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UPDATE: Assistance for 442nd Veterans to apply for the French Legion of Honor

To All 442nd RCT Veterans’ Families

Legion of Honor medals recently approved for:
Harold Zenyei Afuso, H Co, 442nd, and
Futao Terashima, I Co., 442nd
CONGRATULATIONS to the veterans and their families.

S&D member Jeffrey Morita of Mililani is generously assisting any 442nd veteran to apply for and receive the Legion of Honor, France’s highest award. This medal is only given to those still living, although once the application has been received by the French government, if the recipient passes away the medal will be presented to his family. To date, Jeff has submitted applications for the following veterans:
(updated 10 June 2017)

Yutaka Doi, A Co., 100th/442nd
Kenneth Yoichi Sugai, G Co., 442nd
Charles Toyoji Ijima, 232nd Combat Engineer Co., 442nd
Hideo Nakayama, L Co., 442nd
Takashi Aragaki, I Co., 442nd (owned Sputnik’s Restaurant in Hilo)
Masatsu Kawamoto, I Co., 442nd (lives in Hawi)
Don Matsuda, A Co., 100th (former Club 100 President)
James Yoshio Morita, F Co., 442nd (Jeff Morita’s uncle)
Masayoshi Nakamura, I Co., 442nd (lives in Kohala)
Shigeru Oshita, Hq. Co., 100th/442nd (expedited application as he is age 99, lives in Kohala)
Kenny M. Shimabukuro, K Co., 442nd
Tetsuo Tateishi, A Co., 100th/442nd (died since application filed)
Hiromi Fujimura, B Co, 100 & H Co, 442nd (corrected)

All those with a family member who has not received this prestigious award please contact Jeffrey directly at jeff_kine_57@icloud.com or call our S&D chapter member Bill Wright at 425-922-9229.

(Photos of Joe Obayashi (522nd FAB) and his family at his French Legion of Honor award ceremony held at 15 Craigside in 2016, and award applicant Kenny Shimabukuro at the 442nd Veterans Banquet in 2011.)

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