CGMA Kona Event

KONA, Hawaii — A Congressional Gold Medal Award Ceremony honoring the World War II Nisei veterans was held June 15, 2012 at Kekuaokalani Gym in Kona.  More than 700 veterans, family members and friends attended the event. Major General Robert G. F. Lee (retired) made the presentation to the veterans. In addition, replica gold medals were given family members in honor of those who served in the 100th Infantry Battalion, the 442nd RCT and the MIS.

The Rafu Shimpo, Los Angeles Japanese Daily Newspaper, published a great article on the event, titled, “Big Island Salute”.  Click here to read the article

The following photographs were taken by Akinori Imai:

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Some Thoughts on the Congressional Gold Medal

Here is an article by Edgar Hamasu  reflecting on the recent Congressional Gold Medal events. It was published in the Hawaii Pacific Press.

Mitsuo “Ted” Hamasu, 100th Infantry Battalion Veteran, standing before his unit’s photo at the 100th Club House with brother Edgar Hamasu (on the right), Korean War Veteran and past President of Military Intelligence Veterans of Hawaii.

Article courtesy of the Hawaii Pacific Press (January 15, 2012). Photo courtesy of Edgar Hamasu.
By Edgar A. Hamasu, President
MIS Veterans Club of Hawaii

Introductory Remarks. When the publisher of Hawaii Pacific Press asked me to write about the December 17th celebration, I quickly replied that I was not a WW II veteran. I served in Military Intelligence Service, but it was in the Korean War.  When the WW II began, I was only 10 years old.  I told him that my brother, Mitsuo, fought with the 100th Infantry Battalion in WW II. But the publisher asked if I would write my impression about the Congressional Gold Medal (CGM) events.
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MIS: Preserving History at Building 640

Here is an article from the Hawaii Herald on the efforts to preserve the building where Japanese-American U.S. Army MIS members were trained.

Hawai‘i fundraising chair Andrew Sato (left) with Herbert Yanamura, both MIS veterans.

Stories and images are courtesy of the Hawai`i Herald.


San Francisco Building Will Honor Wartime Work of the Military Intelligence Service

Joe Udell
The Hawai‘i Herald (November 4, 2011)

In 1991, on the 50th anniversary of the formation of the Military Intelligence Service, the National Japanese American Historical Society advocated for preserving an old warehouse structure known as Building 640 in the Presidio of San Francisco. It was in that now-historic building that the first Japanese American U.S. Army members were trained as linguists to serve in the Pacific theater.

Twenty years later, NJAHS’ vision is very close to becoming a reality. If all goes according to plan, the organization will open the MIS Historic Learning Center next November, culminating years of “arduous” work in honor of the MIS, whose service as interpreters, translators and interrogators in the Asia Pacific theater in World War II was credited by Gen. Charles Willoughby, G-2 chief in the Pacific, with saving a million lives and shortening the war with Japan by two years.
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442 Infantry Tribute

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442SD General Membership Meeting

The Sons & Daughters of the 442 RCT held their annual General Membership Meeting on Sunday, May 20, 2012. The luncheon was held at the Treetops Restaurant in Manoa. Members were able to socialize over lunch and watch a short video presentation: “Going for Honor, Going for Broke: the 442 Story”, produced by George T. Johnston. The meeting included a brief update of the ongoing projects and events. In addition, the members also voted for the new officers for the Chapter:

  • Wes Deguchi:          President
  • Al Sadanaga:           1st Vice President
  • Wade Wasano:        2nd Vice President
  • Shirley Igarashi:       Treasurer
  • Susan Yoshitomi:     Secretary

Click below to view photos of the event, courtsey of Clyde Sugimoto.

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Varsity Victory Volunteers

Seven University of Hawaii ROTC cadets honored for their sacrifice.

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*** Go For Broke Bulletin ***

The Go For Broke Bulletin of the 442nd Veterans Club: Volume 64, No. 2, January – March 2012.

Click to view GFB Bulletin- March 2012

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1399th: Built to Last

Yasuo Mito

Here is an article from the Hawaii Herald on the 1399th Engineer Construction Battalion.  Yasuo Mito, a member of the Battalion recalls his experiences.
Stories and images are courtesy of the Hawaii Herald.

Wahiawa Water Tank Built by 1399th Engineer Construction Battalion Still in Use Today

Gwen Battad Ishikawa
The Hawai‘i Herald (November 4, 2011)

The view while driving up Wahiawa Heights is almost nondescript. The rows of houses on either side of the street are occasionally broken up by pasture or farm land. Along the route are storage water tanks used to supply the water needs of nearby homes and businesses. The trees and tall grass growing in front of the tanks help them to blend in with the landscape.

What’s unique about one of these water tanks is that it was built in 1944 by soldiers in the 1399th Engineer Construction Battalion — and it’s still being used. For any structure to remain standing after nearly 70 years is impressive, but even more amazing is that the water tank was constructed with the hard work and sweat of young Japanese American soldiers largely inexperienced in construction, using only hand tools and the occasional power Dewalt cutoff saw.
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Preserving the One Puka Puka Story


Susan Muroshige (left) and Pauline Sato at the entrance to Turner Hall in the 100th Infantry Battalion Veterans clubhouse. Turner Hall is named for the 100th’s first commanding officer, Col. Farrant Turner.

Susan Muroshige and Pauline Sato

Here is an article from the Hawaii Herald on the 100th Infantry Battalion’s Education Center.

Susan Muroshige (left) and Pauline Sato at the entrance to Turner Hall in the 100th Infantry Battalion Veterans clubhouse. Turner Hall is named for the 100th’s first commanding officer, Col. Farrant Turner.

Stories and images are courtesy of the Hawaii Herald. 


State Grant Perpetuates 100th Infantry Battalion’s Pioneering Role

Joe Udell
The Hawai‘i Herald (November 4, 2011)

Thanks to a $1 million grant awarded by the state of Hawai‘i Department of Defense in 2008, the 100th Infantry Battalion Veterans clubhouse is looking a lot different these days.
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69th Anniversary Banquet *Cannon Company*

The following slide show highlights the veterans of Cannon Company who attended the 442nd Anniversary Banquet held on March 25, 2012. It was created by Geralyn Holck, daughter-in -law of the late Wilbert Sanderson “Sandy” Holck of Cannon Company.


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A Letter to Dad

 A Tribute to the San Diego Japanese American Veterans of the 100th/442nd/MIS , “A Letter to Dad” video presented at the San Diego Congressional Gold Medal luncheon held on March 11, 2012.

Produced and directed by Robert P. Ito. Co-directed and narrated by Lane Nishikawa.

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442 Anniversary Banquet, 2012

The 442nd Veterans Club held their 69th anniversary banquet on Sunday, March 25, 2012. The festive event was held at the Pacific Beach Hotel in Waikiki. Over 500 attended, including many of the veterans, together with their family members. Actor Cary Tagawa delivered the keynote speech.

Click below to view photos of the event, compliments of photographers: Ann Kabasawa, Clyde Sugimoto and Pat Thompson.

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America’s Congressional Gold Medal Heroes

This is the first of many articles that have been published in The Hawai`i Herald.  Here is the cover story on the AJA Congressional Gold Medal — Courtesy of The Hawai`i Herald.

In the Twilight of their Lives, America’s AJA Veterans Still Shine

Karleen C. Chinen
The Hawai‘i Herald (November 4, 2011)

They now belong to an elite group of world citizens — honored by the Congress of the United States with the nation’s high civilian award for service — the Congressional Gold Medal. Past awardees had included U.S. presidents, astronauts, the Dalai Lama, baseball great Jackie Robinson, Pope John Paul II, and Dr. Martin Luther King and Coretta Scott King, among others. Google “Congressional Gold Medal” on the Internet and you will find their names — the 100th Infantry Battalion, 442nd Regimental Combat Team and the Military Intelligence Service — America’s newest Congressional Gold Medal heroes.

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*** Teds Corner *** SENPAI GUMI

Ted T. Tsukiyama resides in Honolulu and is an active member of the 442nd RCT Veterans Club and the MIS Veterans Club. During World War II, he was a member of the Varsity Victory Volunteers, the 522nd Field Artillery Battalion of the 442nd RCT, and the Military Intelligence Service. Throughout the years, Ted has served as a wartime historian, often writing about his own experiences.

Here is his latest article:

Senpai” translated into English means “elder,” “senior,” “predecessor” or “pioneer,” and the word “gumi” means “group,” “team,” or “class,”  so “senpai gumi” as referred to herein means “pioneer group” or “pioneer class.”  “Senpai Gumi” is also the name of a historical booklet edited by 100th/MIS veteran Richard S. Oguro which tells the story of the fifty nine Nisei soldiers of the 100th Battalion who in December 1942 were transferred out from their CampMcCoytraining over to the Military Intelligence Service Language School at Camp Savage (MISLS) to become the first group of Nisei from Hawaii to be trained for MIS service, hence the “senpai gumi” of Hawaii Nisei to enter the MIS.

These MIS Senpai all shared the common history of having been drafted into the army prior to the Pearl Harbor attack, were assigned to Hawaii National Guard service with the 298th and 299th Infantry Regiments until late May 1942 when they together with all other Nisei were separated out from the 298th and 299th and assembled  into the Hawaiian Provisional Infantry Battalion. On June 5, 1942 the Battalion comprised of 1,432 Nisei were shipped off to the mainland when they were re-designated the 100th Infantry Battalion (Separate) and sent to Camp McCoy, Wisconsin for combat training.

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**Go For Broke Bulletin**

Go For Broke Bulletin *** 442nd Veterans Club *** A Quarterly Publication *** Volume 64, Number 1, October – December 2011


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