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Pacific Aviation Museum Event

Honolulu, Hawaii- Veterans, family and friends gathered at the Pacific Aviation Museum on Ford Island for a day of fun and education. The event was sponored by the 442 Sons & daughters and was held on Saturday, July 14, 2012. Approximately 100 people attended. The group participated in specially arranged tours of the museum organized by Laughlin Tanaka, who works as a curator at the museum. The event also included lunch, a brief program and gifts for everyone.

Congratulations to the 442 SD PAM Committee on a job well done! Everyone enjoyed to event. In addition to Laughlin, other committee members include: Gail Nishimura, Debbie & Mark Oshiro, Shirley Igarashi, Karen Kikukawa, Karlton Tomomitsu and Irvin Yoshino.

The following photos of the event were taken by Wayne Iha, Clyde Sugimoto and Pat Thompson.

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