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Help Us Identify These Mystery Soldiers

From time to time, we receive photos with unknown soldiers in them. If you recognize any of these people, please let us know and we can attach the photos with their bios.

Can you identify these men?  We need help in identifying the two men whose photos are shown here and whose last name is not known.  While in training in Camp Shelby, they each sent their photo to their friend Dottie (Miss Dorothy Aiko Terada) in Honolulu sometime in 1943-1944.  Dottie’s address was “Mishima Fender Shop, South Hotel Street, Honolulu.”  

Each of the men sent a gift with their photo:

  • Private Yoshio Tengan sent a Camp Shelby silk banner/pillow case and signed his photo “Always, Yoshio” – but we have the box that the banner came in and his return address gives his full name
  • Corporal Joe ____ sent a Camp Shelby “Friendship” banner and signed his photo “Aloha, Joe”  
  • Sergeant Roy ____ sent a “Sweetheart” silk banner with the US flag and eagle on it and signed his photo “To Dottie — Love, Roy”

Yoshio Tengan was in Company E or F and was killed in France in November 1944.  We don’t know if the three men knew each other.  Dottie and Yoshio were from the Big Island and had moved to Honolulu by the time the gifts were sent.  

The image below comes from a photocopy submitted by the family of S/Sgt Frank Fujihara. The back of the photo indicates that this is F Company, 2nd Platoon, 2nd Squad and that the photo was taken in Marseille, France in March 1945. S/Sgt Fujihara is at the center of the photo but we do not know the who the other soldiers are. Additionally, S/Sgt Fujihara’s family would like to know if there are any prints of the original photo in existence.

F Co., 2nd Platoon, 2nd Squad. Frank Fujihara, Squad Leader at center.

Please send any clues or names you have to us at submissions@442sd.org. Mahalo!

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