442 RCT/Nisei Veteran Events

2010 Joint Memorial Service, SD Update

The Oahu AJA Veterans Council’s fifth annual Joint Memorial Service will be held at 9:00 a.m. Sunday, September 26, 2010, at the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific at Punchbowl.

The keynote speaker will be Maj. Gen. Robert G.F. Lee, adjutant general for the state of Hawaii since January 2003. Maj. Gen. Lee, a University of Hawaii graduate, was commissioned in May 1971. His career included command of the Army Reserve’s 100th Battalion/442nd Infantry from September 1988 to March 1991. Now, as state adjutant general, Maj. Gen. Lee directs the Hawaii Army and Air National Guard, State Civil Defense and the state Office of Veterans Services.

The inaugural Joint Memorial Service in 2006 was the product of a decision by the Oahu AJA Veterans Council to honor together our fallen comrades of all four principal AJA units in World War II: 100th Infantry Battalion, 442nd Regimental Combat Team, Military Intelligence Service and 1399th Engineer Construction Battalion. The soldiers of these racially segregated units overcame bigotry and doubts about their loyalty with heroic and honorable service in every theater of World War II. The Joint Memorial Service is being held on the Sunday closest to the anniversary of the date the first American of Japanese ancestry was killed in action in World War II, Shigeo “Joe” Takata of the 100th.

The 100th Infantry Battalion Veterans is hosting this year’s service, with Michael Harada and Maryann “Mimi” Nakano, serving as co-chairs of the event. Club members, their spouses, widows and family members are invited to attend the Joint Memorial Service. Encourage and reach out to others to attend the service.

The veterans are asking their sons, daughters, descendants and friends to support the memorial service by volunteering for tasks in their stead (see table of tasks). If you are able to volunteer please contact Mimi Nakano by email at hana.mimi@gmail.com or by cell 381-9543, or Bert Hamakado by email at club100dc@gmail.com , or Ann Kabasawa by email at diverseinnovations@hawaii.rr.com or call 781-8540 for their areas of responsibility. Indicate which task you are volunteering for and provide your contact information (name, phone/cell and email). Volunteers are asked to park behind Lady Columbia on Sunday.

Thank you for your support and for continuing the legacy.

Tasks No. Needed

Saturday, 9/25/10 (gate opens at 7:30am)

Decorate 100th members graves with flowers(Avin Oshiro organizing) Lots
Flag placement on 4 AJA units veterans’ graves Scouts

Sunday, 9/26/10

Club 100 at 6:30amPick up ice/bottled water/coolers and oshoko tableClubhouse under construction. Enter through Kitchen door. 2
McDonald’s at 6:30amPick up coolers/ice/cups/punch syrupReturn coolers after service 1
Punchbowl gate opens at 7:00am
Wipe down chairs Scouts
Check spelling on wreath ribbons; lay out wreaths 1
Check in VIPs 2
Escort VIPs to seating area ROTC
Present lei (7 lei) 1
Assist with directing cars for parking (Bert H) 6*
Drive carts to transport attendees (Bert H) 2*
Cue the band 2
Refreshment tent – set up and serve (Ann) 6 – 8
Transport wreaths to Ft. DeRussy after JMS 2

*Meet on Saturday, Sept. 25th at 8:00am at Punchbowl for a briefing with Bert Hamakado.

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