th BN, C Co.Pfc
KinagaThomas3rd BN, M Co.S/Sgt
KingOscar100th BN, Hq Co.Major
KingiTakeo L.100th BN, C Co.Pfc
KinoRichard K.522nd Artillery, B BatteryPfc
KinoshitaGeorge H.100th BN, A Co.Sgt
KinoshitaFrancis T.100th BN, C Co.S/Sgt
KinoshitaTony S.100th BN, D Co.Pfc
KinoshitaRichard Kunito100th BN, E Co.Sgt
KinoshitaGeorge Nagao2nd BN, E Co.Tec/5
KinoshitaJoseph2nd BN, E Co.Tec/5
KinoshitaFukuo2nd BN, F Co.Pvt
KinoshitaIsamu S.2nd BN, F Co.S/Sgt
KinoshitaFrank Kiyoshi2nd BN, G Co.Pvt
KinoshitaRichard K.2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
KinoshitaYoshio2nd BN, H Co.S/Sgt
KinoshitaKenichi3rd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
KinoshitaMamoru3rd BN, 3Hq Co.Pfc
KinoshitaTakeji B.3rd BN, I Co.2nd Lt
KinoshitaCharles T.3rd BN, L Co.Cpl
KinoshitaFred Mitsuo442nd Cannon Co.Cpl
KinoshitaRobert Shizuo442nd Medical Co.Capt
KinoshitaYoshito442nd Medical Co.Pvt
KinoshitaGoro522nd Artillery, Svc BatteryPfc
KiraSueki J.100th BN, A Co.Pfc
KiraKumahiro442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
KiraKumahiro442nd Service Co.Pfc
KiraNoboru T.442nd Service Co.Tec/4
KiriharaHenry H.2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
KiriharaJames K.2nd BN, H Co.Sgt
KiriharaDavid M.442nd Service Co.Sgt
KiritaJames Shigeru3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
KiritaniMitsunobu George442nd Medical Co.Pvt
KiritoToshio2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
KiseShinse2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
KishabaHarold R.2nd BN, E Co.Sgt
KishabaSusumu3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
Kishaba (as be)Minoru T.442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
KishiRobert T.2nd BN, G Co.Cpl
KishiiLeo M.3rd BN, K Co.Pvt
KishimotoIwao100th BN, D Co.Pfc
KishimotoIwao3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
KishimotoKiyoshi3rd BN, L Co.S/Sgt
KishinamiRobert N.2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
KishiyamaWilliam K.100th BN, D Co.S/Sgt
KitaKiyoshi100th BN, A Co.Pfc
KitabayashiGeorge Ichiro3rd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
KitadaFred A.100th BN, C Co.Pfc
KitadeEli442nd Medical Co.Pfc
KitagawaKiyoshi100th BN, A Co.1st Lt
KitagawaYeichi100th BN, A Co.Pfc
KitagawaRaymond Masato100th BN, Hq Co.S/Sgt
KitagawaMasayuki100th BN, C Co.Pfc
KitagawaSaburo100th BN, D Co.Pvt
KitagawaRoy J.2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
KitagawaSamuel Shoji2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
KitagawaTsunao3rd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
KitagawaTamiji3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
KitagawaBen3rd BN, L Co.T/Sgt
KitagawaTerumi3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
KitagawaYoshiharu3rd BN, M Co.S/Sgt
KitagawaManuel C.442nd Cannon Co.Pfc
KitagawaMichinori Lawrence522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryPfc
KitaguchiKameo100th BN, C Co.SFC
KitaguchiAkio100th BN, D Co.Pfc
KitaguchiChitose3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
KitaharaArthur100th BN, D Co.S/Sgt
KitajiRobert R.232nd EngineersS/Sgt
KitajimaGeorge Y.2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
KitamuraTakeshi100th BN, C Co.Pfc
KitamuraWilliam I.2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
KitaniMasukuni G.3rd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
KitanoMegumi100th BN, D Co.Pfc
KitaokaTakashi100th BN, B Co.1st Sgt
KitaokaRoy H.100th BN, D Co.Pvt
KitashimaMinoru Nort100th BN, A Co.Pfc
KitashimaJames Hajime100th BN, B Co.Pfc
KitashimaAkira A.3rd BN, K Co.Pvt
KitoJun J.100th BN, A Co.Sgt
KitsuRaymond Keiji100th BN, E Co.M/Sgt
KitsuYoshio442nd Medical Co.Pfc
KitsukiTsugio2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
KitsusePaul T.2nd BN, F Co.Sgt
KitsuseJames I3rd BN, M Co.Sgt
KiyabuRonald Shigeo100th BN, A Co.Sgt
KiyabuJutei100th BN, Hq Co.S/Sgt
KiyabuHarry S.100th BN, D Co.Pvt
KiyabuShigekichi2nd BN, E Co.S/Sgt
KiyabuFreddy M.442nd Cannon Co.Pfc
KiyamaHoward H.100th BN, B Co.Sgt
KiyamaThomas Takeishi3rd BN, L Co.Tec/5
KiyanHenry Toyo2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
KiyoharaEdward E.3rd BN, M Co.T/Sgt
KiyohiroTsugio100th BN, D Co.Pfc
KiyoiIra M.3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
KiyomotoAyato2nd BN, E Co.S/Sgt
KiyomuraHarry J.100th BN, A Co.Sgt
KiyomuraShigeru2nd BN, E Co.Sgt
KiyomuraHideo3rd BN, L Co.S/Sgt
KiyomuraKazuo232nd EngineersPvt
KiyonagaWalter S.100th BN, A Co.Pfc
KiyonagaJoseph Yoshio3rd BN, M Co.1st Lt
KiyonagaJoseph Yoshio3rd BN, M Co.S/Sgt
KiyonagaKazuo442nd Anti Tank Co.Tec/5
KiyonoBuster Ittshu442nd HQ Co.Tec/5
KiyonoMilton Takeo3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
KiyosakiThomas Noritomo232nd EngineersCpl
KiyotaJames M.100th BN, A Co.Pfc
KiyotaEdward Y.100th BN, B Co.S/Sgt
KiyotaGeorge100th BN, C Co.Tec/5
KiyotaWillie Kiyoshi2nd BN, H Co.1st Lt
KiyotaWillie Kiyoshi2nd BN, H Co.T/Sgt
KiyunaFred M100th BN, A Co.
KizukaFrank Shiyunichi2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
KizukaDick Isamu2nd BN, F Co.
KizukaShigeru Thomas3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
KizukaAlbert T.442nd Anti Tank Co.Tec/5
KoJohn Yohan100th BN, C Co.1st Lt
KobaHarry S.2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
KobaHaruki Jack3rd BN, HQ Co.S/Sgt
KobaMasafumi522nd Artillery, C BatterySgt
KobashiKiyomi K.100th BN, A Co.S/Sgt
KobashigawaYeiki100th BN, B Co.2nd Lt
KobashigawaWilliam S.100th BN, Medical Co.Tec/5
KobashigawaMasashi3rd BN, I Co.S/Sgt
KobashigawaMasaru232nd EngineersS/Sgt
KobashigawaMatsusuke522nd Artillery, B BatteryPfc
KobataEdward Akira100th BN, A Co.Tec/5
KobataTakashi A.442nd HQ Co.Pfc
KobataTakashi A.100th BN, C Co.Pfc
KobataEdward Akira442nd Service Co.Tec/5
KobatakeGilbert Daiji232nd EngineersCapt
KobatakeYoshiaki522nd Artillery, C BatterySgt
KobayakawaThomas Shigeyuki100th BN, C Co.Sgt
KobayashiJitsuo100th BN, A Co.Pfc
KobayashiAsao100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
KobayashiHiromu100th BN, B Co.Pfc
KobayashiNobuo100th BN, C Co.Pvt
KobayashiSatoru100th BN, C Co.Pfc
KobayashiHarold Masao100th BN, D Co.Pfc
KobayashiJohn Y.100th BN, D Co.Pfc
KobayashiTazuto Ben100th BN, D Co.Cpl
KobayashiYoshio100th BN, D Co.Pfc
KobayashiIsamu2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
KobayashiThomas Takao2nd BN, E Co.Cpl
KobayashiJames Jinnosuke2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
KobayashiStanley S.2nd BN, F Co.S/Sgt
KobayashiRobert Soeru3rd BN, HQ Co.Tec/4
KobayashiShiro3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
KobayashiHenry E.3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
KobayashiMatsuo Mat442nd Anti Tank Co.S/Sgt
KobayashiTakashi442nd Anti Tank Co.Pvt
KobayashiAlbert Atsushi442nd Service Co.CWO
KobayashiYozo522nd Artillery, Svc BatteryTec/5
KobayashiRoy Tokio522nd Artillery, C BatteryTec/4
KobayashiRudy Tadao522nd Artillery, C BatteryCpl
KobayashiTetsuo Henry522nd Artillery, C BatteryPfc
KobayashiAkira D.522nd Artillery, A BatteryPfc
KobayashiGeorge T.522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryTec/5
KobukataKenneth2nd BN, G Co.Pvt
KobyAlbert Atsushi442nd Service Co.CWO
KochiyamaWilliam Masayoshi3rd BN, K Co.T/Sgt
KodaMakota M100th BN, A Co.Sgt
KodaKiichi100th BN, A Co.Pfc
KodaMakota M442nd HQ Co.Sgt
KodamaArcher F.442nd HQ Co.Pfc
KodamaFrancis Kiyoshi100th BN, Hq Co.1st Lt
KodamaMasato100th BN, Hq Co.Tec/4
KodamaHajime100th BN, B Co.Pfc
KodamaAsashi Larry100th BN, D Co.Pfc
KodamaHitoshi Richard2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
KodamaMineo2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
KodamaArcher F.2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
KodamaMitsuo2nd BN, F Co.Tec/5
KodamaTadao L.2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
KodamaGeorge K.3rd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
KodamaHarry Mitsuru3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
KodamaTeruo Ted3rd BN, M Co.S/Sgt
KodamaMasato442nd Service Co.Tec/4
KodamaGeorge S.522nd Artillery, C BatteryPvt
KodamaSadao David522nd Artillery, Hq BatterySgt
KodaniEugene Gen442nd HQ Co.Pfc
KodaniTakao Tyrus100th BN, D Co.Sgt
KogaHorace Shigeto442nd HQ Co.Pfc
KogaJoe S.442nd HQ Co.Tec/5
KogaMasao100th BN, Hq Co.1st Lt
KogaMasato100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
KogaSeiki100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
KogaMitsuaki100th BN, D Co.Sgt
KogaToru W.100th BN, D Co.Pfc
KogaRichard H.100th BN, Medical Co.Tec/5
KogaToshio2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
KogaMasakazu Bob2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
KogaKatsumi3rd BN, HQ Co.Sgt
KogaRichard H.3rd BN, HQ Co.Pvt
KogaSmitty Hachiro3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
KogaJoe S.3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
KogaMax S.3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
KogaMakoto442nd Medical Co.Pfc
KogaRichard H.442nd Medical Co.Tec/5
KogaAlbert Shunsei232nd EngineersPfc
KogeYukiyoshi232nd EngineersPfc
KohaguraHiroshi522nd Artillery, C BatteryTec/5
KohamaMasao R.100th BN, D Co.Pfc
KohamaWataru H.3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
KoharaHitoshi3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
KoharaSadaichi3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
KohashiWataru2nd BN, F Co.Sgt
KohashiEtsuo3rd BN, K Co.T/Sgt
KohashiHiroshi3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
KohatsuKiichi Kenneth100th BN, Hq Co.Pvt
KohayaHarry T.100th BN, A Co.
KohayaTerry Taro100th BN, A Co.S/Sgt
KoikeClarence S.3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
KoikeMasaru Dr.442nd Cannon Co.Cpl
KoishigawaFumio100th BN, A Co.Pfc
KoitoSadamu3rd BN, K Co.Sgt
KoizumiYutaka100th BN, A Co.Pvt
KoizumiMasao100th BN, B Co.Pfc
KoizumiTokuichi100th BN, B Co.S/Sgt
KoizumiHayato100th BN, B Co.Pvt
KoizumiJames S.2nd BN, H Co.S/Sgt
KoizumiShoichi3rd BN, L Co.1st Lt
KoizumiGeorge K.442nd Cannon Co.Pfc
KojaJiro3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
KojakuShaw2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
KojakuJun3rd BN, M Co.Sgt
KojiKenneth Hideo100th BN, D Co.Pfc
KojiYoshio100th BN, D Co.Pfc
KojimaTakao John100th BN, C Co.
KojimaHideo2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
KojimaSakaye3rd BN, I Co.Sgt
KojimaSeichi3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
KojimaKuga3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
KojimaSeichi3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
KojimaTadashi3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
KojimaTetsuaki Ted3rd BN, M Co.Cpl
KojimotoMitsunobu2nd BN, H Co.S/Sgt
KojiroIwao2nd BN, G Co.T/Sgt
KojiroBert Y.522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryTec/4
KojoKazufumi K.2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
KokameNobuo2nd BN, F Co.S/Sgt
KokiMamoru100th BN, C Co.
KokiKiyoki3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
KokkaTameki Tommy2nd BN, G Co.Sgt
KokubuJimmie T.2nd BN, G Co.Cpl
KokubunToshio100th BN, Hq Co.Pvt
KokubunThomas Tatsuo100th BN, Medical Co.Pfc
KokubunTatsuo3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
KokubunToshio3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
KokubunEdwin H.442nd Anti Tank Co.S/Sgt
KokubunTetsuo Herbert442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
KokubunTetsuo Herbert442nd Service Co.Pfc
KokubunThomas Tatsuo442nd Medical Co.Pfc
KomachiGeorge M.3rd BN, I Co.2nd Lt
KomachiRoy D.3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
KomaiDan2nd BN, F Co.
KomatsuKatsuto100th BN, Hq Co.S/Sgt
KomatsuJames K.100th BN, B Co.Pfc
KomatsuTetsuo2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
KomatsuWilliam Y.3rd BN, I Co.Pvt
KomatsuHarry442nd Service Co.S/Sgt
KomatsuSadao David522nd Artillery, Hq Battery
KomatsubaraFrank Hidenobu100th BN, A Co.Pfc
KomedaFred H.100th BN, C Co.Pfc
KometaniKatsumi100th BN, Medical Co.Capt
KomiyamaArthur T.100th BN, Hq Co.Tec/5
KomiyamaArthur T.442nd Service Co.Tec/5
KomiyamaClarence M.442nd Medical Co.Pfc
KomoJames T.2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
KomodaWilliam M.100th BN, B Co.Sgt
KomodaCharles T.2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
KomodaMasao2nd BN, G Co.Sgt
KomoreMitsunori522nd Artillery, Svc BatteryTec/5
KomoriHisashi100th BN, C Co.
KomoriKatsuyoshi Herbert232nd EngineersS/Sgt
KomotoKentaro Kenneth2nd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
KomotoNobuo2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
KomotoMasao3rd BN, HQ Co.Pvt
KomotoMatsuichi3rd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
KomotoYoshito3rd BN, K Co.Tec/5
KomotoGeorge442nd Cannon Co.Pfc
KomotoIro522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryPfc
KonHideo100th BN, C Co.Pfc
KonagamitsuKiko E.2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
KondoToshimitsu100th BN, A Co.Pfc
KondoHarushi100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
KondoMasato Richard100th BN, D Co.Pvt
KondoMasayuki R.100th BN, D Co.S/Sgt
KondoRobert M.100th BN, D Co.S/Sgt
KondoHenry M.2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
KondoHarry M.2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
KondoIsao2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
KondoJames K.2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
KondoHerbert Y.2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
KondoAkira Jack2nd BN, G Co.Sgt
KondoRobert M.2nd BN, G Co.S/Sgt
KondoHarvey Tsuneo2nd BN, H Co.Tec/5
KondoMasuo2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
KondoYukio2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
KondoShiro3rd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
KondoHarry T.3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
KondoGeorge3rd BN, M Co.Sgt
KondoJohn T.3rd BN, M Co.Tec/5
KondoMilton N.442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
KondoFred F.522nd Artillery, B BatteryCpl
KondowHoward N.2nd BN, F Co.Tec/5
KonishiFred M.442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
KonishiTadashi T.442nd Cannon Co.Pvt
KonishiKoji522nd Artillery, A BatteryPfc
KonishiMuneaki522nd Artillery, A BatteryPfc
KonnoJimmy S.100th BN, A Co.Pfc
KonnoRex H.2nd BN, E Co.S/Sgt
KonnoFrank S.2nd BN, G Co.Sgt
KonnoHarry S.2nd BN, G Co.Tec/5
KonnoDaniel S.442nd Medical Co.Tec/5
KonoMasaichi100th BN, C Co.Pfc
KonoMitsuyuki Shiek2nd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
KonoMasaru3rd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
KonoMasaichi3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
KonoMasuo442nd Cannon Co.Pfc
KonoJames Masanori522nd Artillery, Svc BatterySgt
KonoThomas Kiyoshi522nd Artillery, A BatterySgt
KorenagaTakeshi2nd BN, HQ Co.Pvt
KorenagaNobuo2nd BN, G Co.S/Sgt
KoreyasuRobert H.442nd HQ Co.Tec/5
KoriyamaFranklin Masahiro3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
KosaiMinoru442nd HQ Co.Pfc
KosasaNeil K3rd BN, K Co.
KosasaNeil K.442nd Service Co.Pfc
KosekiMasao2nd BN, H Co.Tec/5
KosekiJoseph S.3rd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
KoshiPaul T.2nd BN, G Co.T/Sgt
KoshibaJone Susumu100th BN, C Co.Pfc
KosugeTsune100th BN, A Co.Sgt
KosugiShigeji3rd BN, L Co.S/Sgt
KotakeMasaru George2nd BN, E Co.Tec/5
KotakeKingo2nd BN, G Co.Sgt
KotakiMasaru232nd EngineersPfc
KotaniMasaichi100th BN, A Co.Pfc
KotoErnest2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
KotoRichard Sueo3rd BN, L Co.S/Sgt
KotoCharles Takeashi442nd Medical Co.Pfc
KotokuMasa2nd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
KotomoriAlbert Asahi3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
KotomoriAlbert Asahi522nd Artillery, B BatteryS/Sgt
KotsuboSeichi232nd EngineersPfc
KouchiYoshio Jack442nd Anti Tank Co.Tec/5
KouraArthur Y.3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
KovacIvan F.442nd HQ Co.Major
KovacsLewis2nd BN, F Co.CWO
KowaseHarry T.2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
KoyamaGeorge100th BN, A Co.Pfc
KoyamaKarl100th BN, Hq Co.1st Sgt
KoyamaJohn S2nd BN, H Co.
KoyamaNoboru Norman3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
KoyanagiTakeo100th BN, D Co.S/Sgt
KoyanoWesley Kaname100th BN, D Co.Pfc
KozaWalter John100th BN, A Co.Sgt
KozuShigeru2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
KozuPete Masaru3rd BN, L Co.S/Sgt
KozumaPaul K.3rd BN, HQ Co.Cpl
KozumaHoward T.442nd Medical Co.S/Sgt
KozuwaFred Ikiyo2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
KreskowskyMike3rd BN, I Co.1st Lt
KriviAndrew H.100th BN, B Co.2nd Lt
KubaAllen Saburo2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
KubaShigeo3rd BN, L Co.Sgt
KubaRichard S.522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryTec/5
KuboYoshio100th BN, A Co.Pfc
KuboSadao H.100th BN, C Co.Pvt
KuboYoshio100th BN, C Co.Pfc
KuboHoichi Bob100th BN, Medical Co.Sgt
KuboGeorge M.2nd BN, E Co.Pvt
KuboBen T.2nd BN, F Co.Cpl
KuboRoy M.2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
KuboRobert Shoichi2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
KuboYoshito442nd Anti Tank Co.Sp/5
KuboEarl Torao442nd Service Co.M/Sgt
KuboRalph N.442nd Service Co.Pfc
KuboTadashi442nd Medical Co.Tec/5
KuboCarl M.442nd Medical Co.Tec/4
KuboKazuma522nd Artillery, Svc BatterySFC
KubochiHiroshi522nd Artillery, A BatteryPfc
KubokawaJames K.100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
KubosumiJames442nd Anti Tank Co.Tec/5
KubotaAkira Joe100th BN, A Co.Pfc
KubotaHiroshi100th BN, A Co.Pfc
KubotaAlfred Morinobu442nd HQ Co.Cpl
KubotaKazuo100th BN, C Co.Pfc
KubotaTakao100th BN, C Co.S/Sgt
KubotaMamoru2nd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
KubotaRobert J.2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
KubotaDuke T.2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
KubotaJiro Jerry2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
KubotaTommy Sadro2nd BN, G Co.S/Sgt
KubotaSadaichi3rd BN, I Co.Capt
KubotaKazuo3rd BN, K Co.Cpl
KubotaToshio3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
KubotaShinobu3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
KubotaCharles Isao442nd Cannon Co.Sgt
KubotaHisashi232nd EngineersT/Sgt
KubotaHaruo Ted522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryPfc
KuboyamaMitsuharu442nd Medical Co.Tec/5
KudoTakeshi442nd HQ Co.Pfc
KudoFrancis Mitsuji100th BN, C Co.2nd Lt
KudoHarold3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
KudoKazuyukii442nd Cannon Co.Sgt
KudoMitsugi Thomas522nd Artillery, A BatteryPfc
KudowIsao3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
KugaHarry K.2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
KugaGeorge3rd BN, K Co.S/Sgt
KugeThomas Tomatsu3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
KugeToshiaki442nd Medical Co.2nd Lt
KugiyamaKenneth K.100th BN, D Co.Pvt
KugizakiHaruo100th BN, Hq Co.M/Sgt
KuidaPaul Masatoshi3rd BN, K Co.Sgt
KuidaHiroshi442nd Cannon Co.S/Sgt
KuiokaIsao Jack100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
KukitaShigeo Larry100th BN, Hq Co.Cpl
KumabeNoboru Paul442nd HQ Co.Pfc
KumabeToshio442nd HQ Co.Pfc
KumabeHerbert Tomiki100th BN, Hq Co.S/Sgt
KumabeNoboru Paul100th BN, E Co.Pfc
KumabeNoboru Paul2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
KumabeHerbert Tomiki522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryS/Sgt
KumagaiFrank Toshiyuki2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
KumagaiBen Tsutomu2nd BN, G Co.T/Sgt
KumagaiFrank X.2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
KumagaiHisashi2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
KumagaiTerry Teruo206th Army BandTec/4
KumakiJames Katsuya100th BN, C Co.Pfc
KumakuraKiyoshi K3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
KumashiroTaneji Richard522nd Artillery, A BatteryS/Sgt
KumataHaruo522nd Artillery, Svc BatteryCpl
KumeAkira442nd Medical Co.Tec/4
KumujiYutaka100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
KumujiYutaka442nd Service Co.Pfc
KunichikaKenichi3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
KunichikaJitsuo442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
KuniedaMinoru100th BN, D Co.S/Sgt
KunihiroMitsuo S.2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
KunihiroMitsuru522nd Artillery, Svc BatteryTec/4
KunimatsuIsamu2nd BN, H Co.Pvt
KunimuraToshio100th BN, Hq Co.M/Sgt
KunimuraHiroshi3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
KunimuraTetsuro442nd Service Co.1st Sgt
KunimuraRaymond Denji522nd Artillery, C BatteryCpl
KunishiTsutomu100th BN, A Co.S/Sgt
KunishigeSusumu100th BN, A Co.Pfc
KunishigeSusumu442nd HQ Co.Pfc
KunishigeMitsutada2nd BN, HQ Co.Pvt
KunishigeThomas2nd BN, HQ Co.Tec/5
KunishigeKazuo2nd BN, G Co.S/Sgt
KunishigeTadashi2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
KunishigeAsao3rd BN, M Co.S/Sgt
KunishigeSakae442nd Cannon Co.Pfc
KunitakeRoy S.2nd BN, G Co.Pvt
KunitakeAlbert M.232nd EngineersTec/4
KunitsuguHiroshi Bill3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
KuniyoshiDenji Dan3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
KuniyoshiHideo3rd BN, K Co.S/Sgt
KuniyoshiRobert Y.232nd EngineersPfc
KuniyukiToshiharu James100th BN, Hq Co.Pvt
KuniyukiYukio2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
KuniyukiRobert Iwao3rd BN, HQ Co.Cpl
KuniyukiHenry Seiya442nd Medical Co.Tec/3
KurachiEdward S.3rd BN, K Co.Sgt
KurachiHarry3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
KuraharaCo.nrad K.100th BN, B Co.Pfc
KuraharaLaverne M.100th BN, C Co.Pfc
KuraharaArthur S.100th BN, D Co.T/Sgt
KuraharaTed N.3rd BN, K Co.S/Sgt
KurahashiShoichi3rd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
KurakakeGeorge H.100th BN, B Co.Pvt
KurakazuKiyoshi100th BN, C Co.S/Sgt
KuramotoKatsushi Peter100th BN, A Co.Pfc
KuramotoKiyoshi100th BN, D Co.1st Lt
KuramotoSueo3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
KuramotoYoshio3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
KuranishiKatsuji K.2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
KuranoYoneichi2nd BN, HQ Co.Sgt
KuraokaJerry S.100th BN, A Co.Cpl
KuraokaShigeyoshi Richard100th BN, B Co.Pfc
KurasakiMiyoshi3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
KurashigeRaymond N.100th BN, C Co.Pfc
KurashimaKeikichi2nd BN, E Co.S/Sgt
KurashimaJun3rd BN, M Co.S/Sgt
KurataMinoru2nd BN, G Co.2nd Lt
KurataJames I.2nd BN, G Co.S/Sgt
KurataFred Sadaji3rd BN, K Co.SFC
KurataJames H.522nd Artillery, A Battery2nd Lt
KureYoshio100th BN, A Co.T/Sgt
KureMitsuo2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
KuribayashiMasuo ‘Moose’3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
KuriharaKoya2nd BN, G Co.S/Sgt
KuriharaSueki2nd BN, H Co.Tec/4
KuriharaJiro Peter3rd BN, I Co.S/Sgt
KuriharaKaname B.3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
KuriharaLloyd I.3rd BN, I Co.Tec/5
KuriharaKaname B.3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
KuriharaDan Noburu3rd BN, L Co.Tec/5
KuriharaFrank H.442nd Cannon Co.Pfc
KurimotoTakumi F.100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
KurimuraTerry M.522nd Artillery, A BatteryCpl
KurioGeorge S.232nd EngineersS/Sgt
KurisuFred S.100th BN, B Co.Pfc
KurisuGeorge M. Sr.100th BN, D Co.Pfc
KurisuGeorge Mamoru100th BN, D Co.Pfc
KurisuFrancis M.442nd Service Co.Tec/4
KuriyamaAkiyoshi100th BN, Hq Co.S/Sgt
KurlanNorman Frank442nd Anti Tank Co.1st Lt
KurodaHarry M.100th BN, A Co.Sgt
KurodaHichiro100th BN, A Co.Pfc
KurodaKenzo100th BN, A Co.Pfc
KurodaSammy Iwao100th BN, A Co.Pfc
KurodaHaruto100th BN, B Co.Pfc
KurodaIchiji H.100th BN, E Co.Pfc
KurodaJames Katsumi2nd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
KurodaFrank T.2nd BN, G Co.Sgt
KurodaKenichi K.2nd BN, G Co.S/Sgt
KurodaShiro William2nd BN, G Co.Pvt
KurodaRobert Toshi2nd BN, H Co.S/Sgt
KurodaGoro John3rd BN, K Co.S/Sgt
KurodaKozo K.522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryM/Sgt
KurogiTeruo2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
KuroharaRichard Y.522nd Artillery, C BatteryPfc
KuroiwaHarry Harumi2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
KurokawaYasuyuki100th BN, B Co.Pfc
KurokawaGrant3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
KurokawaMitsuo3rd BN, L Co.Pvt
KurokawaThomas M.3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
KurosawaJiro100th BN, C Co.Pvt
KuroyamaHachiro100th BN, D Co.Pfc
KuroyeShigeo100th BN, A Co.Pfc
KurozawaTetsuo2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
KurozumiMasaji “Shadow”442nd Service Co.Tec/5
KusakaKisuke Richard100th BN, A Co.Pfc
KusakaHayato2nd BN, G Co.S/Sgt
KusakaiSatoshi3rd BN, M Co.Cpl
KusatsuMatsuichi Mutt2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
KusatsuMatsuichi Mutt442nd Cannon Co.Pfc
KuseHifumi442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
KushiSukeyoshi2nd BN, E Co.T/Sgt
KushimaejoMasao442nd Cannon Co.Pfc
KushiyamaKazuo442nd Cannon Co.Pfc
KusudaMitsuji2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
KusumiKay K.442nd Service Co.Tec/5
KusumotoTed T.100th BN, A Co.Pfc
KusunoShigeo Fred100th BN, A Co.Pfc
KusunoShigeo Fred2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
KusunokiTakashi100th BN, A Co.Pfc
KusunokiToshio100th BN, D Co.Pvt
KusunokiGeorge Shinobu2nd BN, E Co.Tec/4
KusunokiGeorge Shinobu442nd Medical Co.Tec/4
KutakaMasao100th BN, A Co.Pfc
KutakaMasato100th BN, A Co.2nd Lt
KutakaClifford M.100th BN, D Co.Cpl
KutaraMasaji100th BN, B Co.Pvt
KutsunaiKatsuto100th BN, C Co.S/Sgt
KuwabaraYonebo100th BN, C Co.Pfc
KuwabaraYonebo3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
KuwabeHisashi100th BN, A Co.Pfc
KuwadaGoro P.100th BN, C Co.Sgt
KuwadaPaul Y.2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
KuwadaFrank3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
KuwadaNobukazu W.442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
KuwaharaGeorge M.100th BN, B Co.S/Sgt
KuwaharaSunao, T100th BN, C Co.Pvt
KuwaharaChester M.100th BN, D Co.Pfc
KuwaharaRoy2nd BN, G Co.Pvt
KuwaharaSatoshi Bernard3rd BN, HQ Co.Tec/5
KuwaharaHarry M.3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
KuwaharaGeorge M.3rd BN, K Co.S/Sgt
KuwaharaJoy3rd BN, M Co.Sgt
KuwamotoGeorge J.522nd Artillery, A BatteryPvt
KuwamuraGeorge M.100th BN, B Co.Pfc
KuwanoeRobert T.(H.?)2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
KuwataWilliam T.3rd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
KuwayamaYeiichi442nd Medical Co.Tec/4
KuwayeDonald Y.100th BN, C Co.Sgt
KuwayeYoshihide100th BN, E Co.Pvt
KuwayeYoshitaka2nd BN, F Co.Pvt
KuwayeJames R.232nd EngineersPfc
KuwazakiYoshiharu Eddie100th BN, D Co.Pvt
KuwazakiYoshiharu Eddie100th BN, E Co.Pvt
KuzuharaKen Daniel522nd Artillery, B BatteryPvt
KyonoJohn H.2nd BN, F Co.Pvt
LaknerJulius100th BN, A Co.2nd Lt
LangCarl Leland2nd BN, F Co.2nd Lt
LangClarence E.3rd BN, 3Hq Co.2nd Lt
LangsdorfEdgar522nd Artillery, Svc Battery1st Lt
LassDouglas H.100th BN, C Co.
Last NameFirst NameCo.Rank (last known)
LawRussell E.100th BN, C Co.S/Sgt
LeeGeorge S. H.100th BN, E Co.Cpl
LeeErnest Weldon3rd BN, HQ Co.1st Lt
Leonida, Jr.John B.442nd Service Co.Pfc
LingleyWilliam B.3rd BN, HQ Co.Capt
LovellJames W.100th BN, Hq Co.Major
LowellRussell Jack100th BN, B Co.1st Lt
LubitzSamuel100th BN, C Co.1st Lt
Luke, Jr.Harold W.442nd Anti Tank Co.1st Lt
LunaHideo Leonard2nd BN, 2Hg Co.Pvt
MabeGeorge Earl442nd Service Co.Tec/5
MabuniYasujiro442nd Medical Co.Pfc
MachemerJohn G.522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryCapt
MachidaRoy Chihiro Dr2nd BN, G Co.S/Sgt
MachidaTaro232nd EngineersS/Sgt
MachigashiraIseo2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
MadokoroHarry Fumio3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
MaedaGeorge Ekiwo100th BN, A Co.S/Sgt
MaedaHisashi100th BN, A Co.Pfc
MaedaKiyoshi100th BN, A Co.Sgt
MaedaSeichi James100th BN, A Co.Pfc
MaedaWallace M.100th BN, A Co.S/Sgt
MaedaYoshiichi100th BN, A Co.Pfc
MaedaGeorge442nd HQ Co.Pvt
MaedaJames Yoshio100th BN, B Co.
MaedaKatsumi100th BN, B Co.Pvt
MaedaRichard Liyoichi100th BN, B Co.Pvt
MaedaShigeo100th BN, C Co.Pfc
MaedaYoshiyuki100th BN, C Co.Pfc
MaedaIsamu Robert2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
MaedaRichard S.2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
MaedaRobert N.2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
MaedaSadami Thomas2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
MaedaKanji2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
MaedaHarvey Toshio2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
MaedaDaniel M.3rd BN, HQ Co.Pvt
MaedaDaniel M.3rd BN, I Co.Pvt
MaedaMasaichi G.3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
MaedaRoy M.3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
MaedaTakematsu Joe3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
MaedaDaniel M.3rd BN, L Co.Pvt
MaedaHarry Sueo442nd Cannon Co.Pfc
MaedaShinjiro LiCo.ln442nd Cannon Co.Pfc
MaedaMasami442nd Service Co.Tec/5
MaedaTakato T. As Tada442nd Medical Co.Tec/5
MaedaJames J.522nd Artillery, B BatteryPfc
MaedoMasao232nd EngineersPfc
MaedonochiShoichi3rd BN, K Co.Tec/5
MaeharaSaburo100th BN, C Co.1st Lt
MaekawaGeorge3rd BN, M Co.Sgt
MaekawaKenzo442nd Anti Tank Co.S/Sgt
MaekawaTom K.522nd Artillery, B BatteryCpl
MaenakaFrank K.2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
MaesakaYasunobu100th BN, B Co.Pvt
MaeshiroMorimasa100th BN, A Co.Pfc
MaeshiroHide3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
MaeyamaHenry H.100th BN, B Co.Pfc
MaeyamaGeorge J.522nd Artillery, B BatteryPfc
MagarifujiRichard K.100th BN, C Co.Pfc
MagataHiroshi100th BN, C Co.Sgt
MaidaShigeo100th BN, C Co.
MakabeHaruto H.100th BN, B Co.Pfc
MakabeYoshito Thomas3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
MakabeYoshito Thomas442nd Cannon Co.Pfc
MakabeDaniel M.442nd Service Co.Tec/5
MakamotoYukio232nd EngineersPfc
MakiShiro100th BN, A Co.
MakidaJiro Robert2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
MakihiraTadaharu Joseph100th BN, C Co.Pfc
MakinoJimmy Yukio2nd BN, G Co.Sgt
MakishiMatsutada100th BN, F Co.Sgt
MakitaErnest S3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
MakiyaMinoru D.3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
MakuuchiMorio F.3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
MalandishJoseph I.442nd HQ Co.Pvt
MametsukaYoshiomi Jack2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
MamiyaYoshio Buddy100th BN, D Co.Cpl
MamiyaMasami442nd Anti Tank Co.S/Sgt
ManaSeiso James100th BN, E Co.Pvt
ManabeMinoru2nd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
ManabeToshio R.2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
ManabeMasato3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
ManabeChitsugi3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
ManagoTakashi100th BN, A Co.S/Sgt
ManakaRoyal442nd Service Co.1st Sgt
ManoAkila M.3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
ManoKumao H.3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
MansbachMelvin F522nd Artillery, Svc Battery2nd Lt
MapesJohn Lewis442nd Service Co.2nd Lt
MarkGeorge S. G.2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
MarkGeorge S. G.522nd Artillery, A BatteryPvt
MarquesHarold Leslie100th BN, Hq Co.1st Lt
MaruichiMasaaki522nd Artillery, B BatteryPfc
MarumotoShigeki100th BN, D Co.S/Sgt
MarumotoIwao232nd EngineersPfc
MaruoPaul Kuneshige100th BN, A Co.Sgt
MaruoYoshikatsu442nd HQ Co.Sgt
MaruoKuniharu442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
MaruoTsuneshi522nd Artillery, C BatteryPfc
MarushigeTadashi522nd Artillery, A BatteryPfc
MarutaniMax Akira442nd Service Co.M/Sgt
MaruyamaSusumu2nd BN, E Co.
MaruyamaBob Akira2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
MaruyamaHenry Hatsuo2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
MaruyamaKazuma2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
MaruyamaKazuo3rd BN, K Co.S/Sgt
MaruyamaErnest Y.442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
MaruyamaHideo442nd Medical Co.Pvt
MarzanoRocCo. G.(A.?)100th BN, C Co.
MasadaHiroshi3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
MasakiMatsumi100th BN, A Co.Pfc
MasakiGeorge H.442nd HQ Co.Pfc
MasakiTokumi100th BN, C Co.Pfc
MasakiIsami100th BN, D Co.Pvt
MasakiMasao John100th BN, D Co.Pfc
MasakiMac Jitsumi100th BN, F Co.Tec/5
MasakiKazuye Paul2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
MasakiTokumi3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
MasamitsuJames Dimi100th BN, A Co.Pfc
MasamitsuTom Toshihiko100th BN, D Co.Sgt
MasamitsuKenneth Takeshi2nd BN, HQ Co.1st Lt
MasamoriTakashi James3rd BN, L Co.Sgt
MasamoriTom Tadashi442nd Medical Co.Pvt
MasamoriTom Tadashi206th Army BandPvt
MasanaoGo2nd BN, E Co.
MasaokaGeorge442nd HQ Co.Pfc
MasaokaTadashi Tad442nd HQ Co.Pfc
MasaokaTadashi Tad2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
MasaokaBen Frank2nd BN, E Co.Pvt
MasaokaAkira Ike2nd BN, F Co.Tec/4
MasaokaHisao Hank2nd BN, F Co.Sgt
MasaokaKay K.2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
MasaokaFumio Tony2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
MasaokaMike M.442nd Service Co.Tec/4
MasaokaAkira Ike442nd Medical Co.Tec/4
MasashiSusumu E100th BN, B Co.Sgt
MasatsuguJames T.442nd HQ Co.Pvt
MasatsuguNobuichi100th BN, B Co.Pfc
MasatsuguJames T.2nd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
MashinoHiroshi Herbie2nd BN, G Co.Pvt
MashitaMasa100th BN, A Co.Pvt
MastrellaAngelo A.100th BN, Medical Co.1st Lt
MasuchikaToshito3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
MasudaMinoru100th BN, A Co.Pfc
MasudaTakashi100th BN, A Co.Pfc
MasudaJames T.100th BN, B Co.Sgt
MasudaYoshito100th BN, C Co.Pfc
MasudaKazuto100th BN, C Co.Pfc
MasudaKunito Don2nd BN, E Co.Sgt
MasudaShuichi Chester2nd BN, E Co.Pvt
MasudaDick Zenichi2nd BN, F Co.S/Sgt
MasudaEso2nd BN, F Co.Pvt
MasudaKazuo2nd BN, F Co.S/Sgt
MasudaKaoru2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
MasudaTakashi2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
MasudaTsugimi2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
MasudaHisao Harry3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
MasudaAllen H.3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
MasudaIwao John ‘Oscar’3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
MasudaJimmy T.3rd BN, M Co.Cpl
MasudaKazuo3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
MasudaAllan H.442nd Service Co.Pfc
MasudaMinoru442nd Medical Co.Tec/3
MasudaTerry T.442nd Medical Co.Tec/3
MasudaMamoru James522nd Artillery, C BatteryS/Sgt
MasuiThomas T.2nd BN, E Co.Tec/3
MasuiMinoru G.(as Moru)2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
MasumotoIrving T.100th BN, A Co.Sgt
MasumotoNoriyoshi100th BN, C Co.Pvt
MasumotoStanley K.100th BN, D Co.Cpl
MasumotoGeorge H.2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
MasumotoTadashi442nd Cannon Co.Pvt
MasumotoYoshio442nd Cannon Co.Sgt
MasumotoHideo232nd EngineersPfc
MasumotoNoriyuki232nd EngineersCpl
MasumotoyaGenichi100th BN, Medical Co.Tec/3
MasumotoyaGenichi442nd Medical Co.Tec/3
MasumuraLawrence Kidan100th BN, A Co.Sgt
MasumuraEisei2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
MasunagaKiyoshi100th BN, B Co.Pfc
MasunagaJohn M.2nd BN, E Co.Pvt
MasunagaMorris K.2nd BN, G Co.Pvt
MasunagaDorsey Minato3rd BN, L Co.Sgt
MasunagaJohn M.442nd Medical Co.Pvt
MasuokaPeter Setsuo2nd BN, 2Hg Co.S/Sgt
MasushigeGeorge100th BN, C Co.Pfc
MasutaniFloyd K.100th BN, C Co.
MatayoshiShinyei ‘Rocky’2nd BN, G Co.T/Sgt
MatayoshiLewis S.3rd BN, HQ Co.Pvt
MatayoshiShintaro442nd Medical Co.Cpl
MathesonRoderick442nd Service Co.Capt
MatobaHiroshi2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
MatoiNaotomo2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
MatsuSeichi442nd HQ Co.Pvt
MatsuRobert Keaumiki2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
MatsubaraKoichi2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
MatsubaraMasayoshi3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
MatsudaDon100th BN, A Co.Pfc
MatsudaJames Seiichi100th BN, A Co.1st Sgt
MatsudaIrvin Seiju442nd HQ Co.Pvt
MatsudaKazushi J.442nd HQ Co.Pvt
MatsudaTakashi100th BN, B Co.Pvt
MatsudaHeiso100th BN, D Co.Tec/5
MatsudaYoshio2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
MatsudaMonte Takuji2nd BN, F Co.Tec/5
MatsudaRyoichi R.2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
MatsudaKen2nd BN, G Co.S/Sgt
MatsudaYoneichi2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
MatsudaHideto3rd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
MatsudaCarl Goro3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
MatsudaKazushi J.3rd BN, I Co.Pvt
MatsudaRaymond Takayuki3rd BN, I Co.Tec/5
MatsudaSadao R.3rd BN, I Co.Pvt
MatsudaFrank T.3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
MatsudaTomoichi3rd BN, K Co.Sgt
MatsudaIwao3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
MatsudaTakashi3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
MatsudaEichi3rd BN, M Co.Pvt
MatsudaJames Seiichi442nd Cannon Co.Pfc
MatsudaFujio232nd EngineersS/Sgt
MatsudaThomas Y.232nd EngineersPfc
MatsudairaJohn T.3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
MatsudoSeizen100th BN, D Co.Cpl
MatsuedaKeiichiro K.100th BN, A Co.Pfc
MatsuedaEdward I100th BN, Hq Co.
MatsufujiShigeru3rd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
MatsuiJiro100th BN, A Co.S/Sgt
MatsuiKiyoshi Larry100th BN, A Co.Pfc
MatsuiBen N.100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
MatsuiYeiki100th BN, B Co.1st Sgt
MatsuiMasao100th BN, C Co.Pfc
MatsuiGeorge M.100th BN, C Co.
MatsuiMasaru2nd BN, HQ Co.Tec/4
MatsuiHenry K.2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
MatsuiMitsuoki2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
MatsuiTokio3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
MatsuiGeorge T.3rd BN, K Co.Pvt
MatsuiHifumi3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
MatsuiYoshikazu3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
MatsuiMasanori442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
MatsuiEverett442nd Cannon Co.Sgt
MatsuiMasanao Herbert442nd Cannon Co.Cpl
MatsuiMasanori442nd Cannon Co.Pfc
MatsuiWalter K.442nd Service Co.Tec/4
MatsukawaHiroshi100th BN, A Co.Pfc
MatsukawaIsamie2nd BN, G Co.S/Sgt
MatsukawaShigeru Kenneth3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
MatsukawaPeter H.442nd Service Co.Tec/5
MatsukiJoe M.2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
MatsumoriTom K.2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
MatsumoriTom K.442nd Service Co.Pfc
MatsumotoAlbert M.100th BN, A Co.Pfc
MatsumotoCary Yasunori100th BN, A Co.Pfc
MatsumotoHichiro Neal100th BN, A Co.Pfc
MatsumotoSaburo100th BN, A Co.Pfc
MatsumotoWalter M.100th BN, A Co.Pfc
MatsumotoYasunori Cary100th BN, A Co.Pfc
MatsumotoMilton M.442nd HQ Co.Sgt
MatsumotoTakeo H.442nd HQ Co.Pvt
MatsumotoBenny T.100th BN, B Co.Tec/4
MatsumotoCherry100th BN, B Co.Pfc
MatsumotoKoyei100th BN, B Co.Pvt
MatsumotoMitsuo Matt100th BN, B Co.Pfc
MatsumotoThomas M.100th BN, B Co.S/Sgt
MatsumotoYoshikatsu100th BN, B Co.Pfc
MatsumotoSadao100th BN, C Co.Pvt
MatsumotoSoichi100th BN, C Co.Pvt
MatsumotoMasatoshi100th BN, D Co.Pvt
MatsumotoTomio T.100th BN, F Co.Cpl
MatsumotoIsaac H.2nd BN, HQ Co.Tec/5
MatsumotoFred T.2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
MatsumotoNausiro2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
MatsumotoAkira2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
MatsumotoGeorge N.2nd BN, F Co.S/Sgt
MatsumotoHiroo M2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
MatsumotoJiro2nd BN, F Co.Pvt
MatsumotoMatao2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
MatsumotoTakeo2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
MatsumotoTakeo H.2nd BN, F Co.Pvt
MatsumotoHitoshi2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
MatsumotoKatsuki2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
MatsumotoTakayoshi2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
MatsumotoTomoichi2nd BN, G Co.Sgt
MatsumotoTsukasa2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
MatsumotoYoshio Jack2nd BN, G Co.Pvt
MatsumotoHaruo2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
MatsumotoPaul M.2nd BN, H Co.M/Sgt
MatsumotoWillard Y.2nd BN, H Co.S/Sgt
MatsumotoTatsumi3rd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
MatsumotoGoro3rd BN, I Co.Sgt
MatsumotoHideo3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
MatsumotoShigenori3rd BN, I Co.Sgt
MatsumotoTakashi3rd BN, I Co.Pvt
MatsumotoClarence M.3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
MatsumotoJunius J.3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
MatsumotoSuikichi James3rd BN, K Co.S/Sgt
MatsumotoPaul Kazuo3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
MatsumotoTakeki T.3rd BN, L Co.Tec/5
MatsumotoFred M.3rd BN, M Co.S/Sgt
MatsumotoTetsuo442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
MatsumotoToshio Gary442nd Anti Tank Co.Cpl
MatsumotoKiyuichi442nd Cannon Co.Pfc
MatsumotoTakashi442nd Cannon Co.Pfc
MatsumotoTakeo H.442nd Cannon Co.Pvt
MatsumotoTetsuo442nd Cannon Co.Pfc
MatsumotoYeichi R.442nd Cannon Co.Pfc
MatsumotoGeorge M.442nd Medical Co.Sgt
MatsumotoDick Y.232nd EngineersSgt
MatsumotoHichiro Neal232nd EngineersPfc
MatsumotoTorao232nd EngineersPfc
MatsumotoWalter Tsuzuku232nd EngineersCapt
MatsumotoYukio232nd EngineersTec/5
MatsumotoFred T.522nd Artillery, Svc BatteryPfc
MatsumotoTadashi522nd Artillery, Svc BatteryPfc
MatsumotoCharles K.522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryPfc
MatsumuraRobert Toshiichi100th BN, A Co.Tec/5
MatsumuraKaoru100th BN, C Co.Pvt
MatsumuraTom Tokio100th BN, C Co.Tec/3
MatsumuraIsami100th BN, D Co.Pfc
MatsumuraRenkichi2nd BN, E Co.Pvt
MatsumuraHiroshi2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
MatsumuraKatsutoshi2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
MatsumuraStanley S.2nd BN, F Co.Sgt
MatsumuraHenry T.2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
MatsumuraFred Mitsuharu3rd BN, I Co.Sgt
MatsumuraTeruo “Co.wboy”3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
MatsumuraTetsuji3rd BN, L Co.Sgt
MatsumuraYasuo3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
MatsumuraToshio3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
MatsumuraHarold Hiroshi522nd Artillery, A BatteryTec/5
MatsumuraClarence Satoru522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryPfc
MatsunagaKaname100th BN, A Co.Pvt
MatsunagaJoseph J.100th BN, B Co.Pvt
MatsunagaKiyoshi100th BN, B Co.Pvt
MatsunagaSpark Masayuki100th BN, D Co.1st Lt
MatsunagaMitsuki2nd BN, G Co.Sgt
MatsunagaMorris K.2nd BN, G Co.Pvt
MatsunagaJames Hiroshi3rd BN, HQ Co.Tec/5
MatsunagaMegumi Richard3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
MatsunagaRobert Isamu442nd Cannon Co.Pfc
MatsunagaRobert Y.442nd Service Co.Pfc
MatsunakaHarry Hiroshi442nd HQ Co.S/Sgt
MatsunamiHiroshi100th BN, A Co.Pfc
MatsunamiSadashi100th BN, D Co.Pfc
MatsunamiKazumi3rd BN, I Co.T/Sgt
MatsunamiTamotsu Tom232nd EngineersPfc
MatsunoFred R.442nd HQ Co.Pfc
MatsunoKenneth Tsutomo442nd HQ Co.Pfc
MatsunoGeorge Masao3rd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
MatsunoKenneth Tsutomo206th Army BandPfc
MatsuoFred Tatsuji442nd HQ Co.Cpl
MatsuoYoshiichi100th BN, C Co.Sgt
MatsuoFred Tatsuji100th BN, E Co.Cpl
MatsuoHarry2nd BN, F Co.
MatsuoSetsuo Harry2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
MatsuoPerry M.2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
MatsuoDick D.2nd BN, H Co.Pvt
MatsuoKiyotaka442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
MatsuoTheodore Seigoro442nd Medical Co.Pfc
MatsuoBryan Haruo522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryPfc
MatsuokaSatoshi100th BN, B Co.Pfc
MatsuokaJames Toshio2nd BN, E Co.Pvt
MatsuokaYoshio2nd BN, F Co.Pvt
MatsuokaFumikichi3rd BN, HQ Co.S/Sgt
MatsuokaToru3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
MatsuokaYutaka T.442nd Cannon Co.
MatsuokaEdward T.442nd Medical Co.Capt
MatsuokaHenry K.522nd Artillery, A BatteryPfc
MatsuokaTakao “Ace”522nd Artillery, A BatteryPvt
MatsuraSetsuo James3rd BN, M Co.Sgt
MatsuraMasaichi232nd EngineersTec/5
MatsusakiJoseph H.100th BN, C Co.Pfc
MatsushidaShizuo3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
MatsushigeGeorge100th BN, C Co.
MatsushigeTameji100th BN, D Co.Tec/4
MatsushigeKatsuji3rd BN, I Co.Sgt
MatsushigeHaruyoshi442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
MatsushigeHaruyoshi442nd Service Co.Pfc
MatsushimaKazuo100th BN, B Co.Pvt
MatsushimaFrank Kiyoshi3rd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
MatsushimaYoshinobu3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
MatsushitaRay Katsuro2nd BN, F Co.S/Sgt
MatsushitaRobert2nd BN, F Co.
MatsushitaRiutaro2nd BN, G Co.Pvt
MatsushitaGeorge3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
MatsushitaWakao3rd BN, I Co.T/Sgt
MatsushitaShizuo John3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
MatsushitaTommy T.3rd BN, K Co.SFC
MatsushitaTokio Pat3rd BN, M Co.Tec/5
MatsutaniFrank S.100th BN, A Co.Tec/5
MatsuuraHajime442nd HQ Co.Pfc
MatsuuraKiyoshi442nd HQ Co.Pfc
MatsuuraHiroshi Robert100th BN, B Co.Pvt
MatsuuraHiroshi I.100th BN, C Co.Pfc
MatsuuraNaoto100th BN, C Co.Pvt
MatsuuraSam Isamu2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
MatsuuraDavid Shigeru3rd BN, I Co.Tec/5
MatsuuraStanley T.3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
MatsuuraNorman T.442nd Cannon Co.Pfc
MatsuuraMasaichi442nd Service Co.Tec/5
MatsuuraGeorge T.522nd Artillery, C BatteryS/Sgt
MatsuuraEdward Masayuki522nd Artillery, B BatteryPvt
MatsuuraYoshiharu522nd Artillery, B BatteryPfc
MatsuyamaPhillip S.100th BN, C Co.Pfc
MatsuyoshiBunkichi100th BN, Medical Co.Pfc
MatsuyoshiBunkichi442nd Medical Co.Pfc
MatsuzakiSumisu100th BN, B Co.Sgt
MatsuzakiMasakichi J.100th BN, C Co.Pfc
MatsuzakiGeorge2nd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
MatsuzakiJack N.2nd BN, F Co.Tec/5
MatsuzakiShiro2nd BN, G Co.Sgt
MatsuzakiEdwin I.3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
MatsuzakiEdward M.442nd Anti Tank Co.S/Sgt
MatsuzawaJoe2nd BN, E Co.Pvt
MatsuzawaJoe2nd BN, F Co.Pvt
MauraHarry E.2nd BN, F Co.Pvt
MayaharaIsami100th BN, C Co.Tec/4
MayedaShozo442nd HQ Co.Pfc
MayedaFrank Isamu100th BN, Hq Co.S/Sgt
MayedaGeorge M.100th BN, C Co.Sgt
MayedaAlbert Y.100th BN, C Co.S/Sgt
MayedaEo T100th BN, C Co.Pfc
MayedaShozo100th BN, C Co.Pfc
MayedaMasayuki Mike100th BN, D Co.Pfc
MayedaRichard H.2nd BN, H Co.T/Sgt
MayedaCharles S.3rd BN, HQ Co.Tec/4
MayedaBen T.3rd BN, I Co.Tec/5
MayedaEdward Yoshiyuki3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
MayedaGeorge Morio3rd BN, I Co.S/Sgt
MayedaTadashi A.3rd BN, I Co.S/Sgt
MayedaTosh F.3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
MayedaHideo C.442nd Cannon Co.T/Sgt
MayedaJames Michio522nd Artillery, A BatteryTec/5
MayedaThomas522nd Artillery, A BatteryCpl
MayewakiCharles Chuji2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
McGillWilliam Charles100th BN, Hq Co.1st Lt
McGillWilliam Charles100th BN, B Co.1st Lt
McKelvyRobert Joseph100th BN, D Co.Capt
McKenzieAlex Earl100th BN, Hq Co.Major
McLaughlinJohn F.100th BN, C Co.S/Sgt
MeanyGeorge S.522nd Artillery, B Battery1st Lt
MeekinGeorge J.2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
MeekinGeorge J.442nd Service Co.Pfc
MeierAlvin Joseph100th BN, F Co.1st Lt
MeierAlvin Joseph442nd Anti Tank Co.1st Lt
MekaruClifford K.2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
MekaruShigeo Allen522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryPvt
MekataThomas Tomotsu100th BN, D Co.Cpl
MelandishCharles2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
MendeMasato100th BN, B Co.
MendeHarumi100th BN, D Co.T/Sgt
MesheyJohn I.232nd EngineersPfc
MetcalfJames L100th BN, B Co.1st Lt
MeyerRobert Bothwell2nd BN, H Co.Capt
MezurashiNoburo100th BN, A Co.S/Sgt
MichiokaWataru100th BN, D Co.Cpl
MichisakiHenry Ichiro2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
MigakiJoe M.100th BN, D Co.Pfc
MiharaToshio100th BN, B Co.Pfc
MiharaGeorge Y.2nd BN, E Co.Pvt
MiharaGeorge Y.2nd BN, G Co.Pvt
MiharaToshio442nd Medical Co.Pvt
MihoKatsuaki442nd Medical Co.Cpl
MihoKatsugo522nd Artillery, B BatteryPfc
MijoHerbert S.2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
MikamiMasao100th BN, D Co.Pfc
MikamiJun2nd BN, E Co.Tec/5
MikamiJoe2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
MikamiMatume Matt2nd BN, F Co.Sgt
MikamiTakumi2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
MikamiSheishi Dan3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
MikamiKinya3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
MikamiKiyoto ‘Rocky’3rd BN, M Co.T/Sgt
MikamiRobert Y.522nd Artillery, A BatteryTec/5
MikasaTadayoshi2nd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
MikasaKeichi2nd BN, F Co.Sgt
MikasaHaruo442nd Cannon Co.Pfc
MikasaHaruo232nd EngineersPvt
MikiGeorge Takeo100th BN, A Co.Capt
MikiTsutomu Ben3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
MikuniHarold M.3rd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
MildnerRussel Ennis442nd Anti Tank Co.Major
MillerVirgil Rasmuss442nd HQ Co.Co.l
MimakiMakoto Mac3rd BN, I Co.Sgt
MimuraShigeyuki Jack2nd BN, E Co.S/Sgt
MimuraJames Toshiaki2nd BN, F Co.
MimuraFrank3rd BN, M Co.Cpl
MimuraCharles Jitsuo206th Army BandPfc
MinagaChiCo.100th BN, D Co.S/Sgt
MinagaGoro3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
MinagaYuki522nd Artillery, C BatteryTec/4
MinagawaKatsusuke522nd Artillery, Svc BatteryTec/5
MinamiYoshio T.100th BN, Hq Co.T/Sgt
MinamiHiroshi100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
MinamiFrancis K.2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
MinamiSeiichi Ronald3rd BN, I Co.1st Sgt
MinamideKazuhiko2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
MinamideAkira3rd BN, L Co.Sgt
MinamijiMasaharu100th BN, D Co.S/Sgt
MinamotoNed N.100th BN, D Co.
MinamotoMinoru F.2nd BN, HQ Co.Pvt
MinataGeorge Akira442nd Medical Co.S/Sgt
MinatodaniIsamu3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
MineYutao100th BN, C Co.Sgt
MineJumpei100th BN, D Co.Pfc
MineJumpei2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
MineNobuo George522nd Artillery, A BatteryCpl
MineishiTakefumi3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
MinobeGeorge S.2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
Minzer, Jr.Manfred I3rd BN, I Co.2nd Lt
MiotaShoichi100th BN, D Co.Pfc
MirataToshio442nd HQ Co.Tec/5
MirikidaniHarry I.442nd Service Co.Tec/5
MirikitaniEdward M.2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
MirishitaGeorge T.3rd BN, HQ Co.Tec/5
MisakaMinoru2nd BN, F Co.Pvt
MisakiTakami100th BN, B Co.Pfc
MisawaNaoki ‘Mac’442nd Cannon Co.Tec/5
MishimaRichard K.100th BN, B Co.Pfc
MishimaRichard Y.442nd Service Co.Pfc
MisumiTom T.2nd BN, F Co.Pvt
MitaThomas K.100th BN, A Co.Pfc
MitaGeorge T.442nd HQ Co.Pvt
MitaThomas O.442nd HQ Co.Cpl
MitaJohn T.2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
MitaJames K.2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
MitaRoy G.2nd BN, F Co.Cpl
MitaThomas K.2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
MitamuraUtaka Bob100th BN, D Co.Pfc
MitaniKazuo2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
MitaniFrank M.2nd BN, G Co.Tec/5
MitaniBlake S.2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
MitaniMasatoshi442nd Service Co.Tec/5
MitchellNorman Clarence100th BN, C Co.1st Lt
Mitchell Jr.Edward Stephen3rd BN, HQ Co.1st Lt
Mitchell Jr.Edward Stephen3rd BN, K Co.1st Lt
MitoKazuo100th BN, A Co.Pfc
MitobeRoy K.2nd BN, H Co.Sgt
MitomeToshiaki522nd Artillery, MedicsS/Sgt
MitsudaJames J.100th BN, C Co.T/Sgt
MitsudaSatoshi3rd BN, HQ Co.Pvt
MitsuedaTakashi2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
MitsuedaChitoshi3rd BN, K Co.Sgt
MitsuiKiyotoshi442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
MitsuiMitsuto442nd Medical Co.Pvt
MitsukaYoshitomo232nd EngineersCpl
MitsukadoEdward Hideo “Eddie”100th BN, E Co.1st Lt
MitsumoriJames K.2nd BN, HQ Co.Tec/4
MitsumoriMasaki2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
MitsunagaRichard K.442nd HQ Co.Pvt
MitsunagaKenneth Kenji100th BN, D Co.Cpl
MitsunagaAl232nd EngineersTec/5
MitsushimaRaymond H.522nd Artillery, A BatteryTec/5
MitsuyoshiMinoru2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
MiuraKisaku100th BN, A Co.Pvt
MiuraToshio100th BN, A Co.Pvt
MiuraKiyoshi442nd HQ Co.Pfc
MiuraMakoto100th BN, Hq Co.Tec/5
MiuraDavid M.100th BN, C Co.S/Sgt
MiuraMagoichi100th BN, C Co.Pfc
MiuraTommy T.2nd BN, E Co.S/Sgt
MiuraShigeru3rd BN, HQ Co.M/Sgt
MiuraRichard Hiroyuki3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
MiuraLarry Nagao3rd BN, K Co.Tec/5
MiuraTamotsu3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
MiuraCharles Y.442nd Anti Tank Co.Pvt
MiuraYasuhiro442nd Anti Tank Co.Cpl
MiuraTatsuo442nd Service Co.S/Sgt
MiwaRonald Itsuji100th BN, Hq Co.S/Sgt
MiwaEleventh E.2nd BN, HQ Co.Tec/4
MiwaErnest T.522nd Artillery, A BatterySgt
MiyaKatsu3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
MiyabaraMutsuo2nd BN, F Co.S/Sgt
MiyabaraKazuo Carl442nd Medical Co.
MiyabaraIsami522nd Artillery, A BatteryPfc
MiyabeCharles Masami100th BN, A Co.Sgt
Miyabe, Jr.Frank Y.442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
MiyadaDon S.100th BN, A Co.Pfc
MiyadaTom I.2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
MiyadaCharles Y.3rd BN, M Co.S/Sgt
MiyagawaTakeshi Johnny100th BN, C Co.T/Sgt
MiyagawaJitsuo Jay100th BN, F Co.
MiyagawaKazumori3rd BN, HQ Co.S/Sgt
MiyagawaTakeshi T.442nd Anti Tank Co.Pvt
MiyagiWilliam H.100th BN, B Co.Pfc
MiyagiTakamori100th BN, C Co.Pfc
MiyagiMasayoshi100th BN, E Co.Sgt
MiyagishimaKen100th BN, A Co.Pfc
MiyagishimaTeruo2nd BN, G Co.M/Sgt
MiyagishimaHideo442nd Anti Tank Co.Pvt
MiyaguchiMasayuki, John2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
MiyaharaTokio100th BN, A Co.Tec/4
MiyaharaGeorge S.100th BN, C Co.Pfc
MiyaharaKiyoshi F2nd BN, E Co.Tec/4
MiyaharaRaymond Y.2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
MiyaharaRex Hayao3rd BN, I Co.S/Sgt
MiyaharaTakeichi3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
MiyaharaTakeo3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
MiyahiraTakayoshi Ronald442nd HQ Co.T/Sgt
MiyahiraEugene Y.100th BN, B Co.Pvt
MiyahiraKenneth K.3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
MiyahiraYeishin3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
MiyahiraMasao442nd Anti Tank Co.Pvt
MiyaiArthur Akira2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
MiyajiNobuo100th BN, A Co.M/Sgt
MiyajiFred Kiyoshi100th BN, C Co.Tec/5
MiyajiBarney S.2nd BN, F Co.Sgt
MiyajiRobert Satoshi3rd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
MiyajiCharles S.442nd Service Co.Tec/5
MiyakadoYukio3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
MiyakawaNoboru Norman2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
MiyakawaYuichi442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
MiyakeBenjamin B.100th BN, A Co.Pfc
MiyakeHoward Y.100th BN, A Co.2nd Lt
MiyakeMasao100th BN, A Co.Tec/5
MiyakeYachi442nd HQ Co.Pfc
MiyakeMitsukazu Michael100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
MiyakeTetsuo100th BN, B Co.Pvt
MiyakeEdwin Kazuo100th BN, B Co.Tec/5
MiyakeJack K2nd BN, F Co.
MiyakeOcean Yoshinao2nd BN, F Co.
MiyakeRiyoichi2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
MiyakeMitsukazu Michael2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
MiyakeFred T.3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
MiyakeSatoru B.3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
MiyakeEdward S.3rd BN, M Co.Cpl
MiyakeKenneth K.3rd BN, M Co.Sgt
MiyakeTsumoru F.442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
MiyakePaul S.442nd Cannon Co.Pfc
MiyakeRoy Kenji442nd Cannon Co.S/Sgt
MiyakeShigeso Roy442nd Cannon Co.Sgt
MiyakeTsutomu F.442nd Cannon Co.Pfc
MiyakeJames Sueto442nd Service Co.Cpl
MiyakeMatsuto442nd Service Co.M/Sgt
MiyakeMitsukazu Michael442nd Service Co.Pfc
MiyakeGeorge T.522nd Artillery, C BatteryTec/5
MiyakoYozo3rd BN, I Co.Sgt
MiyakoFrank K.442nd Service Co.Tec/4
MiyamaGeorge M.100th BN, Hq Co.T/Sgt
MiyamotoKiguo Clarence100th BN, A Co.Pfc
MiyamotoKenneth N.442nd HQ Co.Tec/5
MiyamotoAkira100th BN, C Co.Pfc
MiyamotoHarry I.100th BN, C Co.Pfc
MiyamotoToshio100th BN, C Co.Pfc
MiyamotoThomas Tokuyoshi100th BN, C Co.Pfc
MiyamotoHarry H.100th BN, D Co.2nd Lt
MiyamotoJames T.100th BN, D Co.Pfc
MiyamotoKaoru Robert100th BN, D Co.1st Sgt
MiyamotoYaichi100th BN, D Co.Pfc
MiyamotoRobert Y.100th BN, Medical Co.Tec/5
MiyamotoTakahisa100th BN, Medical Co.Cpl
MiyamotoNobe Noboru2nd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
MiyamotoGeorge2nd BN, E Co.
MiyamotoMasao2nd BN, F Co.Tec/4
MiyamotoTed Teruo2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
MiyamotoYukio2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
MiyamotoHatime2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
MiyamotoKatsuto3rd BN, HQ Co.Tec/5
MiyamotoKenso C.3rd BN, HQ Co.T/Sgt
MiyamotoMitchie M.3rd BN, HQ Co.S/Sgt
MiyamotoRobert Kiyoichi3rd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
MiyamotoMitsushi3rd BN, I Co.S/Sgt
MiyamotoRichard T.3rd BN, I Co.
MiyamotoTsuneichi J.3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
MiyamotoYasuo Richard3rd BN, I Co.Pvt
MiyamotoFujio Joe3rd BN, K Co.S/Sgt
MiyamotoRodney Yoshinobu3rd BN, K Co.SFC
MiyamotoTadao3rd BN, K Co.Tec/5
MiyamotoJames Hideo3rd BN, K Co.Sgt
MiyamotoNobuo3rd BN, L Co.SFC
MiyamotoRichard T.3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
MiyamotoRobert Kiyoichi3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
MiyamotoMakoto442nd Anti Tank Co.S/Sgt
MiyamotoYukio442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
MiyamotoGeorge N.442nd Cannon Co.Pvt
MiyamotoHenry442nd Cannon Co.Tec/4
MiyamotoHajime442nd Medical Co.Tec/5
MiyamotoMitsuru442nd Medical Co.Pfc
MiyamotoRobert Mitsuo MD442nd Medical Co.Capt
MiyamotoRobert Y.442nd Medical Co.Tec/5
MiyamotoTadao442nd Medical Co.Tec/5
MiyamotoTakahisa442nd Medical Co.Cpl
MiyamotoHajime232nd EngineersTec/5
MiyamotoKameo S.522nd Artillery, C BatteryPfc
MiyamotoTakashi K.522nd Artillery, B BatteryPfc
MiyamotoKunio Frank522nd Artillery, A BatteryPfc
MiyamotoWallace Yoshito522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryM/Sgt
MiyamuraHiroshi Hershey100th BN, D Co.Pfc
MiyamuraYoshito J.2nd BN, H Co.Tec/4
MiyanoJames Kengo100th BN, B Co.Pfc
MiyanoGeorge M.442nd Service Co.Tec/4
MiyaoNichi (as Miyae)100th BN, D Co.Cpl
MiyaoTakao100th BN, D Co.1st Sgt
MiyaokaGeorge Suetomo3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
MiyasakiJohn J.100th BN, B Co.Pfc
MiyasakiHerbert Yoshiki100th BN, F Co.2nd Lt
MiyasakiRobert Masakazu100th BN, Medical Co.T/Sgt
MiyasakiMinoru2nd BN, G Co.Sgt
MiyasakiSusumu3rd BN, L Co.Tec/4
MiyasakiRobert Masakazu442nd Medical Co.T/Sgt
MiyasakoTony T. (as Maya)100th BN, D Co.Cpl
MiyasatoLawrence M.100th BN, A Co.Pfc
MiyasatoWallace Y.100th BN, A Co.Pvt
MiyasatoIsami100th BN, D Co.Pfc
MiyasatoTeruo2nd BN, HQ Co.Tec/4
MiyasatoYoshio2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
MiyasatoKoichi Harry2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
MiyasatoSeichi2nd BN, F Co.Pvt
MiyasatoKiyoshi3rd BN, HQ Co.SFC
MiyasatoShinsei3rd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
MiyasatoFrank S.442nd Cannon Co.Cpl
MiyasatoJohn Shigeru442nd Service Co.Tec/4
MiyasatoNobuichi Morris232nd EngineersPfc
MiyashiroRichard S.100th BN, A Co.Pfc
MiyashiroRoland Jiro100th BN, A Co.Pfc
MiyashiroTadatsune100th BN, A Co.Pfc
MiyashiroRobert T.442nd HQ Co.Tec/4
MiyashiroCharles M.100th BN, Hq Co.Tec/5
MiyashiroRichard S.100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
MiyashiroSeiko100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
MiyashiroMasaichi100th BN, B Co.Pfc
MiyashiroNobu100th BN, B Co.Pvt
MiyashiroSeikichi100th BN, B Co.Tec/5
MiyashiroStephen T.100th BN, B Co.Pfc
MiyashiroChang100th BN, C Co.
MiyashiroGeorge J. ‘Oscar’100th BN, C Co.Pfc
MiyashiroJikichi Roy100th BN, C Co.Pvt
MiyashiroJinichi100th BN, C Co.Sgt
MiyashiroPeter Takashi100th BN, C Co.Pfc
MiyashiroTakeichi Takejiro100th BN, C Co.1st Lt
MiyashiroYoshio100th BN, C Co.S/Sgt
MiyashiroMinoru2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
MiyashiroRichard S.2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
MiyashiroThomas Seiso3rd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
MiyashiroGeorge Joji3rd BN, I Co.1st Sgt
MiyashiroSeiki Larry3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
MiyashiroShinso3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
MiyashiroBob K.442nd Anti Tank Co.Pvt
MiyashiroCalvin Hideichi442nd Anti Tank Co.S/Sgt
MiyashiroTasuku442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
MiyashiroTamotsu442nd Cannon Co.Pfc
MiyashiroYutaka232nd EngineersTec/5
MiyashiroYutaka232nd EngineersTec/5
MiyashiroLarry T.522nd Artillery, A BatteryPvt
MiyashitaTatsuo100th BN, C Co.Tec/4
MiyashitaHazime3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
MiyashitaTadashi522nd Artillery, B BatteryPfc
MiyataTamotsu100th BN, D Co.Pvt
MiyataItsuso Ted100th BN, Medical Co.S/Sgt
MiyataRobert S.2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
MiyataTommy H.3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
MiyataItsuso Ted442nd Medical Co.S/Sgt
MiyataSam I.522nd Artillery, MedicsTec/3
MiyataSam S.522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryPfc
Miyatake (i)?Masaru2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
MiyatakiJerry Teruo100th BN, B Co.Cpl
MiyatakiMasaru2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
MiyauchiFrank K.3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
MiyauchiYukio442nd Medical Co.Capt
MiyawakiTom T.2nd BN, G Co.Sgt
MiyayaClemont K.2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
MiyazakiNolan M.100th BN, B Co.Pvt
MiyazakiFusetsu100th BN, D Co.S/Sgt
MiyazakiRobert Y.3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
MiyazonoSadatoshi100th BN, D Co.Pfc
MiyazonoTokio2nd BN, F Co.Pvt
MiyodaAkira100th BN, B Co.S/Sgt
MiyogaTsuyoshi100th BN, C Co.Pvt
MiyokenTom Tamotsu100th BN, C Co.S/Sgt
MiyokoMitsuru E.100th BN, A Co.T/Sgt
MiyokoNoboru100th BN, B Co.Pfc
MiyokoMinoru George3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
MiyoshiGlenn2nd BN, HQ Co.S/Sgt
MiyoshiRichard T.2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
MiyoshiMasaru3rd BN, L Co.S/Sgt
MizoguchiCharles K.100th BN, C Co.Cpl
MizokamiMasao Roy2nd BN, F Co.Pvt
MizokamiTimothy Itsuo3rd BN, M Co.S/Sgt
MizomiKiyoshi H.100th BN, A Co.Pvt
MizotaKazuo100th BN, C Co.Pfc
MizotaTsugio100th BN, C Co.Pvt
MizoteHisashi E442nd Cannon Co.Tec/4
MizoteJimmy M.442nd Service Co.S/Sgt
MizufukaFrank Ichiro2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
MizuhaJack H.100th BN, D Co.Capt
MizukamiWilliam Shinji2nd BN, H Co.Pvt
MizukamiRobert T.2nd BN, H Co.S/Sgt
MizukamiFrank Y.3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
MizukamiTakeshi ‘Bolo’442nd Cannon Co.Pfc
MizukamiTakaharu232nd EngineersPvt
MizukamiSuguru522nd Artillery, A BatteryTec/5
MizukiHideo2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
MizukiHiroshi G.2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
MizukiHenry T.3rd BN, I Co.Tec/5
MizumotoJoichi442nd HQ Co.Pfc
MizumotoJames H.100th BN, Hq Co.
MizumotoYoshio100th BN, Hq Co.Cpl
MizumotoRobert K.100th BN, C Co.Pfc
MizumotoMorio100th BN, F Co.Pvt
MizunakaTom A.100th BN, A Co.Pfc
MizunakaJames T.100th BN, D Co.S/Sgt
MizunoLarry Y.100th BN, A Co.1st Sgt
MizunoGeorge100th BN, B Co.Pfc
MizunoJames H.(M.)100th BN, B Co.Pfc
MizunoKazuo100th BN, D Co.S/Sgt
MizunoJohn3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
MizunoThomas T.3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
MizunoHerbert K.442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
MizunoJames Yoshio522nd Artillery, B Battery2nd Lt
MizusawaTorao F.100th BN, B Co.Pfc
MizusawaToshio Roy100th BN, B Co.Cpl
MizusawaTsuneki3rd BN, HQ Co.Tec/5
MizusawaTsuneto442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
MizushimaKiyoto Jack100th BN, C Co.Cpl
MizushimaGeorge M.2nd BN, F Co.Sgt
MizutaRichard K.100th BN, C Co.1st Lt
MizutaTsugio100th BN, C Co.
MizutaYoshito2nd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
MochizukiAkio Joseph100th BN, A Co.Pfc
MochizukiHenry Teruya100th BN, D Co.Pfc
MochizukiHaruo E.2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
MochizukiAyao2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
MochizukiJoseph Yoshisada2nd BN, G Co.Tec/5
MochizukiTakeo2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
MochizukiMakoto3rd BN, HQ Co.T/Sgt
MochizukiKomao3rd BN, L Co.S/Sgt
MochizukiTsutomu J.3rd BN, M Co.S/Sgt
MochizukiSaburo J.442nd Anti Tank Co.S/Sgt
MomiiDick Daisuke2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
MomodaShigeru442nd Medical Co.Tec/4
MomodaTakashi442nd Medical Co.S/Sgt
MondenCharles R.2nd BN, H Co.S/Sgt
MonguchiShigeru100th BN, C Co.Pfc
MonjiYoshitoshi James100th BN, Hq Co.Sgt
MonkawaWataru100th BN, A Co.Pvt
MoranEdward V.100th BN, B Co.2nd Lt
MoriFrancis M.100th BN, A Co.
MoriTorao Robert100th BN, A Co.Pfc
MoriToshio100th BN, B Co.Pfc
MoriAkira100th BN, C Co.Pvt
MoriKiyoto100th BN, D Co.Pfc
MoriHenry H.2nd BN, HQ Co.Tec/5
MoriShingo Joseph2nd BN, HQ Co.Pvt
MoriFrank2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
MoriGiro2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
MoriJack S.2nd BN, F Co.Pvt
MoriSanichi2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
MoriYasuo2nd BN, F Co.Cpl
MoriTakeji3rd BN, HQ Co.S/Sgt
MoriCharles S.3rd BN, I Co.SFC
MoriKazuo3rd BN, L Co.Sgt
MoriTsutomu3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
MoriAkira442nd Anti Tank Co.Pvt
MoriHenry H.442nd Service Co.Tec/5
MoriShingo Joseph442nd Service Co.Pvt
MoriYoneo442nd Service Co.Tec/5
MoriMasao522nd Artillery, Svc BatteryT/Sgt
MoriLawrence Yoshito522nd Artillery, A BatteryS/Sgt
MoriguchiGeorge Goro100th BN, A Co.Sgt
MoriguchiWalter T.100th BN, A Co.T/Sgt
MoriguchiRokuro100th BN, A Co.Pfc
MoriguchiHaluto100th BN, C Co.Pfc
MoriharaArthur Akira100th BN, A Co.Pfc
MoriharaIsao Frank100th BN, A Co.Pfc
MoriharaShigeki Fred100th BN, A Co.Pfc
MorihiroRoy Tatsuo2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
MorihiroGeorge3rd BN, I Co.S/Sgt
MorikadoHayato522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryTec/4
MorikamiEdward Norio100th BN, A Co.Pvt
MorikawaThomas Kazuyoshi100th BN, A Co.Pfc
MorikawaTsuneo100th BN, Hq Co.Tec/5
MorikawaHiromu100th BN, B Co.Pvt
MorikawaYoshito100th BN, C Co.Pfc
MorikawaBill M.100th BN, D Co.Pfc
MorikawaKazuyoshi100th BN, Medical Co.
MorikawaHarry Y.2nd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
MorikawaShigeaki T.2nd BN, E Co.Sgt
MorikawaHaruto2nd BN, E Co.Tec/5
MorikawaAkira2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
MorikawaHaruto2nd BN, G Co.Tec/5
MorikawaTeruto W.3rd BN, HQ Co.Pvt
MorikawaHarumi3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
MorikawaFrank442nd Anti Tank Co.Cpl
MorikawaGeorge Y.442nd Service Co.Tec/4
MorikawaKazuyoshi Muggsy442nd Medical Co.Pfc
MorikawaSamuel Katsuo522nd Artillery, C BatteryCpl
MorikiThomas Toshiyuki100th BN, B Co.Pfc
MorikuniMasatami100th BN, B Co.Pvt
MorimitsuSueo Sam2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
MorimotoTadashi442nd HQ Co.Pfc
MorimotoKaneichi100th BN, B Co.Sgt
MorimotoTadashi100th BN, B Co.Pfc
MorimotoShigenori Ben100th BN, C Co.S/Sgt
MorimotoShizuto2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
MorimotoToshiaki2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
MorimotoFrank Y.2nd BN, F Co.Tec/5
MorimotoKiyoshi2nd BN, F Co.T/Sgt
MorimotoKiyoji3rd BN, K Co.T/Sgt
MorimotoSam S.3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
MorimotoTadashi442nd Service Co.Tec/4
MorimotoJames N.442nd Medical Co.Tec/3
MorimotoHenry A.232nd EngineersS/Sgt
MorimuneShigetsugi Harry2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
MorimuneGeorge M.442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
MorinakaRodney Toru100th BN, C Co.Pvt
MorinakaItsuo100th BN, Medical Co.Tec/5
MorinakaItsuo442nd Medical Co.Tec/5
MorinoGinzo2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
MorinoKenji442nd Medical Co.Tec/5
MorioNoboru2nd BN, G Co.S/Sgt
MoriokaIchio100th BN, A Co.Tec/5
MoriokaKiyoshi Carl100th BN, A Co.Pfc
MoriokaThomas A.100th BN, A Co.Pfc
MoriokaWallace Takeshi100th BN, Hq Co.T/Sgt
MoriokaShiro3rd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
MoriokaHideo3rd BN, I Co.
MoriokaKunio3rd BN, I Co.
MorisakiHarold H.100th BN, A Co.Pfc
MorisakiTsutae522nd Artillery, Svc BatteryPfc
MorisatoSunao442nd HQ Co.1st Sgt
MorisatoGeorge3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
MorisawaJackson Soji2nd BN, H Co.Sgt
MorishigeJoseph100th BN, B Co.Pvt
MorishigeKazuo100th BN, C Co.Pfc
MorishigeToshio100th BN, Medical Co.Pvt
MorishigeShigero2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
MorishigeHerbert T.3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
MorishigeShun Cal3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
MorishimaYoshiharu George522nd Artillery, C BatteryTec/5
MorishitaYutaka2nd BN, HQ Co.Pvt
MorishitaUtaka2nd BN, E Co.Pvt
MorishitaUtaka2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
MorishitaKenzo3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
MorishitaTakeo3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
MorishitaLeo Toshio442nd Medical Co.Tec/5
Morishita *George522nd Artillery, C BatteryCpl
MoritaJimmy H.442nd HQ Co.Tec/4
MoritaToshio A.442nd HQ Co.Tec/5
MoritaYoshio100th BN, Hq Co.M/Sgt
MoritaGeorge100th BN, B Co.Pvt
MoritaJack T.100th BN, B Co.S/Sgt
MoritaGeorge K.100th BN, C Co.Pvt
MoritaYoshito100th BN, C Co.Tec/5
MoritaMasatoshi100th BN, E Co.Pfc
MoritaIwao100th BN, F Co.Pfc
MoritaYoshito2nd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
MoritaHiroshi2nd BN, E Co.T/Sgt
MoritaKiyoshi Ronald2nd BN, E Co.Sgt
MoritaPaul H.2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
MoritaJun2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
MoritaKameki2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
MoritaToshio2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
MoritaYoshio J.2nd BN, F Co.Cpl
MoritaNaboro2nd BN, G Co.Sgt
MoritaWalton Masashi2nd BN, G Co.S/Sgt
MoritaHaruo2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
MoritaNobuo3rd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
MoritaRichard Y.3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
MoritaWilliam Hideki3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
MoritaDavid K.3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
MoritaMasao3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
MoritaShinji J.3rd BN, M Co.T/Sgt
MoritaGeorge K.442nd Anti Tank Co.Pvt
MoritaGeorge L.442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
MoritaMamoru442nd Cannon Co.SFC
MoritaYuzuru522nd Artillery, B BatterySgt
MoritaCarl K.522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryS/Sgt
MoritsuguRichard Yutaka100th BN, B Co.
MoritsuguRikio100th BN, B Co.Pvt
MoriuchiSusumo442nd Anti Tank Co.S/Sgt
MoriwakeMasanori100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
MoriwakeKazuto522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryCpl
MoriwakiGeorge Kaoru100th BN, A Co.Pvt
MoriwakiTakeo100th BN, A Co.Pfc
MoriwakiYoshiaki2nd BN, F Co.S/Sgt
MoriwakiMasaru3rd BN, I Co.Sgt
MoriyamaFumio2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
MoriyamaShigeru3rd BN, HQ Co.Tec/4
MoriyamaToshio442nd Anti Tank Co.Cpl
MoriyasuSeichi100th BN, D Co.Pfc
MoriyasuKiyoshi3rd BN, HQ Co.S/Sgt
MoriyasuVictor I.3rd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
MoriyasuTatsuo3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
MorizonoKazuo442nd Service Co.Pfc
MorohashiKatsusuke Fred100th BN, C Co.Pfc
MoromisatoHarry S.100th BN, A Co.S/Sgt
MorriseyNorman Charles3rd BN, I Co.1st Lt
MorrisonCharles W.3rd BN, L Co.1st Lt
MoseleyDavid Leander3rd BN, I Co.1st Lt
MotekiGeorge S.2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
MotoMitsugi100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
MotoKaoru100th BN, C Co.Pfc
MotobuKazuo2nd BN, G Co.Pvt
MotoishiHiroshi A.100th BN, D Co.Pfc
MotokiSeiichi2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
MotonagaMac M.522nd Artillery, A BatteryTec/4
MotookaUte Yutaka2nd BN, F Co.Pvt
MotookaKatsumi3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
MotoyamaSusumu100th BN, C Co.Cpl
MotoyamaJimmie K.3rd BN, HQ Co.S/Sgt
MotoyamaJimmie K.3rd BN, L Co.S/Sgt
MoyeRalph G.522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryMajor
MukaiAlvino100th BN, B Co.Pfc
MukaiMasao100th BN, B Co.Tec/4
MukaiShinichi100th BN, C Co.Pfc
MukaiMasanobu100th BN, D Co.Sgt
MukaiHachiro2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
MukaiShigeto2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
MukaiJames S.3rd BN, I Co.Pvt
MukaiShinichi3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
MukaiHenry T.3rd BN, K Co.S/Sgt
MukaiFrank T.3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
MukaiShiro3rd BN, L Co.Pvt
MukaiTomeo3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
MukaiGeorge T.3rd BN, M Co.Sgt
MukaiSadamu3rd BN, M Co.Cpl
MukaiMinoru442nd Medical Co.Pfc
MukaiGeorge Takashi232nd EngineersPfc
MukawaShoichi2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
MukumotoHisashi J.100th BN, C Co.Pfc
MunchArthur William3rd BN, M Co.Capt
MunemoriSadao “Spud”100th BN, A Co.Pfc
MunemuraJack Shuji2nd BN, F Co.Tec/5
MunemuraMitsuo522nd Artillery, C BatterySgt
MunenoHeiji100th BN, D Co.Pvt
MunetaHenry M.3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
MunetakeToshio3rd BN, HQ Co.Tec/5
MuraiMaraaki100th BN, B Co.
MuraiKatsumi100th BN, C Co.T/Sgt
MuraiMarushi100th BN, Medical Co.Pfc
MuraiTeruo442nd Cannon Co.Pfc
MuraiTokuo Chester232nd EngineersPfc
MurakamiToshio S.100th BN, A Co.S/Sgt
MurakamiHisaki100th BN, A Co.S/Sgt
MurakamiHoward M.442nd HQ Co.Tec/5
MurakamiAtsushi100th BN, B Co.S/Sgt
MurakamiGeorge T.100th BN, B Co.T/Sgt
MurakamiMasami Richard100th BN, B Co.Pvt
MurakamiNobuo100th BN, B Co.Pvt
MurakamiTokuo100th BN, B Co.S/Sgt
MurakamiSakae100th BN, C Co.Pfc
MurakamiMamoru100th BN, C Co.Pfc
MurakamiMinoru100th BN, C Co.S/Sgt
MurakamiRobert S.100th BN, Medical Co.
MurakamiTadao100th BN, Medical Co.Tec/5
MurakamiAtsushi2nd BN, HQ Co.Pvt
MurakamiKazuo P.2nd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
MurakamiLens Leo2nd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
MurakamiIsamu2nd BN, E Co.T/Sgt
MurakamiMitsugu2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
MurakamiDouglas M.2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
MurakamiHideo2nd BN, F Co.
MurakamiIchio2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
MurakamiJohn Yoneo2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
MurakamiT.2nd BN, F Co.
MurakamiTakashi2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
MurakamiTsuguo2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
MurakamiYoshiaki2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
MurakamiYoshihiro2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
MurakamiKiyoshi2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
MurakamiFred H.2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
MurakamiKatsumi2nd BN, G Co.S/Sgt
MurakamiCharles M.2nd BN, H Co.S/Sgt
MurakamiKiyomi S.2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
MurakamiOsamu2nd BN, H Co.Pvt
MurakamiSusumu2nd BN, H Co.Pvt
MurakamiGeorge3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
MurakamiKazuo G.3rd BN, I Co.Sgt
MurakamiTsunemitsu Monty3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
MurakamiYukito M.3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
MurakamiTadataka3rd BN, L Co.Pvt
MurakamiJack Nobuo3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
MurakamiMineo3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
MurakamiNoboru3rd BN, L Co.2nd Lt
MurakamiEddie Takaji442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
MurakamiTsukasa442nd Cannon Co.Pfc
MurakamiTadao442nd Medical Co.Tec/5
MurakamiEdward Shigetsugu232nd EngineersTec/5
MurakamiRichard T.232nd EngineersTec/5
MurakamiRoy DeWitt232nd EngineersSgt
MurakamiRicardo Tatsuo522nd Artillery, C BatteryTec/5
MurakiTeruo100th BN, B Co.Pfc
MuramaruTsuneo2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
MuramaruGeorge522nd Artillery, B BatteryTec/5
MuramatsuJoichi100th BN, B Co.
MuramatsuWilliam M.2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
MuramotoToshio100th BN, A Co.Pfc
MuramotoTsukasa100th BN, B Co.Sgt
MuramotoRobert Isami100th BN, D Co.SFC
MuramotoHiroshi2nd BN, HQ Co.Tec/5
MuramotoMasane2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
MuramotoMutsuo2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
MuramotoShigeo2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
MuramotoKeisan Kay3rd BN, K Co.Tec/5
MuramotoJack A.3rd BN, L Co.Pvt
MuranagaKenichi K.100th BN, A Co.Pfc
MuranagaKiyoshi K.2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
MuranakaNoboru James100th BN, B Co.Pfc
MuranakaJuichi100th BN, D Co.Cpl
MuranakaMorris Hisashi2nd BN, F Co.T/Sgt
MuranakaShigeru2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
MuranakaSunao442nd Service Co.S/Sgt
MuraoKiyoto2nd BN, F Co.Pvt
MuraoShigesato3rd BN, I Co.T/Sgt
MuraokaMomoto100th BN, A Co.Pvt
MuraokaTakeo442nd HQ Co.Pvt
MuraokaTadasu100th BN, C Co.Pvt
MuraokaHideshi100th BN, Medical Co.Pvt
MuraokaIkito100th BN, Medical Co.Tec/3
MuraokaRobert T.2nd BN, HQ Co.Cpl
MuraokaChester H.2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
MuraokaHideo3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
MuraokaIkito3rd BN, I Co.Tec/3
MuraokaHideo3rd BN, K Co.Pvt
MuraokaSusumi James442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
MuraokaTakashi442nd Cannon Co.Pfc
MuraokaKaoru442nd Service Co.Tec/5
MuraokaKiyoshi442nd Service Co.Tec/5
MurasakiTsuneo2nd BN, G Co.Tec/4
MuraseRobert S.2nd BN, G Co.S/Sgt
MurashigeRichard Kano100th BN, A Co.S/Sgt
MurashigeCalvin S.2nd BN, F Co.S/Sgt
MurashigeSadao2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
MurashigeRichard Y.3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
MurashimaBen Tsuzuki100th BN, C Co.Tec/5
MurataJack Keiichi100th BN, A Co.S/Sgt
MurataGeorge2nd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
MurataYoshiaki2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
MurataFrank I.2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
MurataHiroshi Charles3rd BN, I Co.S/Sgt
MurataRobert Shigeru3rd BN, L Co.Sgt
MurataRaymond T.3rd BN, L Co.S/Sgt
MurataShigeru3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
MurataYoshiyuki442nd Cannon Co.Pvt
MurataTed Teruo522nd Artillery, Svc BatteryPvt
MurataHaruo522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryTec/5
MurayamaSusumu2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
MurayamaNoboru3rd BN, K Co.Sgt
MurayamaToyonari3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
MurayamaLarry S.3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
MuromotoKimitoma3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
MuronakaMitsugi100th BN, C Co.Pfc
MuronakaShuichi3rd BN, L Co.Pvt
MuroshigeKenneth Torao100th BN, B Co.Cpl.
MurotaBenji442nd Anti Tank Co.Cpl
MusashiMotomu100th BN, B Co.Pfc
MusashiSusumu100th BN, B Co.Sgt
MusashiSusumu E.2nd BN, E Co.Cpl
MusashiIsamu S.2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
MusashiMotomu442nd Cannon Co.Pfc
MutoKazuo3rd BN, I Co.1st Sgt
MutoNoboru3rd BN, K Co.S/Sgt
NabeshimaIsamu Harry442nd HQ Co.Tec/4
NadamotoIsao100th BN, B Co.Pfc
NaemuraRoy I.100th BN, B Co.Pvt
NagahisaKazumi100th BN, C Co.Pfc
NagaiHideyuki2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
NagaiGeorge T.2nd BN, H Co.Tec/5
NagaiGeorge T.232nd Engineers2nd Lt
NagaiRoy T.522nd Artillery, C BatteryPvt
NagaiGladyes M.522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryTec/3
NagaishiMasayoshi100th BN, B Co.Pfc
NagaishiMike M.100th BN, C Co.Pfc
NagaishiIchiro3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
NagajiKazutomu Grover100th BN, B Co.S/Sgt
NagakiMitsuo100th BN, A Co.Pfc
NagakiTadashi T.2nd BN, HQ Co.Pvt
NagakiAkira2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
NagakiJoe Hideyoshi2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
NagakiMitsuji3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
NagakuraHiroshi2nd BN, HQ Co.Tec/5
NagamiHiroshi2nd BN, F Co.Sgt
NagamiToshio2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
NagamineAkitaka100th BN, B Co.Pfc
NagamineYasumasa Dan100th BN, C Co.Pfc
NagamineSeikichi100th BN, Medical Co.Pfc
NagamineKenichi2nd BN, E Co.Pvt
NagamineTeikan442nd Cannon Co.Pfc
NagamineSeikichi442nd Medical Co.Pfc
NaganoSetsuo100th BN, A Co.Pvt
NaganoHiroshi Fred100th BN, B Co.Pvt
NaganoGeorge Y.522nd Artillery, Svc BatteryPfc
NaganumaMartin Mitsuyoshi100th BN, C Co.Pvt
NaganumaTony100th BN, C Co.Pfc
NaganumaLinzo Edward3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
NaganumaWilliam3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
NaganumaHiyoshi3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
NaganumaKenneth3rd BN, K Co.S/Sgt
NaganumaMitsujiro John3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
NagaoChiyoto Richard100th BN, A Co.Pfc
NagaoDave100th BN, A Co.Cpl
NagaoShigenori100th BN, A Co.Sgt
NagaoWallace T.442nd HQ Co.Pvt
NagaoKatsumi100th BN, C Co.Tec/5
NagaoMatsuyoshi100th BN, C Co.Pvt
NagaoGoichi100th BN, C Co.Pvt
NagaoSeigo522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryTec/5
NagaokaEira442nd HQ Co.Pfc
NagaokaHitoshi100th BN, D Co.Pvt
NagaokaMike Mitsuo3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
NagaokaShiro3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
NagaokaMinoru3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
NagaredaKenichi2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
NagaredaNeil Norio522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryPfc
NagasakaWright M.2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
NagasakiDonald M.100th BN, A Co.Sgt
NagasakiYutaka2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
NagasakoMinoru100th BN, C Co.Sgt
NagasakoGoro3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
NagasakoMasao M.3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
NagasakoShiro N.442nd Service Co.Pfc
NagasawaTaki100th BN, D Co.Cpl
NagasawaKiyoshi Lawrence2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
NagasawaSam E.3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
NagasawaFred T.3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
NagasawaKazuo3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
NagasawaIchiro J.442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
NagasawaTadao522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryTec/5
NagashimaTsutomu100th BN, D Co.Pfc
NagashimaYoshio2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
NagashimaTom Tomoo2nd BN, F Co.Pvt
NagashimaNoboru442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
NagataHideo100th BN, C Co.Pfc
NagataJames Meishin100th BN, C Co.Pfc
NagataTsutomu100th BN, C Co.Sgt
NagataKiyoshi100th BN, D Co.Pfc
NagataTaichi2nd BN, E Co.Cpl
NagataErnest Y.2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
NagataJoseph Y.2nd BN, F Co.S/Sgt
NagataKazuo J.2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
NagataRihachi Roy2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
NagataToshio2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
NagataTom Tokiharu3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
NagataMasaharu Robert3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
NagataRoy T.3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
NagataWarren Haruo3rd BN, K Co.S/Sgt
NagataJim3rd BN, L Co.Pvt
NagataRihachi Roy3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
NagataRobert Tokuo3rd BN, M Co.Sgt
NagataSeijiro Larry3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
NagataBarton H.522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryTec/5
NagatoFumitake2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
NagatsukaKanando James2nd BN, F Co.Pvt
NagoshiJames H.100th BN, C Co.Pfc
NagoshiNoboru2nd BN, E Co.T/Sgt
NagoshiGenro3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
NaguwaYukio3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
NaguwaAlan M.442nd Cannon Co.Pfc
NaguwaAlan M.232nd EngineersPvt
NaguwaAkira522nd Artillery, B BatterySgt
NaitoKaoru100th BN, A Co.Pfc
NaitoMarcus Masao100th BN, B Co.S/Sgt
NaitoKaoru100th BN, C Co.Pvt
NaitoEden2nd BN, E Co.Cpl
NaitoJohn Y.2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
NaitoTadao2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
NaitoTadami2nd BN, H Co.Sgt
NaitoHiroshi3rd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
NaitoRichard Hideo3rd BN, K Co.
NajitaHitoshi3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
NakaSadamu (Sam)2nd BN, F Co.Pvt
NakaNoble Noburo2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
NakaIsamu522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryPfc
NakabayashiNicholas T.100th BN, A Co.Pfc
NakabayashiTetsuo Henry3rd BN, HQ Co.Sgt
NakabeHarry T.3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
NakadaHiroshi H.442nd HQ Co.Pvt
NakadaKenichi Roy100th BN, E Co.2nd Lt
NakadaGeorge2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
NakadaTsuneo Bill3rd BN, HQ Co.T/Sgt
NakadaHenry Isao3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
NakadaYoshinao442nd Cannon Co.S/Sgt
NakadaPershing232nd EngineersLt Co.l
NakadachiAkira Don2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
NakadateShojji2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
NakaeMasato100th BN, A Co.Pfc
NakagakiSadato3rd BN, I Co.Pvt
NakagakiMasaru3rd BN, K Co.Pvt
NakagakiJohn Masao442nd Medical Co.Pfc
NakagamaYugi3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
NakagamaTanji522nd Artillery, Svc BatteryPfc
NakagawaTakeshi100th BN, A Co.Pfc
NakagawaYatsuji James442nd HQ Co.S/Sgt
NakagawaHideo Henry100th BN, Hq Co.Cpl
NakagawaRikio100th BN, Hq Co.Cpl
NakagawaTakeo100th BN, Hq Co.Pvt
NakagawaHirao100th BN, B Co.Pfc
NakagawaMasayuki100th BN, C Co.Pvt
NakagawaSeishiro Rusty100th BN, C Co.Pfc
NakagawaSunao100th BN, C Co.Pvt
NakagawaSusumu100th BN, C Co.Pfc
NakagawaYatsuji James100th BN, C Co.S/Sgt
NakagawaYoshio100th BN, C Co.1st Sgt
NakagawaAkira100th BN, D Co.Pfc
NakagawaHarry M.100th BN, D Co.S/Sgt
NakagawaOsamu100th BN, D Co.Sgt
NakagawaKeiso David100th BN, Medical Co.Tec/3
NakagawaMamoru M2nd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
NakagawaYoshio James2nd BN, HQ Co.S/Sgt
NakagawaSunao2nd BN, E Co.Pvt
NakagawaWinston Itsuo2nd BN, E Co.T/Sgt
NakagawaRichard Manabu2nd BN, F Co.T/Sgt
NakagawaMasato2nd BN, G Co.S/Sgt
NakagawaYoshio James2nd BN, G Co.S/Sgt
NakagawaMutsuo2nd BN, H Co.Cpl
NakagawaIzumi William3rd BN, I Co.S/Sgt
NakagawaKiyoshi3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
NakagawaTogo3rd BN, I Co.S/Sgt
NakagawaTom T.3rd BN, I Co.Sgt
NakagawaYoshimasa3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
NakagawaHenry S.3rd BN, M Co.Sgt
NakagawaYoshio Patrick442nd Anti Tank Co.1st Sgt
NakagawaGeorge Kazuichi442nd Service Co.Pvt
NakagawaRikio442nd Service Co.Pfc
NakagawaKeiso David442nd Medical Co.Tec/3
NakagawaEdward K.522nd Artillery, Svc BatteryTec/4
NakagawaToshiyuki James522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryCpl
NakagiriMasaichi Wesley2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
NakaguchiJames3rd BN, HQ Co.Sgt
NakaharaRichard Yoshitsugu100th BN, A Co.Pfc
NakaharaMickey Yasuo100th BN, B Co.1st Lt
NakaharaShuji William100th BN, B Co.
NakaharaToshikatsu100th BN, B Co.Pfc
NakaharaKenji2nd BN, F Co.Tec/5
NakaharaSusumu2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
NakaharaSeiji3rd BN, I Co.S/Sgt
NakaharaToshikazu J.3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
NakaharaPaul T.3rd BN, L Co.S/Sgt
NakaharaToshio3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
NakaharaAkio3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
NakaharaMitsugi A442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
NakaharaThomas Takashi442nd Medical Co.Pvt
NakaharaYoshio L.522nd Artillery, B BatteryCpl
NakahashiRichard M.100th BN, B Co.Pfc
NakahashiKazue Clarence100th BN, D Co.Tec/4
NakahiraKazuo B.2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
NakahiraShigeru3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
NakahiraYukio442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
NakahodoSadao100th BN, C Co.Pfc
NakaiHitoshi100th BN, B Co.Pvt
NakaiHenry H.100th BN, B Co.Pvt
NakaiGeorge Haruto2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
NakaiKiyoto G.2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
NakaiFumio3rd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
NakaishiBob2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
NakaishiYukio2nd BN, H Co.Tec/4
NakaishiToe Toshio3rd BN, I Co.S/Sgt
NakaishiJohn522nd Artillery, A BatteryPfc
NakajiEdward N.100th BN, A Co.Pvt
NakakiharaHenry442nd Service Co.Pvt
NakakuraMasaru522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryPfc
NakamaHideo442nd HQ Co.Pfc
NakamaShigenori100th BN, B Co.Pfc
NakamaHideo100th BN, C Co.Pfc
NakamaJiei2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
NakamaWilliam M.2nd BN, H Co.Pvt
NakamaAlton E.3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
NakamaSadao3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
NakamaSozei3rd BN, I Co.Sgt
NakamaKankichi A.3rd BN, L Co.T/Sgt
NakamaMasao3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
NakamaMasao Roland3rd BN, L Co.Sgt
NakamaSoei442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
NakamaSoei442nd Service Co.Pfc
NakamaHenry Seiye206th Army BandSgt
NakamasuKeizo100th BN, C Co.Pvt
NakamasuKeizo442nd Anti Tank Co.Pvt
NakamatsuYasu3rd BN, K Co.Sgt
NakamatsuYataka3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
NakamichiAido3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
NakamineShinyei100th BN, B Co.Pvt
NakamineRoy Kotaro100th BN, Medical Co.Pvt
NakamineRoy Kotaro442nd Medical Co.Pvt
NakamineHideo522nd Artillery, B BatteryPfc
NakamitsuAlbert M.100th BN, B Co.Pvt
NakamotoWataru W.100th BN, A Co.Pvt
NakamotoShogo100th BN, Hq Co.Tec/5
NakamotoMosaburo100th BN, B Co.Pfc
NakamotoYukio Stanley100th BN, B Co.Sgt
NakamotoFred M.100th BN, C Co.Cpl
NakamotoKenneth K.100th BN, C Co.T/Sgt
NakamotoYoshito100th BN, C Co.Pfc
NakamotoTom Tamotsu2nd BN, HQ Co.Tec/5
NakamotoKatsuji2nd BN, F Co.Pvt
NakamotoMasaru2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
NakamotoRaymond K.2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
NakamotoJoe Kiyoichi2nd BN, F Co.S/Sgt
NakamotoTakashi Thomas2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
NakamotoSeichi2nd BN, G Co.Sgt
NakamotoGeorge S.3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
NakamotoKaoru3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
NakamotoYasuo3rd BN, M Co.S/Sgt
NakamotoTamotsu S.442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
NakamotoKazuo232nd EngineersS/Sgt
NakamuraFrancis Morio100th BN, A Co.1st/Sgt
NakamuraPaul T.442nd HQ Co.Pvt
NakamuraRobert S.442nd HQ Co.Tec/4
NakamuraSam M.442nd HQ Co.Tec/4
NakamuraTakashi B.442nd HQ Co.Pfc
NakamuraCharles K100th BN, Hq Co.Cpl
NakamuraRobert Haruo100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
NakamuraEiso100th BN, B Co.Pvt
NakamuraFred H.100th BN, B Co.Pfc
NakamuraHajime100th BN, B Co.Pfc
NakamuraHaruo Harry100th BN, B Co.Cpl
NakamuraHenry N.100th BN, B Co.Pvt
NakamuraJimmy A100th BN, B Co.Pvt
NakamuraMitsuo ‘Kentucky’100th BN, B Co.Pfc
NakamuraSatoru100th BN, B Co.1st Sgt
NakamuraSeitoku100th BN, B Co.Sgt
NakamuraSonsei100th BN, B Co.Sgt
NakamuraStephen K.100th BN, B Co.Pvt
NakamuraHenry Y.100th BN, C Co.Sgt
NakamuraKosei100th BN, C Co.Pvt
NakamuraGeorge100th BN, C Co.Pvt
NakamuraKiyoshi100th BN, C Co.Tec/5
NakamuraKoichi Roy100th BN, C Co.Pfc
NakamuraRoy K.100th BN, C Co.
NakamuraShuzo100th BN, C Co.Pfc
NakamuraThomas Tomatsu100th BN, C Co.Tec/5
NakamuraToshio100th BN, C Co.Pfc
NakamuraYoshinari100th BN, C Co.Pfc
NakamuraEdward Etsuzo100th BN, D Co.Cpl
NakamuraYoshimitsu100th BN, D Co.Sgt
NakamuraKent Y.100th BN, Medical Co.Tec/5
NakamuraKarl K.2nd BN, HQ Co.Pvt
NakamuraRichard Tadakazu2nd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
NakamuraWilliam J.2nd BN, HQ Co.Cpl
NakamuraGeorge Susumu2nd BN, E Co.Cpl
NakamuraGeorge S.2nd BN, E Co.Cpl
NakamuraKay2nd BN, E Co.Pvt
NakamuraToshio2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
NakamuraWataru2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
NakamuraYoshio G.2nd BN, E Co.Cpl
NakamuraTadao2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
NakamuraGeorge2nd BN, F Co.Pvt
NakamuraKatsuji2nd BN, F Co.T/Sgt
NakamuraSadamu Clark2nd BN, F Co.S/Sgt
NakamuraNed Teiji2nd BN, G Co.S/Sgt
NakamuraWilliam Kenzo2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
NakamuraJutaro Judd2nd BN, G Co.Pvt
NakamuraMasayoshi2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
NakamuraMasaharu2nd BN, H Co.Sgt
NakamuraCharles M.3rd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
NakamuraJames K3rd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
NakamuraKoichi Ralph3rd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
NakamuraMakoto3rd BN, HQ Co.Tec/3
NakamuraTakeshi E.3rd BN, HQ Co.S/Sgt
NakamuraAlbert Mamoru3rd BN, I Co.S/Sgt
NakamuraGeorge R.3rd BN, I Co.Sgt
NakamuraIwao3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
NakamuraJames Jotoku3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
NakamuraKazuto3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
NakamuraKazuyoshi3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
NakamuraMasayoshi3rd BN, I Co.S/Sgt
NakamuraMitsuo Ben3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
NakamuraRobert Y.3rd BN, I Co.Sgt
NakamuraTadashi3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
NakamuraJohn M.3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
NakamuraJoe3rd BN, K Co.Sgt
NakamuraKenjiro3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
NakamuraMitsuo3rd BN, K Co.Pvt
NakamuraUji3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
NakamuraHarry M.3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
NakamuraMasami Allen3rd BN, L Co.S/Sgt
NakamuraMinoru3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
NakamuraMasaru3rd BN, M Co.Pvt
NakamuraShigemasa3rd BN, M Co.Sgt
NakamuraShoichi3rd BN, M Co.Sgt
NakamuraTakeshi T.3rd BN, M Co.S/Sgt
NakamuraThomas T.3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
NakamuraYoshio3rd BN, M Co.S/Sgt
NakamuraYoshito3rd BN, M Co.Pvt
NakamuraAdolph Y.442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
NakamuraDonald K.442nd Anti Tank Co.SFC
NakamuraGeorge E.442nd Cannon Co.S/Sgt
NakamuraItsuo442nd Cannon Co.Pfc
NakamuraKengo442nd Service Co.Tec/5
NakamuraKent Y.442nd Service Co.Tec/5
NakamuraBen Rikio442nd Medical Co.Tec/4
NakamuraMasayuki M.442nd Medical Co.Tec/3
NakamuraShigemi442nd Medical Co.Tec/5
NakamuraTakashi442nd Medical Co.T/Sgt
NakamuraVictor Yoshitsugu206th Army BandTec/4
NakamuraJames Tadashi232nd EngineersS/Sgt
NakamuraJoseph T.232nd EngineersPfc
NakamuraStanley K.232nd EngineersPfc
NakamuraDick R.522nd Artillery, Svc BatteryPfc
NakamuraBenedict I.522nd Artillery, C BatteryPfc
NakamuraMasao522nd Artillery, C BatteryPfc
NakamuraEdward H.522nd Artillery, B BatterySgt
NakamuraToshiro522nd Artillery, B BatteryPfc
NakamuraFumio522nd Artillery, A BatteryPfc
NakamuraToshio522nd Artillery, A BatteryS/Sgt
NakamuraAllen Iseo522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryPvt
NakamuraShigeru522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryPfc
NakandakareJitsuyoshi3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
NakanishiStanley Jitsuo100th BN, A Co.S/Sgt
NakanishiMasao100th BN, C Co.Sgt
NakanishiTamotsu Ralph2nd BN, F Co.T/Sgt
NakanishiSidney M.2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
NakanishiMaurice Teijiro3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
NakanishiToshio442nd Service Co.Tec/5
NakanishiZenkichi522nd Artillery, B BatteryPfc
NakanishiMasahe Sam522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryS/Sgt
NakanoGeorge Masatoshi100th BN, A Co.T/Sgt
NakanoMasato E100th BN, A Co.Pfc
NakanoTakuichi100th BN, A Co.Tec/5
NakanoAkio A.442nd HQ Co.Pvt
NakanoTokuichi442nd HQ Co.Tec/5
NakanoTsutomu100th BN, B Co.Pvt
NakanoKenneth Kenshi100th BN, B Co.Pfc
NakanoMasaru100th BN, B Co.Pvt
NakanoTaneyoshi100th BN, B Co.Tec/5
NakanoTorao100th BN, B Co.Pfc
NakanoJohn H.100th BN, C Co.Pfc
NakanoMasayoshi100th BN, C Co.Pfc
NakanoHiroshi100th BN, D Co.Pfc
NakanoHaruo100th BN, Medical Co.
NakanoTom2nd BN, HQ Co.Pvt
NakanoLane Tatsuhiko2nd BN, E Co.Tec/5
NakanoMitsuro2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
NakanoThomas Takashi2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
NakanoShizuo S.2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
NakanoSmith J.2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
NakanoStanley S.2nd BN, G Co.Sgt
NakanoWallace T.2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
NakanoRokuro3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
NakanoTadashi3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
NakanoTorawo3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
NakanoYasumitsu N.3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
NakanoJunnosuke Jun3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
NakanoTomi Hiromu3rd BN, L Co.Pvt
NakanoJumii J.3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
NakanoKenji442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
NakanoMadzumi442nd Cannon Co.Tec/4
NakanoTomoharu442nd Cannon Co.Pfc
NakanoKenji442nd Service Co.Pfc
NakanoKenji Kenneth232nd EngineersPvt
NakanoMasaichi522nd Artillery, Svc BatteryPfc
NakanoMitsuo522nd Artillery, B BatteryPfc
NakaoErrol Masayuki100th BN, A Co.
NakaoMasato Edward100th BN, A Co.Pfc
NakaoHarry K.100th BN, Hq Co.S/Sgt
NakaoJack M.2nd BN, E Co.Sgt
NakaoTom2nd BN, E Co.
NakaoTom M.3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
NakaoSaburo3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
NakaoJames Sadamu3rd BN, M Co.S/Sgt
NakaoErrol Masayuki442nd Service Co.Pfc
NakaoMasao E.442nd Medical Co.Tec/5
NakaoUtaka442nd Medical Co.Pfc
NakaokaJames Yoshio100th BN, C Co.Pvt
NakasakiRobert Kiyoshi100th BN, A Co.Sgt
NakasakoMotomu3rd BN, I Co.T/Sgt
NakasatoIsamu100th BN, A Co.Pfc
NakasatoHiroshi H.100th BN, Hq Co.Tec/5
NakasatoJiro100th BN, B Co.Pvt
NakasatoMasaru George2nd BN, F Co.Pvt
NakashigeMasami100th BN, A Co.Pfc
NakashigeHideo232nd EngineersCpl
NakashikiToshi George2nd BN, E Co.Pvt
NakashikiToshi George2nd BN, H Co.Pvt
NakashimaEdwin Isaburo100th BN, A Co.Pvt
NakashimaShigeru100th BN, A Co.Sgt
NakashimaSumio442nd HQ Co.Pvt
NakashimaYutaka100th BN, Hq Co.T/Sgt
NakashimaMasaru100th BN, B Co.Pfc
NakashimaRay H.100th BN, B Co.Pvt
NakashimaRaito R.100th BN, B Co.Pvt
NakashimaTakeo100th BN, C Co.Pvt
NakashimaHisashi100th BN, D Co.Sgt
NakashimaIsao100th BN, D Co.Pvt
NakashimaMike100th BN, D Co.Cpl
NakashimaNobuo2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
NakashimaAlbert2nd BN, H Co.Sgt
NakashimaWalter Wataru2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
NakashimaYasunobu (Wally)2nd BN, H Co.S/Sgt
NakashimaRichard Y.3rd BN, HQ Co.Pvt
NakashimaAkira Thomas?3rd BN, I Co.Pvt
NakashimaAkira3rd BN, L Co.Pvt
NakashimaHarry H.3rd BN, L Co.S/Sgt
NakashimaHenry H.3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
NakashimaWataru3rd BN, M Co.S/Sgt
NakashimaJunji Al442nd Service Co.Pfc
NakashimaDonald Tsugio Dr442nd Medical Co.Tec/4
NakashimaKaroku G.522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryS/Sgt
NakashimadaLeke Susumu100th BN, Hq Co.S/Sgt
NakasoJiro3rd BN, M Co.S/Sgt
NakasoneFrank Z.100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
NakasoneJack T.100th BN, B Co.Pfc
NakasoneTokuichi James100th BN, B Co.Pfc
NakasoneKentoku100th BN, C Co.Sgt
NakasoneKoichi Robert100th BN, C Co.Pfc
NakasoneHenry Yoshiki100th BN, Medical Co.Pfc
NakasoneGlenn H.2nd BN, E Co.S/Sgt
NakasoneHideo2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
NakasoneSeiko3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
NakasoneShiro3rd BN, M Co.S/Sgt
NakasoneHarold S442nd Cannon Co.1st Sgt
NakasoneHarold S442nd Cannon Co.1st Sgt
NakasoneGeorge Z.442nd Medical Co.Tec/5
NakasoneHenry Yoshiki442nd Medical Co.Pfc
NakasoneEddie Taro232nd EngineersPvt
NakasoneWalter Jiro232nd EngineersTec/5
NakasuShigemi2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
NakataShigeru Charlie100th BN, Hq Co.Pvt
NakataIsaac S.100th BN, B Co.Pvt
NakataStanwood Masanori100th BN, D Co.Pfc
NakataMitsuo100th BN, Medical Co.Pfc
NakataKozun2nd BN, E Co.Sgt
NakataHenry K.2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
NakataJoe H2nd BN, F Co.
NakataThomas2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
NakataMomoichi3rd BN, HQ Co.Tec/4
NakataMasaru Charles3rd BN, I Co.Tec/5
NakataHilo H.3rd BN, K Co.Pvt
NakataTed G.3rd BN, K Co.S/Sgt
NakataTomio3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
NakataTsunemi3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
NakataWalter Kinjiro3rd BN, M Co.S/Sgt
NakataWalter Kinjiro3rd BN, M Co.S/Sgt
NakataThomas442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
NakataMilton K.442nd Medical Co.Pfc
NakataMitsuo442nd Medical Co.Pfc
NakataStanwood Masanori522nd Artillery, A BatteryPvt
NakataniRoy S.100th BN, B Co.Pvt
NakataniNobuo100th BN, D Co.Pfc
NakataniFrank Shizuto522nd Artillery, C BatteryPvt
NakatsuJoseph D.2nd BN, E Co.Cpl
NakatsuShuso Jimmy2nd BN, E Co.S/Sgt
NakatsuDaniel T.2nd BN, H Co.T/Sgt
NakatsuKiyoyuki3rd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
NakatsuiYoshio442nd HQ Co.Pfc
NakatsuiYoshio100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
NakatsukaToshihiko Harry100th BN, A Co.Pvt
NakatsukaKeiji Thomas2nd BN, F Co.Sgt
NakatsukaSeiichi Russ3rd BN, L Co.Pvt
NakatsumaFrank Yutaka232nd EngineersPfc
NakauchiHideo3rd BN, K Co.Sgt
NakaueSatoshi100th BN, D Co.Pfc
NakauyeDonald Takashi100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
NakauyeToshiaki3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
NakawataseTakeo2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
NakayaEtsuo100th BN, B Co.Sgt
NakayamaGarry S.100th BN, B Co.Pfc
NakayamaRoy Sunao100th BN, B Co.Tec/4
NakayamaSeikichi100th BN, B Co.Pfc
NakayamaSunao100th BN, B Co.Pfc
NakayamaTakeo100th BN, B Co.Pfc
NakayamaTomio100th BN, B Co.S/Sgt
NakayamaKatsumi100th BN, D Co.Pfc
NakayamaFred M.100th BN, Medical Co.Tec/5
NakayamaShoji2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
NakayamaGeorge M.2nd BN, G Co.Tec/4
NakayamaSekiji2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
NakayamaHarry M.3rd BN, HQ Co.Cpl
NakayamaHideo3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
NakayamaEddie Utaka3rd BN, M Co.Pvt
NakayamaJoe M.3rd BN, M Co.Pvt
NakayamaMinoru442nd Cannon Co.T/Sgt
NakayamaWalter Mitsuo442nd Service Co.Tec/5
NakayamaFred M.442nd Medical Co.Tec/5
NakayamaTyler E.442nd Medical Co.Tec/5
NakayamaYutaka Joe442nd Medical Co.Tec/5
NakayamaLloyd232nd EngineersPvt
NakazatoSaburo Benny100th BN, B Co.Pfc
NakazawaMark E.100th BN, D Co.Pfc
NakazawaKarl Hikaru2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
NakazawaMark E.2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
NakazonoHarry H.3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
NakazonoSam H.3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
NakemaejoKoei100th BN, A Co.
NakoJenki Jin100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
NakoJinichi A100th BN, D Co.Pvt
NakoJinso3rd BN, L Co.Tec/5
NambaTommy T.100th BN, B Co.Sgt
NambaYutaka100th BN, B Co.
NambaKazuo100th BN, C Co.Sgt
NambaKenji Kennie3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
NambaRyoji ‘Bull’206th Army BandTec/4
NambaTomomi Tom522nd Artillery, A BatteryCpl
NambuKiyoshi100th BN, B Co.Pfc
NambuMitsugi2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
NamikiShinya100th BN, A Co.S/Sgt
NanbaraMasaru100th BN, C Co.Pfc
NanbuKiyoshi100th BN, B Co.Pfc
NaraharaJames I.2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
NarasakiRichard M.2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
NarimatsuToshiyuki2nd BN, HQ Co.S/Sgt
NarimatsuJohn T.3rd BN, L Co.Cpl
NaritaWesley Lowell206th Army BandPfc
NaritaYasuo522nd Artillery, Svc BatteryPfc
NaruseEdwin Tadao3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
NashiwaEdward K.100th BN, C Co.Pvt
NasuWilson Rikuo100th BN, C Co.SFC
NekobaKazuma T3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
NekobaMasao3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
NezuYutaka100th BN, B Co.Pvt
NezuShigeki2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
NezuTetsuo2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
NiheiNobuo100th BN, A Co.Pfc
NiheiTadashi2nd BN, H Co.S/Sgt
NiheiKen3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
NiiHarry Isami442nd HQ Co.Pvt
NiiMasao2nd BN, H Co.S/Sgt
NiiNichiji George3rd BN, HQ Co.Cpl
NiiShigeru3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
NiidaTom T.100th BN, B Co.Sgt
NiideShigeto2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
NiimiDonald K100th BN, A Co.Pfc
NiimiHideshi100th BN, A Co.Tec/4
NiimiNoboru100th BN, C Co.Pfc
NiiokaYukio2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
NiiokaYukio3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
NiiroTahei522nd Artillery, B BatteryS/Sgt
NiitaAlfred T.442nd HQ Co.Pvt
NikaidoNelson T.442nd HQ Co.Pvt
NikaidoKenji100th BN, D Co.Pvt
NikaidoThomas T.100th BN, D Co.Cpl
NikaidoTokuichi Robert3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
NikaidoTokuichi Robert3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
NikaidoShigeru442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
NikaidoSadamu Reginald232nd EngineersTec/5
NilgesEdward Joseph3rd BN, 3Hq Co.Capt
NimoriHideo442nd Service Co.Pfc
NimoriYujio442nd Service Co.Pfc
NinomiyaPaul M.100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
NinomiyaTakao Ted100th BN, B Co.Pfc
NinomiyaKazuo Z.100th BN, B Co.T/Sgt
NinomiyaBan2nd BN, E Co.Pvt
NinomiyaPaul M.3rd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
NinomiyaVincent R.442nd Cannon Co.Pfc
NishiGoro100th BN, Hq Co.S/Sgt
NishiTakanori Allen100th BN, C Co.Pfc
NishiKanichi100th BN, D Co.S/Sgt
NishiShuie2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
NishiMasakazu George3rd BN, K Co.T/Sgt
NishiChikao3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
NishiHisao522nd Artillery, B BatteryS/Sgt
NishibayashiTsunehiro100th BN, C Co.
NishidaYoshiharu100th BN, A Co.1st Lt
NishidaKazuo100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
NishidaPaul N.100th BN, B Co.Pfc
NishidaMarion2nd BN, F Co.
NishidaSadao2nd BN, F Co.2nd Lt
NishidaSadao2nd BN, F Co.T/Sgt
NishidaRichard K.3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
NishidaKusuo3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
NishidaRaymond C.522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryTec/4
NishieHarry M.100th BN, A Co.Pfc
NishieAkashi Harlan2nd BN, H Co.
NishigataSeiya100th BN, C Co.Pfc
NishiharaShigeo100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
NishiharaYoshishige100th BN, Hq Co.Sgt
NishiharaKazuo100th BN, D Co.Pfc
NishiharaEdward100th BN, D Co.S/Sgt
NishiharaSenkichi2nd BN, F Co.Pvt
NishiharaHideo2nd BN, G Co.Pvt
NishiharaKenichi3rd BN, L Co.S/Sgt
NishihiraRobert M.100th BN, A Co.Pfc
NishiieKazuma M.100th BN, D Co.Sgt
NishiieMasashi2nd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
NishijoRobert Yoshiji3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
NishikawaJoe Yutaka100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
NishikawaMasato2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
NishikawaGeorge2nd BN, H Co.Cpl
NishikawaTokio2nd BN, H Co.Cpl
NishikawaJoe Yutaka3rd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
NishikawaTokuzo3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
NishikawaAkio442nd Medical Co.Pvt
NishikawaTom K.442nd Medical Co.Pvt
NishikawaTom K.232nd EngineersPfc
NishikawaGeorge K.522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryPfc
NishikuboHiroshi3rd BN, L Co.S/Sgt
NishimaRichard K.100th BN, B Co.
NishimeSaburo100th BN, D Co.Sgt
NishimiGilbert J.522nd Artillery, C BatteryPfc
NishimitsuThomas K.100th BN, D Co.Pfc
NishimotoToby M.442nd HQ Co.Pfc
NishimotoTakio H.100th BN, Hq Co.SFC
NishimotoHarry M.100th BN, C Co.Pfc
NishimotoFrank Yoshio2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
NishimotoKazuso2nd BN, E Co.S/Sgt
NishimotoArthur Keiichi2nd BN, G Co.T/Sgt
NishimotoFrank T.2nd BN, G Co.Cpl
NishimotoKenichi2nd BN, G Co.Sgt
NishimotoJoe M.2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
NishimotoGeorge K.2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
NishimotoJohn Shigekazu3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
NishimotoMasashi3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
NishimotoTom Tomiya3rd BN, L Co.Pvt
NishimotoYorio R.3rd BN, M Co.1st Sgt
NishimotoHarumi N.442nd Cannon Co.Tec/5
NishimotoRalph M.442nd Service Co.Pfc
NishimotoRobert Masao206th Army BandPfc
NishimotoMac M.522nd Artillery, C BatteryCpl
NishimotoRaymond N.522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryCpl
NishimuraKenichi100th BN, A Co.Pfc
NishimuraKenneth M.100th BN, A Co.Pfc
NishimuraMatsuhei Henry100th BN, A Co.1st Lt
NishimuraYukitsugu100th BN, A Co.Pfc
NishimuraWilfred Katsuyuki100th BN, A Co.Pfc
NishimuraFrank Morita442nd HQ Co.Pvt
NishimuraAkira100th BN, Hq Co.Sgt
NishimuraNoboru100th BN, Hq Co.Cpl
NishimuraTakashi100th BN, Hq Co.S/Sgt
NishimuraFrank K.100th BN, B Co.Pfc
NishimuraHarry M.100th BN, B Co.1st Lt
NishimuraHarry M.100th BN, B Co.S/Sgt
NishimuraRobert Goro100th BN, B Co.S/Sgt
NishimuraSadami Charles100th BN, B Co.Pfc
NishimuraYoshito100th BN, C Co.Pfc
NishimuraShigeki100th BN, C Co.Pvt
NishimuraJohn T.100th BN, D Co.Tec/4
NishimuraAlbert2nd BN, G Co.Tec/5
NishimuraBert Noboru3rd BN, I Co.Capt
NishimuraFrederick I.3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
NishimuraOliver3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
NishimuraToshiharu Paul3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
NishimuraToshio3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
NishimuraWalter Takeo3rd BN, K Co.Tec/5
NIshimuraGeorge3rd BN, L Co.T/Sgt
NishimuraHisashi442nd Anti Tank Co.Cpl
NishimuraWalter Takeo442nd Service Co.Tec/6
NishimuraGeorge Y.522nd Artillery, Svc BatteryT/Sgt
NishimuraJohn T.522nd Artillery, C BatteryTec/4
NishimuraJohn Yoshimitsu522nd Artillery, B BatteryPfc
NishimuraPaul T.522nd Artillery, Hq BatterySgt
NishimutaPaul W.100th BN, B Co.Pfc
NishimutaJoseph J.2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
NishinakaGeorge Masatoshi2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
NishinakaMasami3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
NishinoAndrew H.100th BN, A Co.Pfc
NishinoRichard Kiyosumi2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
NishioTamotsu Y.100th BN, D Co.Pfc
NishioShimeo2nd BN, G Co.S/Sgt
NishioRoy Y.442nd Anti Tank Co.S/Sgt
NishioGeorge Kiichi442nd Cannon Co.Pfc
NishiokaTommy Tomeki.100th BN, A Co.Tec/5
NishiokaSagie2nd BN, G Co.Tec/4
NishiokaRichard Masaru3rd BN, I Co.S/Sgt
NishiokaAtsuo232nd EngineersTec/5
NishiokuMasaru2nd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
NishishitaCharles Jun100th BN, C Co.Pvt
NishitaDaniel S.2nd BN, HQ Co.Pvt
NishitaHiroto2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
NishitaDaniel T.2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
NishitaniChieto100th BN, A Co.Pfc
NishitaniTaro100th BN, A Co.Pvt
NishitaniThomas442nd Service Co.CWO
NishiyamaKenji K.522nd Artillery, Svc BatteryPvt
NishiyamaTeruhisa522nd Artillery, A BatteryS/Sgt
NishizakiOgden M.442nd Service Co.Pfc
NishizakiMasatsugi232nd EngineersTec/5
NishizawaToshio ‘Bulldog’522nd Artillery, B BatteryTec/4
NitaharaSam3rd BN, I Co.Pvt
NitaharaRobert S.3rd BN, K Co.Sgt
NitaharaItsuo3rd BN, L Co.Pvt
NitaharaJimmie3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
NitaharaSam3rd BN, L Co.Pvt
NitaharaRobert S.232nd EngineersSgt
NittaHakuzo442nd HQ Co.Pvt
NittaAlbert K.100th BN, B Co.Pvt
NittaTakao T.100th BN, B Co.Pvt
NittaRichard S.2nd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
NittaGoro T.2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
NittaMasato3rd BN, L Co.Sgt
NittaMitsuo3rd BN, L Co.2nd Lt
NittaMasaru442nd Anti Tank Co.Cpl
NittaWilliam S.442nd Cannon Co.Cpl
NittaKeiji442nd Medical Co.Tec/3
NittaTorao522nd Artillery, C BatteryPfc
NobeKen2nd BN, F Co.Sgt
NoboriKenji100th BN, C Co.Sgt
NoboriTeruo3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
NoboriRobert M.522nd Artillery, B BatteryPfc
NoborikawaMasao Curtis3rd BN, K Co.S/Sgt
NobuharaSaburo100th BN, D Co.T/Sgt
NochisakiShiro Eric100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
NodaSueo100th BN, B Co.Pvt
NodaJoseph M.2nd BN, G Co.Sgt
NodaKaoru2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
NodaMasaru R.2nd BN, G Co.Pvt
NodaKenji K.3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
NodaArthur3rd BN, L Co.S/Sgt
NodaGeorge T.232nd EngineersPfc
NodaFrank H.522nd Artillery, A BatterySgt
NodaHideo522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryPfc
NogakiMasayasu Mack232nd EngineersTec/5
NogamiHaruo2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
NogawaRaymond K.2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
NoguchiMoriaki100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
NoguchiShinji100th BN, D Co.S/Sgt
NoguchiHideyuki3rd BN, HQ Co.S/Sgt
NoguchiMoriaki3rd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
NoguchiGeorge3rd BN, I Co.Sgt
NoguchiHenry E.3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
NoguchiHideo H.442nd Cannon Co.T/5
NoguchiTakao Blackie442nd Cannon Co.1st Sgt
NoguchiJames M.522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryTec/5
NoharaShinko T.100th BN, C Co.S/Sgt
NoharaYubun100th BN, D Co.Pfc
NoharaKenji B.2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
NojiJames N.100th BN, D Co.Cpl
NojiHiroshi3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
NojiMamoru442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
NojiTakeshi442nd Cannon Co.Pfc
NojiTakeshi442nd Cannon Co.Pvt
NojimaYukinori442nd HQ Co.Pvt
NojimaIsamu2nd BN, H Co.Sgt
NojimaYukinori3rd BN, L Co.Pvt
NojiriMatao2nd BN, H Co.Cpl
NojiriSueyoshi3rd BN, L Co.S/Sgt
NomiyaFred S.522nd Artillery, A Battery1st Sgt
NomuraRaymond H.442nd HQ Co.Pfc
NomuraPaul H.100th BN, B Co.S/Sgt
NomuraShoichi100th BN, B Co.Pfc
NomuraSeiji100th BN, Medical Co.Tec/4
NomuraRay M.2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
NomuraHarry D.2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
NomuraSatoru2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
NomuraFred S.3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
NomuraSadami3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
NomuraFrank S.3rd BN, L Co.S/Sgt
NomuraRaymond H.3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
NomuraFrank M.3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
NomuraMinoru3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
NomuraKatsuto442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
NomuraRichard M.442nd Medical Co.Tec/4
NomuraAlbert S.522nd Artillery, MedicsTec/4
NomuraKnox Haruhide522nd Artillery, B BatteryPfc
NomuraShunro522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryPfc
NorikaneMinoru100th BN, C Co.Pvt
NorimotoMasanobu H.232nd EngineersPfc
NoritakeYoshito100th BN, B Co.Pfc
NoriyukiGram S.100th BN, B Co.Sgt
Norman, Jr.George Sloan442nd Service Co.1st Lt
NoroMasanobu3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
NosakaRaymond Riyoso100th BN, B Co.Pvt
NosakaSeichi3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
NosseThomas Tsutomu100th BN, Hq Co.Tec/4
NouchiWataru James100th BN, C Co.Cpl
NouchiTsugio E.3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
NovackDavid100th BN, A Co.Capt
NowiakEdward Irwin2nd BN, F Co.1st Lt
NoyamaHideo Joe442nd HQ Co.S/Sgt
NozakiMitsuo100th BN, Hq Co.S/Sgt
NozakiAlbert Yoshio100th BN, B Co.Sgt
NozakiTadashi2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
NozawaAlfred Shizuo100th BN, B Co.Pfc
NozawaToru442nd Cannon Co.Tec/5
NozawaToru232nd EngineersPvt
NozoeGeorge D.442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
NozuHarry3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
NuhaGeorge3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
NukushimaGeorge Goro2nd BN, E Co.S/Sgt
NukutoTadashi100th BN, C Co.Tec/4
NumaToshio2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
NumamotoKazuo Dick442nd Medical Co.Tec/5
NumataJerry J.2nd BN, HQ Co.1st Sgt
NuniesHerman K.100th BN, D Co.Pfc
NunoRichard K.2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
NunogawaKenneth T.100th BN, C Co.Pfc
NunogawaKenneth T.2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
NunokawaMorio522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryCpl
NunotaniWallace Kiyuso442nd Cannon Co.Sgt
NushidaGeorge K.100th BN, A Co.Pfc
O'Co.nnorJohn Joseph442nd HQ Co.1st Lt
O’KonogiHugo Shafter100th BN, Medical Co.Co.l
ObaJesse Lehua100th BN, C Co.S/Sgt
ObaJuneus Tetsu2nd BN, E Co.S/Sgt
ObaSunichi, George2nd BN, E Co.Sgt
ObaRonald Masami2nd BN, F Co.Tec/5
ObaStanley T.2nd BN, G Co.Pvt
ObaGeorge I.3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
ObaMasayoshi3rd BN, L Co.Sgt
ObaraIchiro100th BN, C Co.Pfc
ObaraWilbur M.3rd BN, M Co.S/Sgt
ObataHajime100th BN, Hq Co.Tec/4
ObataTheodore T.3rd BN, M Co.T/Sgt
ObayashiJoseph Haruo522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryPfc
OchiTamotsu100th BN, B Co.Pfc
OchiaiLarry Mitsuru100th BN, Md Co.Pvt
OchiaiSatoru100th BN, Medical Co.S/Sgt
OchiaiEdward Katsumi2nd BN, G Co.Sgt
OchikuboTetsuo100th BN, D Co.Pfc
OchitaniBunjiro Boon3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
OdaJimi100th BN, A Co.S/Sgt
OdaCharles J.442nd HQ Co.Pvt
OdaRobert Y.100th BN, Hq Co.Tec/4
OdaHarold Katsuji100th BN, B Co.S/Sgt
OdaKazuo100th BN, B Co.Pvt
OdaIchiji Norman100th BN, C Co.S/Sgt
OdaJohn E.100th BN, C Co.1st Sgt
OdaKiyoshi A100th BN, C Co.Pfc
OdaSadao Jack100th BN, D Co.Pfc
OdaYoshinori Charles100th BN, D Co.Pfc
OdaIwao2nd BN, F Co.Pvt
OdaYoshinobu2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
OdaJames Shigeru2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
OdaKazumi2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
OdaUteana2nd BN, G Co.Sgt
OdaWilliam Sadayuki2nd BN, G Co.1st Lt
OdaKenneth Kaishi3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
OdaRichard M.3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
OdaHarry H.3rd BN, L Co.Pvt
OdaIsami Charles442nd Cannon Co.Pfc
OdaUteana442nd Medical Co.Tec/3
OdaAkira Arthur522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryPfc
OdaKenneth K.522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryTec/5
OdagawaHerbert E206th Army BandTec/4
OdagawaGeorge K.522nd Artillery, A BatteryPfc
OdakaRobert S.100th BN, C Co.Pfc
OdoEverett R.100th BN, B Co.Pfc
OdoYoshihide J.100th BN, C Co.Pfc
OdoiHiroshi Dr100th BN, C Co.Pfc
OdoiMasaru H.100th BN, C Co.Pfc
OgaiTomotaru3rd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
OgamiNoboru442nd Medical Co.Tec/3
OganekuHidenori2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
OgasawaraJames T.100th BN, C Co.Pfc
OgasawaraJames T.2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
OgataHiroshi100th BN, A Co.Pfc
OgataIvan Hiroshi100th BN, A Co.Pfc
OgataMasaru100th BN, B Co.Pvt
OgataTsugio100th BN, B Co.Pvt
OgataTsutomu100th BN, B Co.Sgt
OgataFred M.100th BN, C Co.Pfc
OgataKenneth100th BN, C Co.Sgt
OgataMasayoshi100th BN, D Co.Sgt
OgataYoshiyuki100th BN, D Co.S/Sgt
OgataFrank Satsuru2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
OgataGilbert T.2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
OgataTayoshi Harry2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
OgataMikiri Mickey3rd BN, HQ Co.S/Sgt
OgataEtar D.3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
OgataBenjamin Franklin3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
OgataFred Shiogi3rd BN, K Co.Pvt
OgataEdward Yoshito3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
OgataWallace H.3rd BN, K Co.Sgt
OgataKazuma3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
OgataMasao442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
OgataGen442nd Service Co.Sgt
OgataTatsushi442nd Service Co.Tec/5
OgataJohnny Katsumi206th Army Band
OgataTsutomu Peter522nd Artillery, C BatteryPvt
OgataRichard H.522nd Artillery, B BatteryTec/5
OgawaSenichi100th BN, A Co.Pvt
OgawaTetsuichi100th BN, A Co.Pfc
OgawaHakaru100th BN, B Co.Pfc
OgawaKunio100th BN, B Co.Sgt
OgawaMakoto J.100th BN, C Co.Pvt
OgawaMasao100th BN, C Co.Pfc
OgawaEdward100th BN, C Co.Pfc
OgawaDavid2nd BN, E Co.Sgt
OgawaTakeo Peter2nd BN, F Co.
OgawaSadao2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
OgawaCarl Kiyoshi2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
OgawaRichard Y.2nd BN, G Co.T/Sgt
OgawaSam S.2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
OgawaWilson2nd BN, G Co.S/Sgt
OgawaShigeru2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
OgawaClarence Naoki3rd BN, HQ Co.S/Sgt
OgawaJohn Norio3rd BN, I Co.Sgt
OgawaKazumi3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
OgawaMitsuo3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
OgawaTakeo Peter3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
OgawaEdward Y.3rd BN, L Co.S/Sgt
OgawaHakaru3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
OgawaYoshio3rd BN, L Co.Sgt
OgawaDavid Kazuaki442nd Anti Tank Co.T/Sgt
OgawaHakaru442nd Service Co.Pfc
OgawaJerry G.442nd Medical Co.Tec/5
OgawaTerry T.232nd EngineersTec/5
OgawaMasahiko522nd Artillery, C BatteryPfc
OgawaSam O.522nd Artillery, B BatteryPvt
OgawaYukio522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryPfc
OgiKazuo3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
OgiShunsuke3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
OgimachiYoshihito2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
OginoAkira Larry100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
OginoTom2nd BN, E Co.S/Sgt
OgishimaJohn S.522nd Artillery, A BatteryCpl
OgoWilliam G.100th BN, D Co.SFC
OgoYoshihiro H.2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
OgomoriYoshio W.100th BN, A Co.Pfc
OgomoriYoshio100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
OgomoriJames3rd BN, I Co.
OguraJohn Yoji442nd HQ Co.Tec/5
OguraWalter100th BN, C Co.Pfc
OguraRay2nd BN, G Co.Pvt
OguraShuichi442nd Cannon Co.Tec/4
OguriToyokichi442nd Medical Co.Pfc
OguroRichard Shigeo100th BN, B Co.Capt
OhamaAbraham Jiro.2nd BN, F Co.T/Sgt
OhamaHarry M.2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
OhamaAlbert Yoichi3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
OharaYoshimi100th BN, A Co.Pfc
OharaJunji100th BN, D Co.Pfc
OharaTakeo100th BN, D Co.Pfc
OharaTakenori2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
OharaMasami M.442nd Cannon Co.Cpl
OharaSadashi522nd Artillery, A BatteryPfc
OharaToshio G.522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryPfc
OhashiSusumu2nd BN, H Co.Pvt
OhashiRichard B.3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
OhashiFumio3rd BN, L Co.Sgt
OhashiLarry Ichiro442nd Anti Tank Co.Pvt
OhashiFumio Charles442nd Medical Co.Tec/5
OhataAllan Masaharu100th BN, B Co.Capt
OhataEdward Torao3rd BN, I Co.S/Sgt
OhigashiRobert Kazuaki100th BN, Hq Co.Cpl
OhiraKaoru Ted2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
OhiraKaoru Ted3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
OhiraMasayoshi3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
OhkaKazuo100th BN, A Co.1st Sgt
OhkaKatsumi3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
OhkaHenry K.522nd Artillery, A BatteryCpl
OhkiEdwin2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
OhkiArnold3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
OhnokiHarry H.442nd Medical Co.Pfc
OhtaTadashi K.100th BN, Hq Co.T/Sgt
OhtaFrancis M.3rd BN, L Co.S/Sgt
OhyeJohn Yoshimi100th BN, C Co.Pvt
OhyeJames S.522nd Artillery, B BatteryPvt
OideShizuo100th BN, A Co.Tec/5
OideGeorge K.522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryPfc
OikawaYoichi100th BN, B Co.S/Sgt
OikawaShigeo100th BN, C Co.Pfc
OikawaShigeo3rd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
OishiHiroshi100th BN, A Co.Pfc
OishiTeiji T.100th BN, B Co.Sgt
OishiAkira George3rd BN, I Co.Pvt
OishiFred Takao3rd BN, I Co.S/Sgt
OishiAkira George3rd BN, L Co.Pvt
OishiGeorge442nd Medical Co.Cpl
OishiPaul M.522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryCpl
OiyeGeorge522nd Artillery, C BatteryS/Sgt
OjimaMasahide522nd Artillery, B BatteryPfc
OjiriAkira100th BN, F Co.Pvt
OjiriYutaka Jerry522nd Artillery, Svc BatteryTec/4
OkaHarry M.100th BN, A Co.Pvt
OkaKendo100th BN, A Co.Pfc
OkaTeruo2nd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
OkaIsamu2nd BN, E Co.Pvt
OkaClarence Kazuyoshi2nd BN, F Co.Tec/4
OkaKendo2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
OkaTeddie Tadashi2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
OkaMitsuo2nd BN, H Co.Cpl
OkaHeichi3rd BN, L Co.Pvt
OkaAlexander J.442nd Service Co.S/Sgt
OkaDavid Suyeki522nd Artillery, B BatteryCpl
OkabayashiTsutomu442nd Cannon Co.Tec/4
OkabeWilliam H.2nd BN, E Co.Pvt
OkabeMinoru ‘Zombie’522nd Artillery, A BatteryTec/5
OkadaKazuo100th BN, B Co.Pfc
OkadaHachiro100th BN, C Co.T/Sgt
OkadaNaoto100th BN, C Co.S/Sgt
OkadaRyoichi100th BN, D Co.
OkadaIchiro100th BN, Medical Co.1st Lt
OkadaMotonobu2nd BN, HQ Co.Pvt
OkadaHarry Nobukiu2nd BN, E Co.Pvt
OkadaHiroshi2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
OkadaFrank Sueyoshi2nd BN, F Co.1st Sgt
OkadaFred M.2nd BN, F Co.Sgt
OkadaJohn T.2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
OkadaBen T.2nd BN, G Co.Pvt
OkadaEnro3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
OkadaGeorge C.3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
OkadaMasaji3rd BN, I Co.SFC
OkadaYoshitaka Robert3rd BN, I Co.Tec/4
OkadaHarry H.3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
OkadaTakao Frank3rd BN, K Co.S/Sgt
OkadaJoe3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
OkadaTetsunobu442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
OkadaSeiichi Roy442nd Service Co.Sgt
OkadaFord232nd EngineersPvt
OkadaHarry H.232nd EngineersPvt
OkadaSeiichi George232nd EngineersPvt
OkadaKiyoshi C.522nd Artillery, C BatteryPfc
OkagawaTsuru Tsumoru3rd BN, I Co.Tec/3
OkahiroYujiro100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
OkajimaTakuichi ‘Taku’100th BN, C Co.Pvt
OkamotoHarry H.100th BN, A Co.Pfc
OkamotoRobert H.100th BN, A Co.Pfc
OkamotoKenneth T.100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
OkamotoKoichi Ken100th BN, B Co.T/Sgt
OkamotoMasao100th BN, B Co.Pfc
OkamotoDonald Mitsumi100th BN, B Co.Pfc
OkamotoTakashi Richard100th BN, C Co.Pfc
OkamotoThomas Y.100th BN, C Co.Pfc
OkamotoItsuto100th BN, D Co.Cpl
OkamotoTorao100th BN, D Co.Tec/4
OkamotoMasaru Charles2nd BN, HQ Co.Tec/5
OkamotoEsami I.2nd BN, E Co.Pvt
OkamotoKiyoshi C.2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
OkamotoTakashi2nd BN, F Co.Pvt
OkamotoTito Uyeoka2nd BN, F Co.Pvt
OkamotoRalph Sueo2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
OkamotoRobert H.2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
OkamotoYukio2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
OkamotoTomiso2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
OkamotoGeorge2nd BN, H Co.Sgt
OkamotoShigeru J.2nd BN, H Co.S/Sgt
OkamotoAllen Hisayoshi3rd BN, I Co.S/Sgt
OkamotoGeorge T.3rd BN, I Co.S/Sgt
OkamotoSakato3rd BN, K Co.Tec/4
OkamotoJames Shigeru3rd BN, K Co.Pvt
OkamotoJames Takashi3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
OkamotoAkira442nd Cannon Co.S/Sgt
OkamotoMitsuo442nd Medical Co.Tec/5
OkamotoMasanobu206th Army BandPfc
OkamotoEsami I.232nd EngineersPvt
OkamotoNoel Y.232nd EngineersPvt
OkamotoShuji Monte232nd EngineersCpl
OkamotoHaruo522nd Artillery, Svc BatteryS/Sgt
OkamotoNoboru522nd Artillery, Svc BatteryPfc
OkamotoHisashi522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryCpl
OkamuraRoy Yoshio100th BN, A Co.Pvt
OkamuraAndrew Mitsuru100th BN, Hq Co.T/Sgt
OkamuraMasao100th BN, B Co.Pvt
OkamuraRalph Yutaka100th BN, B Co.Sgt
OkamuraSatoru100th BN, C Co.S/Sgt
OkamuraNoboru2nd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
OkamuraToshiharu2nd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
OkamuraToshio M.2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
OkamuraDavid K.2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
OkamuraGeorge L.2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
OkamuraTsutomu3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
OkamuraMasayuki3rd BN, K Co.Tec/5
OkamuraPaul3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
OkamuraTokio F.232nd EngineersTec/4
OkamuroFumio J.522nd Artillery, C BatteryPfc
OkanishiHideo2nd BN, F Co.S/Sgt
OkanoIwao Donald100th BN, A Co.Pfc
OkanoGeorge100th BN, B Co.S/Sgt
OkanoJiro3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
OkanoHiroshi442nd Medical Co.Pfc
OkanoKeiji522nd Artillery, Hq Battery
OkanoKiyoshi522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryPfc
OkasakoMasao3rd BN, M Co.Sgt
OkawaHiroshi Frank2nd BN, H Co.S/Sgt
OkawakiWilliam M.442nd HQ Co.Pfc
OkawakiKatsutoshi Edwin3rd BN, I Co.SFC
OkayamaSatoru100th BN, A Co.Pfc
OkayamaGenichi Thomas3rd BN, M Co.Pfc
OkazakiKato100th BN, A Co.Pfc
OkazakiMoichi100th BN, Hq Co.S/Sgt
OkazakiTadao100th BN, Hq Co.Tec/5
OkazakiRichard M.100th BN, B Co.Pfc
OkazakiMitsuo F.100th BN, C Co.
OkazakiRyo100th BN, C Co.M/Sgt
OkazakiTom Tamotsu2nd BN, E Co.Pfc
OkazakiJo Norio2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
OkazakiKeiso C.2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
OkazakiGeorge2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
OkazakiIsao2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
OkazakiCharles I.2nd BN, H Co.Sgt
OkazakiEdward Yukio3rd BN, HQ Co.Sgt
OkazakiMasao3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
OkazakiRaizo (as Baiso3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
OkazakiTakaaki3rd BN, L Co.T/Sgt
OkazakiWilliam3rd BN, M Co.Tec/5
OkazakiMitsuo John442nd Service Co.Pfc
OkazakiMinoru M.442nd Medical Co.Pfc
OkazakiRoy K.232nd EngineersPfc
OkazakiToll522nd Artillery, C BatteryPfc
OkazakiNabo522nd Artillery, A BatteryS/Sgt
OkazakiKenzo John522nd Artillery, A BatteryPfc
OkazawaYoshiichi100th BN, D Co.Sgt
OkemuraTakashi442nd HQ Co.Cpl
OkemuraTakashi2nd BN, HQ Co.Cpl
OkiPaul100th BN, A Co.T/Sgt
OkiRichard M.100th BN, A Co.1st Sgt
OkiAlbert Y.100th BN, Hq Co.
OkiJames M.100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
OkiJohn Satoru100th BN, C Co.Cpl
OkiGeorge2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
OkiTomoo2nd BN, H Co.Pfc
OkiRobert Masato3rd BN, I Co.Pfc
OkiEichi3rd BN, K Co.T/Sgt
OkiMitsuo Peter3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
OkiJames M.442nd Service Co.Pfc
OkidaKatsunoshin2nd BN, F Co.Sgt
OkidoElmo T100th BN, Hq Co.Tec/4
OkihiroTetsuo100th BN, B Co.Cpl
OkihiroHiromu2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
OkimotoRichard Masao100th BN, A Co.Pfc
OkimotoAsami M.100th BN, A Co.Tec/4
OkimotoCharles Jitsumi100th BN, A Co.Pfc
OkimotoYoshio K.100th BN, B Co.Cpl
OkimotoFrank S.2nd BN, G Co.Pvt
OkimotoSaburo2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
OkimotoIsami James3rd BN, I Co.S/Sgt
OkimotoMasayuki Tom3rd BN, I Co.Sgt
OkimotoTokuo442nd Cannon Co.Pfc
OkimotoYukimori Harry522nd Artillery, C Battery1st Sgt
OkinagaMitsuo2nd BN, F Co.Cpl
OkinakaNobuo100th BN, Hq Co.S/Sgt
OkinakaRichard Tatsuo3rd BN, K Co.S/Sgt
OkinakaYasuo3rd BN, L Co.Sgt
OkineMakoto100th BN, A Co.Pfc
OkinishiToshiro100th BN, B Co.Pfc
OkinoTadashi442nd HQ Co.Pfc
OkinoHiroshi100th BN, C Co.Pfc
OkinoPaul K.100th BN, C Co.S/Sgt
OkinoMasayuki G.3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
OkinoTamotsu Tom442nd Cannon Co.Pfc
OkitaFred Y.100th BN, C Co.Pfc
OkitaFrank Morio2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
OkitaFrank Toshio442nd Medical Co.Tec/3
OkitsuJou2nd BN, E Co.Pvt
OkitsuGeorge K.2nd BN, H Co.Pvt
OkitsuJou232nd EngineersPvt
OkouchiHarry M.442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
OkuGeorge S.2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
OkuGeorge S.522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryPfc
OkuboJohn K.100th BN, B Co.Pvt
OkuboCharles T.100th BN, D Co.Pfc
OkuboAndrew Kohei100th BN, E Co.Tec/5
OkuboSenji Thomas2nd BN, F Co.Pvt
OkuboHiram3rd BN, I Co.S/Sgt
OkuboYoshio3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
OkuboYugo442nd Anti Tank Co.Pfc
OkuboJames K.442nd Medical Co.S/Sgt
OkuboRoy Sadato522nd Artillery, B BatteryPfc
OkuboKenzo522nd Artillery, Hq BatteryCpl
OkudaJames T.100th BN, A Co.Pfc
OkudaRobert Sadamatsu100th BN, A Co.Sgt
OkudaMasaaki Roy2nd BN, G Co.Pfc
OkudaTadashi3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
OkudaKoichi3rd BN, L Co.Pfc
OkudaTakeyoshi3rd BN, L Co.Pvt
OkudaMuneharu M.522nd Artillery, B BatteryPfc
OkuharaSadao2nd BN, F Co.S/Sgt
OkuharaTakashi2nd BN, H Co.Sgt
OkumaJun100th BN, Hq Co.Pfc
OkumaSeikei Ralph100th BN, Hq Co.Tec/5
OkumaSeisho100th BN, B Co.Pfc
OkumaHiroo100th BN, C Co.Pfc
OkumaSeiei2nd BN, G Co.Pvt
OkumaJun3rd BN, HQ Co.Pfc
OkumaKenneth Seikichi3rd BN, I Co.Sgt
OkumaSatoshi3rd BN, K Co.Pfc
OkumotoWalter Tamotsu3rd BN, I Co.T/Sgt
OkumotoYoshinobu442nd Medical Co.Pfc
OkumuraMasao100th BN, B Co.Pvt
OkumuraToyokazu100th BN, D Co.Cpl
OkumuraJames Y.2nd BN, F Co.Pfc
OkumuraTsugio Donald2nd BN, H Co.2nd Lt